Bradley to Egypt might be a done deal

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    Ives tweeted that Egypt's state news agency says its done
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    If Egypt is looking to play stale, toothless football, they've hired the right man.
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    they're middle eastern

    even cynical thinks they're pushing forward a bit
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    Report: Egypt selects Bradley


    Bob Bradley's lengthy courtship with the Egyptian national team appears to be reaching it's conclusion, and reports suggest an agreement between the two sides is imminent.
    According to reports from Egypt, Bradley will sign a deal to take over as the country's national team coach early next week. Nothing has been signed as of yet, and Bradley roaming the Egyptian sideline is still pending a completed contract.
    Bradley, who was let go after five years as U.S. national team coach in early August, was on a short list of candidates for the Egypt job that included Milovan Rajevac, Francisco Maturana and Zoran Filipovic.
    Assuming a completed deal, Bradley will be tasked with getting Egypt to the 2014 World Cup, something the country has only done twice ever, with the last time being in 1990. Egypt has already been eliminated from qualifying for the 2012 African Cup of Nations, meaning that all focus is on the next World Cup.
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    It's a big loss for us, frankly.

    His passing might not be the best, but you don't find very many players willing to play defensive mid in this attack minded world.