Bidengeddon: Boring, but radical

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    And I'm sure most just see it as a "perk"
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    Supply chain crunch will likely persist for one to two more years
    by Kim Souza ([email protected]) 12 hours ago 410 views

    According to supply chain analyst Brittain Ladd, consumers should get used to emptier aisles at retail, longer times to receive online orders and continue postponing that new car purchase. In short, the global supply chain disruptions won’t be fixed anytime soon.

    Ladd, a business consultant to retailers and logistics companies, told Talk Business & Politics the root cause of the ongoing supply chain crisis goes back to 2020 when much of the world shut down because of COVID-19. He said China shuttered its massive manufacturing industry, and much of Europe, Asia and Latin America followed suit.

    In early 2021, consumers in the U.S. decided they were ready to get out again and spend some of the money they had been saving throughout 2020.

    “They bought everything they could find from cars, appliances to all kinds of stuff helping retailers to empty their warehouses and backrooms,” Ladd said. “China and the rest of the world began to ramp up manufacturing after a long sleep, and suddenly there was a shortage of containers as everyone needed them at once.”

    Computer chip makers that drive electronics and automobile production and smart appliances continue to be more than a year behind the demand. Ladd said those containers have never left China because they remain empty. That has prompted Apple and other manufacturers to cut earnings expectations because of lost sales potential.

    Ladd said 87 cargo vessels are waiting outside the large California ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach for entry into docking stations. He said the bottlenecked containers carry toys, appliances, bicycles, and furniture Americans purchased online or at their local small business, and pieces and parts sent to U.S. factories for workers to assemble into products.

    Ladd said the recent actions by the Biden Administration to try and ease congestion by adding a third shift at the ports is harder to do than it seems.

    “Ports have a finite capacity in the number of docks, trains and trucks to move the containers out of the shipping yard,” he said. “They run two shifts now because that is all the labor they can muster. I am not sure where these truck drivers are going to come from, and even if the union workers on the docks take on extra shifts, who is going to haul it away.”

    Ladd said the backlog at the ports is the worst in history. In any given year, there might be 3 or 4 vessels waiting to proceed to offload docks. At most, he said the news from the White House on Wednesday (Oct. 13) is a band-aid for a gaping wound.

    The Biden Administration met with leaders from Walmart, FedEx and UPS on Wednesday. The companies will expand their efforts to help with ongoing supply chain bottlenecks and shortages resulting from the pandemic. Other companies, including The Home Depot and Target, also joined the effort.

    President Joe Biden also met with leaders from the Port of Los Angeles, the Port of Long Beach and the International Longshore and Warehouse Union to discuss logistics issues at the two ports. The White House said that the Port of Los Angeles will join the Port of Long Beach in stepping up its round-the-clock operations, with members of the union willing to work extra shifts to keep operations open nonstop.

    “With the holidays coming up, you might be wondering if the gifts you plan to buy will arrive on time,” Biden said, speaking from the White House. “Today, we have an important announcement that will get things you buy to you and the shelves faster.”

    Joe Metzger, executive vice president of supply chain operations for Walmart U.S., said the retailer chartered several smaller ships that can move through the less congested ports on the east coast. He said Walmart has also re-routed inland shipments and utilized less conventional transportation methods to avoid rail delays to help get holiday shipments to the U.S.

    Metzger said Walmart is hiring 20,000 full-time supply chain positions to help move products through its facilities as quickly as possible. The retail giant also hired more than 3,000 new drivers this year, and there is a push to hire more. Metzger said Walmart is also working to expand delivery capability and route online orders straight from stores in many cases.

    “We’ve always been committed to delivering everything customers need for a great holiday, and I’m proud of the hard work our associates are doing to put Walmart in a position to do that again this year,” Metzger said. “We know there is a lot of uncertainty as the pandemic continues and customer needs continue to adjust as we head into the 2021 holiday season, but I’m confident in our efforts. Customers can rest assured we’re doing everything we can to deliver a holiday experience they’ve come to expect and help them get what they need for everyone on their gift list at a Walmart value.”

    Ladd said chartering ships is one way Walmart can work around the congestion. He said he made that recommendation to retailers several months ago, and it’s one short-term strategy, but it doesn’t fix the problem or deal with the root cause.

    Ladd said with containers costing $20,000 each, costs are rising quickly and likely eroding a chance for profits during the biggest season of the year for retailers. He said some retailers use air freight to move holiday goods, which comes at substantial cost increases. He estimates retailers will see upwards of $252 billion in added holiday shipping and product costs this year over last. SalesForce estimates that the cost will be $223 billion more than in 2020. SalesForce said U.S. companies would likely triple what they typically spend on ocean freight cost in the back half of this year.

    Walmart also told the Biden Administration it would increase the night-time hours of workers to allow for 50% more throughput of goods during the next several weeks. The Home Depot will move up to 10% additional containers per week during the new available off-peak hours at the Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles. Target also said it is moving about 50% of its containers at night and will raise that to 60% in the next 90 days to help ease daytime congestion.

    UPS will increase the use of 24/7 operations and enhanced data sharing with the ports, allowing it to move 20% more containers from the ports in the coming days. FedEx is committing to increased night-time hours with changes to trucking and rail use to increase the volume of containers it will move from the ports. Once these changes are in place, the company said it could double the cargo volume it can move out of the ports.

    Samsung said it would move almost 60% more containers out of the ports by operating 24/7 through the next 90 days. The Biden Administration said that more than 3,500 additional containers per week would move at night through the end of the year across these six companies.

    Matt Shay, CEO of the National Retail Federation, applauded the Biden Administration’s leadership to address the ongoing global supply chain disruption.

    “It is critically important that we all come together – business, labor and government – to address the current issue regarding port congestion and the long-term need to create a more reliable supply chain globally and within the United States. NRF has been urging more focus and resources to address supply chain failures for many years, and we look forward to continued efforts that result in sustainable solutions for this growing problem,” Shay said.

    Economists with Wells Fargo Securities said Thursday the “everything shortage” is turning into a fast education on the far-reaching impacts of global trade to everyone from big business owners to ordinary consumers.

    They predict the supply chain logjam will push back the timing of some growth they had anticipated later this year and early next year, which will weigh on our forecast for 2022, although most of that growth shows up later in the forecast.

    “We now forecast that real GDP will grow 4% in 2022, down from 4.5% last month. Our outlook for 2023 looks for output to grow at an above-trend rate of 3.2% that year, up from 3% previously,” said Jay Bryson, chief economist with Wells Fargo Securities.

    He said the shortages and longer wait times are affecting consumer prices. As measured by the PCE deflator, headline inflation rose to 4.3% on a year-over-year basis, with core PCE deflator coming in at 3.6%. These measures reflect the highest headline and core inflation in more than 30 years.

    Bryson said there are very few signs of improvement in the supply chain, and energy prices continue to climb higher, pushing the inflation target up for the near term. As spending will eventually shift to services again, inflation should recede toward the end of next year. Still, it’s unlikely to fall meaningfully below the Federal Open Market Committee’s 2% target.

    Ladd said he expects to see more mergers, acquisitions and strategic partnerships between retailers and third-party logistics firms in the future. He said the answer is the “think bigger” mantra that Amazon, a former employer, insists upon.

    He said retailers that own their supplier chain would have a considerable advantage in the future.

    “Amazon is already doing that in England,” he said.

    Ladd said it would make sense for Walmart and The Home Depot to join their supply chain divisions through a merger or partnership because they are two of the most significant global imports of goods. He said the new partnership for the GoLocal where Walmart will deliver products from The Home Depot is a great place to build trust levels.

    “Why do you think Uber bought Transplace, a huge third-party logistics firm with offices in Dallas and Northwest Arkansas? They understand the importance of controlling their supply chain and being able to sell those services to others in the future, much the way Amazon Web Services sells its services to drive more revenue for the overall company,” Ladd said. “I can see smaller retailers in the future perhaps outsourcing their supply chain and logistics services to a third-party the way some retail suppliers do.”

    He said micro fulfillment centers also make a ton of sense for retailers. He expects to see more grocery firms turn to this strategy for grocery and consumer packaged goods fulfillment. Ladd said he is surprised that the apparel industry is not moving in that direction, given they are hamstrung now with most of their manufacturing taking place abroad. He said the one-year timeline for ordering apparel is only likely to get worse as many workers in Vietnam and Latin America still have not returned to their manufacturing jobs.

    He said Kohl’s or Gap, for instance, could benefit from a partnership with Amazon or large logistics companies to streamline and simplify their supply chains.

    “They have to think big and examine ways to change the way they manage their supply chain radically,” Ladd said.

    Good read with lots of words. Cliffs: Not Joe's fault. Going to be fucked up for a while
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    That's definitely what my post said too
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    wasn't sure where to post this, so here it is. Fishy as fuck
    Christina Nance, reported missing two weeks ago, found dead inside a police van in Huntsville Ala.

    A family is left heartbroken and demanding answers after the body of 29-year-old Christina Nance was found inside of an unused police van in Alabama.

    On Monday, Nance’s body was identified after a police officer found it outside the Huntsville Public Safety Complex while walking past an old, unused police van on Thursday, AI reports. Police didn’t notice any visible signs of trauma to the body or foul play.

    Now, it’s up to an autopsy report to determine exactly how Nance died.

    “The official cause of death will be determined pending the completion of the autopsy and toxicology reports,” a police statement said. “The results of the toxicology analysis and other additional studies can take several months to complete, and they will be finalized by a state medical examiner.”

    The Independent:

    Local media reports state that Ms Nance was discovered at around 9.15am on Thursday outside the Huntsville Public Safety Complex.

    WAFF48 (local television)

    WAFF sat down with Christina’s family to learn more about what happened to her.

    “She was just very positive, fun-loving and caring person, very sweet, very sweet,” said Christina’s sister Whitney Nance.

    ”She was fun to be around, real sweet, innocent,” said Christina’s cousin Amanda Mastin.

    ”We have no idea how she ended up there out of all places, why there out of all places, why there,” added Nance.

    The family reported Christina missing about two weeks ago and has been frantically searching for her.

    The Madison County Coroner performed an autopsy and found “no foul play.”

    Missing Black, brown, and native women and girls go relatively unnoticed, seldom receiving more than a passing comment in local media.

    That must change.

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    Glad to see the concept of “less dead” getting some time in the limelight
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    I wonder how long the cops in Huntsville have been murdering people to the point where they give so little of a fuck they just leave the bodies in police vans
    #27058 CaneKnight, Oct 15, 2021
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    Some grassroots fuckery in Florida. I took the picture getting gas today.

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    Gas prices seem pretty consistent with my adult driving experience, seems like a dumb hill to die on
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    I’d suggest we do one of those government bid contracts. Lowest 50 bidders get the money.
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    Warms my cockles that Mike Duncan isn’t a baby back bitch like hardcore history guy
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    Fam, I really hate this Joe Manchin character
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    Such a sickening amount of money involved in politics.
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    What is even more sickening to me is that you can buy off decision makers about the future of the planet for a something like a measly $500k in donations to their PAC.

    You got countless stories of 18 year old kids throwing their bodies on hand grenades to protect the soldiers next to them in Iraq or Afghanistan.

    And then you got the venal pricks who sent them there, knowingly committing humanity to an impending crisis so they can eat at Salt Bae’s restaurants and buy more shit they don’t need.
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    I just drove through WV, everything man made there sucks (except the mothman museum, and the roads), everything untouched is great.

    What I'm saying is use federal money to make it a national park and send all of the idiots there to Arkansas or some shit.
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    Sorry bud, you won the "shittiest state I could think of before coffee" award.
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    He's not perfect but it sure is nice to have a gentle human in the office again.

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    As if Manchin could articulate his pov in a real debate over the merits of the proposed spending.

    Chudnation has nothing to say about bought and paid for politics, only when politicians interfere with their white nationalist ideals do they protest.
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    This is awful but holy hell did I laugh hard.

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    WASHINGTON — Joe Manchin, the powerful West Virginia Democrat who chairs the Senate energy panel and earned half a million dollars last year from coal production, is preparing to remake President Biden’s climate legislation in a way that tosses a lifeline to the fossil fuel industry — despite urgent calls from scientists that countries need to quickly pivot away from coal, gas and oil to avoid a climate catastrophe.

    Mr. Manchin has already emerged as the crucial up-or-down vote in a sharply divided Senate when it comes to Mr. Biden’s push to pass a $3.5 trillion budget bill that could reshape the nation’s social welfare network. But Mr. Biden also wants the bill to include an aggressive climate policy that would compel utilities to stop burning fossil fuels and switch to wind, solar or nuclear energy, sources that do not emit the greenhouse gases that are heating the planet.

    As chairman of the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, Mr. Manchin holds the pen and the gavel of the congressional panel, with the authority to shape Mr. Biden’s ambitions.

    But Mr. Manchin is also closely associated with the fossil fuel industry. His beloved West Virginia is second in coal and seventh in natural gas production among the 50 states. In the current election cycle, Mr. Manchin has received more campaign donations from the oil, coal and gas industries than any other senator, according to data compiled by OpenSecrets, a research organization that tracks political spending.

    He profits personally from polluting industries: He owns stock valued at between $1 million and $5 million in Enersystems Inc., a coal brokerage firm which he founded in 1988. He gave control of the firm to his son, Joseph, after he was elected West Virginia secretary of state in 2000. Last year, Mr. Manchin made $491,949 in dividends from his Enersystems stock, according to his Senate financial disclosure report.

    “It says something fascinating about our politics that we’re going to have a representative of fossil fuel interests crafting the policy that reduces our emissions from fossil fuels,” said Joseph Aldy, who helped craft former President Barack Obama’s climate change bill and now teaches at Harvard.

    Mr. Manchin’s spokeswoman, Sam Runyon, wrote in a statement that the senator “is in full compliance with Senate ethics and financial disclosure rules. He continues to work to find a path forward on important climate legislation that maintains American leadership in energy innovation and critical energy reliability.” She noted that Mr. Manchin had helped shape recent legislation that included some climate provisions, including the bipartisan infrastructure bill that passed the Senate last month.

    During his 2010 Senate campaign, Mr. Manchin famously appeared in a television ad in which he used a rifle to put a bullet hole through Mr. Obama’s climate plan, “‘cause it’s bad for West Virginia,” he said. More recently, Mr. Manchin has publicly acknowledged the contribution of fossil fuel pollution to rising global temperatures.
    2019 opinion article in the Washington Post with Senator Lisa Murkowski, Republican of Alaska.

    But Mr. Manchin has also made clear that he does not support legislation that would eliminate the burning of those fossil fuels — particularly coal and natural gas.

    Now, Mr. Manchin is preparing to write the climate portion of the budget bill in a way that would keep natural gas flowing to power plants, according to people familiar with his thinking. The sources spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to publicly discuss it.

    Mr. Manchin does support some climate measures proposed by Mr. Biden, but is working to ensure they protect and extend the use of coal and natural gas. He agrees with the president that communities dependent on fossil fuels deserve financial support as the country transitions to green energy. And he is a booster of carbon capture sequestration, a nascent technology that collects carbon emissions from smokestacks and buries them in the ground. If it were to become commercially viable, that technology could allow industries to continue to burn coal, oil and gas.

    But the most powerful climate mechanism in the budget bill — and the one that Mr. Manchin intends to reshape — is a $150 billion program designed to replace most of the nation’s coal- and gas-fired power plants with wind, solar and nuclear power over the next decade. Known as the Clean Electricity Performance Program, it would pay utilities to ratchet up the amount of power they produce from zero-emissions sources, and fine those that don’t.

    As envisioned by the White House and House Democrats, the carrot-and-stick approach could transform the nation’s electricity sector, the second-largest source of greenhouse pollution after transportation. The policy is crucial to Mr. Biden’s goal of producing 80 percent of electricity from zero-carbon sources by 2030 and 100 percent clean electricity by 2035, analysts say. It could also help lower pollution from automobiles since electric cars and trucks would be drawing power from a grid powered by clean energy.

    “This policy is an essential foundation for rapidly reducing emissions in the most polluting sectors of the economy,” said Richard Newell, president of Resources for the Future, a nonpartisan energy and environment research organization.
    Mr. Manchin’s version is widely expected to have less ambitious renewable energy requirements for electric power companies. His version could also reward utilities that build new power plants designed to burn natural gas. While it emits about half the carbon dioxide of coal, natural gas is still a major contributor to global warming.

    Fossil fuel lobbyists, utility executives and West Virginia business leaders have been meeting, calling and emailing Mr. Manchin and his staff in an effort to shape the bill.

    Several said in recent interviews that they expect that Mr. Manchin’s plan will reward companies that increase their supply of clean energy — but the incentives will be smaller and require less. Under the version supported by the White House and House Democrats, companies would qualify for payments if they increase the amount of clean electricity they supply to customers by 4 percent a year through 2030. Mr. Manchin is likely to lower that requirement to 3 percent a year or less, said two people familiar with the matter.

    That would still be an improvement over business as usual: American electric utilities increased their use of zero-carbon power sources by roughly 1.4 percentage points a year over the last five years. That use increased about 2.3 percentage points in 2020.

    “While this will fall far short of what President Biden wants, it could still be the largest action Congress has ever taken on climate change,” Mr. Aldy, the former Obama climate adviser, said.

    Mr. Manchin is also weighing a provision that would pay utilities not just for using more clean energy but for switching from coal — an industry that is already collapsing — to natural gas. The incentives for using natural gas would be smaller but designed to keep the industry afloat.

    Among the industry executives to whom Mr. Manchin is listening closely is Nick Akins, the head of American Electric Power, an Ohio-based electric utility that serves 11 states, including West Virginia, and relies on West Virginia coal for many of its power plants.

    The two men have a long working relationship and spoke earlier this month — each man has the other’s cellphone number.

    Mr. Akins said he would like Mr. Manchin to slow the pace at which electric utilities are required to migrate from dirty to clean fuels, and eliminate fines against power companies that fail to switch to clean electricity sources.

    “He is supportive of a clean energy future, like we all are,” Mr. Akins said. “But these transitions take time. We can’t cram all that into eight years,” he said, referring to Mr. Biden’s goal of 80 percent clean power by 2030.

    “And I don’t like the penalty — we already have all the impetus in the world to continue to this clean energy transition,” Mr. Akins added.

    Mr. Aldy said removing fines would drastically weaken the bill. “The penalty on pollution is really important,” he said. “All the analyses show that you get big reductions in carbon emissions if you have a penalty on polluting. Take that away, and all you have is another government subsidy for renewable energy.”

    Joe Manchin feels the same way,” Mr. Roberts said.

    “But we think we have to be realistic about the elimination of carbon emissions,” he continued. “We’re not really sure that the combination of demand and physics with world market issues will mean that we can go to zero emissions from electricity by 2035, like President Biden wants.”

    In May, the world’s leading energy agency said nations must immediately stop approving new coal-fired power plants and new oil and gas fields, and quickly phase out gasoline-powered vehicles to avert the most catastrophic effects of climate change. Scientists have said the world needs to keep the increase in average global temperatures below 2 degrees Celsius, compared to preindustrial levels, or risk irreversible damage. The planet has already warmed by about 1.1 degrees Celsius. On Friday, the United Nations Secretary General António Guterres said “the world is on a catastrophic pathway.”

    Environmentalists and progressives are demanding urgent federal action and are concerned that Democrats have only a short window before the 2022 elections when they could lose control of Congress.

    “This is not the time to water down the biggest driver of reducing climate pollution,” said Tiernan Sittenfeld, a senior vice president at the League of Conservation Voters. “We are absolutely out of time when it comes to dealing with the climate crisis.”

    The proposals now being weighed by Mr. Manchin “would keep fossil fuels as a major engine of the economy for longer than the climate can bear it,” said Michael Oppenheimer, a professor of geosciences at Princeton University.
    When Mr. Biden was asked last week if he would sign a budget package with slimmed-down climate measures, he responded, “I’m for more climate measures.”
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    Do it!

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    Fuck it, why not
  29. BellottiBold

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    You do that now, you affect structural change such that you can't and don't need to ever do it again - right? RIGHT?
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    Utah basically does this with SLC.
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    Lmao at the thought of Dems doing anything like that
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    As an Illinoisian, I approve
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  34. —

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    It’s definitely not right
  35. Keef

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    Is that the GI Joe logo?
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    The graphic designer got a lil boner making that negative space gestalt star but it has little ribbon slices in that is giving me swastika vibes.
  37. shawnoc

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    I was thinking Top Gun.
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    this is bad policy but at least it’s a fucking counterproposal

    looking at you, Sinema
  41. VaxRule

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    Good Joe vs Bad Joe
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    Top Gun

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    So two working parents making $14.50/ hr full time wouldnt qualify.
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    At what point do they stop letting him “tell” everyone else how it’s gonna be? (Never, I know)

    Strip him of his committee’s and exclude his state from all benefits until he gets in line.
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    And then he flips and makes McConnell majority leader?
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    I mean what the hell is the difference? How many judges are they approving during all of this shit? Machin should be glad Biden is on television right now telling people to physically assault him.
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