Batman Arkham Knight

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    soooooooo... how's it going out there?
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    Heard it's amazing on pc. I bought it today but am too tired to play it.
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  4. je ne suis pas ici

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    just finished it. 100% completion

    Wu what are your thoughts?

    thought the Arkham knight aspect was weird, loved the ending. gameplay and general side missions were excellent. deathstroke/tank battles were a bit tedious but otherwise i thought it was a great finish to the arkham series
  5. Wu

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    Good not great.

    AK storyline was predictable so it was boring to venture toward inevitability but the side quests made it worth it, especially the serial killer one. Very end was cool.

    Batmobile was the epitome of love-hate. Fun to use but beaten to death and Batmobile puzzles were stupid.
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    Just picked this up at Gamestop for $20 and got a Todd MacFarlane Batman figure (that sells for $20) free

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    idk if anyone's playing this anymore, but i just want to vent on how absolutely fucking terrible the boss fights are in this game. i mean, it's a great game overall, but jesus. both end game arkham knight fights are underwhelming to put it mildly (fight through waves of generic enemies you've already fought a gajillion times until you've progressed enough to "win"!), but when deathstroke was introduced, i was pretty excited. origins was kind of shitty, but the deathstroke fight was incredible. after the letdown that was the final arkham knight fight, i was pretty pumped for a proper hand to hand finale. so you can imagine my disappointment when it turned out to be yet another fucking tank battle. not only that, it was practically a straight copy/paste job from the knight tank fight only they nerfed deathstroke's tank. still have scarecrow to go, so maybe that will be better. i'm pretty sure he can't drive at least.
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    So I picked this up on a sale awhile back, finally got around to it. Basically ...


    ... there's some cool stuff here, but fuck these tank battles. About 60% of the way through, I give up. I seriously can't believe how much batmobile is forced on you in this game.
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    Just break it. It was on sale anyways. Snapped a controller in half last weekend playing Destiny. Just go with it.
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    Was a direct download, but I deleted it with fervor.
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    You should play Dark Souls


    You should STREAM Dark Souls

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    working my way through the Arkham Asylum and City remastered games before jumping into this sometime later this week

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    I always get so bummed about Talia's death in Arkham City

    I want Bruce and her to be together so badly
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    You still on Arkham City or have you moved on to Arkham Knight?
  15. Cornelius Suttree

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    finishing up some side quests in City but will move to Arkham Knight in the next day or so
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