2018 College Football Gambling Thread

Discussion in 'Gambling Board' started by letan, Aug 9, 2018.

  1. wolfpck

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    Anyone interested in joining a bowl pick em? I have one I do every year on ESPN. $50 entry and payout is 70/20/10 split. DM me your email and I'll shoot you the link.
  2. TLAU

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    we've got one on our home board that's $20 entry as well if anyone wants to do that.

    also went to make a deposit in Bovada and had no recollection at all of placing a 4-team ML parlay on UW/OU/UA/OSU....
    like finding $200 in a virtual couch cushion
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  3. undrtow

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    I'd add a $20 bowl pick em if you can send details
  4. TDCD

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    Bama -250
    Clemson +250
    OU +1400
    ND +1400

    Thinking of taking the field here, 2 on clemson and 1 on both ou and nd