So what kind of steroids is Laron Landry taking?

Discussion in 'The Mainboard' started by laxjoe, Feb 23, 2012.

  1. wes tegg

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    Apparently, he is truly crazy. Like on lithium and shit.
  2. Keg10

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    If real, thats insane
  3. Fusiontegra

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  4. Sam Elliott

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  5. thegenerel

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    with each jacked inch I add to my biceps, the more beef I inherit on the streets
  6. * J Y *

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    Is that a shop?
  7. Arrec Bardwin

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    I'm pretty sure that is just a screenshot from the next NFL Blitz game.
  8. jltperson

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    God dammit I was so excited to make a blitz joke
  9. HogGotti

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    How someone can be that big, yet so fast, is beyond me...which isn't saying much.
  10. jltperson

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    He is preparing for his role in the next planet of the apes movie
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  11. goatnole

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    The kind of Roids that can't stop you from getting trucked stick.

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  12. lsufball19

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    i wouldn't doubt he's on steroids, but his workouts and workout schedule are apparently insane
  13. laxjoe

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    don't believe so
  14. laxjoe

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    similar posts in both the threads? come on man
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  15. Snakes

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    i always say "truck sticked"
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  16. goatnole

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    Same play, different pic, different heading. Fuck it!! It will never get old!!
  17. War Grundle

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  18. BLACK & GOLDschlager

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    The kind that doesn't help you in coverage
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  19. DeToxRox

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    He looks like a USC safety and plays like one too.
  20. D. Silver

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  21. laxjoe

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    i remember really wanting the chargers to take him when he came out of school but he was gone way too early. has he been a pretty big disappointment since coming into the league?

    of course, the chargers picked buster fucking douglas that year so :killme: either way i guess
  22. Fudd

    Fudd Bitch, you wasn't with me shootin' in the gym.

    If not shopped, then yes, he is on anabolic steroids.
  23. Marty Kaan

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    when they had a sean taylor, he was playing the perfect role because taylor could cover better than him. Landry is not great in coverage. he is better suited playing near the line of scrimmage.
  24. bags

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    He's been training, saying his prayers, and taking his vitamins
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  25. dallasdawg

    dallasdawg does the tin man have a sheet metal cock?
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    what's his workout schedule like?
  26. LeonardWashington

    LeonardWashington every year gon be our year

    he's prob on HGH. NFL does not test for HGH yet and there is a dispute as to whether they will test for it next year

    From USA TODAY:
    INDIANAPOLIS – By most measures, the NFL avoided major damage from the 132-day lockout that defined its offseason of labor strife. After owners and players struck a 10-year deal in July, the crowds returned, TV ratings rose and merchandise kept selling. Yet there's still that unfinished business.

    program — there's always a question.
    Remember Super Bowl XXXVIII? The Patriots played in that, too, winning at the end against the Carolina Panthers.

    USA TODAY's complete coverage of Super Bowl XLVI between the Patriots and Giants.

    They were alleged to have obtained prescriptions for steroids shortly before playing in the Super Bowl.
    That's a cautionary example of why the league and the NFL Players Association needed to settle their HGH issue months ago. If allegations happened once, they can happen again.
    And next time, perhaps it could cause significant damage that tarnishes the integrity of the USA's biggest annual sports event, which on Sunday is expected to draw even more than the record 111 million average viewers who tuned in for last year's big tilt.
    Six months after Commissioner Roger Goodell and NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith stood on the steps of the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio, and posed for a great photo as they announced the NFL would become the first U.S. pro sports league to implement testing for human growth hormone, the issue remains the last remnant of those merry labor talks that clouded the draft, wiped out minicamps and increased billable legal hours.
    "It's definitely more of a negotiating issue than a scientific issue," Stanford professor William Gould, the former National Labor Relations Board chairman, said Monday before hurrying off to class. "The science, so far as I understand it, is pretty clear-cut."
    Gould echoed what many scientists, Capitol Hill lawmakers and World Anti-doping Agency officials have contended while pointing fingers at the union for stalling.
    Sure, there has been progress. The sides have been talking, but no breakthrough is imminent. The New YorkTimes reported this week that the NFL wouldn't pursue game-day testing, although doping experts contend such random blood testing in a window close to competition is essential for detecting HGH, which can pass through a body quickly.
    Still, with a season nearly completed without testing, the union hasn't budged on its desire to have a population study conducted that conceivably would determine whether the proposed levels of HGH that would determine positive tests could be fairly applied to football players.
    Go ahead, NFL. Give the players their population study to accumulate data the union thinks it needs to sign off on tests for the long haul. Never mind if it might appear to be a concession. If it breaks the stalemate, gets the ball rolling toward eventual full implementation of testing and reduces the risk of jeopardizing the integrity of the game, it's worth it.
    Of course, NFL players are hardly the first to reject stronger testing.
    In 2002, baseball players refused to acknowledge — monster home run totals be damned — that a steroids problem even existed.
    The compromise that was struck during the baseball negotiations, though, is something that should be noted while the NFL sputters along.
    Baseball implemented anonymous testing for a year without punishment. It didn't call it a population study, but it proved there was a need for steroid testing that began the next year.
    "What's different in 2012 is that we know this is a very big problem throughout pro sports," Gould said.
    And until it's resolved, there's always that what-if question.
  27. lsufball19

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    Landry trains around the clock…literally. When the Redskins were scheduled to play the Packers on a Sunday afternoon game, he was found working out in his hotel room 13 hours before kickoff. No wonder why he is the hardest hitter in the NFL. He's ready at all times!

    "Hell yeah," he told the Washington Post after Sunday's game, when he again was the defensive star. "I work out listening to slow jams. Late night, no matter what time it is, I work out, get me a nice steak and french fries or what have you, and wake up in the morning and do the same routine. Sometimes I hit the gym, depending on how I feel, at 7 o'clock, but I also work out at night before I go to bed. . . . Curfew's at 11, so while they're checking, that's when I do my do."

    He brings his resistance bands when traveling on the road, able to do all sorts of exercises just with them. He does 45 sets of every exercise, including single-arm curls, double curls, push-ups and a benching motion.
    "I just do what I do," Landry said. "That makes me feel pumped for the game. It makes me feel swole, you know what I mean, so I go into the game feeling like He-Man."
  28. dallasdawg

    dallasdawg does the tin man have a sheet metal cock?
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    HGH is really hard/expensive to test for
  29. Houndster

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    Working out that much seems unhealthy. And when I think of hardest hitters in the NFL, Landry doesn't even come to mind.
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  30. Fudd

    Fudd Bitch, you wasn't with me shootin' in the gym.

    It also makes your internal organs grow, which may be why he has "HGH gut" in the pic.
  31. EdmondDantes

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    dude wouldnt even be the hardest hitter in his own secondary if taylor was still around (RIP)
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  32. LeonardWashington

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    So apprently even if they do test for HGH in the future, it won't be week to week so it won't matter much. Apparently HGH cycles through the system very quickly and they wouldn't be able to catch the people doing it during the season, which is probably most important.

    A reliable test is in place that is used by the Olympics.

    IMO the HGH stuff is why there are so many concussions problems in the NFL. It isn't so much the way that the players hit nowadays, it is the force that they hit with...which is of course greatly increased with the HGH problems
  33. War Grundle

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    HGh would be my guess as well.
  34. shawnoc

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    What is he holding?
  35. EdmondDantes

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    why cant they test randomly during the season?
  36. Kirk Fogg

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    I don't remember the Chargers ever drafting a washed out boxer.
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  37. LeonardWashington

    LeonardWashington every year gon be our year

    It is possible, but the USA Today article says the NFL is not asking to do it. That means that they either know if they asked for that the NFLPA would never agree to it or they know what it would turn up and don't want an MLB situation on their hands
  38. EdmondDantes

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    yeah it'd be a bloodbath. the public is not clamoring for testing so they might as well ignore it until they are forced to do something
  39. KokoKrisp

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    Could be a gatorade jug with how big he is in my humblest. Probably just "protein" though
  40. Ned Yocho

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    pretty much my reaction, minus the sunglasses

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  41. Hoss Bonaventure

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    It's HGH. He's got the jaw and the protruding stomach
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  42. Legend

    Legend -

    trying to move to LB or what?
  43. og543ss

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    looks like an hgh man to me
  44. Fusiontegra

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  45. FSUsem

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    good shit laron

    Top 5 defense in 2012
  46. TC

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    Trent Richardson will look the same way once the coaches stop cutting him off on weights
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  47. Upton^2

    Upton^2 blocked just a park away, but I can't really say

    "It takes a grown man to lift the amount of weight I lift," he told the Official Redskins Blog. "So I've gotta wear grown man attire. So I go in there with a collared shirt on."

    as they show him doing pull ups in a white polo :loldog:
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  48. Fusiontegra

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    Same for Tebow if he ever stops playing QB.
  49. Jax Teller

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    He's got that Barry Bonds head going on.