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Discussion in 'Soccer Board' started by snowfx2, Jun 8, 2011.

  1. snowfx2 Mora

    We can use this thread to post construction pics and renderings of up and coming soccer stadium projects from around the world.

    I'll start with some of the Euro 2012 stadiums

    PGE Arena (44,000) - Gdansk, Poland



    Stadion Narodowy (58,145) - Warsaw, Poland



    Stadion Miejski (42,711) - Wroclaw, Poland



    Stadion Ukrayina (33,000) - Lviv, Ukraine


    Olympic Stadium (69,000) - Kiev, Ukraine


  2. prerecordedlive Fan of: hoofball, good hair, two-footed tackles

    Molineux Stadium
    Wolverhampton, England


    Just finished tearing down the south stand. They're going to rebuild it much nicer and attach it to the east stand.
  3. J. New Member

  4. snowfx2 Mora

    Coface Arena (33,500) - Mainz, Germany


  5. snowfx2 Mora

    What the Velodrome will look like in time for Euro 2016

    From this:


    To this:


  6. Sam Elliott Job title: Assistant Bouncer at the Double Deuce

    Looks like Allianz Stadium in Munich

    And some of those other stadiums look pretty unfinished for Euro 2012 to be just a year away.
  7. broXcore headphone bleed make the shit sound real

    holy fuck at the velodrome
  8. prerecordedlive Fan of: hoofball, good hair, two-footed tackles

    This and the PGE Arena is seriously the same exact shape as Allianz but almost 25,000 less in capacity. Impressive for Poland, though.
  9. MK 3rds Air Power!

    Getting tired of Beijing Olympic Stadium clones.
  10. snowfx2 Mora

    Timsah Arena (45,000) - Bursa, Turkey (yes that's a croc head)



    Le Grande Stade Lille (50,186) - Lille, France

    A soccer stadium that can be turned into a smaller arena for basketball and other Euro sports




  11. MooreAlabama Surprisingly normal looking.

    I love that all the stadium renders have the most unrealistic starscapes possible.
  12. ucgatörs21 UC, Florida, Arsenal, OM

    Can't wait for the new Stade Velodrome to be built. Its gonna be right up there with the best stadiums in the world when its done.

    Here's the video I posted awhile back when I first heard about it.

    and here's a newer video that was posted.

  13. Corky Bucek Formerly known as TheFreak55

    Lille's stadium looks to be similar to the retractable roof stadiums in the US like Lucas Oil and Reliant Stadium, except that the fucking field lifts in half.
  14. El_Pato Nunca Caminaras Solo

    I will be all up in this thread.
  15. El_Pato Nunca Caminaras Solo

    Houston Dynamo

  16. El_Pato Nunca Caminaras Solo

    Juventus Arena

  17. BearlyHere wow. such briles

    houston dynamo rendering

  18. El_Pato Nunca Caminaras Solo

    Nou Mestalla which has sat like this for more than a year :embarassed:

  19. Dexter Moser New Member

    Doesn't European basketball use the wider lanes that aren't parallel like the US'?
  20. El_Pato Nunca Caminaras Solo

    BC Place

  21. Corky Bucek Formerly known as TheFreak55

    Not anymore
  22. Hoosier New Member

    Marseille's stadium looks rediculous
  23. JGator1 Chompzy Fantasy Football Champion

    Do you know how recent these pictures are?
  24. snowfx2 Mora

    I'd say pretty much all the construction pics of these stadiums are within the last month.
  25. SkRoUsE Mexican, haha haha ha

    It's crazy to me that most football stadiums hold 75,000+ and even 100,000 in some cases but soccer stadiums are all around or less than 50K
  26. snowfx2 Mora

    There's also far more soccer teams in certain areas, and many teams don't have the ability to expand a stadium or its tough for them to build a new bigger stadium due to land availability. There's really nothing in America that comes close to London, Liverpool/Manchester, or the Rhine-Ruhr region of Germany. It would be like the equivalent of having 6 NFL teams in New York.
  27. SkRoUsE Mexican, haha haha ha

    That's true, 6 100,000 capacity stadiums in a city, even the size of NYC would be a bit ridiculous. Forgot how close all the teams are.
  28. The Dark Defender New Member

    Soccer fans need better sight lines than do football fans, so that is why many stadiums in Europe are smaller than American Football stadiums.

    Even still there are some good sized stadiums in Europe.

    Nou Camp-Barcelona-99,000
    Bernabau-Real Madrid 80,000
    San Siro-Inter, AC Milan-80,000
    Old Trafford-Man U-75,000
    Olympiastadion-Hertha Berlin 75,000
    Allianz-Bayern Munich 70,000
    Olympic Stadium-Roma-72,000
  29. JGator1 Chompzy Fantasy Football Champion

    Thanks, obviously needs more work on the inside they've got a heavyweight title fight there Sept 10.
  30. El_Pato Nunca Caminaras Solo

    Belo Horizonte 2014 World Cup

  31. El_Pato Nunca Caminaras Solo

    Mercedes Benz Arena

  32. prerecordedlive Fan of: hoofball, good hair, two-footed tackles

    What are they doing to the Benz?

    Can't really tell from these since the stadium was already pretty big.
  33. snowfx2 Mora

    They got rid of the track last year and expanding, building a new terrace section. I believe the new capacity will be 60,000, it was 52,000.
  34. El_Pato Nunca Caminaras Solo

    They brought the stands closer to the field. The stadium at once had a track around the field, so they have been working on one side at a time. Almost complete now.

  35. Taques A right stylish cunt

    fuck yeah a dedicated houston dynamo stadium

    where is it supposed to be
  36. BayouMafia The Michael Jordan of being a son of a bitch

    So basically they copied the Allianz Stadium and the Stade de France
  37. BearlyHere wow. such briles

    it's a few blocks from minute maid..if they cleaned up that area it'd be an awesome place to go with both stadiums being right there.

    pretty sad that it won't be finished.
  39. El_Pato Nunca Caminaras Solo

  40. El_Pato Nunca Caminaras Solo

    Juventus Arena update

  41. Sam Elliott Job title: Assistant Bouncer at the Double Deuce

    They haven't replaced the roof yet have they?
  42. Zap Branigan I am the man with no name.

    juve is getting screens on the back of the seats????????????????????????? :lovelove:
  43. Taques A right stylish cunt

    juves stadium is pretty bitchin
  44. snowfx2 Mora

    Italians would probably prefer an ash tray on their seat, but those screens are badass.
  45. El_Pato Nunca Caminaras Solo

    Nope, don't know why they didn't just implode the thing with as much demo work that they're doing.
  46. Drew Miami, Xavier, Real Madrid, ASMFC, Nasti Nati

    :laugh: Stadium looks freaking sweet
  47. El_Pato Nunca Caminaras Solo

    Juventus Arena finally got grass

  48. El_Pato Nunca Caminaras Solo

    Molineux Stadium

  49. prerecordedlive Fan of: hoofball, good hair, two-footed tackles

    Where's that?
  50. Sam Elliott Job title: Assistant Bouncer at the Double Deuce


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