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  1. Montclaire de Haviland
    Montclaire de Haviland
    Crass with a friend, trying to be funny
  2. Space
    Space bic
    Hi Bic
  3. -Asshole-
  4. Reggie Washington
    Reggie Washington
    Championship-Level Knowledge
  5. Reggie Washington
    Reggie Washington
  6. Funshot Residue
    Funshot Residue
    Patently NOT doing my own research.
  7. Roy Kent
    Roy Kent
    I Like Being Roy Kent. I Don't Know If I Can Handle Just Being Some Loser Has-Been Called Roy.
  8. Randy Dangus
    Randy Dangus
    Scoot Farts is a BUM
  9. The Milkman
    The Milkman IV
    Hey man, im sure you’re a good dude. But you’ve told the board your parents paid for like 8 years of undergrad. I guess that is normal for you, but the rest of the world thinks that’s hilarious and pitiful. The fact you lecture people on politics is embarrassing. You should shut up. You’re a clown and you should just live that reality.
    1. IV
      Struck a nerve did I?

      Yeah I’ve been extremely fortunate and I’m able to recognize that not sure what the big deal is.
      Jan 4, 2022
  10. DuckD
    pLanning on a Natty
  11. FreeCliff13
    Oregon Football is Supposed to be Fun.
  12. FreeCliff13
    Cliff DeAnthony Harris and
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  13. YNWA
  14. One Knight
  15. LuPoor
    LuPoor CattleFama
    Posting on the profile of a Future Herman Cain award nominee
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  16. drewru
  17. kinghill
    Do vaccines work. Yes.
  18. Sir Yacht
    Sir Yacht
    Breaking news from
  19. Lefthook
    I am away from tmb right now please leave a message after the tone
  20. mc415
    Somos Pocos Pero Locos
  21. MrLongo
  22. GingerKnickers
  23. UKupNorth
    UKupNorth Eathan Edwards
    Hey. Let me know what you may be trying to sell and a ballpark you are trying to get. Thanks!
  24. Aeroforz1
    Hacked by Dr41DeY @Nigerian Cyber Army
  25. Aeroforz1
  26. Tro lo lo
    Tro lo lo mal630
    I assume this is already spoken fore (Ha. Get it!) If not, I can Venmo tomorrow. Shaft - Stiff with high kick point.
    1. mal630
      Sorry it has been sold
      Apr 7, 2021
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  27. LSU90
    LSU90 mal630
    Yo, I have been looking at getting a G410. Got some pictures and details?
    1. mal630
      Sorry it has been sold
      Apr 7, 2021
  28. Owsley
    The enemy is listening
  29. gilstein21
    gilstein21 It'sAlwaysSunnyInAthens
    I’m guessing your mom and I both teach in fayette?
  30. Vince Benedict
    Vince Benedict
    Do I look normal to you?
  31. MrLongo
    Long time listener, first time caller.
  32. Foxy
  33. diehard678
  34. fucktx
    ruthkanda forever
  35. DuckKin
    DuckKin GoodForAnother
    Hey, I must be a fool, but I can’t find a way to delete my account? Could you help me with that? Thank you!
  36. Sanjuro
    I’m smarter when I drink.
  37. jorr80
    jorr80 GoodForAnother
    Not sure you're the person to contact, but is tmb accepting new members? Donation required? Think I saw on the Front page that there hasn't been a new member since October?

    I was just trying to get my brother on tmb. He submmitted request yesterday to create an account. username: Orr152
    1. GoodForAnother
      Will look into it
      Dec 27, 2020
  38. xec
    xec Jay Jay Okocha
    We aren’t that far along. I’m open to anywhere in Western Europe. My wife has limited our search to English speaking areas. We are looking at Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England. Had Trump won the election we would be doing serious planning right now. He didn’t and some of the urgency has worn off.
  39. Colin Robinson
    Colin Robinson
    When it comes to zoning ordinances, I have a few thoughts.
  40. xec
    xec Jay Jay Okocha
    JJO, I see that you are in Ireland. Are you native / ex-pat / there for work? During the past year the wife and I have been looking at places to relocate to. Ireland is one of them. xec
    1. Jay Jay Okocha
      Jay Jay Okocha
      I am indeed, from there and live here with my US partner. What part are you thinking of?
      Nov 19, 2020
  41. IV
    Freedom is the right of all sentient beings
  42. poetictrojan
    poetictrojan Baseballman86
    Hey so my wife and I were talking charcuterie boxes and she’s interested in the idea. Was wondering if you had any general idea of the sales price and profit margin on the boxes they sell. I’m not in Georgia so I promise you are not creating a local competitor. Appreciate any info you might be able to pass on.
  43. diehard678
    Defund the police
  44. Beeds07
    Look at all these slave masters posing on yo dollars...
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  45. The_QCT
    Going for 3 of 5
  46. Flintheart Glomgold
    Flintheart Glomgold
    Hold number 713: Armbar
  47. BCS
    Yeah, yeah. I know, I know
  48. BlueTender
  49. Funshot Residue
    Funshot Residue
    Repulsive I tell you, elbows too pointy.
  50. Almond85
    Almond85 daves2017
    Hi Dave! Do you happen to have any more Sara Underwood vimeo pics/clips?
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    2. flawa
      Yes, send the videos please
      Apr 16, 2020