Vincent Paul Young Jr. is broke

Discussion in 'The Mainboard' started by -Prime-, Sep 18, 2012.

  1. Fusiontegra Yeah, but how do you feel about Faulkner?

    Tebow was better than both.
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  2. CK D Floppin Eat a bag of dicks Bruce

    Never forget when Vince made me 2.5k moneyline vs. USC :smug:

    Probably why they can't beat us anymore :loldog:
  3. chunkles dance

    so is he fat now or missing a leg or his throwing arm? if not, GREAT.

    This sounds like a job for super scott piolios and his merry band of tits. TEAM CHIEF TITS, RETRIEVE! MAYBE!
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  4. CK D Floppin Eat a bag of dicks Bruce

    Can't be worse than Cassel :idk:

    I want Sams in KC tho....we got 3 more years of awesomeness though :grinch:
  5. EdmondDantes [Callahan's Ugly Stepchild]

    always was a retarded homeless man's michael vick

    the shit texas pulled to get him qualified/keep him eligible are still spoke of in circles that speak about schools that cheat
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  6. dumplestiltskin Lover of all things

    not as much shit as they pulled to get this guy into college

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  7. Beeds07 Youre a pro. Look at me...Pro

    Regardless of where the money went, the money is gone. And Dolezal thinks Young was dumped by the Bills because of the financial issues. “I wasn’t in the room when [the Bills] made a decision, but what would you think? It certainly wouldn’t help me if I’m the owner or the head coach knowing all this is going on with Vince and then he goes out and plays poorly,” Dolezal said.

    Maybe, just maybe, he was just because he played poorly. As someone else said, if players were cut for being poor, the NFL would look like it did in the 40s, and by that I mean white, slow and boring.
  8. brahmanknight MC OG, UCF Knights, bacon, vodka, white wemminz

    But Mack Brown said Young would end up in the NFL HOF.
  9. ColeTrickle tmb scares me to death

    This is my give a damn

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  10. hamsterdam I wish I knew how to quit you.

    hard to explain how a QB in the NFL can have a 30-17 career record as a starter and not get a shot on even the shittiest of teams.
    he looked spotty (more bad than good) last year when vick went down, but the eagles sucked as a whole last year (especially on D), and no desean jackson.
  11. MassNole Black Jesus > Jesus

    And they say Wonderlic scores don't mean anything.
  12. Arkadin Meatball's Best Friend

    because he's a head case who cant throw for shit and has 24% more turnovers than touchdowns
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  13. Where Eagles Dare Christ - Family - Money

    Stay cute.
  14. Corch Try not. Do. Or do not. There is no try.

    You know it.
  15. Where Eagles Dare Christ - Family - Money

    All I know is Cam is a beautiful Hebrew that had a better Heisman season than Vince against a better conference and isn't broke.

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  16. Duke Buster New Member

    despite everyone's beliefs, cam isn't a dumb nog who is going to blow his money
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  17. Arkadin Meatball's Best Friend

    his dads gonna be the one to blow it all :warn: :warn: :rain: :rain:
  18. Balls McLongcock Auburn, Braves, Coors Light

    Saw Vince in the New Orleans airport about a year ago, I said what's up to him and he said what's up back to me. I will always support Vincent Young. I'm sure Obama will take good care of him.
  19. Duke Buster New Member

    i, for one, don't consider giving all your money to the church 'blowing' it
  20. Arkadin Meatball's Best Friend

  21. Duke Buster New Member

    its a wonderful way to launder money
  22. Arkadin Meatball's Best Friend

    you dont have to launder shit when your dad is just taking it for his personal use. just write his ass a check
  23. Duke Buster New Member

    donate it all to the church and don't pay taxes breh
  24. 514 Bing Bong (514)

    Here to defend Cam's honor.
    lmao, right
  25. Arkadin Meatball's Best Friend

    black people dont pay taxes anyways
  26. Duke Buster New Member

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  27. enjj New Member

    He said what's up back to you? You certainly are qualified to speak of his character.

    Look $55 000 in the CFL is nothing to shake your nose at. And playing in Montreal where the city has over 6 000 strippers softens the blow.
  28. Duke Buster New Member

    oh great, here comes the canadian to ruin another thread
  29. Arkadin Meatball's Best Friend

    in a city of 6000 strippers with 55k vince young will be broke in somewhere around 13 and a half minutes
  30. enjj New Member

    Sorry Shitnoser. Broke ass mofo's seems to be your area of expertise. I defer...
  31. enjj New Member

    Ya but it would be nice to go down in a blaze...
  32. Duke Buster New Member

    i may be broke, but at least i'm :americafuckyeah:
  33. enjj New Member

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  34. Duke Buster New Member

  35. Clown Baby Cowabunga, motherfuckers

    Who would've guesses that this would turn into a fag-off once Cam Newton was mentioned?
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  36. Oracle of Omahawg Swine Flu Carrier

    Shocking that athlete's who make more per game than most people make over 10 years go broke with such great investments like:

  37. Tony Ray Bans Most Overlooked. Most Overbooked.

    Ay Nigga, The Archbishop Don Magic Juan ain't broke. As he learned from, quote "the greatest pimp of all time, who is called God. "If you know what you got, brotha, it ain't much.""
  38. enjj New Member

    Lot of it has to do with the certification of individuals by the union. They allow some real shady and under qualified people to "represent" athletes. Not taking the focus off of the athlete who in the end has to do a better job of overseeing their money but sometimes it's tough to see lions...
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  39. Tony Ray Bans Most Overlooked. Most Overbooked.

    Especially when the lion has been watching you play since you were 12 and your mom is telling you to trust him. 100% agree.
  40. enjj New Member

    A lot of times that advisor has a financial stake in these teenagers. I know in hockey a prominent agent is being sued by a bunch of players for stealing money. It's hard sometimes to spot them, but they are out there.

    I think these unions need to put in place checks and balances to help their players avoid these situations. Of course many agents are in tight with union big wigs.
  41. wes tegg SHUT IT DOWN.

    Tebow is 7-4 as a starter. While QB play certainly can win or lose games for you, it's hardly an accurate matrix of how good the quarterback is.
  42. Clown Baby Cowabunga, motherfuckers

    I don't believe you
  43. The best/worst part of that story is VY had to borrow $1.7MM at 20% with the interest paid upfront to get through the hold out.
  44. Jpripper88 Chryst and Saban

    Honestly, the best thing for these athletes would be for the Union to require a separate 401K type setup that takes a mandatory percentage of their paycheck and pays them as soon as they "retire" from the NFL. The pension isn't enough and they don't get it right away. So many of them are just incredibly stupid. So stupid that they wouldn't do it, will want private control of their money and 75% will be broke 3 years after they are out of the league.
  45. Doc Louis High Potentate

    Salary's one big tax deduction.
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  46. MassNole Black Jesus > Jesus

    Thanks for like #1500 :beerchug:
  47. MassNole Black Jesus > Jesus

    To be fair the story claims his advisers fraudulently took the loan. The NFL really needs to set up a program where they approve financial advisers for players. I'd like to say the way they do with agents but the way the NFL authorizes agents should be criminal.
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  48. enjj New Member

    And it's an issue that continues to occur. So why haven't the union, owners and league done something to rectify the situation? Most owners have a decent relationship with its players...
  49. MassNole Black Jesus > Jesus

    I feel bad for the Mike Webster's of the world who killed their bodies, souls, and brains while playing and were barely compensated for it. But with this generation of players watching them go broke is almost comical.

    Honestly speaking, if you were given $26 million, would you ever go through it?
  50. Oracle of Omahawg Swine Flu Carrier

    Totally agree. Many coaches get part of their salary paid to them in the form of annuity deposits. If the league were to require a percentage of players contracts be withheld and then paid to them annually after they retire, there wouldn't be as many stories like this. Many of these guys go from not having two nickels to rub together(unless they play for Auburn or Bama) to having millions of dollars at their disposal. Many don't know how to balance a checkbook, much less invest wisely. Easy pickings for the sharks in the world.

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