Approximately How Many Degrees of Separation Are You From Kevin Bacon?

Discussion in 'The Mainboard' started by Fudd VanVleet, Aug 2, 2020.

  1. Fudd Winslow

    Fudd Winslow Internationally Known, Locally Respected Member
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    I would say I'm 7.
  2. letan

    letan Just looking for the gator board
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    I’m 3. Played hs football with Michael James Shaw. He was in wiener dog with Julie Delpy who was in the air I breathe with Kevin bacon.
  3. ShuPoor

    ShuPoor Clubbing seal clubbers with LeBron James
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    1. My high school band teacher graduated high school with

    2. Kristin Chenoweth, who was in Four Christmases with

    3. Colleen Camp, who was in Trapped with

    4. Kevin Bacon
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  4. Eric The Viking

    Eric The Viking Nitro, the All Knowing
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    Sandra Bullock was in a movie with him, and I was in a movie with Sandra, whatever that is.
  5. Daniel Ocean

    Daniel Ocean I only lied about being a thief
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    and I’ve posted with you for over a dozen years so that many for me.
  6. Biship

    Biship Well-Known Member
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    Worked with a dude that had a small role in the longest yard with Adam Sandler

    Adam Sandler was in that Netflix movie with Jennifer Aniston

    Jennifer Aniston was in picture perfect with Kevin bacon.

  7. ashy larry

    ashy larry marcy projects, son
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    i used to post on the same message board as shane gillis

    shane gillis got fired from snl

    adam sandler got fired from snl

    adam sandler was in that Netflix movie with jennifer aniston

    jennifer aniston was in picture perfect with Kevin bacon.
  8. Odin

    Odin social distancing since 1990
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    anytime i eat bacon i imagine the pig was named kevin

  9. Drunkle Tom

    Drunkle Tom Well-Known Member
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    Four. My dad grew up with Dennis Haskins who was in Clemency with Alfre Woodard who was in Beauty Shop with Kevin Bacon.

    Alternatively, none. I met Kevin Bacon at a Bacon Brothers concert two years ago.
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  10. Goose

    Goose Hi
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    I’ve seen My Dog Skip about 20 times
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  11. Handcuffed

    Handcuffed TMB OG
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    my cousin used to work in the film industry in vancouver. one of the movies i know she worked on was The Perfect Score. looks like all of those actors are 2 degrees away so I think I'm 4 degrees away.
  12. beist

    beist Hyperbolist

    0. I am Kevin Bacon.
  13. BamaNug

    BamaNug Quentin Quarantino
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    I am Kevin Bacon
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  14. blind dog

    blind dog #1 Ladycock fan
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    I'm Kevin Bacon so 0
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  15. southside

    southside Well-Known Member
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    mom went to high school with glen morshower, who was in 24 with Keifer Sutherland, who was in Flatliners with Kevin Bacon
  16. texasraider

    texasraider thanks
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    Fraternity brother was in dr t and the women with Laura dern
    Laura dern was in novacaine with Kevin bacon
  17. Bricktop the white

    Bricktop the white Well-Known Member


    I was a bit player in a student film with a guy who played a corpse in a movie with a woman who played a bit part on an episode of Chicago PD which has like a ton of people with a bacon number of 2. There might be one lower but I only checked the top 3 names.
  18. AptosDuck

    AptosDuck Pedantic Hausfrau
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    Bacon worked with Chris Penn on Footloose, I worked with Chris Penn on Beethoven's 2nd

    Bacon worked with Wayne Knight on JFK, I worked with Wayne Knight on Space Jam

    Bacon worked with Bill Murray on Wild Things, I worked with Bill Murray on Space Jam

    Bacon worked with Daniel Stern on Diner, Daniel Stern once cockblocked me from Dana Delany in Westwood, the fucker
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  19. Taffy

    Taffy Token Brit poster

    You have skyrocketed up my best posters list in the past 24 hours

    Also, we have both worked for mobile communications company 'EE', so 1.
  20. AptosDuck

    AptosDuck Pedantic Hausfrau
    California Golden Bears

    I once paid $450 to watch Gareth Bale do this in Berkeley

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  21. Homo Erectus

    Homo Erectus Well-Known Member

    One of my best friends grandma's lived in Cali & was friends with the Spelling family.

    Sure one of those rich fucks knew Bacon somehow.
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  22. Name P. Redacted

    Name P. Redacted I have no money and I'm also gay
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  23. Eathan Edwards

    Eathan Edwards Well-Known Member

    Have met him in New Orleans a few times, really nice guy.

    Also, was unaware until just now that he and Kyra are cousins and apparently they didn't find this out until after they were already married and she went on some reality TV show that traced their genealogy.
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  24. The Blackfish

    The Blackfish The Fish in Black
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    According to Wikipedia they’re 9th cousins once removed. I feel like that’s genealogically acceptable, but I’m from Alabama so what do I know.
  25. Kevintensity

    Kevintensity Get that gleam
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  26. BayouMafia

    BayouMafia slowly learning that life is ok
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    Faith Ford’s mom was one of my younger brother’s elementary school teachers

    Faith Ford was in You Talkin to Me? with Jim Youngs

    Jim Youngs was in Footloose with Kevin Bacon
  27. Fusiontegra

    Fusiontegra My life is dope and I do dope shit.#SparedByThanos
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  28. pianoman

    pianoman my drinks are free
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    Woody Harrelson is from my small hometown and I like most people in town know him as he still comes back often. And he has two degrees from him to Bacon.
  29. ~ taylor ~

    ~ taylor ~ Boom... head shot.
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    I was in a wedding party with a guy who was in The Break-Up with Jennifer Aniston, who was in Picture Perfect with Kevin Bacon.
  30. El Tiburon

    El Tiburon Well-Known Member
    Florida Gators

    Kevin Bacon is my grandson, and he's sitting on my lap as I type this.
  31. Saul Shabazz

    TMB OG

    best guess is like 39
  32. mc415

    mc415 Well-Known Member
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    2 his son dated one of best female friends in NYC so I met his son quite a few times
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  33. Evil Homer

    Evil Homer New guy please be nice

    1. He stepped on my foot on the subway and he apologized
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  34. devine

    devine hi, I am user devine
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    1. I was the lead role in my 5th grade school play and Kevin Bacon was a lot of lead roles in movies
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  35. Bruce Bowen

    Bruce Bowen Well-Known Member

    I met the O face guy from Office Space > Jennifer Anniston > Kevin Bacon
  36. SP1

    SP1 Ball State #1
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  37. audrew

    audrew Maste’sr of Education
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    Bacon starred as Chip Diller in Animal House.

    Faber College uses a Tennessee state flag for some reason in the student court scene.

    I’m from Tennessee.
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  38. audrew

    audrew Maste’sr of Education
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    Even better:

    Kevin Bacon was in Hollow Man with Josh Brolin.

    Josh Brolin was in Sin City: A Dame to Kill For with Bruce Willis.

    Bruce Willis was in Sin City with Alexis Bledel

    I rode past Alexis Bledel on her way to the Gilmore Girls set during my tram tour of Warner Brothers studios
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  39. Chipper>Jeter

    Chipper>Jeter Fuck Gus, Quinn, and TD
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    Took a piss next to him in the Atlantis Casino so whatever that is
  40. laxjoe

    laxjoe Well-Known Member
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  41. DelapThrows

    DelapThrows Comforter, Philosopher, and Lifelong Mate
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    I was in “Sarah, Plain and Tall” with Christopher Walken. He was in “At Close Range” with Sean Penn. Sean Penn was in “Mystic River” with Kevin Bacon.
  42. Struggler

    Struggler Well-Known Member
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    My mom went to college with Kathleen Quinlan who starred with Kevin Bacon in Apollo 13.
  43. John Blutarsky

    John Blutarsky Seven years of college down the drain.
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    I’ve met John Goodman on a couple of occasions. Gambled with him at the same table once.

    He was in “Death Sentence” with Kevin Bacon.

    This is fun.
  44. Lyrtch

    Lyrtch My second favorite meat is hamburger
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    its 3 but i'm too lazy to figure it out exactly
  45. Ralph

    Ralph Well-Known Member

    Amanda Seyfried was in You Should Have Left as the wife of Kevin Bacon.

    Kevin Bacon was in Footloose, 2 years before Amanda Seyfried was born.

  46. Why?Pokes

    Why?Pokes Take me back to the kine
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    My high school band teacher taught Tom Morello.

    Tom Morello and Bacon appeared on-stage together at the John Lennon 75th Birthday Concert.
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  47. Fudd Winslow

    Fudd Winslow Internationally Known, Locally Respected Member
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    I've met many famous people but very few actors.

    Kurt Russell
    Julia Louis Dreyfus
    Michael C. Hall

    but I did meet possibly my favorite actor ever: Willem Dafoe. In fact a picture of us has been my Facebook profile picture since the day I took about two years ago.
  48. hudson

    hudson Oh, you know...stuff.
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    Has anyone claimed to be Kevin bacon? If not I’ll claim that.
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  49. TC

    TC How to grill hamburger
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    Not affiliated with Kevin Bacon
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  50. bturns

    bturns a better poster than Bertwing
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    My elementary art teacher’s cousin is Michael Jeter.

    Micheal Jeter played in green mile with Tom hanks.

    tom hanks Kevin bacon Apollo 13.