St. Louis Bachelor Party Ideas

Discussion in 'The Mainboard' started by TN-a-key, Apr 22, 2012.

  1. TN-a-key

    TN-a-key Titans, Vols, Preds, Grizz, Ken Griffey Jr.

    Me and about 10 of my buddies are going to St. Louis for a bachelor party weekend.... he is a huge cardinals fan so that will be included but other than that what's cool there... haven't been since I was too young to drink so ideas would be greatly appreciated...
  2. colonel_forbin

    colonel_forbin New Member

    i've only been through st. louis so i can't be of much service, but me and some buds always try to go to atlanta and get the all you can eat and drink seats. i'm guessing the cardinals have something similar, but it is always a blast and we walk out completely obliterated. last time i started tearing down tree limbs right outside the park for no reason and got yelled at by a cop directing traffic so i took off.

    anyway, if you're going to the game, definitely do that.
  3. Ty Webb

    Ty Webb A donut without a hole, is a Danish.

    I'd try to squeeze in a trip to Johnny's in Soulard for lunch. Great food/atmosphere/women. Can't remember the names of the specific strip club we went to last time, but it was a great time for a Monday afternoon. Women are very hands on.

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  4. Weedlord420

    Weedlord420 Jabooty Football

    leave st louis
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  5. TheSkeeter

    TheSkeeter New Member

    Challenge the Hebrew to a fight.
  6. East st. Louis is a fantastic place to visit
  7. TN-a-key

    TN-a-key Titans, Vols, Preds, Grizz, Ken Griffey Jr.

    that's what I hear
  8. miles

    miles All I know is my gut says, maybe

    The Lumiere is a good option for a night. Big casino where everybody can gamble, Chill, and have a good time.
  9. miles

    miles All I know is my gut says, maybe

    Legends/Champions clubs. Do it.
  10. 95mista

    95mista Club Starbucks Gold Card

    If you're going to a cards game go a little early and or after the game to Paddy O's right next to Busch Stadium. Always draws a crowd and is pretty damn fun.
  11. TN-a-key

    TN-a-key Titans, Vols, Preds, Grizz, Ken Griffey Jr.

    fuck yes

    Yea $40 a person within walking distance of the stadium
  12. TN-a-key

    TN-a-key Titans, Vols, Preds, Grizz, Ken Griffey Jr.

    We are going down when they play the Phils too...May 25-27
  13. Blu Tang Clan

    Blu Tang Clan I'm not the one who got buttfucked on national TV Staff Member

  14. I'll Give You Asthma

    I'll Give You Asthma Hey, Hunger Games! I'm still full..

    It has been many years since I've done it, but the Budweiser brewery tour might be a decent time.
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  15. colonel_forbin

    colonel_forbin New Member

    throw batteries at chase utley for me.
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  16. bricktop

    bricktop Fan of: Firing Coaches, Cutting Players

    i used to live in St. Clair County/East Saint Louis.

    this sums up the experience.
  17. TN-a-key

    TN-a-key Titans, Vols, Preds, Grizz, Ken Griffey Jr.

    found some good deals on tix on a website called tickets now?? Is that sketch or what
  18. Jalen Rose

    Jalen Rose I'll allow it.

    Wash Ave, the Landing, Pappy's Smokehouse BBQ, Central West End
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  19. I'll Give You Asthma

    I'll Give You Asthma Hey, Hunger Games! I'm still full.. is legit. I would think you can find better prices on stubhub or Craigslist though.
  20. Paul Allen

    Paul Allen New Member

    Mike Shannon's then a Red Birds game; good times await!
  21. Jalen Rose

    Jalen Rose I'll allow it.

  22. I <3 bama cock

    I <3 bama cock Sharks are born swimming

    Coke and hookers
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  23. Harvey Updyke

    Harvey Updyke RTR!!!!!1!

    The strip clubs in East STL really are some of the best in the country. Chicks are hot and would do anything.
  24. ahohwald

    ahohwald New Member

    I'm attending this bachelor party as well and am really curious what the fuck there is to do in st. Louis besides going to a cardinals game and listening to nelly the entire weekend
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  25. Croomsday

    Croomsday I am the walrus

    please go visit Heebs
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  26. Jpripper88

    Jpripper88 Chryst and Saban

    We were the last people kicked out of the stadium the last time we did this because, right before they stopped serving, the 3 of us rounded up 24 beers. Yeah, we were smashed.
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  27. GoodForAnother

    GoodForAnother there ain't one gosh darn part you can't tweet Staff Member

    1. Go to the St Louis airport
    2. Fly to Vegas
  28. Truman

    Truman New Member

    This and Lumiere. Some decent golf in the area as well.
  29. Croomsday

    Croomsday I am the walrus

    or New Orleans..I get that he's a Cards fan but that's about it in STL
  30. Black Falcon

    Black Falcon Carnivore and Voyeur

    Look for the blue tarp roof. You can't miss it.
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  31. TN-a-key

    TN-a-key Titans, Vols, Preds, Grizz, Ken Griffey Jr.

    I don't know dude.... would rather go anywhere else but this is where he wants to go
  32. Murtaugh

    Murtaugh Fan of: A Softball School

    Legends club at the Cards game is a good time. Also bar hopping in soulard, the landing and wash ave, gambling at lumiere, and tour anheuser busch. The Arch could be fun for someone who has never been. I've heard Gateway National is a nice public golf course. There is horse racing at Fairmount Park across the river although I've never been. If you're interested in boobie museums I think they allow nudity in Illinois.
  33. colonel_forbin

    colonel_forbin New Member

    going to a batchelor party in a few weekends in the north georgia mountains. going white water rafting and fly fishing. it should be a lot of fun.

    i think you either do something like that or do it big and go to vegas. unfortunately, i'm 23 and all my friends getting married are 23-25, so no one really has the capital yet to do anything awesome.
  34. ramszoolander

    ramszoolander Jet fuel probably could melt iron, TBH

    THere's a cigar bar that opened last year in the Washington Ave. district that is pretty good: Decent drink, not bad mark-up on cigars, and nice atmosphere. I've done a big group there before and it was fine. There are some alright places around.

    What are you guys looking for food and drinks wise? There are some neighborhood places that are cheap and pretty damn good, or fancier places.

    Not sure live music-wise since you didn't give dates.
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  35. Brewtus

    Brewtus Got dat juice

    Lots of fun places in St. Louis. Really is a big party town. Don't know how long you'll be there but Washington Ave is right downtown and is lined with bars of varying atmosphere. The Budweiser brewery tour is a must based on size alone, plus it's free and they let you have beers at the end. I'd actually cough up the $10 or whatever and do "Beer School", then do the free tour. Beer school is a fun small class (approx. 20 ppl) that talks about beer and they give you multiple samples of there's. After drinking the below average Budweiser beer there are plenty of craft breweries around town. Schlafly is the big dog in down and their restaurant is great.

    Quick reference:
    - Bar hopping areas: Washington ave, Soulard, The Landing (next to casinos)
    - Good beer: Schlafly's, ITap, Bridge, 4Hands, Urban Chestnut
    - Breakfast: Roosters is a must; think unbelievable breakfast sandwich and full menu of bloody mary's
    - Brewery tour + Beer School
    - Card's game
  36. Tiger Z

    Tiger Z Nellyville

    Think you guys covered it all. I'd say hit up Washington Avenue after the game. Every night in STL has the potential to end up on the east side. Since you're going to a bachelor party that's inevitable. Just stay in your car.

    Other than that brewerys, bbq, and cardinals is pretty much all we got. If the guy is a Blues fan I'd say go to a playoff game if you can get the tickets. That arena gets insane and hocket sluts are the sluttiest of all the sluts.
  37. TN-a-key

    TN-a-key Titans, Vols, Preds, Grizz, Ken Griffey Jr.

    We are going down Memorial Day weekend for the Phillies series and we are gonna stay at Lumiere.... a ton of good stuff tho fellas
  38. ahohwald

    ahohwald New Member

    im gonna be so shitty all weekend for this bachelor party. im going to be that annoying phillies fan wearing a mike schmidt jersey throwing up during the 7th inning stretch (even though its a sunday afternoon game).

    Also do any of you guys know if the casinos have free booze? went to metrop. in illinois to gamble and it was the worst/shittiest casino and they didnt offer free booze (will never go there again).

    What is the strip club scene like? im getting the idea that there are some nasty ones in "east st. louis" but i really dont want some hood rats with stretch marks grinding on my junk while i can smell the last dudes cologne on her.

    thanks to all of people helping with ideas, that cigar bar looks bad ass
    . :chatzy:
  39. Truman

    Truman New Member

    No free booze at Lumiere. I really don't think that happens outside of vegas. If it does, I haven't come across it. East St Louis strip clubs are actually legit. My biggest advice is after leaving, as delicious as it smells and looks DO NOT BUY THE RIB SANDWICH FROM THE :w2d: GRILLING THEM IN THE PARKING LOT. I REPEAT DO NOT EAT THE RIB SANDWICH.
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  40. devine

    devine hi, i am user devine

    gotta eat at papy's. great barbq. just dont go too late because they run out of food and once they do they close for the day.
  41. ramszoolander

    ramszoolander Jet fuel probably could melt iron, TBH

    This. It's Memphis style, which is good. St. Louis style (which doesn't exist, really) is a bunch of shit pork steaks swimming in shit bbq sauce. My favorite bbq is Central Texas, but Pappy's is damn good.
  42. Tiger Z

    Tiger Z Nellyville

    Fucking love pork steaks
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  43. ramszoolander

    ramszoolander Jet fuel probably could melt iron, TBH

    Pork steaks/gooey butter/Imo's = things only St. Louisians like.
    T-ravs, on the other hand, are an easy sell to outsiders. :lick:

  44. TN-a-key

    TN-a-key Titans, Vols, Preds, Grizz, Ken Griffey Jr.

    Atlantic City and Tunica have free booze also but fuck it I'm gonna be fucked up beyond belief so that doesn't matter too much... what are the minimums on tables usually... I'd imagine they are going to be a little higher since it is Memorial Day weekend
  45. Murtaugh

    Murtaugh Fan of: A Softball School

    From the American Gambling Association:
    "Not all casinos provide free alcohol to their customers. Of the 22 states with commercial casino gaming, casinos in only 13—Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Dakota and West Virginia—are permitted to offer free alcohol to their patrons. However, even though they can offer free alcohol, not all casinos in those states do. Casinos in other states must charge for alcoholic beverages. The AGA Code of Conduct for Responsible Gaming includes provisions for alcohol."\

    I went to the casino in boonville after a night at the bars last year and thought I got free drinks. Apparently not.
  46. Jalen Rose

    Jalen Rose I'll allow it.

    Go to Uncle Bill's for some high quality late night drunk breakfast.

    Also, I never understood the STL infatuation w/ T-Ravs. Such a random thing to like.
  47. TN-a-key

    TN-a-key Titans, Vols, Preds, Grizz, Ken Griffey Jr.

    Emailed the owner today....

    Patrick Stanley
    5:11 PM (4 hours ago)

    Thanks for the enquiry. We would be pleased to host your bachelor party and provide the groom with a free single malt scotch and great cigar. See you Memorial day weekend.

    Sent from my iPad
  48. ramszoolander

    ramszoolander Jet fuel probably could melt iron, TBH

    Niiiiice. They aren't super cheap on drinks, but it is a pretty low profit margin type place to run, so I never feel bad. Hope you guys have a great time.

    Also, Jalen Rose, you're going to take him down on Kingshighway in the heart of exciting South City?
  49. Jalen Rose

    Jalen Rose I'll allow it.

    for Uncle Bill's, absolutely.
  50. ramszoolander

    ramszoolander Jet fuel probably could melt iron, TBH

    I've always liked Chris's better, in my humble babymaker.

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