Whatever Happened to Damon Wayans?

Discussion in 'The Mainboard' started by Stanley Ipkiss, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. Jack Parkman

    Jack Parkman New Member Staff Member

    seemed like he disappeared from the movie business like 15 years ago. Major Payne and blankman were classics and then movies like the last boy scout and mo money were pretty decent. I know he had that sitcom for awhile but did he just not want to do movies anymore?
  2. bogies

    bogies New Member

    He was never that funny
  3. Jack Parkman

    Jack Parkman New Member Staff Member

  4. TheDawson

    TheDawson New Member

    Over the last 9 years he's had over 20 cosmetic surgery operations, he's now known as Tyler Perry
  5. Isn't my wife and kids syndicated?

    oh and Blankman = goat
  6. Miguel Sanchez

    Miguel Sanchez As of this moment, Lionel Hutz no longer exists...

    Damon was the easily funniest of the brothers Wayans.
  7. Maverick369

    Maverick369 New Member

    Thank God...

    The only thing any of them ever did that was funny was "I'm Gonna Get You Sucka!"
  8. Tman12

    Tman12 New Member


    ^^^^^ Never watched In living Color
  9. brahmanknight

    brahmanknight MC OG, UCF Knights, bacon, vodka, white wemminz


    And the homeless guy plus the gay movie critics skits were the best.

    Homie the Clown was very overrated.
  10. Illinihockey

    Illinihockey New Member


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