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    My franchise QB and my franchise PG in the same screenshot.
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    Always a great day to be a Giant!

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    What on earth is this

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    I was feeling good about my box jumps lately until just now.
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    How about you stay healthy for a full season first, bro.
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    Justin Jackson looked great in the Chargers-Chiefs game last December. I’d trade him.
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    Doesn't seem like the NFL is too popular on here anymore
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    training camp is starting soon. fear not
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    i am enthralled by the idea of andy reid desperately trying to figure out which two games to bench mahomes for

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    This would have to drive up backup an prices pretty dramatically, no?
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    dave had to trade odell bc giants only take high character guys and odell was just too much of a bad apple #gettleBOY

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    What a ridiculous concept
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    Can’t say I disagree
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    I’m sure he won’t suck shit after getting paid like that worthless Nole Devonta Freeman
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  25. TTgator91

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    texans offseason has been one long farting sound it seems
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    It really has been for a team that's somewhat of a contender with a QB on a rookie deal.
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    Matt Ryan needs to give up some money to Julio. Lots of it.
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    or all of it
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    I for one really like Matt Ryan in Atlanta and hope he stays there as long as Eli
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    Will somebody post this?
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    or you could pay the $5 monthly fee especially since you are a KU fan and they have the Big 12 Now stuff
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    NFL Future Power Rankings: Projections for all 32 teams for the next three years

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    5:30 AM CT
    • Louis Riddick, Kevin Seifert and Field Yates
    To project which NFL franchises are in the best shape for the next three seasons, we asked our panel of experts to rate each team's roster non-QB, quarterback, draft, front office and coaching using this scale:

    • 100: A+ (Elite)

    • 90: A (Great)

    • 80: B (Very good)

    • 70: C (Average)

    • 60: D (Very bad)

    • 50 and below: F (Disastrous)
    After averaging the results from the panelists, each of the five categories was weighted to create the overall score -- roster (30 percent), quarterback (20 percent), draft (15 percent), front office (15 percent) and coaching (20 percent). The result is a comprehensive ranking based on how well each team is positioned for the future.

    Read through the full file No. 1 through No. 32, or jump to your favorite team using the quick links below:

    BUF | MIA | NE | NYJ | BAL | CIN | CLE | PIT
    HOU | IND | JAX | TEN | DEN | KC | LAC | OAK
    DAL | NYG | PHI | WSH | CHI | DET | GB | MIN
    ATL | CAR | NO | TB | ARI | LAR | SF | SEA

    1. Indianapolis Colts
    Overall score: 87.8

    Braden Smith and Quenton Nelson, he hit home runs, and in linebacker Darius Leonard he hit a grand slam. The building blocks are there. What concerns me going forward? The second and third levels of the defense, basically all of the linebackers outside of Leonard, and a secondary/overall coverage unit that allowed the most catches and highest catch percentage to opposing tight ends in 2018. The offense is going to be OK as long as Andrew Luck is healthy, but there is still much room to improve defensively. -- Riddick

    New England Patriots
    Overall score: 87.2[/paste:font]
    Jonathan Jones) that allow them to be flexible and withstand injury attrition during the season. Bill Belichick remains the greatest coach in NFL history and his staff is resourceful and makes pieces fit. The most pressing immediate task is reshaping the receiving corps for Tom Brady, who remains one of the game's elite quarterbacks. The infrastructure of this organization -- coaching, scouting, development, etc. -- sets the standard. -- Yates

    Forecasting the next three NFL seasons: 25 predictions through 2022
    Biggest worry: It goes without saying that there isn't much that I don't like about how the Patriots go about their business, both in the present and in how they plan for the future. As Field said, they are the standard. But if anything concerns me, it is the constant loss of valuable brain power and football intellect that this organization experiences every offseason as other teams try to tap into and emulate what the Patriots do. Belichick is the greatest of all time, and that is not up for debate anymore, but how long can he continue to retool and have it be business as usual when losing fabulous young coaching talents like Brian Flores (Dolphins coach) and Brendan Daly (Chiefs defensive-line coach)? -- Riddick

    Philadelphia Eagles
    Overall score: 87.0[/paste:font]
    Carson Wentz recently signed to a sizable contract. This team is littered with talent on both sides of the ball, has a standout head coach and one of the top front offices in the league. The future is exceedingly bright, with much of the focus going forward being on Wentz's health. There is a difference between a player being injury-prone and having poor luck; Wentz feels like the latter after tearing his ACL in 2017 and then dealing with a back issue in 2018. Provided that the back issue doesn't affect him in the future, the Eagles are set up for sustained, high-level success. -- Yates

    Biggest worry: Will Wentz take the advice of those who will be working the closest with him in 2019 and just be the point guard of the offense? Will he be more Magic Johnson and less Michael Jordan? Meaning, can he just distribute the football and let the playmakers do the work, pick his spots when to "make a play and be great" and not try to do everything himself and put his availability at risk? If he does what they want him to do, he will win the MVP in 2019 and the Eagles will be back in the Super Bowl. If he doesn't, Nick Foles isn't around as the backup anymore. -- Riddick

    Jason Kelce will be 32 this season and the guard position lacks depth? -- Seifert

    4. Kansas City Chiefs
    Overall score: 85.5

    Patrick Mahomes is unquestioned, and Andy Reid is one of the finest offensive minds the NFL has seen over the past two decades. Kansas City knocked on the door of the Super Bowl and arguably has a more complete roster now with the defensive additions of Frank Clark and Tyrann Mathieu. Two major questions remain. One is the pending status of wide receiver Tyreek Hill, who remains away from the team at this time due to domestic violence allegations, and whether the defense has added enough personnel to truly improve. But with Mahomes in tow, few teams have a brighter outlook over the next decade. Yes, decade. -- Yates

    Biggest worry: The entire defensive side of the ball was revamped for 2019 and beyond, starting with new defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo and an entirely new defensive staff. Spags brings a switch from a base 3-4 configuration to a 4-3 configuration, and he'll have new edge players on the defensive line headlined by the ultra-explosive Clark (acquired in a trade from Seattle) and what should be a much-improved secondary led by free-agent signing Mathieu and rookie second-rounder Juan Thornhill at safety. That's a lot of change in one offseason, which brings a great deal of high-upside possibilities, as well as the potential for major disappointment if Spagnuolo can't get it all to work the way he wants it to -- which has happened to him at previous stops. -- Riddick

    Marcus Peters, running back Kareem Hunt and Hill, among others, provide enough warning signs. -- Seifert

    5. Seattle Seahawks
    Overall score: 84.9

    Russell Wilson, who has MVP-caliber ability. What's clear in Seattle is that the personnel and coaching staffs are in lockstep in terms of identifying the type of players they need to win. Nothing is guaranteed in the NFL, but that kind of continuity goes a long way in helping Seattle stay in the NFC West mix. -- Yates

    Forecasting the next three NFL seasons »
    10 players entering make-or-break years »
    The best players at every age: 21 to 47 »
    The best and worst arsenals from 32-1 »
    NFL draft prospects to know for 2021-23 »
    Experts debate: 2019, 2020 and beyond »

    Biggest worry: There has been a very clear philosophical blueprint that Carroll has employed since taking over the Seahawks in 2010, and that started with a ferocious pass rush and suffocating secondary play. Ironically, it is those two things that worry me the most about the Seahawks going forward, as they ranked 22nd in ESPN's pass rush win rate last season, according to NFL Next Gen Stats. They beat their blocks within 2.5 seconds just 47% of the time (the league average was 50%), and allowed 65% of passes faced last season to be completed, their worst rate since 2009. Do they have replacements for defensive end Frank Clark and safety Earl Thomas, two key contributors who I believe will be fantastic for their new teams, and both of whom I think the Seahawks should have kept on the roster? -- Riddick

    DK Metcalf can make good on his big-play potential, the Seahawks will have a weapon who can get past opposing defenses for years to come. -- Seifert

    6. Pittsburgh Steelers
    Overall score: 84.4

    Ben Roethlisberger's extension aligns with the three-year window of this project, while Pittsburgh's offensive line is one of the best in football. Notable question marks that loom for the Steelers are how much this offense will miss Antonio Brown and how quickly linebacker Devin Bush can assert himself as the quarterback of the defense. This team is set up to be successful. -- Yates

    Biggest worry: Brown and JuJu Smith-Schuster combined for 53% of the Steelers' receiving yards last season. Only the Vikings' Adam Thielen and Stefon Diggs combined for a higher percentage of their team's receiving yardage among receiver duos. So the question is: Will Smith-Schuster be able to handle the pressure that comes with being the No. 1 target, and who will step up and fill the No. 2 role that he leaves behind? Those are big questions that need to be answered for a team that will be much better defensively and now has the Browns making big moves with big expectations within the division. -- Riddick

    Le'Veon Bell, and one that faces another change at some point when the 37-year-old Roethlisberger retires. One improvement that could elevate the team's Super Bowl chances is Tomlin's game-day decisions, something he and the entire franchise have worked on this offseason. -- Seifert

    7. New Orleans Saints
    Overall score: 84.2

    Drew Brees, two brilliant pass-catchers in Michael Thomas and Alvin Kamaraand a stout offensive line. Defensively, the Saints are tough, generate pressure and have a standout, ball-hawking secondary. There's a lot to like about the Saints right now, though keeping this roster core intact long term might be a challenge (Thomas is eligible for an extension). GM Mickey Loomis has a long-standing willingness to push cap woes down the road to future years by being creative for the present season. That could mean a Super Bowl run in the Big Easy. -- Yates

    Biggest worry: Similar to a year ago, what concerns me most going forward is Brees, 40, and when he decides to call it quits, because I have many concerns about what exactly Teddy Bridgewater is in terms of a being a consistent playoff-caliber (or championship-caliber) QB. Additionally, it appears as though a mega-contract is on the horizon for Thomas, and who's to say that he will have the same rapport with Bridgewater or whoever ends up being Brees' successor. Last, as I pointed out a year ago as well, there always seems to be speculation surrounding coach Sean Payton and how long he remains in New Orleans. -- Riddick

    Los Angeles Rams
    Overall score: 82.8[/paste:font]
    Jared Goff who found his groove under McVay. Major questions for the Rams going forward surround the ability to retain this outstanding core, as the Rams have a sizable list of players who are due for extensions. That's a good problem to have. -- Yates

    Biggest worry: Everything the Rams do offensively is predicated on strong offensive line play (as it is with every team) and an efficient, strong zone-running game that has been led by Todd Gurley over the past two seasons (658 touches, 3,924 scrimmage yards). There are major concerns about just how healthy Gurley (knee) is going to be moving forward, and it is unknown just how well rookie third-round RB Darrell Henderson will adjust to the NFL (although Rams coaches love him). There will be at least two new starters on the offensive line at center and left guard, where John Sullivan was released and Rodger Saffold left via free agency. -- Riddick

    Aaron Donald and Michael Brockers, along with cornerback Aqib Talib, will all be on the wrong side of 30. An infusion of defensive talent seems necessary. -- Seifert

    9. Cleveland Browns
    Overall score: 81.9

    Baker Mayfield, the prodigious young quarterback who has immense physical ability and unique leadership qualities. The task at hand for first-time head coach Freddie Kitchens is jelling all of the talent -- that's what we call a high-society problem in football. The buzz in Cleveland is palpable. -- Yates

    Biggest worry: From 2018 until now, I'm starting to see the light with my former team. The Browns have found their quarterback of the future in Mayfield, defensive end Myles Garrett is starting to grow on me, and the coaching staff seemed to figure out what it had and what it didn't have on the roster and how to use it properly. The in-season coaching change last year seemed to help, as they did away with the dysfunction that was permeating that staff. Going forward, my biggest concern is whether Kitchens can keep all of these explosive players and the personalities that come with them moving in the same direction, particularly when adversity hits (which it always does). Things have changed in Cleveland from "hope" to "expectations." That can be both good and bad. -- Riddick

    Los Angeles Chargers
    Overall score: 80.9[/paste:font]
    Joey Bosa and Melvin Ingram. Telesco has a strong draft résumé, having landed at least one Pro Bowl or first-team All-Pro player in each of his draft classes (2013 to 2018). The Chargers are nicely positioned to remain competitive, especially with Philip Rivers showing few signs of slowing down and in line for an extension before the season begins. The challenge for the Chargers is going from good to great and making a deeper playoff run. -- Yates

    Biggest worry: Have the Chargers fixed the interior of their defense, specifically at DT and LB? The Patriots exposed the Chargers' deficiencies in these two areas in the divisional round of the playoffs last season, rushing for 155 yards on 4.6 yards per carry, along with four rushing touchdowns -- while James White had 15 receptions for 97 yards! Telesco tried to address these problem areas by signing free-agent LB Thomas Davis and drafting DT Jerry Tillery of Notre Dame in the first round, so these individuals have to come through for defensive coordinator Gus Bradley if the Chargers are going to make it to the Super Bowl before Rivers retires and the window closes. -- Riddick

    Chicago Bears
    Overall score: 80.5[/paste:font]
    Khalil Mack last September. Pair that approach with an innovative second-year coach in Matt Nagy who relates well to every player on his roster (not just those he coaches more closely on offense), and the ingredients are in place for sustained success. As is the case with several teams on this list, the next step for this franchise is tied to the ascent of young quarterback Mitchell Trubisky. Trubisky was far better in Year 2 than Year 1, but questions about his ability to be a franchise player remain. -- Yates

    Biggest worry: Pace and Nagy are on the same page. They have the working relationship needed to win in the NFL. They have signed (Allen Robinson), traded for (Mack), and drafted (Roquan Smith) the building blocks of the future. It is now Maserati Mitch time! Trubisky, in his third year overall and second with Nagy, is expected to take a huge leap this season in terms of his execution of the offense and ability to make big plays consistently down the field throwing the football. Nagy is a believer, his teammates believe, and I believe. But that's my concern: expectations. We will see if he can meet them. -- Riddick

    Minnesota Vikings
    Overall score: 80.4[/paste:font]
    Kirk Cousins -- was solid but unspectacular in Year 1, and the offensive line was a mess. The hope for GM Rick Spielman is that the first-round selection of Garrett Bradbury, inking Josh Kline and improved play from incumbent starters will be enough to get the line in order. Defensively, Minnesota is without major weaknesses. The time for the Vikings to win is now, so missing the playoffs again would be a significant disappointment. -- Yates

    Biggest worry: Last year, I said it was all about Cousins and whether he could be the reason the Vikings organization took the next step and made it to the Super Bowl and won it, which is why they signed him to a fully guaranteed $84 million contract last offseason. I was skeptical and didn't see him as that kind of player, and I still do not. That said, what worries me going forward is if they have the right personnel to execute the offensive approach coach Mike Zimmer wants, which is a much more run-centric attack that takes the pressure off of their $84 million QB. That means new offensive coordinator Kevin Stefanski, former Texans head coach and now assistant head coach Gary Kubiak, and offensive-line coach/run-game coordinator Rick Dennison have to come through in a big way and get an offense that ran the ball just 35.6% of the time (29th) in 2018 and averaged just 4.18 rush yards per play to be much better. -- Riddick

    Green Bay Packers
    Overall score: 79.6[/paste:font]
    Aaron Rodgers, arguably the most talented quarterback in the game, which bodes well for the next three seasons. But Rodgers' injury struggles the past two seasons exposed a roster full of holes, something GM Brian Gutekunst attacked aggressively in free agency. The storyline that many are locked in on is the marriage of Rodgers and new head coach Matt LaFleur. If harmony is achieved expediently, this team could be right back in the NFC North race as soon as 2019. -- Yates

    Biggest worry: You might get tired of hearing it, but trust me, you need to accept it. Relationships are what it's all about in the NFL when it comes to the final competitive advantage that big-time winning teams have over the wannabes. In Green Bay, the relationship between Rodgers and LaFleur will either get the Packers back to the top of their division and the NFC overall, or ultimately define one of the greatest QB talents that the NFL has ever seen as a single Super Bowl winner. There are already signs that these two men might not see eye to eye as far as how much freedom Rodgers might have at the line of scrimmage, and I have been on record as being skeptical of this pairing from Day 1. -- Riddick

    Dallas Cowboys
    Overall score: 79.0[/paste:font]
    DeMarcus Lawrence, guard Zack Martin, running back Ezekiel Elliott, quarterback Dak Prescott, linebackers Jaylon Smith and Leighton Vander Eschand cornerback Byron Jones, among others. But a few questions remain for Dallas going forward. Can the Cowboys keep their core intact? (They're confident they can.) Will Prescott evolve into a more potent presence at QB and lead them to big victories? But perhaps the most pressing question, at least in the short term, is whether Jason Garrett will be the captain of the ship going forward. He's a rare coach working while being on the final year of his deal. -- Yates

    Biggest worry: Last year I worried about why Cowboys management wouldn't commit to Lawrence, that Dallas didn't have enough firepower on the perimeter offensively, and that the coaching staff could not make up for the personnel shortcomings the Cowboys had on offense in particular. Well ... they signed Lawrence to a long-term deal, traded for WR Amari Cooper, and have a new offensive coordinator and QBs coach for 2019. My biggest worry now: Is Prescott that guy? Meaning, is he the $30 million-plus-per-year franchise QB who can take his game to the next level under the guidance of offensive coordinator Kellen Moore and QBs coach Jon Kitna and be the difference-maker that puts Dallas in the conversation with the best teams of the NFC? I see a major coaching-staff shakeup on the horizon with this team if that is not the case. -- Riddick

    Atlanta Falcons
    Overall score: 78.4[/paste:font]
    Chris Lindstrom, Kaleb McGary), and if they can become stout against the run between the tackles and rush the passer with better success defensively, they have a window for success, both short term and long term. If their plan fails, this team will be looking for new leadership in the very near future. -- Riddick

    Calvin Ridley could form a third-generation bond with quarterback Matt Ryan, who is 34 and in the prime of his own career. Ridley has the skills and playmaking ability to follow Julio Jones (30) as Ryan's top target, much like how Jones took over for Roddy White in the mid-2010s. Those connections are a big part of why the Falcons have been playoff contenders for most of the Ryan era. -- Seifert

    16. Houston Texans
    Overall score: 77.6

    Deshaun Watson's brilliance provides the largest beam of hope, as he bounced back from a torn ACL as a rookie to play all 16 games in 2018 and throw for more than 4,000 yards. The roster has top-tier talent in key spots, but the offensive line is a serious question mark, as much will be expected of first-round pick Tytus Howard. The largest question mark looming over the organization is the front office, as the Texans have a general manager vacancy after abruptly dismissing Brian Gaine. -- Yates

    Biggest worry: When your offensive line is coming off a season in which it gave up 62 sacks and allowed a 41% pressure rate (both worst in the NFL), you know that fixing this unit is the top priority going forward if you are to have any chance. Firing the GM (Gaine) who was responsible for singing free-agent OT Matt Kalil and drafting OTs Howard and Max Scharping in the first and second rounds, respectively, doesn't give me any confidence that this coaching staff and the front office are on the same page. That usually doesn't bode well in terms of success on the field. Watson deserves better than what he has received in terms of protection, and if the players who were brought in can't be developed or utilized properly, this team is in trouble. -- Riddick

    Baltimore Ravens
    Overall score: 77.0[/paste:font]
    Lamar Jackson included encouraging signs. The Ravens went 6-1 in his seven starts, though it's fair to point out that the entire team picked up its play during that stretch. But beyond Jackson's development -- can he evolve enough to be a consistent passer? -- the team underwent substantial turnover on defense, including losing some key leaders. That change extended to the front office, where well-regarded and sharp evaluator Eric DeCosta assumed GM duties after the outstanding Ozzie Newsome retired. But more than anything, Jackson must make strides. -- Yates

    Biggest worry: This one is very simple. It always seems to be about the offense with this team, and that remains the same going forward. Either Jackson improves on his ability to pass effectively on third down, on throws outside the numbers and on throws traveling 11-plus yards down the field, or the Ravens are going to have trouble keeping pace with the rest of the teams in their division -- all of whom have very good passing QBs -- as well as the AFC overall. New GM DeCosta added some very exciting and diverse weapons via free agency and the draft in running back Mark Ingram and receivers Marquise Brown and Miles Boykin, and now it is up to coordinator Greg Roman and Jackson to get the most out of this impressive group. -- Riddick

    Carolina Panthers
    Overall score: 76.7[/paste:font]
    Cam Newton -- who made major strides in terms of accuracy last season -- and blue-chip talent on both sides of the ball, the Panthers can beat anyone if they play well. But a lack of edge pass rushing, inconsistent offensive tackle play and lack of production at receiver limited Carolina last season. Newton is displaying positive recovery signs after shoulder surgery, but two surgeries in three offseasons play a part in his -- and the team's -- future outlook. -- Yates

    Biggest worry: Christian McCaffrey answered my questions about his ability to be an every-down back in 2018 (1,965 scrimmage yards, good for third in the NFL), and 2018 first-round receiver DJ Moore is going to be a superstar. The question going forward centers around the health of Superman: specifically, Newton's surgically repaired throwing shoulder. First, will it hold up and not be a problem; second, will he protect himself; finally, will he be even better than 2018 statistically (best season of his career in completion percentage and his second-best career passer rating) and return to his 2015 form and lead this team back to the Super Bowl? -- Riddick

    Tennessee Titans
    Overall score: 75.3[/paste:font]
    Marcus Mariota is the long-term answer at quarterback. He enters the final year of his rookie contract and must make strides. He has unique qualities and outstanding football character, but must be more consistent and prolific as a passer. If Mariota steadies his play, not only will he cash in with a lucrative new deal from the Titans, but this team's future outlook will be quite favorable. Tennessee desires to play physically and mentally tough football, and that foundation has been laid. -- Yates

    Biggest worry: It's all about the QB. Is the future bright with Mariota, or will Tennessee be starting over again in the very near future and looking for the "next" franchise player? Availability and durability have been major issues for Mariota. It's not all his fault, as he has been sacked 130 times since coming into the league -- tied for eighth-most in that span -- and has not had consistent, reliable help on the perimeter in the form of legitimate receiving threats. Top it all off with a first-time playcaller/new offensive coordinator in Arthur Smith for the upcoming season and there are nothing but questions and concerns for the Tennessee offense overall, and Mariota specifically. -- Riddick

    Oakland Raiders
    Overall score: 75.2[/paste:font]
    Trent Brown and Tyrell Williams, plus the trade for Antonio Brown. There's no question that this team is far more talented than it was last season, but two question marks loom large. How much will the defense improve after a dismal 2018 and, most important, will the Jon Gruden-Derek Carr pairing become a long-term marriage? If Carr shows the form we saw in 2016, the Raiders are going to be competitive. -- Yates

    Biggest worry: I like everything the Raiders did this offseason as far as trying to improve their football team. Free-agency acquisitions, draft picks ... I like it all. What concerns me the most? Will Carr -- of whom I have been a huge fan from the time he first put on a Raiders uniform -- have the kind of season that puts to rest the questions that always seem to dog him? Can the quarterback handle pressure, is he mentally tough enough, etc., and will he be able to maintain the relationship with Brown through the inevitable ups and downs that come with getting used to a new teammate in the ultimate team sport? If he can, this team is a sleeping giant that could surprise many in 2019 and beyond. -- Riddick

    Detroit Lions
    Overall score: 74.5[/paste:font]
    Trey Flowers, nickelback Justin Coleman and high-floor tight end prospect T.J. Hockenson. But in a division that is arguably the NFL's best, it will take a quick progression for the Lions to compete in 2019. There's still work to do on this roster. -- Yates

    Biggest worry: The Lions have 75% of what is needed on offense to get the job done at a high level, including a significant investment in the OL, a stud RB in Kerryon Johnson (who needs to stay healthy) and a high-upside rookie draft pick at TE. Now they need a real No. 1 WR to take them over the top. That said, what really concerns me is their defense, particularly whether the Lions can rush the passer well enough to be a true contender in the NFC. They had the lowest blitz rate in the NFL in 2018 and had the league worst mark in ESPN's pass rush win rate using Next Gen Stats. That's a problem both from a tactical standpoint (that falls on Patricia) and a personnel standpoint, and I don't think the addition of Flowers as a free agent this offseason is magically going to fix the personnel end of things. -- Riddick

    Denver Broncos
    Overall score: 74.3[/paste:font]
    Joe Flaccohas great football ahead of him. That would solve the team's greatest need, as he's been preceded by a carousel of signal-callers the past three seasons. Those around the NFL are less confident in the former Raven, but many forecast Denver to bounce back on defense under new coach Vic Fangio. The Broncos have not been able to find a quarterback of the future during John Elway's reign as GM. Second-round selection Drew Lock has a chance to change that, and some wonder whether he could upend Flacco as soon as this season. That would give Denver a chance at a more favorable future outcome. -- Yates

    Biggest worry: As much as I respect Flacco for what he did during his time in Baltimore, this article is about the future, and he is not the future in Denver. Lock is. Now Fangio, a defensive coordinator by trade, will have to show that "defensive" head coaches do deserve the opportunity to lead and develop football teams in a league that is so focused and dependent on quality QB play. In that respect, remember this name: Rich Scangarello. He is the offensive coordinator on Fangio's new staff who will be responsible for the future development of Lock. I have my concerns. Time will tell. -- Riddick

    Buffalo Bills
    Overall score: 73.9[/paste:font]
    Josh Allen will dictate Buffalo's long-term fate more than anything else, as he needs to make accuracy strides. -- Yates

    Biggest worry: Stop me if you have heard this one before: What happens at QB will determine what happens with this team. Two years ago, I didn't believe in Tyrod Taylor and they moved on. Last year, I was skeptical about Allen because of what I saw on tape from him in college. In 2019 and going forward, it's the same. I'm not an Allen believer, and for the sake of Buffalo fans, I hope I am wrong. He is wildly erratic as far as accuracy, is not dependable with his decision-making at this point and doesn't have a very impressive array of perimeter weapons he can get the ball to and allow them to carry the load. When you trade up to draft a franchise QB seventh overall, you expect to get a big return on investment in a short amount of time. The clock is ticking for Allen. -- Riddick

    Tremaine Edmunds (21) to nose tackle Ed Oliver (21) to cornerback Tre'Davious White (24), the Bills have some playmakers who could be hitting their peak in three seasons. Their defense alone could lift them into strong playoff contenders. -- Seifert

    24. San Francisco 49ers
    Overall score: 73.6

    Jimmy Garoppolo sabotaged the 2018 season. Garoppolo is healthy now, has a steady offensive line, a talented stable of backs and an ascending group of pass-catchers led by tight end George Kittle. While the defense still has gaps to fill, it's time for the 49ers to start making good on the promise we've seen in spurts. Head coach Kyle Shanahan has a dynamic offensive mind and points should be plentiful this season. GM John Lynch's track record in the draft is short, but the early returns haven't been what he was hoping for. San Francisco must improve in that area. -- Yates

    Biggest worry: Yes, Garoppolo is coming off a major injury, and yes, the 49ers need to develop a legit perimeter threat at wide receiver if Garoppolo is going to be the greatest trade the 49ers have ever made -- as I said he would be before he got hurt. But what worries me the most about this team is the defense. Yes, I know they added a lot of firepower on the defensive line with the trade for DE Dee Ford and the drafting of Nick Bosa in the first round. But this team is terrible in the secondary (the 49ers intercepted just two passes last season, the fewest by any team in the Super Bowl era, and also allowed 35 passing TDs), and unless they can create havoc upfront on a regular basis, I don't see how the 49ers are going to improve in the back end. -- Riddick

    Jacksonville Jaguars
    Overall score: 72.9[/paste:font]
    Nick Foles and a defensive core that -- despite slumping in 2018 -- has dominant ability. For Jacksonville, getting the most out of major investments (Foles, Leonard Fournette, Josh Allen, etc.) and reasserting itself as a physical force will allow for success. A similarly disappointing 2019 will lead to major changes, though. -- Yates

    Biggest worry: For $50 million-plus in total guarantees on a new four-year deal, Foles is expected to be everything that Blake Bortles was not, and then some. The Jags are banking on the relationship between Foles and new offensive coordinator John DeFilippo to be one that enables Foles to play at the level he did during the 2017 postseason for Philly, which included a 72.6 completion percentage, 9.2 yards per attempt and a 115.7 passer rating. DeFilippo was on the Eagles' staff for that run, but it remains to be seen if the playcalling chemistry is there and if the Jaguars' offensive perimeter weapons can even come close to what Foles had during that magical run with the Eagles. -- Riddick

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    Overall score: 72.0[/paste:font]
    Jameis Winston on a weekly basis. The fact that Winston is entering the final year of his rookie deal without much public talk of an extension affirms that he has a lot to prove this season. Not only do the Bucs have a long-term quarterback question mark, but the defense was exceedingly poor last season. The Bucs worked to build the defense up by using five of the first 107 picks of the draft on that side of the ball, but the jury is out as to whether it can get good enough quick enough to put them in the mix in the NFC South, perhaps the league's best division. -- Yates

    Biggest worry: The Buccaneers hired Arians first and foremost to get the best out of Winston, and that is the biggest area of concern for me as far as their future is concerned. In his four seasons in the league, Winston has thrown 58 interceptions, tied for second-most among QBs, compared to 88 touchdowns, which ranks 15th. There is no question that the Bucs need to get a competent rushing attack established to help take some of the pressure off of Winston (Buccaneers RBs combined for 1,050 rushing yards last season, fewest in the NFL, and ranked 30th in yards per rush), but this team is going nowhere in the short term if Winston doesn't improve. -- Riddick

    Washington Redskins
    Overall score: 71.3[/paste:font]
    Alex Smith late last season, likely sidelining him for 2019. The Redskins had no choice but to address the position this offseason, landing Dwayne Haskins with the No. 15 overall pick. Haskins and second-year running back Derrius Guice -- provided he's fully healthy after an ACL tear -- bring hope for an offense that lacks established playmakers. Defensively, the Redskins have a tough, hard-nosed and talented front seven that helped keep them competitive last season. Head coach Jay Gruden recently made a comment (a joking one in reference to a question about "Hard Knocks") about not retaining his job if the team doesn't make the playoffs. That underscores the reality for Washington: It needs a strong 2019 or faces significant change. -- Yates

    Biggest worry: While I love the future potential of Haskins and believe he is a Pro Bowl-caliber QB talent, I have little to no faith that Washington management will do the right thing and get him the weapons he needs at receiver, or the guidance/tutelage he deserves so he can realize his vast potential in the meeting room, on the field and off the field. Having many people who want to weigh in with their opinion on his development is not necessarily a good thing, and I fear that that could be what is shaping up to happen to this young man in D.C. -- Riddick

    Montez Sweat. Despite constant churn in the front office, a situation that has debilitated the franchise in some areas, this defense could have a promising future. -- Seifert

    28. Cincinnati Bengals
    Overall score: 71.0

    A.J. Green, a 31-year-old receiver in the final year of his contract. Quarterback is a long-term question mark, as the team eschewed extending Andy Dalton this offseason and invested just a fourth-round pick on a possible future replacement (Ryan Finley). The defense was one of the league's worst in 2018. Hope rests in new head coach Zac Taylor, a proficient offensive mind who will be responsible for identifying and developing the quarterback of the future -- be it Dalton, Finley or someone else. It's going to take time in Cincy. -- Yates

    Biggest worry: Marvin Lewis is out as head coach. Taylor is in. First-round draft pick Jonah Williams is out for the season, Dalton is still the starting QB for 2019. My point is that for every step this team takes forward, there seems to be a step back that puts it right where it started. I don't see this team as having the same individual roster strength as it has had in the past at positions like WR, and I continue to believe that Dalton is exactly what he has always been: an average quarterback. Taylor might be the next McVay everyone is supposedly looking for, but with the front-office structure and QB position being what they are for the foreseeable future, I don't know how anything changes for this team in a significantly positive way anytime soon. -- Riddick

    New York Jets
    Overall score: 70.8[/paste:font]
    Le'Veon Bell and C.J. Mosley, a top-rated draft prospect in Quinnen Williams and the hiring of the very-well-regarded Joe Douglas as GM. Most important, Sam Darnold should advance in his second season and is the most pivotal part of the Jets' growth. For now, Gase has work to do to earn the trust of Jets fans, but he and Douglas have some key roster pieces in place. -- Yates

    Biggest worry: Gase's tenure in Miami was characterized by what seemed to be continuous locker room culture "resets," questionable personnel decisions and dysfunction in the front office-coaching staff relationship. Furthermore, I want to see if the reputation matches the reality when it comes to Gase's ability to actually develop and maximize the talents of a young prodigy at the QB position such as Darnold, because I am on record as being a skeptic. The hiring of Douglas as general manager is a big step in the right direction as far as getting the relationship dynamic right between the principal decision-makers; now let's see about the rest of it. -- Riddick

    Jamal Adams, defensive tackle Quinnen Williams, defensive end Leonard Williams and linebacker Mosley would all be hitting their prime in 2022. If they can form a defensive nucleus under new coordinator Gregg Williams, the Jets' outlook would be brighter. -- Seifert

    30. Arizona Cardinals
    Overall score: 70.4

    Kyler Murray represents the best chance for the Cardinals to turn this around, and his harmony with coach Kliff Kingsbury will help spearhead progress. It's needed in Arizona, which endured a brutal 2018 season and still has question marks on both sides of the ball, led by the offensive line. Murray is Step 1 of a long process. -- Yates

    Biggest worry: The more things change, the more they stay the same with this team. A year ago, I expressed concern about this organization's ability to build a successful program by picking the right coaches, selecting the right players to fit the vision of the coaches and specifically develop what was the future franchise quarterback at that time in Josh Rosen. Well, as is typical with this team, changes were made, this time after just one year in terms of the head coach and QB. Until the Cardinals show that they know what they are doing as an organization in these two areas as far as the front office is concerned, they have no chance. -- Riddick

    New York Giants
    Overall score: 69.1[/paste:font]
    Odell Beckham Jr. and drafting Daniel Jones No. 6 overall, Gettelman feels as if he's improved the Giants' culture while finding a long-term quarterback fixture. While Jones could solve many of the potential long-term problems by becoming an outstanding player, the Giants' roster is an inconsistent mesh of players who are ready to win now and a smaller, developmental portion. There isn't much public trust in Gettleman's decision-making, which could result in a long 2019 season. -- Yates

    Biggest worry: Has Gettleman made the right decision concerning the future performance of Eli Manning, the future performance of rookie first-round QB Jones and how well these two can perform without the services of one of the most explosive, naturally gifted WRs we have seen come into the NFL in as long time in Beckham? If he is right and this team will be able to win in both the short and long term, then he will look like a genius. I see the end approaching quickly for Manning, and have been on record as saying Dwayne Haskins was the best QB in the 2019 draft, but the Giants decided on Jones when Haskins was still on the board. I would not have gone that route. -- Riddick

    Miami Dolphins
    Overall score: 65.4[/paste:font]
    Josh Rosen and cleaning up the cap situation, but it's a long process. Whether it's Rosen or someone else, the most important building block for the Dolphins is finding a steady quarterback. But Miami's roster has a lot of offensive holes, so there's a lot of work ahead. -- Yates

    Biggest worry: Is Rosen the quarterback of the future, and do they have a roster on the offensive side of the ball that will allow him to showcase his skills in such a way that the team's decision-makers can make an informed decision about whether they need to address the QB position again during the 2020 offseason? Furthermore, I am not convinced that Grier, the lone survivor of the housecleaning that took place this offseason in the Dolphins' front office, is the person who should be in charge of the massive rebuilding project that is now about to begin. So you can put me in the category as not seeing much to be optimistic about in South Florida for the next few years. -- Riddick

    What could change for the better: Rosen's rookie season in Arizona was disastrous and has dampened external expectations for his career. But imagine how the Dolphins' rebuild would accelerate if he finds a groove in Miami after a trade that cost the team pennies on the dollar. It's not difficult to imagine Rosen boosting the Dolphins into playoff contention within three years. -- Seifert
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    Not a huge loss but Hurns was very well liked in the locker room reportedly. That injury was grizzly. Hope he finds a new team
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