Whatever Happened to Kyle Long?

Discussion in 'The Mainboard' started by Stanley Ipkiss, Aug 31, 2009.

  1. Smee

    Smee New Member

    Noles my roommate asked me what happened to him but i couldnt remember, did he transfer to UVA and switch to fball or is he playing baseball still?
  2. Rape Ape

    Rape Ape knucklehead flow that make you act real dumb

    This is his transfer year, I think he's going to play for them next fall.
  3. Smee

    Smee New Member

    football or baseball?
  4. Rape Ape

    Rape Ape knucklehead flow that make you act real dumb

    I heard football but who the fuck knows where I heard that. PM Bowanko, see what he knows.
  5. marcus

    marcus Sex with old ladies for money, and bear traps.

    Fuck, that would've been sick if he signed with Ohio State.
  6. JPWahoo

    JPWahoo Some Flies are too Awesome for the Wall

    He is in Charlottesville, not enrolled at UVA though. There's been a lot of smoke about it though...so it might come around.
  7. Smee

    Smee New Member

    so what has he been doing for the last 8 months?
  8. zscharps

    zscharps New Member

    Hopefully he kicked the habit of collecting DUI.
  9. JPWahoo

    JPWahoo Some Flies are too Awesome for the Wall

    trying to not get arrested...living with his rich parents, I assume.
  10. IT

    IT New Member

  11. Mo

    Mo New Member

    like to :beerchug: too much at FSU and had shitty grades so Howie pulled him out and hes now transferring to UVA to play football i think.
  12. Saul Shabazz

    Saul Shabazz foot hurts

    he turned faggot
  13. Rape Ape

    Rape Ape knucklehead flow that make you act real dumb

    I seem to remember someone asking here a few months ago and I seem to remember not knowing exactly what but I'm pretty sure he transferred back to UVA. What he does next is what I'm unsure of and I'm sure a UVA fan will stop by and say what's what.
  14. IT

    IT New Member

    maybe bo?
  15. wahoo3328

    wahoo3328 New Member

    He's been going to a local community college and there are rumors he will be enrolling at UVa next semester. We were hoping he would enroll over the summer but that didn't happen. Hopefully he'll be at UVa in the spring, but nothing confirmed yet.
  16. Gin Buckets

    Gin Buckets VT, Braves, IU, Falcons, and Bobcats fan.

    Mainboarder imo...

    Ask Bowanko, he'd know.
  17. buck james

    buck james New Member


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  18. Next Season

    Next Season #UvaIstay

    Hungout with Chris quite a bit, and hes never made one attempt to suck my dick. Does seem like Kyle is a fuckup(can't comment on Howie Jr, as I don't know him). Howie and Diane are as good of people as you'll meet though.
  19. buck james

    buck james New Member

  20. w2b

    w2b the damn paterfamilias Staff Member

  21. mattdub8

    mattdub8 New Member

    Fags at UVA. Sounds about right.
  22. 20/20/20/20

    20/20/20/20 if boys had uteruses they'd be called duderuses

  23. Next Season

    Next Season #UvaIstay

    MHTY is that you?
  24. mattdub8

    mattdub8 New Member

    CUNT is that you?
  25. Next Season

    Next Season #UvaIstay

    I'll take that as a yes. You need to brush up on your trolling.
  26. mattdub8

    mattdub8 New Member

    Cool man, you got me.
  27. Sam Elliott

    Sam Elliott Job title: Assistant Bouncer at the Double Deuce

    Haha forgot about this kid. So much promise as a baseball player.
  28. Next Season

    Next Season #UvaIstay

    Agree, had the potential to go pro in Baseball or Football. Just didn't have the head on his shoulders to make it work.
  29. Smee

    Smee New Member

    ^^^^this guy really isn't a fan of the Long fam
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  30. Next Season

    Next Season #UvaIstay

    I dunno, you calling me a CUNT was pretty good, we'll just call it a tie?
  31. EdmondDantes

    EdmondDantes Both winner in league and apparently at life haha

    love the avatar
  32. mattdub8

    mattdub8 New Member

    Tie it is then.
  33. laxjoe

    laxjoe My teams are bad and I do feel bad

    gotta love the random bump of a 2 year old thread

    edit: just saw his novel in IT's thread...also from 2 years ago
  34. JPWahoo

    JPWahoo Some Flies are too Awesome for the Wall

    Oh shit a TMBr in Ivy. See you at Bodo's brah.

    Chris Long is a good guy, I'm not sure how "he's not nearly as well spoken as Austin Collie" makes any real point.

    Never got a gay vibe from the guy, but who gives a fuck.

    Kyle obviously is a fuck-up. Which is too bad. All three of the boys are beyond gifted athletes (and playing lax against Howie Jr. and his STAB teammates really fucking sucks), not taking advantage of it is a shame.
  35. PAHokieinRVA

    PAHokieinRVA We Buzzin' Now.

    That was one tell of a bump.

    HOOSINSC ><)))*> Sorry Cocks. This is all my fault

    oh man i never saw this thread before
  37. phunkybuck

    phunkybuck Your pennies have been in my ass

    great bump

    what the fuck is goin on in here
  38. Smee

    Smee New Member

    Supposedly FSU is interested in him again, this time for football
  39. Neyland

    Neyland New Member

  40. Cornelius Suttree

    Cornelius Suttree Et in Arcadia ego

    kind of like huskerjoe
  41. Cornelius Suttree

    Cornelius Suttree Et in Arcadia ego

    see an SMU offer on his profile

    great environment for a kid with his problems if you ask me
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  42. Corky Bucek

    Corky Bucek Billy likes to drink soda

    Yep. No cocaine or any outrageous lifestyles at that school.
  43. Coach Bombay

    Coach Bombay New Member

    Yeah, the staff has been in contact with him. He has said he would like come back to FSU.
  44. Smee

    Smee New Member

    Im sure he would :beerchug:, but would his parents let him come back considering they had to yank him out the last time?
  45. Funnyman2417

    Funnyman2417 Wealth and fame he's ignored, action is his reward

    They loved FSU. I met him once at Fresh Food, on campus. Seemed like a nice enough dude. Sounded like the jolly green fucking giant. Hands like a gorilla.
  46. Smee

    Smee New Member

    You talking about howie or Kyle? Kyle was in one of my classes for a week before he dropped(I assume). Really was your prototypical big dumb retard, just going off the way he talked.

    He also had the biggest bike I've ever seen that he rode around campus
  47. MassNole

    MassNole Black Jesus > Jesus

    He'll only have 1 year of eligibility left right?
  48. Doc Louis

    Doc Louis High Potentate

    Probably paid for with all the Firestorm money Howie made.
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  49. sean quinn

    sean quinn New Member

    just from all this talk about chris long being gay, i was jus wondering if howie long is gay? cause there is a guy on sites claiming to be his partner. just wondering is it real r is he making it up

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