World Soccer Masters Tour -- Miami, FL June 23,2012

Discussion in 'Soccer Board' started by YNWA, May 14, 2012.

  1. YNWA :feelsgoodman:

    Game is being played at Sun Life Stadium on June 23rd at 7 PM. Attendees as of now will be Messi, Luis Suarez, Drogba, Mascherano, Diego Forlan, Falcao, Dani Alves, Milito and Cavani.

    Anyone else planning on going? Tickets go on sale tomorrow at 9 AM.
  2. YNWA :feelsgoodman:

  3. El_Pato Nunca Caminaras Solo

    Dempsey has been added to the game. Sucks that it's so far away from me.
  4. YNWA :feelsgoodman:

    I got a spare room for anyone for any TMB member that would like to join me at the game

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    excluding tullow :yousoright:[/SPOLIER]
  5. YNWA :feelsgoodman:

    Bump for going to the game tonight in shitty weather.
  6. clemsontyger04 The Chad Running Shit

    Jealous as fuck
  7. coreymatthews Fuck you, Minkus

    What's the crowd supposed to be? Oh and looking forward to seeing the next man city player,

  8. clemsontyger04 The Chad Running Shit

    Have to give Messi props for getting all these names to play in an All Star game
  9. Gunners Minding the gap

    :laugh: Ref is screwing Messi's team.
  10. J. New Member

    Jealous of everyone who got to see Materazzi live
  11. YNWA :feelsgoodman:

    Will post videos and pics later. Was so sick minus the down pour for the whole game.
  12. Quick Nanananana

    I think it was on FSC last night.

  13. clemsontyger04 The Chad Running Shit

  14. YNWA :feelsgoodman:

    My bad guys. Been really busy. Will post vids tomorrow. They're only the intro cause the rain was so bad I couldn't take my phone out.

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