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    Definitely time for a new thread
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    the reign of sterling is finally over thank god
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    Hel....hell...ughhh...hello at.....ugh....hello at the show.
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    2016 is gonna be a huge year for the Falcons!

    Over-draft 5 Big 10 players with no athleticism, miss the playoffs, but win a worthless game at the end of the year to ruin our 2017 draft position.
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    Hue finna take over
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    I laugh at that Antonio Brown gif every time.
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    Glad to know I'm always on your mind tobias

    Dolphins drafted athletic Big 10 guys in the 1st round in Ted Ginn, Vontae Davis, and Jared Odrick and that didn't work out too well either. Although Ginn and Davis had good seasons this year but that probably has more to do with the dolphins than anything else
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    hes the man

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    Luck gonna die again or what?
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    The running back market in free agency is going to be interesting. It's easily the most talented crop since the new CBA. I think Tampa isn't going to let Martin go anywhere but Miller, Ivory, Forte, Morris, and the Denver backs could be on the move.
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    thread title suggestions?
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    Interested to see where Malik Jackson ends up. He's going to get paid.
  14. Where Eagles Dare

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    2016 NFL Thread
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    Top unrestricted free agents for 2016
      • By Gregg Rosenthal
      • NFL Editor

    Top 20 2016 Unrestricted free agents

    1. Von Miller, Denver Broncos linebacker: Miller has been one of the best overall defensive players in the league since he was drafted. He's as strong stopping the run as he is coming off the edge. There's no way the Broncos will let him hit the market.

    2. Josh Norman, Carolina Panthers cornerback: There's nothing like having your breakout season in a contract year. Norman has been the best cornerback in football this year and is a legitimate Defensive Player of the Year candidate. He's not going anywhere.

    3. Muhammad Wilkerson, New York Jets
    defensive end: Sheldon Richardson and Leonard Williams were splashy draft pick additions, but Wilkerson is still the best defensive lineman on theJets. New York has played hardball in negotiations thus far with Wilkerson, but the franchise tag has to be an option here.

    Alshon Jeffery, Chicago Bears wide receiver: He might not be the most refined receiver in the league, but few are better at catching deep balls. He's fourth in the league in receiving yards-per-game and topped 1,400 yards in 2013.

    Cordy Glenn, Buffalo Bills offensive tackle: True franchise left tackles are awfully hard to find. That's why he's a strong candidate for the franchise tag.

    6. Jason Pierre-Paul, New York Giants
    defensive end: He's still disruptive despite playing with a club over his injured hand. There has to be a chance JPP will only get better as he learns how best to play with his disadvantage, and the ceiling here is tremendous. Still, he has struggled to wrap up opposing running backs. Can he finish plays?

    7. Eric Berry, Kansas City Chiefs
    safety: Berry has come back from his cancer scare better than ever. Strong safety play is hard to find and Berry has the versatility teams are looking for.

    8. Malik Jackson, Broncos
    defensive tackle: Like Norman, he's having a career year in a contract season. It's hard to find interior pass rushers like Jackson just entering his prime.

    9. Olivier Vernon, Dolphins
    defensive end: The other Dolphins pass rusher opposite Cameron Wake has dialed up a lot of pressure over the last three years, even if he doesn't always finish the play with a sack. He's clearly an above average pass rush starter, which is going to make him a very rich man. Expectations are he'll leave Miami, who can only afford to pay so much on their defensive line.

    10. Doug Martin, Buccaneers running back: He won't make the same money as the guys listed above (and below) him here because of the position he plays, but no one has helped their value more this season. Martin has gone from an afterthought to the No. 2 rusher in the NFL.

    11. Bruce Irvin, Seattle Seahawks linebacker: He isn't a defense-changing talent, but he's also better than you think. Irvin is a quality versatile starter.

    12. Russell Okung, Seahawks tackle: Even if Okung is only an average starter, he's going to get paid in this market. If he makes it there.

    13. Eric Weddle, San Diego Chargers safety: Weddle has a skill set that tons of teams are looking for to shore up the back end of their defenses. His age (30) works against him, but few safeties have been better over the last five years.

    14. Sam Bradford, Philadelphia Eagles quarterback: This season has not helped Bradford's value, yet there would be no shortage of teams willing to give Bradford a try if the Eagles don't want to re-sign him.

    15. Kirk Cousins, Washington Redskins quarterback: Replacement level starting quarterbacks are worth plenty, and that appears to be Cousins' floor. At worst, he's a poor man's Andy Dalton with room to improve over time. He has more value to the Redskins than anyone else.

    16. Matt Forte, Bears running back: One of the league's most complete backs has not shown many signs of age yet. Perhaps he should be paired with another quality option, but there's no doubt he could upgrade many backfields.

    17. Andre Smith, Cincinnati Bengals right tackle: How will Smith react to getting paid big bucks (again)? While his career has included some ups and downs, Smith has often been a top-shelf starter.

    18. Danny Trevathan, Broncos linebacker: Trevathan is a three-down linebacker entering his prime that can hold up in pass coverage. We're big fans of his skill set and he's just the type of above-average starter that gets paid like a superstar in free agency.

    19. Janoris Jenkins, St. Louis Rams cornerback: He's steadily improved each season in the league and now is a playmaking starter.

    20. Brock Osweiler, Broncos quarterback: It's hard to imagine John Elway letting his promising young starter hit the market, although this will be a tricky contract to pull off.

    Just missed: Derrick Johnson, Chris Ivory, Kelvin Beachum, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Haloti Ngata, Lamar Miller, Prince Amukamara, Anquan Boldin.

    sup best buddy soulfly
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    Sterling A :warn:
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    We don't have the money now but our "insiders" who are horrible keep saying we will have plenty of money after they redo the Suh deal and release quinton coples and a couple others. So we'll see
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    Making my Browns look foolish? NO LIKE AWARDED SIR!
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    Going to need the Bucs to sign one of those top DEs
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    We Hargreaves III now
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    the broncos can tag Von for the next 3 seasons for 51.3 million dollars. I think they offer him justin houstons contract with a little more guaranteed
  22. dump

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    Von is gonna get paid way more than that. He is the face of the franchise now.
  23. Sterling A

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    50 predictions for 50 NFL offseason questions

    It's the offseason, which means all 32 teams will undergo plenty of changes over the next few months. We polled our writers to predict the outcome of the biggest offseason questions. Here are their answers.


    1. Do you think San Diego and Oakland will have teams beyond 2016?

    I think San Diego has a good chance of keeping the Chargers, and Oakland has a great chance of losing the Raiders. -- John Clayton

    2. Peyton's done, right?

    Several people close to Manning, including his mother Olivia, would like Manning to call it a Hall of Fame career. He has had injuries in each of the past three seasons, so physically, he can't maintain the level of play he had been accustomed to. A return to the Broncos faces some hurdles, too, the biggest being a $21.5 million salary-cap figure, by far the highest on Denver's books. -- Jeff Legwold

    3. Is that for sure Brock Osweiler's job? (John Elway doesn't mess around when it comes to chasing titles, ya know?)

    Osweiler is an unrestricted free agent, but so is Von Miller. And while the Broncos are expected to make Osweiler a competitive offer, if he (or his agent) is looking for the biggest offer, that's likely going to come from elsewhere. Should Osweiler leave town and Manning retire, Elway would certainly dive into the draft for a prospect and look for some veteran help as a temporary measure. -- Jeff Legwold

    4. Will we be done writing the "Deflategate" Wikipedia entry after this offseason?

    Maybe. The NFL has made an appeal to a higher court. It will be quiet until the court case, but if the NFL wins, this won't go away. The silence of the past regular season was pleasing, though. -- John Clayton

    5. RG III will be on one these three teams next year: ____, ____ or _____.

    The Bills, Cowboys or Rams. -- Mike Sando

    6. Will we know what a catch is by Week 1, or same ol' same ol'?

    Only if the current rule makes sense to you. The NFL isn't changing it. -- Kevin Seifert


    7. Johnny Manziel is on an NFL roster on August 1: yes or no?

    No. -- John Clayton

    Aaron Rodgers a new weapon?

    Yes. They know they need someone to help stretch the field. McCarthy said shortly after the season that "you have to have big targets that can run through the middle of the field -- whether it's a tight end, whether it's a big receiver." With Jordy Nelson expected to make a full recovery from his torn ACL, look for the Packers to add a tight end with some speed. -- Rob Demovsky

    9. Speaking of, will Tom Brady's best wide receiver still be a 30-year-old Julian Edelman in Week 1?

    Yes. The Patriots aren't likely to draft a receiver who will immediately become a No. 1. The overall free-agent crop isn't considered strong, and Brady loves Edelman. -- Mike Reiss

    10. Will the Cowboys really draft a quarterback they won't use for a couple of years at No. 4?

    No, they won't. The temptation will be great, but Jerry Jones wants to find help for Tony Romo in the quarterback's final few years. Will they take a quarterback after the fourth pick? Yes. -- Todd Archer

    11. Is Megatron done, or just done in Detroit?

    Every possible indication is that Calvin Johnson is done with football -- period. While nothing is official yet, he could surprise everyone by coming back for at least one more season; however, there have been no indications that would be the case. I've learned to never say never in this league, but at this point, it is either Detroit or retirement for Johnson. -- Michael Rothstein

    12. Von Miller said he wants his negotiations with Denver to be "peaceful." ... Think that happens?

    History says it will. The past three players whom Elway has used the franchise tag on -- Matt Prater, Ryan Clady and Demaryius Thomas -- all received long-term deals before the next training camp opened. Expect that trend to continue with Miller, who proved he was a $100 million player. Everybody knows the number; it's just a matter of ending the dance and getting a deal done. -- Jeff Legwold


    13. Is there any chance Josh Norman leaves Carolina?

    Slim, but yes. Panthers general manager Dave Gettleman admitted the franchise tag is an option for Norman if the team can't work out a long-term deal. Norman turned down just over $7 million per year this past offseason. The franchise tag would cost the team between $13 million and $14 million under the salary cap. -- David Newton

    Brian Hoyer as the QB?

    Texans owner Bob McNair has all but publicly demanded general manager Rick Smith and head coach Bill O'Brien to replace Hoyer. They might have a playoff roster, but Hoyer will not be the starting quarterback. -- Tania Ganguli

    16. Are the Rams gonna come back in Week 1 with a playoff roster and Case Keenum as the QB?

    Probably. The Rams will spend most of this offseason searching far and wide for an upgrade at quarterback, but they face the difficult reality that free agency and the trade market are unlikely to yield a certain upgrade. Plus, the draft isn't flush with top prospects, let alone the type that would fall to No. 15 in the draft.-- Nick Wagoner

    17. Who's more likely to be an Eagle after free agency: Sam Bradfordor Nick Foles?

    Logic says it will be Bradford, who looked like the much better quarterback in 2015. But logic hasn't had much to do with this Eagles offseason, so don't discount the Foles possibility. -- Phil Sheridan

    18. Are we sure Muhammad Wilkerson will be back in New York?

    Pretty sure. Wilkerson will get the franchise tag, absent a long-term contract. One potential curveball: The Jets -- motivated by cap issues -- could explore a tag-and-trade. -- Rich Cimini


    19. Is Chris Ivory gone?

    Yep, he's a goner. Ivory, coming off his best year, will draw considerable interest in the open market. The Jets would like to keep him, but it's simply not realistic, considering their cap issues and other priorities. -- Rich Cimini

    20. After Osweiler and Miller, who else do the Broncos feel like they need to keep?

    Malik Jackson. -- Mike Sando

    21. Is Tyrod Taylor about to get a bunch of money from the Bills?

    No, the Bills are wisely holding back on anointing Taylor as their franchise quarterback, so don't expect a big payday soon. They're more likely to see how Taylor improves as the starter next season before making a long-term commitment. -- Mike Rodak

    22. Since Mario Williams is leaving Buffalo, where's a good landing spot?

    I'll give you a few. Jaguars: They need pass-rush help even with Dante Fowler Jr. returning. Seattle reportedly pursued Williams when Gus Bradley was the Seahawks' defensive coordinator back in 2012. ... Bucs: 4-3 team needing pass-rush help. Spent for Michael Jackson and he busted out. ... Cowboys: 4-3 team needing pass-rush help. Spent for Greg Hardy on a one-year rental. ... Seahawks: They have been in the big-ticket player market year after year (Percy Harvin, Jimmy Graham). Their pass-rush petered out in the Super Bowl loss to New England when Cliff Avril was hurt. -- Mike Sando

    23. Will Jay Cutler lose Alshon Jeffery to go with his offensive coordinator?

    No. There is zero chance the Bears allow Jeffery to test free agency. Worst-case scenario, for both sides, is Jeffery plays next year under the franchise tag. -- Jeff Dickerson

    24. Which one of the Bengals' high-profile free agents will be their first priority to re-sign?

    Marvin Jones. Jones' playmaking ability complements A.J. Green well, making him deserving of the Bengals' attention. It also makes him one of the more attractive pass-catching options in all of free agency, so re-signing him ought to be a top priority. -- Coley Harvey

    25. How many new starters will the Seahawks have on the O-line next year?

    Three. Protecting Russell Wilson better is at the top of the offseason priority list, and the Seahawks have two pending unrestricted free agents -- left tackleRussell Okung and right guard J.R. Sweezy. -- Sheil Kapadia


    26. Could Kam Chancellor get traded?

    He could, but it's unlikely. Chancellor is a Pro Bowl-caliber player who will be only 28 when next season starts. Unless the Seahawks are blown away with an offer, he should be back as a core member of the defense. -- Sheil Kapadia

    Andre Johnson and Frank Gore be back in Indy?

    Johnson will be gone because his best days are long behind him. Gore will return as the Colts' primary back. -- Mike Wells

    28. How much money will Kirk Cousins get?

    A lot. Cousins' side knows, at worst, the team will use the franchise tag, which would result in a one-year deal for approximately $20 million. And with the cap expected to rise this offseason and next, they know it's a good time for a big deal. So, the best guess here is that the two sides settle on a five-year deal worth $18 million per year with $40 million guaranteed. -- John Keim

    29. The Jags have about $78 million in cap space. Can they even spend it?

    If Von Miller and/or Josh Norman somehow hit the open market, the Jaguars won't have any trouble spending $78 million. Otherwise, it will be tough. Teams generally overpay in free agency, so the Jaguars will spend a good chunk on pass-rushers and free safeties, but aside from Miller and Norman, there aren't any other players at positions of need that will command an astronomical contract. -- Michael DiRocco

    30. The Bucs also have a ton of cash. Will they keep Doug Martin andVincent Jackson?

    Jackson will stay for the final year of his contract. He's a team captain, widely respected in the locker room and critical to the continued development of Mike Evans. Martin will cash in elsewhere as a free agent. It's not easy to get paid as a free-agent running back anymore, but Martin offers the best combination of age, skill set and versatility to command good coin. -- Field Yates

    31. Can the Raiders make a free-agency splash as a team on the rise?

    They certainly have the assets; the team could enter the 2016 league year with north of $70 million in cap space. Couple that with a clear upward trajectory from a roster standpoint, and Oakland is poised to add talent in March. -- Field Yates

    32. Miami might have to redo Ndamukong Suh's deal to even attempt to keep Olivier Vernon. Think they get it done?

    I do expect Miami to successfully restructure Suh's whopping $28.6 million cap hit in 2016. But even if they do that, I think they'll still lose Vernon in free agency, because he will get a lot of interest on the open market, and the Dolphins have too many needs to spend $10 million-plus annually to retain a single player. -- James Walke


    33. Speaking of pass-rushers, will Jason Pierre-Paul hit the open market?

    Yes. JPP will want more than the Giants are willing to offer, so he will go out and see if anyone else is offering it. -- Dan Graziano

    Colin Kaepernick is the 49ers' Week 1 starter in Chip Kelly's first season?

    If I was a betting man, I'd say the odds were in favor of Kaepernick swallowing some pride, taking some ownership of his regressions and asking Kelly to help him. Just like Hall of Famer Steve Young suggested during Super Bowl week. And if that happens, I'd be surprised if Kaepernick didn't start Week 1. -- Paul Gutierrez

    35. Will the Browns be drafting a QB at No. 2? And does one fit stick out so far?

    The odds are very high. The team hasn't said much, but the tea leaves have pretty consistently pointed to Cal QB Jared Goff. -- Pat McManamon

    36. But are we really certain Cleveland will start a rookie QB in Week 1?

    Not at all. The Browns appear committed to bring back Josh McCown, and they'll probably want him to start the opener. -- Pat McManamon

    37. What's the two-sentence answer to how the Titans get immediately better?

    Keep Marcus Mariota upright and surround him with higher-caliber weapons at receiver and running back. It also wouldn't hurt to field improved defensive backs who can actually make plays on the ball. -- Paul Kuharsky

    38. Are Eric Weddle and Antonio Gates both coming back to the Chargers?

    Weddle is moving on, but Gates should be back in San Diego. -- Eric D. Williams


    39. Drew Brees will get a ___- year extension to fix his absurd cap number for 2016.

    Three. Brees is suddenly the ninth-highest-paid QB at $20 million per year, but his cap cost balloons to $30 million in the final year of his deal. An extension would be a win-win, lowering that number even if he gets a raise. -- Mike Tripplett

    Julio Jones some help or is it still just a fading Roddy White?

    Yes, the Falcons will more than likely to draft a No. 2 WR in the higher rounds. They need a player capable of beating one-on-one coverage when Jones draws added attention. It's a big priority for the team this offseason. -- Vaughn McClure

    41. Are we sure Steve Smith Sr. comes back from a busted Achilles at 37 years old?

    Yes. Smith didn't show any signs of slowing down last season before the injury, and you know he's going to go all-out in his final season considering the determination he has shown in his career. -- Jamison Hensley

    42. Will Teddy Bridgewater have two new tackles in 2016?

    No. The Vikings have a fifth-year option on Matt Kalil, and they'll give new offensive line coach Tony Sparano a year to work with the fourth overall pick in 2012. -- Ben Goessling

    43. How many starters will Andy Reid have back on defense?

    I'll say eight. The Chiefs might have to bid farewell to two long-time defensive starters, linebackers Derrick Johnson and Tamba Hali. -- Adam Teicher

    44. Will Arizona keep the safeties from that great secondary?

    Rashad Johnson is the more important of their two free-agent safeties. Whether he returns to the Cardinals will depend on if the team believes they can find a better, cheaper replacement with Johnson being 30. Chris Clemons, the Cards' other free-agent safety, will likely be kept on the 90-man roster while Tyrann Mathieu continues to recover from his knee injury. -- Josh Weinfuss

    45. Will Jimmy Graham be back in Seattle?

    Yes. The ruptured patellar tendon injury is a tough one to come back from, but general manager John Schneider and coach Pete Carroll have made it clear they are not going to give up on the Graham experiment after just one season. --Sheil Kapadia

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    46. Which team from here is WAY too low?

    Rams are one. They were 7-9 with horrible QB play. That's hard to do. They should be better at QB by default, even if the personnel is unchanged. The Bears and Bucs also tempted me, but Los Angeles has a better roster than that ranking. Much better. -- Mike Sando

    Le'Veon Bell get an extension before the 2016 season?

    Yes. Bell will be tempted to bet on himself by playing out the final year of his rookie deal to show he's healthy. But he won't turn down an offer from the Steelers, which will be substantial but not record setting. -- Jeremy Fowler

    48. Think Greg Hardy is on a roster August 1?

    Definitely. He's too talented to be out of football. -- John Clayton

    49. Name a few great fits for Matt Forte.

    My top five: the Patriots, Packers, Seahawks, Redskins and Raiders. He brings value to all five offenses as a No. 2 back. He could go play for a ring in New England, Green Bay or Seattle. And he's an ideal fit for the schemes in Washington and Oakland. -- Matt Bowen

    50. Name the first-year assistant who will have a Wade Phillips-like impact in their new home?

    Um, Wade took the No. 6 D and it went to No. 1, but I get the question. I don't think it's a guarantee that someone coming into a new situation has that type of impact every season. I do think Rob Chudzinski gets a healthy Andrew Luck and an offseason for that team to improve its roster (he hopes). They'll be a playoff team again, Luck will bounce back and that situation will look better on paper. -- Mike Sando
  24. FSUnole1988

    FSUnole1988 fuck the gators

    Yeah thats what Im hoping for, give me a FA DE and best CB on the board. If we some how got Wilkerson and Hargreaves that would be awesome.
  25. kslim

    kslim EMAW
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    That or pay the fuck out of norman and draft spence
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  26. Mix

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    If Steelers give Bell a big deal after that injury I'll be disappointed. They need to see he can be the same player.
  27. BiMaleStripper

    BiMaleStripper Well-Known Member

    cap expected to rise to 155 million+
  28. gowolverines8

    gowolverines8 Well-Known Member

    It really does seem like the broncos are going to let Osweiler walk if he demands 14 mil+ a year.
  29. Corch

    Corch Take my energy.
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    I wouldn't pay him that either.

    He'd be smart to sign a short deal for 8-10m/yr
  30. gowolverines8

    gowolverines8 Well-Known Member

    Also rumors that the broncos could chase RGIII if they let Osweiler walk.
  31. Sterling A

    Sterling A Uh, apology accepted, ass-douche
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    Colts/Packers To Play In 2016 Pro Football Hall Of Fame Game
    Posted 7 minutes ago

    Intro: The Colts will get an early start on the 2016 preseason. On Tuesday, the NFL announced the Colts and Packers will play in the Hall of Fame game on Sunday, Aug. 7 at 8:00 PM ET in Canton, Ohio.


    INDIANAPOLIS – Canton, Ohio will be the place to be for Colts fans on the weekend of Aug. 6.

    After watching Marvin Harrison and Tony Dungy get inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame on Saturday, Aug. 6, the present day Colts will take center stage the following day.

    The Colts and Packers will kick off the National Football League’s 2016 preseason in the league’s Hall of Fame Game on Sunday, Aug. 7 at 8:00 PM ET in Canton.

    Adam SchefterVerified account‏@AdamSchefter
    Redskins and QB Kirk Cousins have broken off contract talks, per team source. No further talks scheduled.
    #33 Sterling A, Feb 16, 2016
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  32. miles

    miles All I know is my gut says, maybe

    Pats' Mayo retiring.

    Man, the retirements by very good players so early is getting insane.
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  33. TTgator91

    TTgator91 Well-Known Member
    Florida GatorsWWE

    Pats rehired the oline coach

    Cousins 20mill a year is some funny shite
  34. TTgator91

    TTgator91 Well-Known Member
    Florida GatorsWWE

    Injuries got him in the end. All respect to Mayo
  35. BiMaleStripper

    BiMaleStripper Well-Known Member

    Franchise tag is 19.6 i believe and if he repeats the season he had this season he is gonna get 20 million easy especially with cap going up every year
  36. TTgator91

    TTgator91 Well-Known Member
    Florida GatorsWWE

    Don't respond to me with a name like that
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  37. OZ

    OZ Old balls

    Not sure if they can get it done, but I think the best thing the Redskins could do is franchise Cousins or sign him to a deal similar to Kaep and Andy Dalton with a lot of outs.

    Cousins had a good year, but do we think playing well down the stretch deserves some mega-contract when he was facing teams such as Dallas, Philly, & Chicago? A total Dan Snyder move would be paying him 18 million a year in a 5 year deal and ending up regretting it going into year 2 or 3.
  38. Sterling A

    Sterling A Uh, apology accepted, ass-douche
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    Tannehill makes over 19 million and hasnt even led the dolphins to the playoffs in 4 seasons (and doesnt look like he will anytime soon), like Cousins has. QB's get paid

    Even dump's embarrassed of him, he doesnt even come into the dolphins thread to cheer him on anymore
  39. TTgator91

    TTgator91 Well-Known Member
    Florida GatorsWWE

  40. TTgator91

    TTgator91 Well-Known Member
    Florida GatorsWWE

    Doug martin vs Lamar miller...who ya payin
  41. BiMaleStripper

    BiMaleStripper Well-Known Member

    muscle hamster
  42. Arkadin


    Mayo doesn't fit that bill. He was going to get cut, only started half the games last year, missed 20 games the two years before that, and has finished all of the last 3 seasons on the IR. He had a good 8 year run, specifically earlier, but it was his time
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  43. miles

    miles All I know is my gut says, maybe

    I must've not been paying attention. Didn't know about all the injuries.
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  44. wtx

    wtx you don't want zero problems big fella
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    miller is 3 years younger so give me him
  45. TTgator91

    TTgator91 Well-Known Member
    Florida GatorsWWE

    What if you have Ajayi ready to be a cheaper starter? He might not even be , I don't know wtx
  46. wtx

    wtx you don't want zero problems big fella
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    if the dolphins don't re-sign miller then they need to sign another back. miller graded out slightly behind martin, but he's 3 years younger so give me him all day.

    the dolphins need to sign someone like powell or ridley if they roll with ajayi as their starter imo
  47. Sterling A

    Sterling A Uh, apology accepted, ass-douche
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    dolphins have been looking at ronnie hillman i think
  48. MG2

    MG2 No judgement in brainstorming

    Running backs are such a crap shoot to begin with, I'm probably not paying for Martin and his injury history. If it's for very little money, I'll take him. If I'm paying $5M+ for Miller or Martin, give me Miller.