Steve Young on ESPN: "The NFL doesn't care about bad refs or player safety"

Discussion in 'The Mainboard' started by ths, Sep 18, 2012.

  1. ths

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    this does not belong in the stupid shit you see on espn thread
  2. Moxin24

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    I think they care about bad refs, just not as much as everyone else does.
    I think they care about getting sued out of existence by injured players.
  3. RMIrish

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  4. Hayden Fry

    Hayden Fry ANF- America Needs Farmers

    Steve Young is 100% right and can understand the frustration hes facing.

    Heres a guy that suffered a bunch of headtrauma win his playing history and I can sense the fear in his voice for the safety of todays players.

    Keep speaking out Steve. These refs have no business being anywhere near the speed of this level.
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  5. Houndster

    Houndster Ball don't lie Staff Member

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  6. tne

    tne Now tagging people with spaces in their name

    bet the nfl tries to fine him
  7. Snakes

    Snakes I slept with Elaine last night

    lol at him calling NFL inelastic when talking about the replacement refs. He has no idea what that means.
  8. Arkadin

    Arkadin Doctors orders, go fuck yourself

    Yeah its pretty obvious
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  9. Where Eagles Dare

    Where Eagles Dare The Specialist Show On Earth

    Eh, he might have not used it exactly right b/c it usually relates to prices effect on supply/demand but he is kind of on the right track if ref quality = price. NFL doesn't care b/c they can throw out these shit refs and the same demand exists vs them having real refs.
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  10. Snakes

    Snakes I slept with Elaine last night

    I understand the point he was trying to make. But that's not elasticity at all. There is no term for the example he was using, so I guess he did the best he could.
  11. Houndster

    Houndster Ball don't lie Staff Member

    I'm pretty sure he said the demand for the NFL was inelastic. So it doesn't matter who they put out there as officials, people will watch regardless. That makes sense to me.
  12. The Official MassNole

    The Official MassNole The only good Gator is a dead Gator

    I doubt their lawyers are too worried about that even if the NFL wants people to think they are.
  13. Snakes

    Snakes I slept with Elaine last night

    Unit Elasticity is a change in demand after a change in price. That's it. The NFL is a highly demanded good and relatively inelastic compared to every other pro sport, but if it cost everyone $100 a week to watch on television or if tickets were $1000 each, demand would go down. Thus making it elastic.

    It's not a change in demand as a result of poor officiating, which is what he was trying to say.
  14. MG2

    MG2 No judgement in brainstorming

    He's right about player safety being more of an issue with replacement refs, but the reason people keep watching is that they don't care. These refs suck, but a lot of fans think all refs suck. Whenever these old refs suck it up and accept that their pension plans are going to change, they'll be back and blowing calls we all bitch about on a weekly basis as well.

    If these guys get better at controlling games and stopping all the stupid shit going on after plays that serves no purpose, they'll be fine. They're going to start calling more PFs pretty soon just because the league is going to mandate it.
  15. Houndster

    Houndster Ball don't lie Staff Member

    That's definitely not what he said. No need to lecture on unit elasticity, I took Macro and Micro too buddy. His point is that the demand for the NFL is constant and unchanging despite the level of officiating; which is why the NFL doesn't give a shit.
  16. Snakes

    Snakes I slept with Elaine last night

    lol okay houndster
  17. Geordi La Forge

    Geordi La Forge Unsung hero

  18. Houndster

    Houndster Ball don't lie Staff Member

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  19. Fusiontegra

    Fusiontegra My life is dope and I do dope shit.

    Does this raise the question, "how hard is it to officiate an NFL game"? I don't imagine a whole lot of people have ever thought about it, sitting at home, bitching about calls. But it's become pretty obvious the last 2 weeks that the average Joe Schmoe(which is essentially what a div III ref is) can't do this job, even as semi-effectively as NFL guys that have been doing it for 20 years can.
  20. Where Eagles Dare

    Where Eagles Dare The Specialist Show On Earth

    While true, it doesn't really mean that the NFL has inelastic demand.

    We're glad you took some 200 level econ courses, but it shows that you can't apply what you learned.
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  21. Where Eagles Dare

    Where Eagles Dare The Specialist Show On Earth

    The rule book is pretty complex & the whole explanation of a tipped ball being in the vicinity of the interference vs being not was pretty lengthy. I'd say it is rather difficult and has many complex nuances that most fans don't pick up on.
  22. Snakes

    Snakes I slept with Elaine last night

    I think one thing this strike has done is increased the perceived value of the NFL officiating profession. One would hope that this would give the refs more leverage and causing the NFL to cave. But, like Steve Young [poorly] put it, people are going to watch it no matter who is officiating. It may decrease the quality of the product, but rating are higher than ever, and the bottom line is all that counts in strike negotiations.

    But Jesus Christ somebody please cave because this just fucking sucks.
  23. Snakes

    Snakes I slept with Elaine last night

    100 imo
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  24. nofatchix

    nofatchix Pitchfork Assassin

    No. Price elasticty is not the only measure of elasticity.

    I'm pretty sure every Intro to Micro class teaches income elasticity, for example. Obviously, that is not measuring change in demand relative to a change in price.

    From a mathematical standpoint, the variables don't matter at all. You can measure the elasticity between any two economic variables. Just because price and income are the most widely used, doesn't mean others don't exist. If you want to measure the elasticity between demand and quality, there is nothing wrong with that.

    So, if Steve Young wants to say the demand for NFL is inelastic with regard to quality of the product, that's perfectly viable. I'm not sure I agree with him, since demand for the NFL with regards to quality is almost certainly not inelastic (if they were using replacement players, for example, demand would go way down). It's just that replacement referees don't have a large enough impact on the overall quality of the product for anybody to care.
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  25. AUB

    AUB Now we got bad blood, breh

    I really don't feel like there is any more or less complaining about poor officiating than last year, the only thing about the replacement officials is that they are so quick to cave when the crowd starts boo'ing and players start throwing their hands up for calls. Sometimes the real refs do that, but not nearly as often. I think part of that is just a product of the refs wanting to get it right for the fans.

    Eventually the old refs are gonna have to cave because with time the new refs will have a full season of experience under their belts, and they're only going to become better and better replacements until they are legit refs.
  26. Fusiontegra

    Fusiontegra My life is dope and I do dope shit.

    It'd be nice if, we as fans, could finally effect the league by, say, tuning out on Sunday of Week 3. If you've got tickets, still go to the games, because there's no reason to punish the teams...but what if people just didn't tune in. In the grand scheme of things, what's missing one week of football mean? If it means sending the NFL a message that we want a better game, isn't it worth it.

    /idealist rant
  27. Snakes

    Snakes I slept with Elaine last night

    I understand there are different forms of elasticity. I just don't think Steve Young understands them.
  28. Houndster

    Houndster Ball don't lie Staff Member

    I never said it did. I just said his point made sense because it does.
  29. Where Eagles Dare

    Where Eagles Dare The Specialist Show On Earth

    How much money is the NFL really holding out over? Anyone seen numbers, not just straight percentages?

    Can't be more than a couple million in total, which is a bullshit amount to fight over and be this fucking stubborn when it has such a negative effect on the game. Fuck, the first half last night took over 2 hours.
  30. nofatchix

    nofatchix Pitchfork Assassin

    Yeah, that much I would agree with.

    His argument is akin to raising the price for a pack of gum by 1 cent, not seeing any change in demand, and then arguing that demand for gum is price inelastic.

    What he should have said was, "The performance of the referees don't impact the quality of the product enough for anybody to care."
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  31. Houndster

    Houndster Ball don't lie Staff Member

    It's not a change in demand as a result of poor officiating, which is what he was trying to say.

    SY isn't the one having trouble understanding things.
  32. MG2

    MG2 No judgement in brainstorming

    They're fighting over pension stuff, but that seems like the only money issue going on here. Not sure what the difference financially is there, as I haven't seen any numbers outside of one report where the NFL said "retirement contributions" would be somewhere in the neighborhood of $20k per year.

    Current refs also seem to be upset about the league wanting a set number of full time guys and something resembling a development process to bring in younger refs.
  33. devine

    devine hi, i am user devine

    Fuck no one cares about the use of elasticity
  34. dcon79

    dcon79 Nailed it

    I love it because it keeps my sweatpants on
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  35. Gunners

    Gunners Nicking a living

    Some Stringer Bell to educate all.

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  36. friedskillet

    friedskillet It's not a lie if you believe it.

  37. bigpig


    Steve Young has got to be so infuriating to sit next to. So sanctimonious and always talking over people.

    Trent Dilfer looked ready to slap the shutup out of him.
  38. friedskillet

    friedskillet It's not a lie if you believe it.

    trent dilfer should be so lucky as to be sitting in the same room as the Great Steve Young and his 3 rings.
  39. miles

    miles All I know is my gut says, maybe

    Steve Young is awful

    But he wasn't trying to be "textbook" correct in his metaphor. Just trying to use a concept most people understand.

    Then again, when looking at the average american, most probably don't anyway.
  40. HuskerGuy99

    HuskerGuy99 Above Average Member

    Your understanding of the word "inelastic" seems to be inelastic.
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