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Discussion in 'Gambling Board' started by John McGuirk, Sep 12, 2020.

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    Been out of the game for a year...what’s the best website to set up an account with? Did Bovada last year...
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    Bovada is sketchy.
    I enjoy betonline.

    Payouts in less than an hour via bitcoin. Have pulled out thousands multiple times in the last year.

    Every sport you could want. Pretty cool custom prop tool if you are into that type of thing. For example last night I made Higbee more TDs than Jarwin -121. It ended up being a push but I like the fact that the feature exists.

    I used to use Bovada. But too much sketch shit with greyed out sides. Sucker bets with lines .5 off the market and extra juice. Too many parlay restrictions, especially with money lines. Just lots of little things that added up enough for me to take my money elsewhere.
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  3. John McGuirk

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    Thanks. Actually just created a betonline account yesterday. Like it so far after I got used to the format
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    Rip my referral link but always happy when people stop using Bovada, so it’s a net gain anyway.
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    Could you please explain where/how this is done like I'm 5? Obviously know what bitcoin is just never done anything with it.
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    Sounds a little more convoluted than it is, it’s really not all that complex and super quick and easy once you do it a few times.

    Do you have cash app? For a beginner it’s probably the easiest and fastest way to buy bitcoin from a debit card.
    If you sign up with my code you’ll get $15 I’ll get $5. Idk what the fine print is but yolo.
    Downside is the fees are marginally higher than some more intricate coin exchanges, but really shouldn’t be a big deal.

    Once you have cash app and buy bitcoin you will have a bitcoin wallet with a unique address. when you send bitcoin to betonline they will give you an address to send to. So in your cash app, go to the bitcoin tab, hit send, type in the amount of btc you are sending, then copy/paste the betonline btc address, you can also scan the QR code that betonline will display to auto fill the amount and address. Then you hit send and click “ive completed my deposit” on the betonline deposit screen. For me the money will appears in my account in 15 mins or less.

    when withdrawing select “withdraw with bitcoin” on betonline. (You get one free btc withdrawal a week). There will be a place to insert your btc wallet address and click send. They say it can take up to 24 hours, but my experience has always been much quicker than that.

    once the btc is in your wallet. You can sell on cash app, then withdraw to your bank account.

    If you don’t have betonline yet, wouldn’t mind you using my link:

    Also be weary of deposit bonuses on any betting site. The money is real, but the rollover requirements are generally a pain in the ass, so be sure to read the fine print before using. For example a 25x rollover requirement would mean you would have to make $2500 in wagers to withdraw a $100 bonus.

    HTH feel free to ask any additional questions.
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    Thanks man used your sign up codes :respek: Seems super simple so far
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    Thanks for the $5:unclephil:
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    What's the best site for NFL player props? Are they usually released day before the game?

    Also, I'll use a TMBer referral link for whatever the best site is
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    For sure it’s betonline. They have the normal stuff plus a custom tool that would allow you to create stuff like “Mahomes over 5 TDs passing” or head to heads for players in the same game. So you could do Brett Rypien more ints than Sam Darnold” on Thursday night if you were so inclined. Also can do yardage/catches/TDs/etc.

    As far as I know the custom props can be built starting the day of the game.

    Good luck

    Referral Link:
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    Took advantage of the custom prop feature on BOL tonight. Made one which was Gordon more rush yards than Gore -154, this was safe as any bet can be for the whole night. I also made Gordon o86 rush yards +134 and that Rypien lead block at the end got me there. Really nice to get lucky sometimes, but like I said the Gordon vs Gore thing was pretty much a lock barring injury, so I set myself up to break even on it at worst.
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    is there a site that withdraws to your bank rather than bitcoin?

    i invested in some crypto a few years back and it was a pain to track the coins, you paid fees to transfer to different exchanges and to sell, etc.
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    You can on betonline, but the time can be up to 15 days, instead of 15 mins with BTC, and there are fees associated depending on amount. Idk if its more or less than bitcoin selling fees in a wallet. Looking at my referrals, seems 3-4 guys have joined from this site, would be interested in hearing their thoughts.

    If you haven't used bitcoin in a few years, you really should try cash app, its much more straightforward than even coinbase was a few years ago.

    Heritage sports is another book I use, their options are cashiers check or btc, but here is the cashiers check info:
    Please allow 10-15 business days for checks to be delivered. The fee is $50 per check (any amount). Will be sent to name and address on file. We provide a FREE payout every 30-rolling-days. FREE check payouts may be requested any business day during payout office hours. If you want a free payout, type FREE PAYOUT on the Comments Box.

    Heritage is a good book, tons of betting options and standard juice is -108 instead of -110 which adds up if you bet a lot of volume. If you don't mind waiting it may be a good option for you.
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    The best site really matters how much you bet and how much you win.

    Books like Bovada will limit you real quick. I’ve been limited on about 3 sites (5 Dimes, Bet Online and Bovada)

    Bookmaker is still really the only “professional” book for big bettors. I get my withdrawal from Bitcoin, in my wallet a hour later, transfer to Coinbase, in my bank account the next day.
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    TN is legal as of Sunday. Anyone have any preference to FanDuel, DraftKings, or MGM? I may deposit into all 3 to get some sign-up bonuses.
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