The Dalvin Cook Announcement Thread

Discussion in 'The Mainboard' started by Smee, Dec 16, 2013.

  1. Smee

    Smee New Member

    Announcing at the UA game. Says he is 100% committed to UF until that day :yaoface:

    Noles and Canes what are u hearing?
  2. fattmante

    fattmante Getting likes at STG3's expense

    Cane .
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  3. Smee

    Smee New Member

    Canes have a lot of connections with him. 2 HS teammates and his brother in his me tracy howard-like vietnam flashbacks
  4. Bricktop

    Bricktop do you know what nemesis means?

    another jewel in the crown of the all canes conference.
  5. TDCD

    TDCD Staff Member

    He'd be a fool not to pick FSU and study under the great Los Williams for a year
  6. The Banks

    The Banks TMB's Alaskan

    100% Nole
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  7. RavenNole

    RavenNole New Member

    Cane.....he is 305 and al put up the fence and shit
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  8. NoleNBlue

    NoleNBlue Ya happy now, bitch?

  9. Smee

    Smee New Member

  10. Don't know how long we will keep Brewster, but that old man can recruit with anybody.
  11. Canesfan3234

    Canesfan3234 Fan of: Bandwagons

    Nole imo
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  12. Vito Corleone

    Vito Corleone such posting, wow

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  13. Sterling A

    Sterling A No Cyril, when they're dead, they're just hookers!

    Zach Abolverdi@ZachAbolverdi 19m
    Some UF fans are optimistic and want to believe Dalvin Cook is committed like he says, but you're setting yourself up for disappointment.

    gator recruiting guy for gainsville sun
  14. -Prime-

    -Prime- New Member

    Does Calvin Brewton have a UF offer?
  15. tne

    tne Now tagging people with spaces in their name

    wherever Mack Brown lands, Cook will follow imo
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  16. Smee

    Smee New Member

    he met cook in the parking lot of his school when the team bus arrived back from orlando
  17. D. Silver


    Wait till Major Applewhite gets to talk to him.
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  18. brobson

    brobson MBP: Most Ballinest Player

    He's a faggot

    That's what I'm hearing
  19. Smee

    Smee New Member

    Bush has an "IN" with cook and says he is confident he is a Nole


  20. Smee

    Smee New Member

    we've had a double agent this whole time!

  21. CB

    CB I'm the laziest person you will ever meet

    congrats Canes
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  22. The Great Pumpkin

    The Great Pumpkin The Next Portugese Prodigy

    Thread icon hurts
  23. Sterling A

    Sterling A No Cyril, when they're dead, they're just hookers!

    oh ya? well Langston says Cook is Ermon's biggest recruiter to FSU so i one-upped ya
  24. Smee

    Smee New Member

    would explain all the FSU gear he's rocking, geez will u guys just let us have 1 of these kids!
  25. Sterling A

    Sterling A No Cyril, when they're dead, they're just hookers!

  26. We gave you one, but you don't get Harrison though that was the trade
  27. Smee

    Smee New Member

    can have him, kid never seemed all that interested in us
  28. Football Mike

    Football Mike Please change my name back to Aaron Hernandez

    He's already told reporters that he's going to be committed to us up until the time he announces. What you guys think he's just using the commitment for attention and planning to burn us?
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  29. Vito Corleone

    Vito Corleone such posting, wow

    South Florida recruits have too much integrity for such actions
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  30. Sterling A

    Sterling A No Cyril, when they're dead, they're just hookers!

    donte fowler in reverse
  31. Canesfan3234

    Canesfan3234 Fan of: Bandwagons

    Video games man
  32. Vito Corleone

    Vito Corleone such posting, wow

    This is actually probably what it is very likely to be
  33. Peace

    Peace New Member

    You got Fowler.

    I much prefer to be on this side of the bitchmade teenager switch. Now I understand why you gators get so much joy out our hatred of Fowler.
  34. CaneKnight

    CaneKnight Bomani Jones is the Truth Teller

    You fags have plenty of running backs. We need a couple to sub in for the God King when he needs a break
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  35. I like him and Sousa. Just like that Harrison can play multiple positions
  36. fuxstockings

    fuxstockings New Member

    People actually think he's going somewhere besides Miami?
  37. CB

    CB I'm the laziest person you will ever meet

    we do? Wilder is gone cause Los took his carries. Freeman may or may not leave. Pender is dumb as fuck and there is no guarantee he ever plays a down at FSU. Green is a frosh, looks good, but still young.

    so we might return 4, but only 3 can be relied on. we have Johnathan Vickers committed, but he's probably headed for the FB role

    I want Cook, but I expect UM to get him
  38. 3NolesFan3

    3NolesFan3 Fuck her right in the pussy

    Wilder and Freeman might leave. That leaves Los, Pender, and Ryan Green.

    We'll take Cook and then Scarlet in 2015. You guys can keep Eduardo Clements.
  39. CaneKnight

    CaneKnight Bomani Jones is the Truth Teller

    :laugh: Clements... His ass is gone. We should have a damn good running back class this year.... If they pan out.
  40. bertwing

    bertwing No longer a faggot

  41. Smee

    Smee New Member


    want to believe...
  42. BobLoblaw

    BobLoblaw Barves

    Wait...Miami is actually in this? I thought he was a Nole lock...srs.
  43. The Banks

    The Banks TMB's Alaskan

  44. Smee

    Smee New Member

    Met with FSU and then UF yesterday....

  45. The Banks

    The Banks TMB's Alaskan

    Heard he only met with FSU
  46. Smee

    Smee New Member

    Nope Brewster met him at the school when he arrived back, then we met him at his house

    Miami probably met him at the gas station in between
  47. Calicane

    Calicane Waiting for moments that never come

  48. swiz

    swiz >>>--;;;------------->

    So nothing to the "Cook canceled with UF" rumors??
  49. Orange & BOOM

    Orange & BOOM Overcoming the adversity on the field since 2011

    Cry me a river, bitch. We only have one that can be relied upon. Must be nice. :crossedarms:
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  50. Smee

    Smee New Member

    apparently not, who started those?

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