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  1. offshore

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    When you do the curbside pickup at places like ruby tuesday, applebee's, etc., how much do you leave as a tip? Or do you leave any at all? I've done both, normally depends on how hot the girl is bringing it out.

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    Moar like crapplebees.

    Am I right?
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    no youre not right
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  5. offshore

    offshore I'm on a boat

    good to know i'm not the only one. i went to pick some food up from ruby tuesdays earlier and it was 45 bucks and i left 5 dollars to even it out to 50. the girl was pretty decent looking though.

    i just wanted to make sure i wasnt being only douchebag that doesnt tip if everyone else does
  6. Gunners

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    Get Outback occasionally. I'll leave em like $5. Applebees and Ruby Tuesday suck.
  7. Iron Mickey

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    Applebee's is awful.

    Outback is the only decent place I can think of that has curbside and even then it's a bit overpriced. When I worked there back in the day, the curbside folks were former bus boys and hostesses that weren't quite up to server level. It was the stepping stone between the two. They were paid hourly plus tips, but they weren't tipped out by servers like the bar and bus boys/hostesses. Most expected about 10% and were thrilled with anything over it, disappointed by anything under.
  8. IrishLAX2

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    $5 is probably good. Unless it's a hot chick. Then she gets $5 and some loose change I have in my car and a creepy smile.
  9. offshore

    offshore I'm on a boat

    We dont have an outback close or id hit it up more often. And i agree-ust wanted something different that taco bell or other fast food and didnt want to cook.
  10. 3NolesFan3

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    So if you go in to a Buffalo Wild Wings, and pick up a pick up order, you're supposed to tip them for packing up your shit for you?

    Those people are not waiters/waitresses packing your food and get paid hourly. Hostess doesn't get tips unless she's extremely easy on the eyes.
  11. Seavie

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    You never know when it will pay off.
  12. IrishLAX2

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  13. Gunners

    Gunners Nicking a living

    I don't. If I have to drive then go inside to pick something up then I'm not tipping.

    Fucking America. Everyone with their hand out. Shit is expensive enough and these Outback bitches really want 10% of every order to pack it into a bag and bring it to your car. Be happy with $5 bitches.

    I've tipped well my whole life but have had enough. A sit down restaurant is 1 thing but all bartenders want at least 20%. Say I buy a round of shot for $30-$40 do they really deserve $8 for pouring 6-7 shots. I wish I got paid $1 for every shot I poured.
  14. JxnReb

    JxnReb New Member

    Tipping brings good karma. I'll tip a guy or girl.
  15. BornBurgh

    BornBurgh Well-Known Member

    worked as a takeout server at outback for a couple months once, I got good tips compared to everybody but one smoking hot chick. Tipping a little under 10% is plenty, they see a lot of cars and it's usually just a stepping stone to becoming a real server. I won't lie, it can be a lot of work because they get a lot of orders at dinner time and it's a ton to prepare for at outback (I cant speak for the others).

    Ex. If you got an outback special with a dessert the takeout server would have to go back and get the steak off a plate, get a box, find the appropriate label, get the bread, put the butter in its containers, create the type of salad you want (dressing, toppings, etc..) and prepare your dessert between running food out to other customers.
  16. DDotGA

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    go inside to pick it up. no tip necessary
  17. BornBurgh

    BornBurgh Well-Known Member

  18. Seavie

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  19. fish

    fish Impossible, Germany

    In other words, work.
  20. Tylers Kids

    Tylers Kids Guest

    i worked at a couple restaurants in college and in both cases the curbside person was someone who made minimum wage (vs. 2.13/hr) but still depended on tips, so i always tip the captain.
  21. 3NolesFan3

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    Its the worst job I ever had. On one hand, I got pissed off at poor tippers, on the other, the little amount of actual work that goes in to it and you expect people to leave 20% all the time and you get pissed when they dont.

    I am a great tipper. I start everyone at 15% and their service dictates if it goes up or down. I'm usually from 18-25% because I get pretty lucky and I am not overly picky.

    Holidays, if I get a friendly person and they are upbeat, I will do 50-75%. I like to walk out knowing that might have made their night better than it was.
  22. BornBurgh

    BornBurgh Well-Known Member

    In other words, they're making 2.15 an hour plus tips and doing as much work as anybody else in the restaurant.

    I wasn't complaining, just being informative because that's what the thread called for. I'm not a current takeout worker and will never be again, but I know they get stiffed by faggits like you or regular people who don't know how much work they do and how much they get paid.
  23. BornBurgh

    BornBurgh Well-Known Member

    Most orders aren't 50 dollars, so a 5 dollar tip would be more than plenty and I'm sure most would be happy with it?
  24. hudson

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    2 bucks per person eating.
  25. davideinstein

    davideinstein New Member

    No tip, if I'm getting to go then I'm avoiding that process to begin with
  26. davideinstein

    davideinstein New Member

    To go people do not make wait staff wages

    I tip 15-25% for server, 10% on delivery and will never ever tip on to go

  27. hudson

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    if they're coming out to your car then you're a dick, but picking up something from the bar or however they do is leaving a tip of $0 is fine.
  28. davideinstein

    davideinstein New Member

    I've never had someone actually come to my car, I'm talking pick up to go

    I suppose if I like got a pasta and they came to my car I'd round up the dollar then add a buck
  29. hudson

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    i've only had it done twice, when I was picking up some food for other people. but I hate when people give me the stink eye for not tipping when I'm picking something up. why should I tip someone for doing their job?
  30. sw

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    Denny's for hung over breakfast. Can get some cheap ok shit.
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    creative tag