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    2 hours from Houston :dubioustrump:
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    Never been to float fest but I’ve “floated” that river.
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    Digging it. GnR is one of my all time favorites and never seen them. Got Metallica and Paul McCartney off my list last year. Huge cure fan also so that’s another one off the list.
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    Looks solid

    See you nerds out there
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    Also fuck yes at Caamp being there. Really surprised they are playing it but I’m pretty excited. Check them out if you’ve never listened to them. Great bluegrass/folk style band
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    The lineup looks terrible
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    Oh big time
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    And then they found a way to make it worse by adding Cardi B today
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    25 Best Music Festivals You’ve Probably Never Heard Of
    This year is all about the alternative festivals. From castles and underground caves to spectacular beach fronts, there are some spectacular venues and stellar line-ups that prove the best music festivals aren’t always the biggest. But it’s not just the quirky locations that set them apart, it’s their unique vibe – intimate, friendly and feel-good – that means you won’t forget them in a hurry.

    Ready to embrace the boutique festival? Here’s our guide to the best music festivals around the world, recommended by electronic music geeks Resident Advisor.

    Best Music Festivals
    Lente Kabinet

    As the little sibling of Dekmantel Festival, Lente Kabinet has big shoes to fill. But they’re more than up to the challenge: you can expect top-shelf production and a killer lineup every year. As always, Lente Kabinet goes down at the lush Het Twiske parkland north of Amsterdam over one afternoon and evening. Dekmantel may be bigger than ever, but you can always count on a cosy waterside rave as long as Lente Kabinet is around.

    Amsterdam, Netherlands
    25th – 26th May 2019

    Hostels in Amsterdam

    Love Saves The Day

    It makes sense that a city like Bristol should have a festival like Love Saves The Day, which returns to Eastville Park across two days this May. Anyone who grew up in the area will have likely spent their years listening to all sorts of dance music, from local-brewed sounds like trip-hop and drum & bass to dubstep, techno and grime. One of the best music festivals in the UK, Love Saves The Day totally reflects this wonderful diversity.

    Bristol, UK
    25th- 26th May 2019

    Hostels in Bristol


    This fest is simple: Distortion turns the lovely city of Copenhagen into party heaven for five glorious days and nights. A host of massive daytime street parties, underground night club events, and a grand two-day finale Distortion Ø at Refshaleøen and the Copenhagen harbour. The vibe is killer.

    Copenhagen, Denmark
    29th May – 2nd June 2019

    Hostels in Copenhagen

    Strange Sounds from Beyond

    Devised by the crews behind Outsiders Festival, Red Light Radio and The Rest Is Noise, this one-day festival is a must for globetrotting alternative music fans. As soon as you disembark the ferry at the trendy and secluded NDSM docklands in the north you’ll become a cultural castaway in their bizarre and beautiful experiment.

    Amsterdam, Netherlands
    Summer 2019

    Hostels in Amsterdam


    Astropolis is France’s oldest festival, celebrating its 25th birthday in 2019 – and it hasn’t aged a bit! For 3 days each summer the festival spreads its electronic vibes over the city in various locations, including parks, places and cultural institutions. Over 100 legendary artists and rising stars from all over the world and local DJ’s perform every year in arenas including the seaside and a mystical woodland!

    Brest, France
    5th – 7th July 2019

    Hostels in Brest


    Polifonic is a three-day event at Masseria del Turco, a historic building surrounded by olive groves in the Itria Valley, near the beautiful Mediterranean coastal spot of Monopoli. The lineup strikes a balance between hard-edged experimental and soulful sounds split across three stunning stages hidden amongst yoga classes, a chillout area and art exhibitions.

    Monopoli, Italy
    26th – 28th July 2019

    Hostels in Monopoli

    The Peacock Society

    Peacock Society is returning to the indoor/outdoor Parc Floral, which, after several editions of the festival there, should guarantee the usual charged atmosphere. Garnier is back in the headlining slot this year, and he’s joined by fellow heavy hitters like Tale Of Us, Sven Väth, Helena Hauff, Steffi, Maceo Plex, Kerri Chandler, Four Tet and Floorplan. They’ll all be soundtracking what’s become one of the best big-room experiences on the international festival circuit.

    Paris, France
    5th – 6th July 2019

    Hostels in Paris

    Unsound Festival

    This year Poland’s premier experimental music festival takes place later than usual across October 7 – 14th. This year’s edition centres around the theme of “Presence” you can expect ornate techno and experimental acts that span genre and sound. Split across a variety of venues across Krakow (which has included a salt mine in previous editions) – the city is your playground for the week.

    Krakow, Poland
    6th – 13th October 2019

    Hostels in Krakow

    Field Maneuvers

    RA’s Dominic Kocur described the crowd at Field Maneuvers as “one huge extended family” when he visited two years ago. The festival has added room for an extra 300 people since then, but with a current capacity of 800, Field Maneuvers is still about as small as UK festivals get. Looking at its lineup, though, you wouldn’t guess this was the case. Year after year, Field Maneuvers has locks down a killer selection of top-tier house and techno talent.

    London, UK

    Hostels in London

    Horst Arts and Music Festival
    [​IMG]? Willem Govaerts

    You could argue that Kasteel Van Horst, a castle in Holsbeek, Belgium, is Europe’s oldest dance venue. Back in the 17th century, Flemish nobles went there looking for a night out. Some 400 years later, it became home to Horst, a small festival that combines modern club sounds with visual art, workshops, lectures and more.

    Hageland, Belgium

    Hostels in Belgium


    Changes are afoot at Reworks, Greece’s best-loved electronic music festival. It’s been extended from three days to four and has announced Reworks Agora, a new programme of workshops, panels and talks. Held across a number of quirky Thessaloniki venues (including the labyrinth-like Mylos multicultural complex), Reworks has been a beacon of stability in the midst of Greece’s economic woes.

    Thessaloniki, Greece
    19th – 22nd September 2019

    Hostels in Thessaloniki

    Located between Tulum and Playa Del Carmen, Parque Dos Ojos is home to a vast underwater complex of caves aka “cenotes.” The water is bright blue and crystal clear, perfect for a quick dip in between performances at this year’s Comunité, a vegan, eco-friendly festival that’ll have the run of Parque Dos Ojos for its fourth edition.

    Tulum, Mexico
    5th January, 2019

    Hostels in Tulum

    [​IMG][​IMG]: Peter Ryaux-Larsen

    Each winter, Igloofest brings together thousands of electronic music fans to dance under the stars at Montreal’s Old Port. Bringing together icy decor and steel structures, powerful architectural projections and programs featuring the best local and international DJs, it’s certainly one-of-a-kind. Not to mention their winter fashion competition “Iglooswag”.

    Montreal, Canada
    17th January- 2nd February 2019

    Hostels in Montreal

    Into The Castle

    The Castle of Good Hope, South Africa’s oldest colonial building, is the setting for Into The Castle, a festival from the crew responsible for both Into the Valley and Into the Factory festivals in Sweden. Their most intimate boutique festival yet, capacity sits at 2000 with a program spanning local music, art and technology. Unfortunately the event was cancelled this year (*sobs*), but we have high hopes it will return in future.

    Cape Town, South Africa
    The event was cancelled this year, but check out what else the guys are up to [​IMG]

    Hostels in Cape Town

    Dekmantel Sao Paulo

    “It blew us off our feet.” This was Dekmantel co-founder Thomas Martojo’s reaction when he visited The Jockey Club in São Paulo, the site of the daytime programme for Dekmantel’s festival in Brazil. Attendees will likely have a similar reaction. Located in the sprawling city’s west, the 30s-era hippodrome boasts a wonderful view of São Paulo’s skyline, while also offering a unique space full of intriguing little corners.

    Sao Paulo, Brazil
    31st July – 4th August 2019

    Hostels in Sao Paulo

    CTEMF (Cape Town Electronic Music Festival)

    Whether it’s new or old, there’s a huge amount of interest in South African electronic music right now, and rightly so: it’s a country rich with talent and passion. Events like Cape Town Electronic Music Festival are crucial to the continued blossoming of the country’s scene with a series of workshops and performances, taking place in central Cape Town and beyond.

    Cape Town, South Africa
    9th February 2019

    Hostels in Cape Town


    Few cities suit the cosy winter months like Graz, in Austria. Elevate, which moved from October to March for the first time last year, focuses on cutting-edge sonics delivered by a cast of forward-thinking techno and experimental acts at unique venues about town—clubs, concert halls and arts spaces.

    Graz, Austria
    27th February – 3rd March 2019

    Hostels in Graz

    Pitch Music and Arts

    Describing themselves with adjectives like “brut-tropical” and “neoteric,” Pitch Music & Arts is the latest alternative festival to join Victoria’s budding scene of chic yet rural electronic music festivals, booking sure shots like Paula Temple, Mike Servito and Head High at the disarmingly beautiful landscape by the Grampians Mountain Range.

    Victoria, Australia
    8th -11th March 2019

    Hostels in Victoria

    Big Ears Festival

    Consciously or not, many of us go to festivals in search of new sounds we might not have otherwise discovered or appreciated. Few events foster this experience as directly as Big Ears, a festival “named for someone who is capable of discerning and perceptive listening, who has the ability to use the ears as a creative tool or who hears things many may miss.”

    Knoxville, Tennessee
    21st March – 24th March 2019

    Hostels in the USA


    The Netherlands is home to plenty of festivals heavy on ice cannons, confetti explosions and booming techno beats, but in The Hague they take a subtler approach. Rewire, returning for its eighth edition over one weekend in March, puts the focus on what it calls “adventurous sound.” In 2018, that means a range of artists covering neo-classical, jazz and pop, playing in churches, theatres and clubs.

    The Hague, Netherlands
    29th – 31st March 2019

    Hostels in the Hague

    Together Festival

    Together shows what a well-done festival can do for a local scene. Boston has long been home to a proud cast of inspired DJs, producers and promoters, but it wasn’t until this week-long, multi-venue series of events that they saw what would happen if they all worked together. Combining seven nights of parties at clubs across the city with a daytime program of illuminating panels and workshops, Together aims to not only put on a week of killer music, but also to strengthen its city’s scene. Safe to say they’ve succeeded.

    Boston, USA

    Hostels in Boston


    Donaufestival is a bit of a dark horse. With a small number of artists playing a handful of venues in the Austrian city of Krems, it keeps a low profile in Europe’s bustling festival market. And yet, year after year, it nabs some of the boldest and most influential artists in electronic and experimental music. As if for good measure, they’ve thrown in a few seminal post-punk bands as well.

    Krems, Austria

    26th April – 4th May 2019


    Hostels in Vienna

    Rainbow Disco Club

    The sight of Antal’s two daughters happily dancing around on stage while their father DJ’d was one of the enduring images of last year’s Rainbow Disco Club. That scene illustrates what this festival is all about. The atmosphere is warm and inclusive. It also happens to take place in a spectacular setting, nestled among the hills of Izu, a coastal area in Japan known for its natural hot springs.

    Higashiizu, Japan

    27th —29th April 2019

    Hostels in Japan

    Manana Cuba
    [​IMG][​IMG]: Reeve Rixon

    The end of the US embargo of Cuba was a historic event, and Manana Cuba is taking the opportunity to bring the island’s rich music culture into contact with electronic music from across the globe. This exciting small festival will pair local artists with international guests for collaborative performances that’ll see unknown Afro-Cuban artists interacting with names we know and love.

    Santiago de Cuba, Cuba

    Hostels in Santiago de Cuba

    Organik Festival

    Techno events in East Asia reflect something at the core of the region’s cultural DNA: zen philosophy. While Western parties and the artists they book tend to emphasise the heavy side of techno, our Eastern counterparts favour more hypnotic and spiritual sounds, suggesting a state of transcendence and, when heard in striking outdoor locations such as Organik Festival, a heightened connectedness with nature.

    Hualien, Taiwan
    26th – 29th April 2019

    Hostels in Hualien

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    Best Music Festivals

    Lente Kabinet Amsterdam, Netherlands 25th – 26th May 2019
    Love Saves the Day Bristol, UK 25th – 26th May 2019
    Distortion Copenhagen, Denmark 29th May – 2nd June 2019
    Strange Sounds from Beyond Amsterdam, Netherlands Summer 2019
    Astropolis Brest, France TBC
    Polifonic Monopoli, Italy 26th – 28th July 2019
    The Peacock Society Paris, France 5th – 6th July 2019
    Unsound Festival Krakow, Poland 6th – 13th October 2019
    Field Maneuvers London, UK TBC
    Horst Arts and Music Festival Hageland, Belgium TBC
    Reworks Thessaloniki, Greece 19th – 22nd September 2019
    Comunité Tulum, Mexico TBC
    Igloofest Montreal, Canada 17th January – 2nd February 2019
    Into the Castle Cape Town, South Africa CANCELLED
    Reworks Thessaloniki, Greece 19th – 22nd September 2019
    Dekmantel Sao Paulo Sao Paulo, Brazil 31st July – 4th August 2019
    CTEMF (Cape Town Electronic Music Festival) Cape Town, South Africa 9th February 2019
    Elevate Graz, Austria 27th February – 3rd March 2019
    Pitch Music and Arts Victoria, Australia 8th – 11th March 2019
    Big Ears Festival Knoxville, Tennessee 21st March -24th March 2019
    Rewire The Hague, Netherlands 29th March -31st March 2019
    Together Festival Boston, USA TBC
    Donaufestival Krems, Austria 26th April – 4th May 2019
    Rainbow Disco Club Higa Shi-Izu Cross Country Course, Japan 27th —29 April 2019
    Manana Cuba Santiago de Cuba, Cuba TBC
    Organik Santiago de Cuba, Cuba 26th – 29th April 2019
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    Top 10 Caribbean Destination Music Festivals 2019

    The rise of music festivals in the last decade has led to a shift in how we see music's place in our culture. While always holding a central position in the arts, technology has allowed it to seep into aspects of our lives it never did before.

    Case and point: the so-called destination music festival. People are now travelling for musical experiences like they never have before, merging their annual explorations of exotic locations with the search for their new favourite musical acts.

    The Caribbean, a long holiday destination favourite, is perhaps capitalising on this new trend of destination festivals more than any other part of the world, using its stunning scenery as an unparalleled backdrop for live music.

    So without further ado, here are our picks for the Top 10 Caribbean Destination Music Festivals 2019.

    Ocaso Festival

    Festival lineup:
    Damian Lazarus, Guy Gerber, Jamie Jones, Loco Dice, HOSH, Andreas Henneberg, Beth Lydi, Doc Martin

    Getting the year off to a good start, Ocaso sets underground beats poolside, on the beach, and even in the jungle. Curating a lineup of serious heavy-hitters, the festival doesn't compromise on talent because of its location. And if you're looking for extra-curricular activities outside of music, the festival's home of Tamarindo is known for having some of the best surfing in the world.

    When & where: 2-8 January 2019, Tamarindo, Costa Rica

    Ocaso 2019 Guide & Waiting List


    KAABOO Cayman

    Festival lineup:
    The Chainsmokers, Duran Duran, ZEDD, Jason Derulo, Bryan Adams, Counting Crows, Flo Rida, Blondie

    The biggest scale festival on this list, KAABOO Cayman is a full-on major multi-genre music fest that just happens to be located in paradise. The sister festival of California's KAABOO Del Mar, this one features some of the biggest names in music and comedy, and boasts all-star culinary and art lineups to boot.

    When & where: 15-16 February 2019, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

    KAABOO Cayman 2019 Guide & Waiting List

    Tribal Gathering

    Festival lineup:
    Mad Professor, Barnabass, Deekline, Freq Nasty, Krafty Kuts, Gaudi, MI5, Mixmaster Morris

    Located on the north coast of Panama, Tribal Gathering is set in a beach-fronted jungle. A literal gathering of tribes, the festival brings representatives of over 60 tribes from all over the world to this cultural summit. This meeting of the minds features over 150 international musical artists as well as a cabaret, circus, and carnival curiosities.

    When & where: 15 - 28 February 2019, Colon, Panama

    Envision Festival

    Festival lineup (2018):
    Griz, Tycho, Trevor Hall, The Floozies, Lee Burridge, Bedouin, CloZee, Nicola Cruz

    Envision Festival's modus operandi is collective participation. Music is the main event, but the festival is much more than that. Bringing people together, Envision is founded upon eight pillars: movement; spirituality; music; radical acceptance; community; permaculture; health; and art. Balance of body, mind, and soul is the goal here.

    When & where: 28 February - 4 March 2019, Puntarenas, Costa Rica

    SXM Festival

    Festival lineup:
    Marco Carola, Apollonia, Guy Gerber, Jennifer Cardini, Alex Niggemann, Axel Boman, Enzo Siragusa, Goldcap

    Everything in moderation, including moderation. SXM Festival is an immersive experience on the idyllic shared island of Saint Martin. Controlled by both France and The Netherlands, the island is a testament to the communal capabilities of the human race. SMX Festival celebrates this shared existence through music, putting together a lineup of electronic acts pushing their genres forward.

    When & where: 13-16 March 2019, Philipsburg, Saint Martin

    SXM Festival 2019 Guide / Book SXM Festival 2019 Tickets

    Vujaday Music Festival

    Festival lineup:
    Moodymann, Soul Clap, DJ Tennis, Lee Burridge, Mikey Lion, Sasha, Bedouin, Octave One [live]

    Really bringing the country into the festival experience, Vujaday's five days are each set in a different location around the island. Unique in the festival world, this ensures festival-goers actually get to take in their surroundings. And when their surroundings are as scenic as Barbados, that is a good thing. And oh yeah, there's a killer lineup of party-starting house, funk, and techno DJs, too.

    When & where: 3-7 April 2019, Various Locations throughout Barbados

    Vujaday Music Festival 2019 Guide / Book Vujaday Music Festival 2019 Tickets


    Tmrw.Tday Culture Fest

    Festival lineup:
    Dubfire, Protoje, Stacy Irie Soul, Chris Hawk, Audiofly, Teflon Zinc Fence, Max Glazer, Sabo

    Dubbed a culture fest, Tmrw.Tday's mandate goes beyond music. Using the slogan "Part Music Festival, Part Retreat; 100% Life Experience", beach parties and concerts are supplemented with workshops, eco courses, fitness instruction, and sound and wellness sessions.

    When & where: 30 April - 5 May 2019, Negril, Jamaica

    Tmrw.Tday Culture Fest 2019 Guide / Book Tmrw.Tday Culture Fest 2019 Tickets

    Empire Music Festival

    Festival lineup (2018):
    Don Diablo, Dubfire, Farruko, Maldita Vecindad, Matisyahu, Paul van Dyk, Steve Aoki, Zion & Lennox

    A more traditional approach to a music festival, Empire is a no-holds-barred dance music festival. Thirty artists are spread over four musical areas on the first weekend of May. Steeped in Mayan history, the festival draws on traditional imagery for their stage designs, transporting electronic music lovers into a psychedelic world that blends the modern and ancient worlds.

    When & where: 3-4 May 2019, Villacanales, Guatemala

    Empire Music Festival 2019 Guide / Empire Music Festival 2019 Tickets

    Reggae Sumfest

    Festival lineup (2018):
    Popcaan, Damian Marley, Bounty Killer, Ding Dong, Spice, Fantan Mojah, Tosh Alexander, Naomi Cowan

    The biggest festival in Jamaica, Reggae Sumfest has become a rite of passage for fans of reggae and dancehall. Started in 1993, the festival curates a lineup balancing up-and-coming acts with chart-toppers and legacy acts. The list of acts who've graced the festival's main stage is a venerable who's-who of the Jamaican music scene and beyond, including international stars such as Rihanna, 50 Cent, and Usher.

    When & where: 14-20 July 2019, Montego Bay, Jamaica


    Curaçao North Sea Jazz Festival

    Festival lineup (2018):
    Grace Jones, Kamasi Washington, Christina Aguilera, Jason Derulo, Patti LaBelle, Sting & Shaggy, Daddy Yankee, Ceelo Green

    Since its foundation in 2010, Curaçao North Sea Jazz Festival has grown into what many call the biggest musical event in the Caribbean. Annually welcoming world-beating acts from a wide range of genres and eras, the one prerequisite for inclusion on the festival's lineup is creative prowess. Add in tropical surroundings and you've got one of the premier destination festivals in the world.

    When & where: 29-21 August 2019, Willemstad, Curaçao