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  1. Swim Cantore

    Swim Cantore Global Warming is a MYTH, Pawwwlll

    what about the fact the double murderer guy in 02 in jail that committed suicide in episode 5, there was NOTHING about that in 6

    remember the two prison guards? or the phone call in the middle of no where? why didnt they follow up with any of that...
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  2. Radric

    Radric Schools Zone

    he clearly didn't commit suicide
  3. NYGator

    NYGator Hebrew's Master

    They were shut down on their investigation and then Maggie happened.
  4. CB

    CB I'm the laziest person you will ever meet

    I wanna know why the blood displacement was different on the video than when Rust and Marty first walked in and saw the dead guy in his cell

    it didn't match up at all
  5. Swim Cantore

    Swim Cantore Global Warming is a MYTH, Pawwwlll

    hashtag DFD
  6. Swim Cantore

    Swim Cantore Global Warming is a MYTH, Pawwwlll

    well yea thats my point, they didnt follow up on it
  7. CB

    CB I'm the laziest person you will ever meet

    I know, I agree with you.

    clearly there was foul play there and I don't think it was a coincidence that one of the guards had the same last name as the sheriff mentioned in the first episode

    hopefully they clear it up in the next episode, something Rust has been looking into for the last 10 years
  8. UKupNorth

    UKupNorth New Member

    In episode 2 when rust and marty go to the ranch and question the girls in 1995, marty gives beth the money and tells her to do somrthing besides prostitute. Does rust say something like" is that a down payment for a future fling". how could rust have known this was going to happen? Did he already know marty was cheating in maggie at this point?
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  9. Doctor Poop 3.0

    Doctor Poop 3.0 "Hey what can I do for ya?"

    Pardon me, are you inept?
  10. CB

    CB I'm the laziest person you will ever meet

    I'm an idiot, move along
  11. blind dog

    blind dog Razorbacks

    user Mitch Cumstein had him post that
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  12. jltman

    jltman Sooners, Rangers, Cowboys, Stars

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  13. WolverineJack31

    WolverineJack31 If you can find him, we'll kill him.

  14. Jason Michaels

    Jason Michaels New Member

    It is a literary device called foreshadowing, hasn't been around that long
  15. UKupNorth

    UKupNorth New Member

    Ok good points, good points. I will take that in to consideration WJ31. I do have another theory if you fucks want to read it. Don't think it is true, but would be interesting. First off let me say that I believe Tuttle and his group (white haired cop, Marty FIL, Lawnmower man all possibilities to be in group etc.) are killers. Rust shows Marty the video from ep. 7 preview (I think we can pretty much agree on what Marty saw in the video) and they team back up to wreck shit.

    Just throwing another theory out there. Rust is always talking about time and space and shit. How time is a flat circle and what we have done in the past we will do over and over and over again. Rust leads Marty to every piece of evidence in this case, Marty doesn't really do shit except tag along and doubt Rust and his clues. What if Rust HAS been here before and he is trying to give Marty these clues to beak the case open but Marty is too fucking stupid to realize (Marty always says something to the effect in 2012 of the details were right under my nose). There are obvious holes in this theory and I'm sure someone has said this before. Just throwing it out there.

    OK let the bashing begin, but before you do, just realize I have a bigger dick than you. PEACE.
  16. Gary Harkness

    Gary Harkness New Member

    Dora Lange's father was/is in the cult.

    "Why would a father not wash his own child?"

    and the weird ass pic on the horsemen on the mantle.
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  17. Chewbacca

    Chewbacca show me the way to go home....

    and if the picture is on the mantle, her mother was aware of his membership. Further evidence that whoever killed Dora is a rogue member or circle of members.
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  18. Chewbacca

    Chewbacca show me the way to go home....

    something else I haven't seen does Reggie Ledeux (who we know was working with the "tall man with the scars") end up in the same cell as the ex-husband of Dora Lange (who based on the picture had prior connection to the cult). He had to be put there for a reason, right?
  19. Because Rust quit and he was the only person who believed the case should be re-opened. I have a feeling in the next episode we're gonna find out he did more investigating on his own that will clean all this up.
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  20. Swim Cantore

    Swim Cantore Global Warming is a MYTH, Pawwwlll

    posting this for people that havent watched

    lol @ playing the rocky theme when WH showed up at the set the day of the fight

  21. TLAU

    TLAU ᕙ(`▽´)ᕗ

    Partly for people who thought he would have a much larger role in the show and partly for people who think that there is never a wasted scene
    Watched Ep1 with a first timer last night and I know what the whole mystery is about

    Show Spoiler

    This about dem cats!


    Show Spoiler

    no seriously. he says he called the police about two cats being skinned and nailed to his church wall. nobody came to investigate. religion war started by tuttle's people. nobody came to investigate the cats because it would have led them to find out that the yellow king who kidnapped women and children was in fact, a cat

    Boom. Count it

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  22. dallasdawg

    dallasdawg duck hunting with rakes

  23. Gary Harkness

    Gary Harkness New Member

    I'm not so sure Maggie isn't in on this cult now.

    Her and Audrey = evil satanic bitches.

    Why do I think this?

    Show Spoiler
    MM said in an interview that her family will is still much involved in the ending (after being asked about the step father). Also she said the shows resolution is "staggering." I'm envisioning Audrey covered in blood, smiling.
    Show Spoiler

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  24. Jason Michaels

    Jason Michaels New Member

    Pretty detailed Episode 7 description. Do not click you have been warned.

    Show Spoiler

    "After Marty is shown a harrowing piece of evidence, he and Cohle forge a truce after years of vitriol, and we learn why Cohle returned to the state in 2010. Hart helps Cohle probe a murky conspiracy of disappearances connected to the Dora Lange murder, a path of connections that leads to the Tuttle family. Hart reconnects with Maggie after years without communication in order to confirm what the police wanted, and perhaps to say goodbye. Concerned that harm might come to him, Maggie pays Cohle a visit at the bar where he's working, but gets a cold shoulder for her efforts. Cohle and Hart uncover a connection to an old colleague and enact a plan to draw him out."

    Couldn't help it could you. Now we will talk in all spoilers again. :grinch:
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  25. Gary Harkness

    Gary Harkness New Member

    also something else I just remembered... Marty says to Audrey "I don't get it... this outfit.. your hair.. what's it mean?"

    Audrey responds with "Who says you are supposed to understand?"

    Maggie gives a wry smile... now at first I didn't read much into that.

    But now I'm wondering and that's why I love this fucking show.
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  26. UODuck69

    UODuck69 I am not a fucking new member.

    1. Your dick is not bigger than mine.
    2. Don't have a problem with any of this.
    Show Spoiler
    Show Spoiler

    Because you want to see Maggie's ass again, or Audrey who would now be 27 and legal showing you that old HBO tits and ass.
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  27. NYGator

    NYGator Hebrew's Master

    Show Spoiler
    Show Spoiler

    read my spoiler on the last page.
  28. Gary Harkness

    Gary Harkness New Member

    yeah Gator a lot of that makes me wonder..

    Could be way off... but
    I could go for that yes....
  29. Turns out a good friend of mine was an extra in this past episode. He was one of the cops breaking up Marty & Rust.

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  30. Fidelio

    Fidelio it's just a ride

    why was he just standing around - watching?
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  31. Jason Michaels

    Jason Michaels New Member

    I believe the joke is, that is what Spiros said in the show to all the cops standing around
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  32. dallasdawg

    dallasdawg duck hunting with rakes

    wait maggie is the killer?

  33. Ahhh :facepalm: myself
  34. VoodooChild5

    VoodooChild5 Fan of: Notre Dame

    How would everyone feel if the show ended without tying up all the loose ends?
  35. Lost.
  36. Merica

    Merica Quebecois was a cunt.

    There are plenty that I could see them just breezing over. Does everyone remember Episode 2 when Cohle starts seeing shit and says he can usually contain it, but he sees things that aren't there a lot. Was there any reason for that fact? They haven't mentioned it at all since then, unless that was just setting you up for the scene where this happens:


    Maybe it will become integral in the last two episodes, but if they don't really address it then that would be kind of odd.
  37. Gary Harkness

    Gary Harkness New Member

    It will be resolved - we will know

    Show Spoiler
    Michelle M interview... she told the interviewer you find out whats really going on and one of the words she used was "resolve" to describe last two episodes
    Show Spoiler
  38. NYGator

    NYGator Hebrew's Master

    The episode was called "Seeing Things". It also featured the Barbie orgy, which presumably was all in Marty's mind too.

    No idea how the visions play out or what role they play. I would assume they need to be tied up in some way otherwise why bring them up?
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  39. Gary Harkness

    Gary Harkness New Member

    The owl in the church.
  40. Fidelio

    Fidelio it's just a ride

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  42. Larry Sura

    Larry Sura EC4L

    Some people's theories are just outrageous, especially after pizzolato said he's not trying to trick us and is telling a story.
  43. Fidelio

    Fidelio it's just a ride

    as if we're supposed to believe him
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  44. UODuck69

    UODuck69 I am not a fucking new member.

    He's trying to trick us.
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  45. Jason Michaels

    Jason Michaels New Member

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  46. UODuck69

    UODuck69 I am not a fucking new member.

    I loved that t-shirt, my favorite next to this meme
  47. Gary Harkness

    Gary Harkness New Member

    Dunno... it might not be as outrageous as people might think or some things being said out there could be bullshit.

    But I as I said in one spoiler earlier.

    Show Spoiler
    Michelle M. said in two different interviews that the end was "staggering" and "deeply disturbing" or something
    Show Spoiler
  48. Do You Even

    Do You Even I Lift Things Up And Put People Down

  49. miles

    miles Very insultin' what you said about my coat

    I've never hated waiting a week for the next ep half as much as I do with this show
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