West Georgia Girl Loses Leg, Hands, Abdomen Etc. to Flesh Eating Bacteria after Zip Line Accident

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  1. A University of West Georgia graduate student who lost one limb and will probably lose others to flesh-eating bacteria is mouthing words to her family and showing a "fighting spirit," her father said Friday.
    Aimee Copeland is fighting for her life at an Augusta hospital after her left leg and part of her abdomen were removed last week. She contracted the infection after injuring her calf in a zip line accident 10 days ago.
    "I would say that she has more commands than questions right now," Andy Copeland told "CNN Newsroom," saying his daughter’s breathing tube was repositioned so her parents could read her lips. "'I can’t talk,' was what she said. And we said, 'We know, honey, you've got a tube down your throat.'
    "She said, 'Then take it out.' So her fighting spirit is obviously shining through right now.'
    Aimee, 24, contracted the bacteria Aeromonas hydrophila during an outing with friends near the Little Tallapoosa River, about 50 miles west of Atlanta, on May 1, her family has said. She fell when a homemade zip line she was using snapped, and she gashed her left calf.
    The family has said she sought medical treatment for the wound and received 22 staples to close it, according to CNN affiliate WSB. But on May 4, after she complained of pain for days, a friend took her to an emergency room, and she was diagnosed with necrotizing fasciitis and flown to Augusta for surgery. She went into cardiac arrest after being removed from the operating table, but was resuscitated, CNN affiliate WGCL reported.
    Her father wrote in an Internet post Thursday that her hands and remaining foot also will have to be amputated soon, because blood vessels there have died as the disease has spread. He said Friday that Aimee doesn’t yet know about these next amputations.
    "There’s no way I would reveal that to her in her current state. I believe that it would just traumatize her further," he said, adding that a psychiatrist at the hospital will tell her when she's able to talk.
    Andy Copeland wrote Thursday that Aimee shows no sign of brain damage and that a doctor said her lungs are healing. On Friday, he told CNN the road ahead for Aimee will be difficult.
    "It's obvious (that) if you’re missing one limb, it's going to be hard enough. But if you're missing all of your limbs, it’s going to be incredibly difficult," he said. "But I guess I want everybody to know is that she’s not alone. She’s got her family to support her in this, and just not us."
    Thousands of people have connected with a Facebook page that the family also is using to update her progress.
    "She's got the support of the entire world right now. And that's really what's humbled us greatly in this entire process, just knowing that everybody's looking at Aimee and praying for Aimee and just offering their undying support. For that, we'll be eternally grateful."
    Aimee Copeland, of Snellville, Georgia, is a graduate psychology student at the University of West Georgia and was scheduled to complete her master's degree in the fall, school spokeswoman Yolanda Rodriguez said.
    On Thursday night, a couple dozen students and faculty members attended a vigil for her in a building that houses the school’s psychology department.
    "Despite the fact that medical evidence says she should be dead, she isn't. I think that’s what makes it so precious to so many people, to see how amazing she really is," Chris Aanstoos, a University of West Georgia professor, told WSB on Thursday.
    Dr. Buddy Creech, an assistant professor of pediatric infectious diseases at Vanderbilt University, said that Aeromonas hydrophila, found in water and elsewhere in the environment, is one of many bacteria that can cause a flesh-eating process.
    "When it gets into those deeper tissues, it has a remarkable ability to destroy the tissues that surround it in sort of this hunt for nutrition," Creech said Friday. "When it does that, those tissues die, and you see the inflammation and the swelling and the destruction that can be very difficult to control."
    Creech said Aeromonas hydrophila more commonly affects humans when it is swallowed resulting in diarrhea. When young children or children with immune problems drink water with the bacteria, "they can get a very significant diarrhea illness from it," he said.
    "It’s much more uncommon that we see it in (Copeland's case), where we see wounds get infected and the infection runs wild,” Creech said,
  2. CocknBalls

    CocknBalls SCAR Tissue

    I heard about this on the local news. So fucked up that a zip line caused this.
  3. Clown Baby

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    Excellent icon use
  4. 576715_404684422905252_404673916239636_1210343_767302024_n.jpeg

    she looked better in some of the pics on the cnn video, this is the only one i could find though.. sad shit.
  5. angus

    angus Well-Known Member

    So if you ingest the bacteria it gives you diarrhea, but get it in a wound and it kills you. Fucked up shit.
  6. Icculus is a Bammer

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    i first heard about this from ajc.com the other day when they had just amputated her leg. they made it sound like she was about to die and there was no hope to survive. glad to hear that she has a chance now
  7. angus

    angus Well-Known Member

    Yeah, but does she what it?
  8. Can I Spliff it

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    If only she were an australian fish

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    that thread was right above this one at the time of this post
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    that's some bad fuckin nar-nar
  10. Cornelius Suttree

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    yeah I had no idea zip lines could wreak such havoc
  11. CocknBalls

    CocknBalls SCAR Tissue

    I think it was actually the bacteria in the water
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  12. Stone Cold Steve Austin

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    Never going outside again.
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  13. CocknBalls

    CocknBalls SCAR Tissue

    I knew a guy that got a flesh eating bacteria but not quite to this extent. He did end up having to get one of his fingers cut off. His came from working on a printer when a piece of metal on the machine splintered and went into his hand. A few days later he had to go to the hospital because this red line was working it's way up his arm towards his heart.
  14. JonathanCoachman

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    West Georgia Waterboys are the worst.
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  15. SC

    SC Just a pearl snap poet with bad tattoos.

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  16. The Official MassNole

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  17. The Dancing Outlaw

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    WTF. Wonder what year she came out of West Ga? I did some time there a couple years ago.
  18. IrishLAX2

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    Was really hoping there would be pics so I could post this.

    Fuck it, gonna post anyway

  19. Clown Baby

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    This story is loose butthole
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  20. jwpearl

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    My Kindergarden teacher said goodbye to us on a friday, then was dead by monday with a flesh eating disease.

    So yeah, that was pretty fucked up.
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  21. Emma

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    She won't be the legs, hands, abdominal etc of a major corporation.
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    ANTWONE Hello

    Living with no hands or feet sounds miserable
  23. George Costanza

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    Geez that's terrible
  24. Poe Dameron

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  25. Mr Mortisay

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    Sounds like the first surgeons did a terrible job debriding the wound :twocents:
  26. milquetoast

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    It's a pretty fucked up disease

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  27. The Best Alive

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    Fuck you for posting that that shit is going to haunt my dreams
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  28. Owsley

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    I know, right? Those teeth are in terrible need of a good cleaning.
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    facial lafleur! total facial!
  30. GoodForAnother

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    it's time for everyone to face the music and click the spoiler
  31. Damion

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    We ought to hook her up with 00:06:00 . He doesnt mind if the bitch is missing a foot
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  32. 00:06:00

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    No foot, no problem. No hair downstairs...we need to talk.
  33. Clegg

    Clegg I'm too old for this shit.

    I know they're trying to save her life but at what point does it become a quality of life issue and they let her pass? I just watched Born on the Fourth of July and that seemed awful enough I couldn't imagine how horrible it would be to have no limbs.
  34. Damion

    Damion Fan of: giving up 10+ point leads

    Dont think she'll be able to shave with no hands so you should be good to go
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  35. Daniel Ocean

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    I can't wait until this trend ends.
  36. Jpripper88

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    Yeah, I would have no desire to live at that point.
  37. Mr Mortisay

    Mr Mortisay Ummmmmm helllllueeewww?

    Not to be look at me or anything, but I saw a lady in plastic surgery clinic today who had 75% of her body covered with 3rd/4th degree burns from a car wreck 19 years ago. Her entire face, neck, torso, and legs are just straight up Freddy Krueger, her hands are completely fucked, and burn contractures have limited her ability to flex her neck and mouth since then, and she hasn't been able to completely close her eyes in 15 years. Despite all this, she is pretty outgoing, and has a kid that just graduated high school. I understand she still has the (semi-)use of her limbs and all, but I'm just saying you'd be surprised how these people can recover if you give them enough time.

    That being said, I'd probably kill myself first chance
  38. The Official MassNole

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    So did anyone ever find pre-flesh eating bacteria nudes?
  39. Lawnole23

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    We're about to settle a case I have right now where a lady was going to be deployed to Iraq and had an ovarian cyst that made her ineligible to go. She went and had surgery to get the cyst removed and developed an infection and lost both arm and legs and large part of her abdominal area.
  40. The Official MassNole

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    How many digits in that settlement, >7?
  41. Won Gei

    Won Gei You're a custom title.

    22 staples sounds like a pretty big gash.
  42. Lawnole23

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    Not many. Comp case we denied it. I found a case right on point. They were going to lose and they knew it. Exposure was crazy though. All her past medical bills, future care, 24 hour attendant care, ect. Plus they were alleging that my client and the federal government forged all these emails to show she wasn't an employee any longer in an effort to deny comp so I was going to have to hire all these experts to prove the emails were legit. Now I just need this other case to go away.
  43. The Official MassNole

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    (Newser) – As Aimee Copeland continues to fight necrotizing fasciitis, another woman in the Southeast is battling the flesh-eating bacteria, too. Just days after giving birth to twins, Lana Kuykendall had severe pain in her leg—and then husband Darren noticed a spot that looked like a bruise or a blood clot that was spreading quickly. “Literally, you could almost watch it grow as you're standing there,” he says. By the time he got her to the hospital, where she is currently in critical condition, the affected tissue “had almost encircled her leg,” he says.
    No word on where the South Carolina woman picked up the infection, which is typically spread through an open wound or cut but can also enter the bloodstream through internal bleeding such as a black-and-blue mark, CNN reports. An epidemiologist tells WLTX that people shouldn’t panic even though both cases are in the Southeast (Copeland is in Georgia). "It's just chance, it doesn't mean we're going to see another one any sooner,” he says. “It's very uncommon here." Kuykendall, 36, has had skin and tissue removed from her legs and is using a ventilator, but her husband is optimistic for her recovery and says she is stable.
  44. bstaple12

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  45. Bruce Wayne

    Bruce Wayne Billionaire Playboy

  46. 941Gator

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    yea, fuck that. i'm panicking. at least it isn't airborne.
  47. Blane

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    I'd rather be dead than endure what she has, and will for the rest of her life
  48. phunkybuck

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