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  1. Tricky Dick
    Tricky Dick
    Wanna see a "magic trick"?
  2. DeToxRox
    Nudes in profile
  3. og
  4. Sanjuro
    Space Knight like R.O.M. Consume planets like Unicron. Bust Photon bombs out the arm like Galvatron.
  5. Escanor
    Escanor Old_Gregg
    You don’t happen to play MCOC do you?
  6. Hippocast
  7. Sanjuro
    I hate digging bullets out of my body. It’s so exhausting.
  8. AbeFroman
    AbeFroman dukebuckeye
    Hey, could you take a screenshot of that maga crying face and post it in here? It won't show up for me, assuming it is an android thing. Thanks
    1. dukebuckeye
    2. dukebuckeye
      Can you use that IMGUR link?
      Nov 17, 2023
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    3. AbeFroman
      Nov 17, 2023
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  9. PSUSmitty
  10. COVIDiskilingme79
    Scrambled Eggs All Over My Face
  11. COVIDiskilingme79
    Scrambled Eggs All Over My Face,
  12. Randy Dangus
    Randy Dangus
    1. Simon Templar
      Simon Templar
      Are you drinking again?
      Jun 14, 2023
  13. Gizmoandsooz
    Gizmoandsooz aussie footy
    Get a life cunt
  14. aussie footy
    aussie footy
    Thinks that Control needs to go play in traffic along with his mate One Two
  15. Gizmoandsooz
    Gizmoandsooz Nug
    Go and fuck yourself cunt
    1. Tiger Tiger Woods Y'all
      Jan 18, 2023
  16. Nelson
    Can somebody please get Ja Rhule on the phone
  17. Montclaire de Haviland
    Montclaire de Haviland
    Warm sun, cool ocean breeze, getting ripshit on ham
  18. Sanjuro
    Too young for whoring
  19. Sanjuro
    Easy now rude boys
  20. Montclaire de Haviland
    Montclaire de Haviland
    Crass with a friend, trying to be funny
    1. Montclaire de Haviland
      Montclaire de Haviland
      Gelatinous ignorance
      Oct 2, 2022
  21. Space
    Space bic
    Hi Bic
  22. -Asshole-
  23. Reggie Washington
    Reggie Washington
    Championship-Level Knowledge
  24. Reggie Washington
    Reggie Washington
  25. Funshot Residue
    Funshot Residue
    Patently NOT doing my own research.
  26. Roy Kent
    Roy Kent
    I Like Being Roy Kent. I Don't Know If I Can Handle Just Being Some Loser Has-Been Called Roy.
  27. Randy Dangus
    Randy Dangus
    Scoot Farts is a BUM
  28. The Milkman
    The Milkman IV
    Hey man, im sure you’re a good dude. But you’ve told the board your parents paid for like 8 years of undergrad. I guess that is normal for you, but the rest of the world thinks that’s hilarious and pitiful. The fact you lecture people on politics is embarrassing. You should shut up. You’re a clown and you should just live that reality.
    1. IV
      Struck a nerve did I?

      Yeah I’ve been extremely fortunate and I’m able to recognize that not sure what the big deal is.
      Jan 4, 2022
  29. DuckD
    pLanning on a Natty
  30. FreeCliff13
    Oregon Football is Supposed to be Fun.
  31. FreeCliff13
    Cliff DeAnthony Harris and
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  32. One Knight
  33. LuPoor
    LuPoor CattleFama
    Posting on the profile of a Future Herman Cain award nominee
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  34. drewru
  35. Sir Yacht
    Sir Yacht
    Breaking news from
  36. Lefthook
    I am away from tmb right now please leave a message after the tone
  37. MrLongo
  38. GingerKnickers
  39. UKupNorth
    UKupNorth Eathan Edwards
    Hey. Let me know what you may be trying to sell and a ballpark you are trying to get. Thanks!
  40. Aeroforz1
    Hacked by Dr41DeY @Nigerian Cyber Army
  41. Aeroforz1
  42. Tro lo lo
    Tro lo lo mal630
    I assume this is already spoken fore (Ha. Get it!) If not, I can Venmo tomorrow. Shaft - Stiff with high kick point.
    1. mal630
      Sorry it has been sold
      Apr 7, 2021
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  43. LSU90
    LSU90 mal630
    Yo, I have been looking at getting a G410. Got some pictures and details?
    1. mal630
      Sorry it has been sold
      Apr 7, 2021
  44. Owsley
    The enemy is listening
  45. gilstein21
    gilstein21 It'sAlwaysSunnyInAthens
    I’m guessing your mom and I both teach in fayette?
  46. Vince Benedict
    Vince Benedict
    Do I look normal to you?
  47. MrLongo
    Long time listener, first time caller.
  48. Foxy
  49. diehard678
  50. fucktx
    ruthkanda forever