Top 10 most evil people from Ancient Times

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    Today's listverse entry is great, minus the grammatical errors. A lot of fucked up stuff perpetrated by the people on this list.

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    History is replete with tales of evil people performing evil acts. Sadly they are so many in number that Listverse has been able to feature many top 10 lists of evil humansmen, women, and even children. This list looks at ten people from history who were especially cruel and who, in many cases, are remembered for that reason alone.

    Empress Wu
    Wu Zetian was empress of China from October 690 to February 705. She is the only woman in Chinese history to rule in her own right. She was a ruthless, cruel, sadistic and sexually depraved murderess who drove her people into chaos. She ordered tortures, executions and forced suicides on a daily basis. She had all of her rivals exiled or executed including the ex empress Wang. She also had members of her family executed including her niece, nephews and killed her newly born daughter. Other family members were exiled including her sons, in which one was eventually ordered to commit suicide. Wu had thousands of her people poisoned, strangled, mutilated, burned and boiled alive. Others had their noses, ears, feet and legs cut off. She died in December 705 at age 81.

    Qin Shi Huang
    Qin Shi Huang was the first emperor of China from 221 BC to 210 BC. He was paranoid, brutal, cruel and sadistic. He improvised and massacred his people. In his first year in power, over 120,000 families were forced to relocate from their homes. He burned almost all books and writings in China and had hundreds of scholars beheaded and buried alive. He improvised his people, farmers in particular, by raising taxes. At one point, a million men were put to work as forced labor to build 4,700 miles of roads. He created walls and other architects that paved the way for the Great Wall of China, but hundreds of thousands were worked, starved to death and murdered. Qin was obsessed of trying to become immortal, when scientists and scholars failed to find a way, he had 480 of them buried alive. Even in death, he was afraid that he would be attacked. He ordered a 3 mile wide mausoleum to be built that required 700,000 people, most of them were killed in the process. It is possible that he killed over 1 million people. Qin died in September 210 BC.

    Godfrey of Bouillon
    Godfrey of Bouillon was a Frankish knight who was the leader of the First Crusade, a military expedition by Western Christianity to regain the Holy Lands in which tens of thousands of people were killed. He was determined to avenge the blood of Jesus on the Jewish people. In 1099, he and his army arrived at Jerusalem. They charged into the city and and killed anyone that didn’t leave the city. They destroyed Holy sights. Solders, citizens, Jews and Muslims alike were killed. Victims were either burned or had their stomachs sliced open. The surviving Jews fled to a synagogue, which Godfrey burned down. He ordered his men to hunt down and kill all of the survivors that left the city. It is believed that no one survived. Piles of hands, feet and heads were scattered throughout the city. Godfrey is said to have stripped to his undergarments and walked barefoot through piles of blood that reached up to his ankles. It is possible that 70,000 Muslims alone were killed there. He died from plague in July 1100, his goal was complete.

    Herod The Great
    Herod was king of Jueda from 37 BC to 4 BC. He was a heartless, paranoid and bloodthirsty man who committed unimaginable atrocities. He is beast known for wanting to kill Jesus and for committing the Massacre of the Innocents. According to the Bible, Herod ordered every boy at the age 2 or younger to be killed in Bethlehem. There are estimates that 10,000 to 150,000 boys were murdered, but Bethlehem was only a village, so historians think only a few dozen boys were killed, but Herod would have done it, regardless of the number of boys there were. He ordered the deaths of thousands of people including the high priest, his rivals, grandfather-in law, mother-in law, brother-in law, uncle, wife, 3 sons (one of his sons was killed only a few days before Herod died) and anyone else who he distrusted and thought was a threat to him, but most of his victims were innocent and given false crimes. He would kill anyone to stay in power. Shortly before his death, Herod ordered that the foremost men in Jueda should be executed so that his funeral would be marked by a national outpouring of grief. Fortunately, this command was ignored. He died in 4 BC due to illness. His sons also became villains of the Bible. His son, Herod Antipas killed John the Baptist and was involved in the murder of Jesus. And James, son of Zebedee, was beheaded by Herod Agrippa.

    King John
    John was king of England from April 1199 to October 1216. He impoverished England, caused the creation of the Magna Carta and inspired the Robin Hood legend. He was a greedy, violent, malicious, cruel, ruthless, lecherous, self-indulgent and callous. He betrayed his friends, father, brothers, wife, and country. He seduced the wives and daughters of his friends and enemies (in which he would produce 12 illegitimate children) and exiled their relatives and parents. He imprisoned and killed anyone who threatened or rivaled him, including his nephew, Arthur. When his men disobeyed him, he would throw them in prison, on a sheet of lead, and starve them to death. He plundered the revenues of the Church and ordered every priest, bishop and abbot to leave England, those that did not suffered the consequences. He declared wars against France and the Barons, in which tens of thousands may have died in. John often killed or exiled relatives of his enemies. He tortured, hanged, beheaded, stabbed, blinded and starved thousands to death. He waged a campaign on every Jew in England, to take all their money, imprison and torture them. John tried to steal as much money as possible from his people. He implemented a huge increase in taxation and merciless exploitations of his feudal prerogatives. He lost almost all of his empire. In fact when Normandy, England’s last possession of France was seized, John reportedly stayed in bed with his wife as his solders were being killed. Some taxes were raised up to 300%. These taxes ruined the lives of tens of thousands of people. After he signed the Magna Carta, John shamelessly fought back against his enemies, but if he lost the fight, the kingdom of England would have fallen into the French hands. However, John died before he could in start a full-scale war in October 1216 from eating too many peaches and drinking too much ale.

    Tamerlane the Great
    Tamerlane (a.k.a. Timur) was a fourteenth-century conqueror of Western, Central and South Asia and the founder of the Timurid Empire and Timurid dynasty. He believed that he was descended from Genghis Khan. He was a cruel, ruthless, heartless and bloodthirsty conqueror who brought terror and destruction to millions. At some places thousands were forced to jump from very high heights. 200,000 surrendered solders and civilians were killed in India. There were decapitations of 20,000 citizens in Aleppo, 70,000 in Ifshan, the beheading of 70,000 in Tikrit and 90,000 in Baghdad. On some occasions, he ordered thousands of people to die of slow suffocation. Huge towers made from his enemies’ skulls were built for him to look at with satisfaction. People were often decapitated, burned, stabbed, dismembered and buried alive. He killed 15 to 20 million people. Tamerlane died on February 1405 from natural causes.

    Nero was Rome’s 5th emperor from AD 54 to AD 68. He brought the Roman Empire to ruin. He burned entire cities. He murdered thousands of people including his aunt, stepsister, ex-wife, mother, wife and stepbrother. He systematically murdered every member in his family. Some were killed in searing hot baths. He poisoned, beheaded, stabbed, burned, boiled, crucified and impaled people. He often raped women and cut off the veins and private parts of both men and women. He is said to have fiddled while Rome was burning. The great fire killed many of Rome’s citizens and left hundreds of thousands destitute. Though Nero probably started the fire, he blamed it on the Christians. Thousands of Christians were starved to death, burned, torn by dogs, fed to lions, crucified, used as torches and nailed to crosses. He was so bad that many of the Christians thought he was the Antichrist. He even tortured and killed the apostle Paul and the disciple Peter. Paul was beheaded and Peter was crucified upside down. Nero committed suicide when he realized he was losing the rebellion and his life was in danger.

    He was Rome’s 3rd emperor from AD 37 to AD 41. He was wild, sadistic, extravagant, with a penchant for sexual adventures. In the first 3 months in his reign of terror, over 160,000 animals were sacrificed in his honor. He later got a brain fever that made him mentally ill. He then believed he was a god. Under Caligula, the law became an instrument of torture. He believed prisoners should feel a painful death. He began to brutally murder for fun. He would kill his opponents slowly and painfully over hours or days. He decapitated and strangled children. People were beaten with heavy chains. He forced families to attend their children’s execution. Many people had their tongues cut off. He fed prisoners to a lions, panthers and bears and often killed gladiators. One gladiator alone was beaten up for 2 days full days. He sometimes ordered people to be killed by elephants. His cruelty caused people to commit suicide. He demanded sex with a lot of women including his 3 sisters. He would force husbands to give up their wives. He exiled his sisters and had his brother in law put to death. He caused many to die of starvation. Sawing people was one of his favorite things to do, which filleted the spine and spinal cord from crotch down to the chest. He liked to chew up the testicles of victims. He killed some of his most important friends and his father-in-law. One time Caligula said “I wish Rome had but one neck, so that I could cut off all their heads with one blow!” In AD 41, Caligula was killed by Casius Chaerea, a man whom Caligula had mocked at court for his effeminacy.

    Attila The Hun
    Attila ruled the Huns from 434 to 453. He was the leader of the Hunnic, Empire which stretched from the Ural River to Germany and from the Baltic Sea to the Danube River. He was a bloodthirsty, cruel and ruthless barbarian that was a lover of battle. He wanted to destroy the Roman Empire and everyone in his way. If you were a citizen in Rome and begged for mercy, he would kill you. He was as great a menace to the Teutonic tribes people as he was to the Romans. He was so destructive that people believed he was a punishment from Heaven. His nickname was Attila the Scourge of God. Attila and the other Huns thought that other people’s lives were meaningless. He would torture and destroy his enemies, his own people and entire population of cities. He rampaged Roman cities and may have killed up to hundreds of thousands. People were sometimes torn limb by limb. One time Attila found Saint Ursula, the perpetual Virgin, and wanted to marry her. She refused which made Attila angry and had her killed along with 11,000 of her companions. It is said that he might have drunk a women’s blood. He eat 2 of his sons and killed his brother. Attila coughed up blood and died in 453.

    Genghis Khan
    He was Khan of the Mongolian Empire from 1206 to 1227. In that time he conquered most of China and all the land through the Caspian Sea. He was ruthless, vengeful, cruel, and bloodthirsty. He and his army destroyed countless numbers of cities, solders, civilians and children. People were killed by having molten metal and silver poured into their eyes and ears. In one massacre alone, 700,000 people were killed. At another place, the poor were decapitated and the rich were tortured to find out where their treasure was. Women were sometimes raped in front of their families. Hundreds of thousands had their lives ruined. It is said that if his army of men had no water they would cut a horse’s vein and drink its blood. He would use people as human shields. Hundreds of thousands became slaves. He would order you to be killed immediately if you were an enemy, if you betrayed him or if you were disloyal to him. Genghis and his army killed 20 to 60 million people. He killed three-fourths of the population of the Iranian Plateau, which was 10 to 15 million. He also killed his brother at age 13 just because his brother had stolen a fish from him. Genghis Khan once said “The greatest happiness is to scatter your enemy to drive him before you, to see his cities reduced to ashes, to see those who love him shrouded in tears, and to gather into your bosom his wives and daughters.” Genghis Khan died of natural causes in 1227.

    Basil The Bulgar Slayer
    Basil II was emperor of the Byzantine Empire from 976 to 1025. He has been described as hero-monster because he was a powerful and successful ruler, but also one of the most cruel, ruthless and merciless rulers in history. He ruined the lives of all of those who challenged his rule. This included rebels, Arabs and political rivals (both real and imagined). They would be forced to pay higher taxes, confiscating their lands, imprisoned for life, exiled, tortured, or executed. He started many wars, particularly the one with the Bulgarians that lasted for 30 years. Throughout the war, Basil would normally slaughter all of his enemies and prisoners. Basil won the war in the Battle of Kleidon, in which he killed 15,000 Bulgarian soldiers and took another 15,000 as prisoners. As punishment, Basil had all of them blinded, using red-hot pokers and daggers. He left every 100th man with one eye so they could lead the rest back home. Thousands of them might have died during the journey, and the Bulgarian leader is reported to have died of a stroke upon seeing them. Undaunted by his cruelty, Basil used the same tactic 2 years later in Macedonia, blinding every Bulgarian his army captured, including women and children, and this time he left no one sighted. Tens of thousands of soldiers and civilians were killed by Basil. He died in December 1025.


    ANTWONE Hello Donor TMB OG

    Basil the Bulgar Slayer is a pretty cool fucking nickname.. and it's sad that if you go up to a majority of kids these days and ask them who Nero is, they will tell you a dubstep DJ
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    Eastern bias.
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    Where would you have Hitler on an all time list?
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    I was gonna go with the Romulan version.
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  8. Rape Ape

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    #3 behind Attila and Genghis. Those two massacred on a scale Hitler could only dream of doing.
  9. Wu

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    No relation to #10 afaik fwiw.
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    That was some horrendous writing.
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    According to the Justice League cartoon, Vandal Savage was like 3 of these people on the list.
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    I think Godfrey is a pretty cool guy. eh kills muslims and jews and doesn't afraid of anything.
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    #5 " He believed that he was descended from Genghis Khan."

    If you know your history then you know this is extremely unimpressive.
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    Like a high school kid writing it for history class. Just horrible.
  16. Redav

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    Stalin was far worse than Hitler.
  17. WC

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    I couldn't have written that poorly in high school if I'd tried. But then again I wasn't improvised so I had the resources to do it.
  18. Fuzzy Zoeller

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    Those massacres of 700,000 are just too ridiculous to be real. Makes Joffrey Baratheon seem like Thomas Jefferson.
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    Stalin was worse than Hitler. Also the list is shit without Vlad the Impaler.
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  20. OZ

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    Yep, considering like .5% of the human population descends from him. EDIT: male population I've read..

    I don't think Khan killed upwards of 6 million people. The population base just wasn't as high back then. I'm not sure on the number but I highly doubt it was that high considering his army would have ranged between 100,000-200,000 people most of the time. Going to have to kill a lot of people to get to 6 million.

    Plus it was a different time period back then. You also have to consider another thing. If you count those killed in "war" as part of Khan's number do you do the same for Hitler?
  21. Deckard

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    First draft late at night maybe. It really was horrible.
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  24. Kevintensity

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    You'd have to stretch it to get Hitler even close by doing things like giving him all Axis-based kills and even then you're talking the bottom of the range of what Khan was said to have done(~20 mil). world population estimates put the world at around 350-450 mil back at Khan's time meaning his estimate 20-60 mil deaths under his empire could mean he wiped out nearly 20% of the fucking world at the time. there are historians who say that it took the Iranian Plateau area until the 1950s to hit the population level they were at before Khan came and nearly wiped them off the face of the earth.

    I'll give in to the fact that this argues evil and Khan was less insane and evil than Hitler. Khan was just a barbarian doing barbarian things, he just happened to be exceptionally good at it. still, when you take in the breadth of what he did and just how badly he ruined everything he laid his eyes on(and was not a military failure like Hitler) then that puts up way up there.
  26. Fidelio

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    Hitler was pretty gay
  27. Arkie Proud

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    So we're going to argue the problem with evil? :popcorn: this gon' be good
  29. RoyalShocker

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    Hitler may have been the third most evil person of his fucking generation.
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  30. Talking Head

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    What's kinda crazy is to think what the population of earth might have been now without so many evil mother fuckers killing off people in droves.
  31. Fidelio

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    Gargamel drove chills down my spine
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    Well yeah, it's all fun and games unless you're Bulgar.
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    I stopped reading after the Herod the Great entry. "According to the Bible..." yeah, none of that ever happened. He never ordered any babies killed or anything of the like. There is zero historical record of it anywhere besides the Bible.
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    List is shit - where is Joffrey Baratheon?
  35. FactsRule

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    I mean, if we're going to use the Bible as a source, Herod can't even compare to that guy God.
  36. Joe_Pesci

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  37. DannyO'brienIsOurSatan

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    What does this even mean?

    "Herod ordered every boy at the age 2 or younger to be killed in Bethlehem. There are estimates that 10,000 to 150,000 boys were murdered, but Bethlehem was only a village, so historians think only a few dozen boys were killed, but Herod would have done it, regardless of the number of boys there were."
  38. Daniel Ocean

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    The fuck?
  39. mtsucalico85

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    Cracked takes offense to Genghis Khan and King John being on the list.

    Show Spoiler

    Genghis Khan
    You Know Him As:
    Genghis Khan was a barely-coherent fount of animalistic violence, who tore across Asia with his horde of barbarians laying waste to every village in his path, killing the men, raping the women, eating the children, killing and raping the livestock, burning everything down then raping and eating the ashes, etc. Anything that fits under a modern white person's notion of "pillage," Khan did while laughing a guttural, jackal-like laugh.
    But in Reality:
    What would you think of a guy who brought all the gangs of South Central Los Angeles together into one happy community? Well, deepen the grudges by about a millennium and expand the whole thing to cover one and a half million square miles, and you've got the task Genghis Khan achieved before he was even famous.
    Back in the day, Mongolia was just a bunch of scattered nomadic tribes who would wander around, kill each other, wander around some more and basically be laughably irrelevant on a global scale. Then Genghis came along and united the entire clusterfuck in a couple of decades.
    And if you're wondering if his "peace talks" were conducted by a thousand burly men with clubs, sorry, Genghis was always more of a politician than a psychopath. He attracted the allegiance of other tribes by spreading the word that life under his rule was crazy awesome. He did away with the sacred Mongolian tradition of "Fuck the soldiers, just fuck 'em" by allowing defeated enemies to join, giving the men a share in the spoils of war and basing promotions on merit rather than politics. Soldiers had never been treated so well by a commander before, or if you think about it, since.
    So once he'd turned Mongolia into one big happy family, his next job was to keep them that way. He figured if the people were left to their own devices they'd get antsy and just drift back into the wandering around and killing each other for lack of a better idea, so he arranged activities to keep them organized, like massive hunts or conquering all of mainland Asia. Seriously, that's a leading theory, that Genghis had his armies invade everything in sight as some kind of team-building exercise. Beats the shit out of softball.

    King John
    You Know Him As:
    The bad guy in the Robin Hood stories, "Prince" John, as he is more commonly known for some reason, was a cowardly usurper who tried to seize control of England while his brave and handsome and charming and wonderful and awesome brother, King Richard the Lionheart, was off fighting The Crusades.
    He raised taxes like it was going out of fashion, and generally made life miserable for the peasants.
    But in Reality:
    For starters, if you still think King Richard was awesome, either you aren't aware that he honestly thought God wanted him to go to other people's countries and tear shit up until all the Muslims were dead, or you're a very scary person.
    When it comes to John himself, it becomes important to clarify your definition of "bad king." John's reign is generally regarded as an epic disaster for England, but not because he was avaricious or cruel; simply because he was so retarded at being king that he probably wore his crown pointy-side down.
    Just look at how disappointed the Pope is, back there.
    Everything John touched turned to crap. His marriage led almost directly to him losing a heap of land in France. His military campaign to regain that land was a spectacular fuck-up that cost a fortune, forcing him to raise taxes and earning him a reputation for military incompetence that inspired the nickname "Softsword" (Freudian connotations surely deliberate). The tax hike was not dumped on the peasants as legend suggests, but on the nobility and the clergy, which meant everyone with money and power now hated him.
    The sheer scale of his ineptitude gets to a point where it passes contempt and you have to start feeling sorry for the guy. He had a Charlie Brown-esque ability to find utter failure in the most surprising places; hell, his attempt to influence the appointment of an archbishop wound up getting England excommunicated. It's not as though he wasn't smart--he's regarded as one of the foremost legal minds of his day, and weirdly for such a military fuckwit he's credited with creating the Royal Navy--but he had zero charisma, and pretty much all of his kingly instincts were mind-blowingly wrong.
    But in the end, we wouldn't have him any other way. Sure, he lost land, lost money, allowed the church to increase its stranglehold on Britain; but if he hadn't been so terrible, if he hadn't done almost everything within his power to make his barons detest him so thoroughly, they wouldn't have been in a position to force him to sign a document that gave them certain inalienable rights they could demand from the king. A little document they called the Magna Carta.
    That's right; all of modern democracy, made possible because King John was such a miserable fuck-up. Aren't you glad Robin Hood didn't kill him now?
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  40. Talking Head

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    Killing off the entire population of the earth besides one old dude and his bitch is going pretty hard in the paint.
  41. Hogview

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    I was just about to post this. Earth could have 25 billion people on it right now, if not more, if half those people would have lived.
  42. watson

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    Indeed in that time where would he have pulled a population of 700,000 to murder in a short period of time?
  43. BudKilmer

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    crazy to think this was Khan's empire

  44. chet fire

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    Can't remember where I read it, but the article was about "Who was 'Hitler' before there was Hitler?" In other words, if you were talking bad about someone like a baseball player or professional botanist that you hated and you said "Ugh! He's worse than Hitler!" -- who would you have said before 1936?

    Apparently, Napoleon and the Pharaoh were the biggest ones with Genghis Khan right up there. ::shrugs::
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  45. OZ

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    That is pretty insane. Didn't realize the number was that high. But I will agree on his ability to organize an army.
  46. BudKilmer

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    stole this from the interesting pics in history thread. 131 foot statue to Genghis Khan in Mongolia.


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  47. Fancy

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    Holy fuck that writing made my eyes bleed
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  48. Talking Head

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  49. Eamudo229

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    Joffrey isn't even the worst in the series, don't get me wrong he is a big prick but as far as pure evil I think Ramsey shits all over him. The bastard of Bolton is the most evil and sadistic character in the books IMO. I'd put Gregor up there too
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  50. Cornelius Suttree

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    And it seems it was all copy and pasted from Wikipedia

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