You know...loyalty, courage, unconditional love...but hey I'm sure your cat is the same way...

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    gf's dog?
  2. hensleya

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    Indeed... but she's the best dog I've ever been around.
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    got to make her destroy the enemy imo

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    even elephants knows dogs are awesome

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    I think this was posted already a long time ago, but this is just awesome, keeping in the spirit of thread OP.

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    fucking thread pulls at my heart strings...
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    Seriously, all of you can go fuck yourselves.
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    More Dakota:
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    Thanks for posting that, but damn that was sad.
  13. WW

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    Yeah man my golden does. It's hilarious.
  15. The Hit King

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    Picture of my Boxer Brutus. Boxer's are the GOAT
  16. pearroh

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    I'm going to buy my dog a fat ass piece of grilled, boneless chicken tonight to munch on while I watch the Raiders game.
  17. YNWA

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  18. pearroh

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    My dog does a sort "yawn" when she's excited and cant stand still!! She's like swinging her body left n right like a fish out of water... its hilarious!
  19. keacali

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    Holy shit that's so awesome. That's one of.the coolest dog stories ever
  20. YNWA

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    awesome looking pup man :respek:
  21. The Hit King

    The Hit King No, I said buttplug. She's heinous. Donor

    Gino "fat bastard" who we had to put down a few years ago. He was the best. Still hurts to look at old pictures. 120 lb boxer. Wouldn't hurt a fly. Boxers personalities are the best. They are like "fuck you, yeah I did that".

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    My dog Jenny, put her down about a year ago. Dog understood football--like instinctively. I found this out during christmas once, I had gotten a football for christmas when I was like 8 or 9 and she was like 2 or 3. and we were outside playing and I got down in a three point stance with the football and yelled "DOWN!" just fucking around and I'll be damned if she didn't run up right in front of me and crouch down on her front legs and start growling. I was like "haha holy shit", so I yelled "SET!" and she sort of flinched, and I yelled "HIKE!" and then just picked the ball up started running with it and she chased me down and tackeled me. I couldn't believe....then she started humping my leg and sort of ruined it haha. She had no fear, most dogs run away from fire works and lightening and shit like that--she would try to attack it. We lit off a giant band of those little firecrackers once and she running running right into the middle of it as it was going off and snapping at the explosions. She had a brain tumor and she would get these horrible seizures, she would be foaming at the mouth and shaking uncontrolably. And whenever she came to, she would be so exausted and in so much pain, and she didn't understand what was happening--she would just look up us confused like "what's happening to me? :idk: " towards the end she wouldn't even sleep just because she was so scared that she might have a seizure.
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    HOOSINSC Wants a good girl, but needs a bad pussy Donor


    HOOSINSC Wants a good girl, but needs a bad pussy Donor

  26. Beemer

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    Is it weird this made me think of DBL?

    HOOSINSC Wants a good girl, but needs a bad pussy Donor

    this made me think of him

  28. YNWA

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    Thats horrible man. Stories like this kill me. Sounds like an awesome dog.
  29. Kirk Fogg

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    Fallen soldier’s family brings dog they named Hero home from Iraq


    View Photo Gallery —  The Rollins family has found comfort in adopting Hero, a pup their dog-loving son Justin played with the day before he died in 2007.

    “I felt that if I could hold one of the puppies that he had held, it would bring bring a little bit of him back to me,” she said.
    Carey Neesley understands that. The social worker in Grosse Pointe Farms, Mich., went to herculean lengths to get her brother’s two pet dogs out of Iraq after he died in December 2008. He had saved the stray Labrador and her pup from Baghdad’s mean streets, where dogs are unloved and short-lived.


    The U.S. Army Center of Military History collects and catalogs items of interest left at graves in Section 60 of Arlington National Cemetery where soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan are buried. For the past two years, a team of U.S. Military curators visits the section every Wednesday to archive the mementos left on graves.


     Have you attended an event to memorialize a fallen service member? Upload your photos and video of the event here.

    More on this Story
    View all Items in this Story
    Your tributes to veterans
    Share your stories and photos

    It took a volunteer to fly to Iraq, a private airliner to donate plane space and a private security unit willing to collect Mama and Boris from Peter Neesley’s unit mates, who were secretly caring for them.
    “For us, having them here is a reminder of Peter and what he lived for and who he was,” Carey Neesley says.
    The Army didn’t exactly help, she said, but letters from Sen. Carl M. Levin, a Michigan Democrat, and then-Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm (D) persuaded officials to at least “turn the other way.”
    An Army spokesman said it was flatly against military policy to take in pets in these war zones and to transport them home. But a military official with experience in the region said officers recognize the power of animal companionship, for warriors and their survivors.
    “Soldiering is a human business,” said the official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the animal rescues in question are prohibited. “Things like this happen, and though on their face they may violate policy, exceptions are made.”
    It took the Rollinses months to navigate their way to one of those “exceptions.” Justin’s girlfriend, Brittney Murray, took the lead. After a series of “No ways” from the Army, she started with local newspapers and then congressional offices. Finally, then-Rep. Paul W. Hodes (D-N.H.) offered to help. Staff members worked the phones for months, getting Hodes on the horn to Baghdad several times.
    “It was a big operation; we took it very seriously,” says Hodes, who left office in 2010 after running unsuccessfully for the Senate. “I think everyone understood what this meant to the family.”
    They found veterinarians in Iraq who were willing to give the dog shots and provide a travel certificate. The DHL delivery company offered to fly it to New Hampshire. Finally, the Army agreed to ask for volunteers to go get one of the dogs, which were still living by the police station.
    “We looked at the photos and looked at the marking until we were sure we got the right one,” said Jason Wheeler, who was one of Rollins’s best friends in the 82nd Airborne. “We had her for about a month, cleaned her up, built a plywood hut for her. My aunt sent me a collar and a bunch of dog toys.”
    Hero, as she came to be named, arrived in New Hampshire in May 2007. After the local DHL driver ran by his house and had his kids give her a bath, she met the Rollinses in Hodes’s district office. She immediately christened his office rug.
    “I have been hoping she wouldn’t do that on anybody’s grave at Arlington,” Rhonda said with a laugh.
    She and her husband, often with Murray, have visited Justin’s grave every year around his Nov. 10 birthday. But traveling with Hero had always been too expensive and complicated.
    But this dog tale has been spreading. Animal Planet came to film Hero for a series of true-life stories about animals that have helped people through difficult times. (The series will begin airing Monday night.) When the Rollinses told them they were skipping this year’s trip to Arlington for financial reasons, the network offered to fly them and Murray, and invited them to bring Hero.
    “It really has come full circle,” said Rhonda, sitting on her son’s cool, grassy place, caressing the soft fur and warm heartbeat of her son’s last animal pal. It’s a spectacular autumn evening, the long gravestone shadows falling across the improbable family gathering. “I feel like we’re all together here.”
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  30. Moxin24

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    As if we needed further proof

  31. Stagger Lee

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    My guy


    I don't know what I'll do when he passes. I will be an absolute mess
  32. PharmDNole

    PharmDNole Right Handed

    Yeah I havent been home since he was put down. He was more of my sisters dog and the female was more of my dog.(one just favored the other more.) My dad hated pets until we got those puppies.
  33. Stagger Lee

    Stagger Lee Crazy. Sexy. Cool. TMB OG

    My Dad is the exact same way.
  34. Moxin24

    Moxin24 I love my 4 from Vicki Staff Member Donor

    My dad acts like he hates them, but we've lost three dogs in my life and when one goes he gets super depressed until we get a new one.
  35. Pelican

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    Everyday I walk into my office, this little motherfucker is lurking under the bushes like a goddamn panther. Literally the grumpiest, most unfriendly creature you will ever encounter. I can honestly say I've never seen a dog pull this shit.

    Reason #1800 why cats fucking suck.

  36. Moxin24

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    Guys that say they hate cats are all closeted homefags.
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    HOOSINSC Wants a good girl, but needs a bad pussy Donor

  38. Pelican

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    I hate cats.

    Show Spoiler
    Except for tigers, pumas, panthers, jaguars, etc.
  39. Pelican

    Pelican COOL huh Staff Member Donor TMB OG

    However, I will say that I've met a few domestic cats that I now consider to be friends.

    One of them is named Leon. Good dude.

    HOOSINSC Wants a good girl, but needs a bad pussy Donor

  41. Marty Kaan

    Marty Kaan By any means necessary Donor

    my cat smokey now lives at home with my parents on the farm becasue well he was a cat and not a dog.
  42. Modsquader

    Modsquader Well-Known Member

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  43. BlazingRebel

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  44. Moxin24

    Moxin24 I love my 4 from Vicki Staff Member Donor

    NUTLEY, N.J. (AP) — The dog that survived an Alabama dog pound's gas chamber has found a permanent home in New Jersey.
    Daniel, a beagle mix named by animal control workers in Alabama after the biblical figure who survived the lion's den, joined four other rescued dogs last Thursday at the home of Joe Dwyer and his family in Nutley, about 10 miles west of New York City.
    "He's in extremely good shape, especially in light of what he went through," Dwyer said Wednesday after returning from a trip to the veterinarian. "His attitude is just incredible."
    Daniel surprised workers at the Animal Control facility in Florence, Ala., on Oct. 3, the day he was supposed to be put down with several other animals in a stainless-steel box roughly the size of a pickup truck bed that was filled with carbon monoxide.
    The dog emerged frightened but unscathed, and was eventually flown to New Jersey by Eleventh Hour Rescue, a nonprofit that saves dogs slated for euthanasia.
    The organization received more than 100 requests to adopt Daniel, its president said last month. Dwyer said he and his family had two "meet-and-greets" with Daniel before being approved for adoption.
    Dwyer said Daniel has become fast friends with the Nutley family's other four pooches — two dachshunds, a beagle mix and a pit bull mix.
    "By Thursday evening they were all lying down together," he said. "It was wonderful to see."
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  45. Chewie

    Chewie Gggggaaaaaaarrrrr Donor

    Holy shit that hits home. Had to put my dog down a year after I got back. She was 17 years old. I still remember how excited she was when I saw her for the first time :tebow:

    HOOSINSC Wants a good girl, but needs a bad pussy Donor


    is this already posted?

    HOOSINSC Wants a good girl, but needs a bad pussy Donor

    Chocolate Lab Goes Missing From Backyard
    Now that Duke is sleeping on 8 year old Jackson Bakken’s bed each night, everyone in the Bakken house is sleeping a little easier. Duke took quite a journey to get there.
    Associated Press – Jackson Bakken holds his dog Duke sitting next to his father, Dale Bakken

    Jackson’s father, Dale Bakken, had given up hope of ever seeing the Chocolate Lab again.
    Bakken came home early on Oct. 14, to find Duke missing from his kennel in the backyard. How he got out of the chain link kennel was a mystery. Duke was hit by a car as a puppy, as a result has a limp and can’t run far.
    Bakken searched the neighborhood and surrounding area, but turning up nothing he alerted neighbors and called the shelters around town.
    Over the next few days, Bakken filed a missing dog report with Animal Control and posted multiple Craigslist ads. Weeks passed. Still nothing. He was angry with himself for neglecting to get a tracking chip and new identification tags for Duke.
    Jackson Was Always On The Look Out For Duke
    Delivered by Santa Claus on Christmas, Duke, the pick of the litter came to live with Jackson and Dale five years ago.
    The Chocolate Lab is quick to give kisses even to strangers. He loves crawling on laps and is easy going to a fault.
    “If somebody breaks in, he’d probably help them,” said Bakken.
    When Duke went missing, Jackson lost a wrestling and tennis ball-fetching buddy. Bakken lost a loyal and talented birding partner.
    Jackson was always on the look out for Duke, hoping he’d come home soon.
    But Bakken admits that after a while he gave up hope that they would ever see him again. He canceled his bird hunting trips — it just wasn’t worth it without Duke.
    “There was a lot of heartache and headaches not knowing where he was for a month,” Bakken said. “To not hear anything from anybody, I was a little disappointed in humanity.”
    A phone call from a stranger, Stephanie Lewis changed all that.
    Duke’s Adventures Away From Home
    For five days of the month long absence, only Duke will ever know where he went. On Oct. 19, Duke was taken in at the Parker and Pets Rescue shelter after someone in Charlo called and said they’d had found a stray Chocolate Lab.
    Duke was at the shelter for about a month until the PetSmart adoption event led him to Stephanie and Sonny Lewis’ Corvallis home, where he turned out to be a good fit with the Lewises five other dogs, one of which is a 14-year-old Lab near the end of its life.
    Duke would come to a whistle, but always seemed to be heading off somewhere. Stephanie Lewis was convinced he was looking for something.
    “We adopted him and brought him home, he was such a good dog. His manners were so good, you knew someone was missing him. If he was my dog, I would be out looking for him,” Lewis said.
    On a hunch, she contacted two other chocolate Lab owners who listed lost dog postings on Craigslist. Both were a dead end. She decided to make one final call to Bakken.
    An Emotional Reunion
    Bakken was stopped dead in his tracks by Lewis’ call. They connected by phone Monday afternoon and reunited with Duke that night.
    “I sat down and he just sat on my legs and put his head on my shoulder. I felt a little silly I got emotional in front of somebody I hardly knew,” Bakken said.
    Bakken is still baffled about how Duke got from Missoula to Polson to Corvallis and back again.
    He can’t say enough about the Lewises’ and what their kindness means to him.
    “The big thing I got out of this is there are good people out there that do the right thing for no reason other than it’s the right thing,” Bakken said.
    Lewis said she was happy to help and hopes someone would do the same for her.
    “Never stop looking for your dog. Somebody knows something and there has to be somebody out there who will return it,” she said.
    Bakken reimbursed the Lewises’ adoption fee and took Duke home, where he is happier than ever.
    Before his trip, Duke slept outside. Now, “I give him most of the bed,” Jackson said.

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    people who dress their dog should be stoned.
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