Did You Learn Line Dancing In P.E.?

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  1. Tiffin

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    Hmm. Maybe? I honestly don't remember why we did it. I was a new student that year so it wasn't something I was familiar with and I don't think we did it after 6th grade :idk:
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  2. The.Barron.of.Miles

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    Dodgeball with koosh balls was also a great time.
  3. IV

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    Memphis, Tn no
  4. Lyrtch

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    we did like a week or two of dancing a year

    was a different style of dance every day

    line was one of them
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  5. Jc6

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    No. Thank god. Country music sucks and the southern accent is incredibly grating to my ears.
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  6. TYdeFan05

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  7. audrew

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    Line dancing? No. Square dancing? Yes. Fuck you Henry Ford, you racist fuck.
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  8. Jake Scott

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    Athens, Ga and lol no
  9. Nandor the Relentless

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    Yes in Lynchburg, VA. Or was it square dancing? I can't remember, I just know it was fucking stupid as shit.
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  10. CF3234

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    The one week of foot hockey we got a year was the absolute best.
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  11. steamengine

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    Opposites attract, Paula Abdul
    Jump, Kriss Kross


    we also had Go Texan day during the rodeo where everyone learned how to square dance and cotton eyed Joe but those are the songs we hit hard in PE.
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  12. Tro lo lo

    Tro lo lo You kids must be from the suburbs.
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    Rural upstate NY elementary school in the mid 1980's. Yes we did. Do-si-do, Promenade.... All the classics.
    The joke we all would sing as 5th graders, acting like we'd invented it, was "Swing your partner round and round, put her in the toilet and flush her down."
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  13. bigred77

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    Where did you grow up?

    This definitely wasn't a thing in west Texas where I grew up.

    But maybe it's just because I was an athlete and wasn't in PE like the nerds
  14. Redav

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    We did square dancing. Honestly had not thought about it since. Wtf
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  15. Stone Cold Steve Austin

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    Yes, but it was in middle school when kids were going through puberty. A lot of sweaty palms while learning the waltz.
  16. Degausser

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    No, but I went to a Southern Baptist school through 8th grade, so dancing of any kind was likely considered a sin.
  17. Matt Foley

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    We were more of a Jump Rope For Heart kind of school.
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  18. texasraider

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    Fort Worth

    I was in 4th grade I think so there were no school sponsored team sports for me to ball out. I had to do that with the optimist club.
  19. Good Effort! Good Game!

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    Indiana, yes. I faked sick to get out of our square dancing "competition"
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  20. Truman

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    We also did square dancing. Large public school in the StL Burbs.

    No line dancing thankfully.
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  21. Oranjello

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  22. Toast

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  23. War Grundle

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    Yep. In 1992 in 6th grade. Was weird even then.
  24. wes tegg

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    We did ballroom dancing. Private school. :rain::rain::rain:
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  25. Corch

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    We did learn the macarena though
  26. ~ taylor ~

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    No, of course not.

    Sometimes I think about how insane it was that I was hanging onto a rope with one hand at the top of the gym touching the ceiling with my other hand, at like 13 years old. What the fuck were they thinking.
  27. Detlef Schrempf

    Detlef Schrempf Well-Known Member

    Tuesday and Thursday were “aerobics” days in elementary school. Among songs I can still sing all the words to because we listened to the
    Everytime are these two gems.

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  28. og

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    nah we played basketball and shit
  29. w2b

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    square dancing in suburban ATL middle school.
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  30. Had a whole semester of practicing square dancing culminating in some Gold Rush day where our parents were forced to pretend to enjoy our prancing around. This was mid 90s in Socal/South Bay. Vividly remember it cuz the girl I was forced to dance with smelled like fish
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  31. WC

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    Definitely learned the electric slide in my NC curriculum based middle school.
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  32. WolfStansson

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    Kansas - yes to Electric Slide in middle school
  33. Nandor the Relentless

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    And for the record the dancing was only in elementary school. We played sports and did cardio stuff in middle school and high school. I was a mean handball player.
  34. Homo Erectus

    Homo Erectus Well-Known Member

    Square dancing for like a week during freshman year in late 90s in Kansas
  35. Lifeiskilingme79

    Lifeiskilingme79 Well-Known Member
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    I went to Catholic school so no, they did not teach the devil's activities like dancing or modern music.
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  36. Joe Withabee

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    I remember doing some goofy shit with pvc sticks and jumping over them, no idea what that was about
  37. dblplay1212

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    We did not do this when I was in school in Alabama.
  38. tylerdolphin

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    No. PE for us consisted of a teacher who was clearly checked out just sitting in the shade while we did whatever we wanted.

    REGGNECK You wanna know what I been down , DONT BOTHER ME
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    In the 80s square dancing ... :praisehim:
  40. JeremyLambsFace

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    Me too
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  41. The Blackfish

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    We had two rival schools from across the country come over for a friendly (but dangerous!) competition. In the weeks leading up to our joint Yule Ball we had to wear our formal robes and learn, because the Yule Ball is first and foremost, a dance.
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  42. BrickTamland

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    New Jersey: no
  43. OhioHoo

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    Ohio: did square dancing for like a month every year. Also did Tinikling: . As expected, this just evolved into trying to slam people’s ankles with bamboo sticks.
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  44. wes tegg

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    We did this too, but I never knew the name.
  45. electronic

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    Now that I think about it, it’s kinda weird that dancing isn’t a bigger part of early childhood physical education.
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  46. Doc Louis

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    Well yeah they've migrated over the years. It's like they saw a better way of life and fried chicken and said fuck it I'm in.

    And didn't do line dancing but did do international dances. Can do the Mexican hat dance and Tarantella. Maybe the Virginia reel. But no boot scootin' boogie.
  47. gamecockdoc

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    whenever I saw this in a movie I always wished we had this. Never had that in my PE classes
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  48. gamecockdoc

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    I’ve seen PE doing archery
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