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    This will be his 2nd spring playing. Started when he was 4. So 1 spring and 1 fall season.
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    Yeah it's redicoulous, but we like the league. They basically hit two balls and take a few grounders.
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  3. Jake Barnes

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    My guess is the tryouts are just a way to sort them out so one team doesn’t end up with all the athletic kids.
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    The soccer league my wife helps run names the teams every year based on real clubs. Sometimes it’s national teams, sometimes it’s big European clubs, this year is MLS teams. It’s one of the few things I’ve actually never heard someone complain about.
    Until now, my wife sent out the rosters 2ish hours ago and the emails have not stopped since. This one came to the board that oversees all the sports so I got to see it.

    It was a dad complaining that his dad is signed up to sponsor a team (which is great and thank you to him) but the grandfather thinks the team should be named after him.
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    Please give in to this.
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    ".,.And now the starting eleven for your 'Cranky-Ass Grandpas'!!!!"
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    Tryouts for 5 year olds? What the fuck? And 2-3 year olds playing?

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    Had something similar happen my freshman year of HS playing JV hockey. We had a senior on the team who was by FAR the worst player in the whole league. Also the only senior playing JV. He’d gone all 4 years without ever scoring a goal or even getting an assist. Last game of the year against a prep school that was absolutely loaded with kids they brought in to play hockey (yeah this actually happens in Florida) and he scores what ends up being GWG midway through the 3rd period. We emptied the bench as well to celebrate with the kid. Other coach was pissed at first but it was explained to him after and he was cool. Even gave the kid the game puck. Love when these kind of things happen and the last kid can get their moment in the sun
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    This is exactly what our 8u soccer league has tryouts for.
    Basically keeps one coach from knowing all the good players dad's or such and picking those kids. Evens the playing field.

    Best thing our league did last year was implement a 'keep em' system so that if the same coach is coaching the same age during the next season, he automatically gets any players he had on his team who are still playing in the same age group/league

    We only had 4 players carry over, I think. But having a good coach has made it very good, imo
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  11. Tommy Jefferson

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    I’ll be writing a letter to the editor requesting these events be called “combines” instead of “tryouts”
  12. Jigga

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    We call them evaluations
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  14. HuskerInMiami

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    I coached youth basketball in Lincoln while i was in school. One of the biggest asshole parents was a coach for Nebraska. His kid was the best kid on the opposing team and we ran a box and 1 to shut him down. He was pacing around waving his hat the whole game.
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    9138FA6F-7E02-4522-BC98-B83166248E48.png Unrelated to parents but a JV coach had a 22 year old coach pretend to be 13.
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    Heard through the grapevine El Tiburon may have a story from today to share
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    I cannot even imagine how pathetic you'd have to be to do this.
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    Is this where we talk about the Reynas?
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  19. El Tiburon

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    It would take way too long to give the backdrop. Needless to say, a parent who technically is banned from attending games live decided to attend the away game we had this afternoon. His kid got fouled hard on the sideline directly in front of him and went down crying. Dad immediately runs onto the field to check him and when the ref tells him he can’t come on the field he unleashed about a 3 minute diatribe full of words like bitch, motherfucker, fuck you, etc. in both English and Spanish. A second dad comes over to tell the ref he sucks and both of them get tossed from the game. There was only a couple of minutes left anyway, so the ref decided to call the game over then and there leaving a scoreless draw instead of letting us take our free kick from just outside the box. What a shit show.
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    We had a coaches clinic yesterday for baseball. Our group’s “coach’s coach” was a 70 year old snowbird from the Upper Peninsula. This clinic was for coaching kids under 10 and our guy admits he hasn’t done that in at least 25 years and probably won’t be very helpful.

    He then rants about how, no matter the age, parents will sign kids up for baseball and expect the coaches to teach little Johnny how to throw, catch, hit, etc. It’s not the coaches job to do that; the parents should have already shown some interest in being involved and started teaching some of those skills (which I agree with).

    “At the end of the season, I usually tell those parents to switch to soccer with the rest of the pansies because coordination isn’t Johnny’s thing.”

    :facepalm: but :roll: