Dave Chappelle's Righteous Rant

Discussion in 'The Mainboard' started by Truman, Jun 12, 2020.

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    I get it, but all comedians pretty much hang out together - you would have to dislike all famous comedians to have a guilt by association take.
  3. Eathan Edwards

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    Have you commented more on this in another thread - may have missed it but if not definitely think a lot of people would like to learn from your journey.

    Obviously being in WEHO have quite a few trans friends but always interested to read others' experiences.
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    This guy makes some good stuff
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    Dude was like
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    he's just kenny powers now

    its so embarrassing
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    Did Dave Chappelle really roll up into a school thinking he could make them see his side of the story and then devolve into him telling a bunch of kids he’s more famous than they will ever be?

    That should be a skit. Bc that is fucking hilarious.

    And sad.
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    Dave Chappelle was a libertarian? Always has been.gif
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    He endorsed Yang in 2020 so maybe?
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    I was arguing with my cousin about JK Rowling and she didn't get all the "uproar" and said that she would consider herself a TERF. She's hardline Catholic anti-abortion crusader. I said that she was closer to a TER because she's eliminated from being a feminist with the whole wanting to take away womens bodily autonomy thing.
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    I've shown it to so many people over the years but one of my favorite Chappelle things to watch is his episode of Inside The Actors Studio. Shot shortly after he came back from Africa, it's one of the most introspective and honest discussions about himself I've seen. To see him talk about his views on life, the media, and his comedy, in juxtaposition against where he stands today, is really interesting.
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    The GOAT!
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    love Carlin, but this one is pretty cringe considering today's world we live in.
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    Sorry, couldn't even get through 2 minutes of that.