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    Anyone take it? It is fairly new. The guy at complete nutrition told me he would rather me walk out with a sample of it and try it tonight than buy jack3d today. In business talk, that means their mark up on Jack3D is nothing and they make this product themselves so he wants to sell me this.

    Even so, it is cheaper and it seems similar. Anyone try it.
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    I have tried Blitzz. One of my friends in the manager at the local Complete Nutrition but don't let that make you think I am biased because I'm not. Most of there stuff is incredibly overpriced but I have tried it all. With that being said let me give you my thoughs between Blitzz and Jack3d.

    1) You are correct that there is not as much of a mark up on Jack3d as there is on Blitzz because they make Blitzz so the profit margin is much higher.

    2) Blitzz Pros:

    -Very similar to Jack3d. Gives a lot of energy for explosive work outs. Made me feel like I had more energy than with Jack3d. Enjoyed using it for both lifting and running.

    Blitzz Cons:

    - Very VERY big crash 3 - 4 hours after you take it. This stuff has everything that Jack3d has in it times 2. That means double the caffeine and double the crash (which I don't get from Jack3d)

    I still use both but I prefer Jack3d because I don't feel like flying high and then falling to earth which is how I feel after using Blitzz. Jack3d gives me a good pickup and doesn't drop me when it wears off. I feel like it just gradually goes away.

    My personal opinion is if you have been using Jack3d and have been happy with the results then continue to use it. If you don't feel like Jack3d has been doing anything for you then give Blitzz a try.

    Hope this helps you out.
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    Get this instead

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    I love it!!! I do bodybuilding competitions & wor out 6 days a week...I never could find a pre wkout I liked because I'm picky about taste & I also bought this at Complete nutrition. My boyfriend uses NOXPLODE & I used his when I ran out of Blitzz & it's no comparison! Was ordering more Blitzz now when I saw yr post...I say GET IT!
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    strong bump, weird thread. Sounds like a commercial, hmmm
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    Tried it and liked it. I seem to get used to preworkouts after about a month. Jacked was good for about 5 weeks... I have to rotate them. I have 5 on hand: Jacked, Hemorage, Bullnox, Blitz, Amino Energy and do one for a couple weeks then switch. But in answer to your question, Blitz seems to work great for me for the price.
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    You go girl.
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