Sister Checking On Dying Dad Catches Her Brother Banging Mom

Discussion in 'The Mainboard' started by buckwild, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. buckwild

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    July 17, 2012
    Mother and Son Caught Having Sex By Sister Who Was Visiting Dying Father

    Ottawa, Canada (The Weekly Vice) - An unidentified 53-year-old woman
    and her 35-year-old son were sentenced to probation Thursday after
    they were allegedly caught having sex.

    According to prosecutors, an investigation began in May 2010 after the
    woman's daughter (who is the man's sister) arrived at her parent's
    apartment to check in on her dying father.

    At some point, prosecutors say, the daughter/sister peered through a
    window into the house and caught the sight of her mother having sex
    with her brother. The mother's skirt was hiked up around her waist,
    and it was evident that the pair had been drinking.

    When the daughter/sister tapped on the window, her brother froze in
    horror, realizing that he'd been caught. Moments later, he left the
    house without making eye contact with his sister. The mother acted as
    if nothing had taken place.

    "All my father ever wanted was to bring the family close together and
    die with the family he loved surrounding him," the daughter/sister
    stated during a court session impact statement. "I think about my
    father everyday and how much he loved my mom and it breaks my heart.
    It hurts knowing my that my family will never be the same."

    Both mother and son pleaded guilty to one count of incest. Both were
    sentenced to a year probation and ordered to attend alcohol and
    substance abuse counseling.

    Because the daughter/sister was a witness in the case, the names of
    the accused were not released to the public.
  2. George Costanza

    George Costanza It's not a lie if you believe it

    Oh, they're close together...don't you worry dad
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  4. 2Poor

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    No one has ever been drunk enough to make that seem like a good idea. These people are just freaks.
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  5. Merica

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  6. BMR

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  7. bryix

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  8. DannyO'brienIsOurSatan

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  9. DeToxRox

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  10. 2Poor

    2Poor Number one at the top of the humble list

    Just noticed they're Canadian. I hope enjj is staying the course and attending those classes.
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  11. devine

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  12. devine

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    Fuck you right in your stupid gay face
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  13. 34

    34 hug it out

    here for the icon and the incest
  14. Oracle of Omahawg

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    Had no idea Canada had Bama fans.
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    Do you guys see what I did with that picture? Technically the mission is accomplished BUT it's not at all how he wanted it to be accomplished... it's like what really happened with the Iraq war. Now shower me with likes.
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  16. AHebrewToo

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    Well, did he cum or what?
  17. Fusiontegra

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  18. Merica

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    ANTWONE Hello

    enjj was a better choice anyways
  20. Kirk Fogg

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    Gif usage score:

    USA - 10.0
    France - 10.0
    Great Britain - 10.0
    Russia -9.35
    Canada - 0.0
  21. Merica

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  22. IV

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    This is deflection from the boner BMR has right now

    don't worry it's probably a fear boner
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  23. enjj

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    There's f'd up and then there's f'd up.
  24. Boo MFer!

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  25. BMR

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    Had to get the heat off me somehow :awesomeface:
  26. Houndster

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  27. Oracle of Omahawg

    Oracle of Omahawg Swine Flu Carrier

    The sister just got pissed that her brother was two-timing her.
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  28. Jake Barnes

    Jake Barnes idk, my bff Bill

    What a great day for Canada, and of course, therefore, the rest of the world.
  29. Rainbow Brite

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  30. Moxin24

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  31. Pawpride

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  32. Moxin24

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    Reminds me of the Reddit AMA with the guy who fucked his mom as a teenager.
  33. 2Poor

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  34. Moxin24

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    Yeah I realized the sentence construction was confusing. But fuck it, school doesn't start until Tuesday.
  35. goose

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  36. TLAU

    TLAU Dog Crew

    How big of a cunt do u have to be to fucking turn them in for that? Go buy a cocktail of drugs and forget about it. You really did your father a service by publicly humiliating the family
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  37. friedskillet

    friedskillet It's not a lie if you believe it.

    i actually remember that as well. was a good read. rubbed many times to it
  38. Clown Baby

    Clown Baby Maaaan, this ain't my dad! This is a cell phone!!

    Sometimes death is only the second sweetest release
  39. Swt

    Swt New Member

    Wait, that shit is illegal?
  40. Moxin24

    Moxin24 I love my 4 from Vicki Staff Member

    Sort of surprised its still a crime if the woman can't conceive.
  41. prerecordedlive

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    Where is this boner of mine coming from? :ohdear:
  42. Swt

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    If abortions are legal I don't see why fucking mom shouldn't be.
  43. The headless corpse of * J Y *

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  44. prerecordedlive

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    I read the Reddit AMA. I'm quitting the internet.

  45. CocknBalls

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    Why the fuck was the sister looking through the windows?

    enjj - Mark down another event where Canada took the bronze
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  46. Hank Scorpio

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    God damnit Flor... wait, this happened somewhere else?
  47. HawgGood

    HawgGood Me and my best girl.

    You fuckers better ease up or Canada might go on strike.
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  48. joey jo-jo jr shabadoo

    joey jo-jo jr shabadoo seducing tibetan pop stars

    Might as well cancel this thread.

    Merica posted everything that needed to posted anyway.
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  49. Big Meech

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  50. Waters  Muddy

    Waters Muddy Reading's for rich people.

    Canada needs to get a little more progressive in their laws. I mean sheesh we are in the 21st century people.

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