do you actually enjoy your job/career?

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  1. Yes

  2. No

  1. fucktx

    fucktx ruthkanda forever
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    Branching off from the other thread

    No one likes to work but I’d consider being miserable at least 25% of the time while working a no

    discussion started because I said it sucks ass to know we have to work 40+ hours a week until we can retire only to hope our bodies don’t fold on us and we can maybe enjoy like for 5-10 years once retired

    If you do enjoy your job, what do you do?
  2. duc15

    duc15 Hey Nong Man
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    I loved it before this year now I actually dread going to work
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  3. jbr

    jbr Well-Known Member
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    What’s in between yes and no?
  4. AptosDuck

    AptosDuck Pedantic Hausfrau
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    I quit my career to raise kids and now they all hate me
  5. Skiddly

    Skiddly Well-Known Member
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    I enjoy the work itself. If I could do my job as a hobby it'd be great.

    However I hate that I spend 5/7ths of my life here.

    And the people.

    And the company.

    And the commute.
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  6. COVIDiskilingme79

    COVIDiskilingme79 Well-Known Member
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    Got burned out at my job back in 2016 so I went back to school. I love my new line of work and for the most part I like the people I work with.

    Doesn't mean I can't bitch about stuff though.
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  7. Simon Templar

    Simon Templar Well-Known Member
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    It’s fine. I’m ready for a new challenge though and hopefully that happens in the next month.
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  8. i am a bammer

    i am a bammer Ben Eblen>Jamychal Green
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    I get to do a lot of different things (+) but a lot of times those things suck (-). I have to travel somewhere between 1/2 and 1/3 of the year though (+/-) but overall yes, especially in the context of what a lot people I graduated with are doing. I'm mostly happy, but it's closer to being grateful.
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  9. joey jo-jo jr shabadoo

    joey jo-jo jr shabadoo you know for me, the action is the juice

    currently admining for our summer intervention program and it sucks shit

    been a huge pain in the ass to be the admin for a program with 140 kids - dont get why anyone would ever want to be in administration for an entire building
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  10. Eric The Viking

    Eric The Viking Nitro, the All Knowing
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  11. Jigga

    Jigga Ty Webb is a mean person
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    I used to pre Covid.

    Now I haven’t traveled in over a year and they’re going to drastically cut down on all travel when it is actually allowed again
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  12. Where Eagles Dare

    Where Eagles Dare The Specialist Show On Earth
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    I like the work I do. I'd prefer not to do it and do nothing.

    So I guess I voted Yes
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  13. fucktx

    fucktx ruthkanda forever
    Texas RangersLos Angeles ClippersDallas Stars

    yeah that’d be a yes

    no one wants to work but at least you like what you do
  14. blind dog

    blind dog wps
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    I make asshole rich people richer and have barely any vacation days and my boss is a maga asshole (only person i work with)

    pays decent but i fucking despise every part of it with every part of my body. hopefully making a career change in 2022
  15. Gaknight

    Gaknight Well-Known Member
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    I don’t work that hard and travel all over the country. It’s pretty dope and was a great job mid to late 20’s, but I’m maxed out at my current company, so I’m ready for a change.
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  16. Houndster

    Houndster $25 Standard Unit
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    I am a professional golfer, but my real love is financial services so I can’t, in good conscious, answer yes.
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  17. JPWahoo

    JPWahoo Some Flies are too Awesome for the Wall
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    my job rules - because it rules I make laughably little money. I'm combatting this by directing skiedfrillet to invest in the stonks I invest in
  18. skiedfrillet

    skiedfrillet It's not a lie if you believe it.
    Clemson Tigers

    love my job, the people i work with, and i'm passionate about what i'm doing

    can't imagine going back to a corporate company - joining a small company from the ground up and seeing the success we've built over the last 3 years has been amazing
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  19. DistantFactor

    DistantFactor Sesquipedalian
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    I hated my job at Deloitte and could not wait to leave. Enjoyed the next couple companies I’ve worked at and the people at those companies.

    So I have been a yes and a no, currently a yes for what work is.
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  20. Hokeamania

    Hokeamania New username needed.
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    Absolutely. Love what I do, the people I work with, and the flexibility to not make work my entire life.
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  21. ned's head

    ned's head Well-Known Member

    I like my job. I left it in 2018 for a potential relocation that never happened and took a major paycut to come back in 2020. Life's too short to go through the bulk of your waking hours frustrated or hating life.
  22. Cornelius Suttree

    Cornelius Suttree I am a landmine
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    The environment people and setting yeah very much. The day to day grind not so much
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  23. Cooler

    Cooler A mans gotta eat
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    I work in cyber security, but do mostly admin stuff and do not get too technical too often. I’d rather not work, but I don’t hate coming into work. I like what I do and who I work with mostly. I also get paid pretty decent and have great hours so that helps a lot.
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  24. HotMic

    HotMic Insider
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  25. OldazzNinjaman

    OldazzNinjaman Joemoma
    Michigan Wolverines

    I really enjoy what I do(I work as in-house imaging repair technician. I repair and cal X-ray systems. They're huge puzzles with hydraulics, electronics and networking involved) but hate that I'm at least fifteen years younger than my cohorts. There can be a lot of down time and they love to spend it either talking shitty politics, conspiracy theories or about others. All shit I'm not into so I purchased the bad ass Sony wm3 headphones and usually run at any work opportunity to help get through the garbage banter.
  26. ashy larry

    ashy larry from ashy to classy
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    got a pretty lucrative offer to admin summer school at my campus but fuuuuuuuuuck that
  27. Dildo Dawgins

    Dildo Dawgins Well-Known Member
    Georgia Bulldogs

    In the grand scheme of things, where I'm a white American male and likely a top 10% global wage earner with good benefits and no manual labor - yes I like my job.

    Do I really like my job - no but I'm grateful for it.
  28. Nandor the Relentless

    Kentucky WildcatsBoston CelticsNew England PatriotsUniversity of LynchburgAEWSeattle Kraken

    If I could have stayed working in sports information without having to work an obscene number of hours, the answer would have been yes.

    Otherwise no. I don’t hate it though.
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  29. Snakes

    Snakes stubbornly litigious
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    Alabama Crimson Tide

    It wasn't bad while working from home. Now back in the office it's a means to an end.
  30. Hoss Bonaventure

    Arkansas RazorbacksSt. Louis CardinalsHouston RocketsDallas CowboysSneakers

    I really like my coworkers and the job itself isn’t that bad. Sucks because I work for probably the best boss I’ve ever had and I found out this morning he’s leaving to go to another company so my vote may change depending on who they put us under.
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  31. ashy larry

    ashy larry from ashy to classy
    South Carolina GamecocksAtlanta BravesWu-tang

    love the kids. adults make my job frustrating.
    pay could be better but it’s rewarding and i look forward to coming in most days.
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  32. Hoss Bonaventure

    Arkansas RazorbacksSt. Louis CardinalsHouston RocketsDallas CowboysSneakers

    This is a factor as well. I’ve never even been to our office and worked from home since I started. Not sure if or when we are going back into the office but it may make the job suck.
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  33. TheFreak55

    TheFreak55 Our way is the old way
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    I like my job and most of my team but the work is meaningless so well I’m posting on tmb
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  34. Jake Scott

    Jake Scott Well-Known Member
    Staff Donor

  35. blind dog

    blind dog wps
    Arkansas RazorbacksSt. Louis CardinalsGreen Bay PackersWu-tangCoors LightPoker

    My wife is a teacher and absolutely loves her job except her co workers and administration

    So she wants to quit
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    DUCKMOUTH People don’t you know, don’t you know
    Southern Mississippi Golden EaglesNew Orleans SaintsGrateful DeadPoker

    Meh. I work with a great team and have a lot of flexibility. Get paid well too.

    work is work though. Reminds me of what some chick told me one time. It’s called a blow job for reason. If I enjoyed it, it would be called blow fun.
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  37. TC

    TC Gettin fuckin Matchbox 20 money
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    I like it pretty good.

    Too many people going to business school because they think $$$ is where it's at. People should have the courage to do something authentic. Not just "well mom and dad and society and guidance counselor are putting pressure on me and it's business or STEM or zero respect". So they hate their job, but they're looking at social media and seeing some grand love your job life they're thinking they should have to. No, you bought into some bullshit. Everything's not about making money and if you treat it that way you will eventually realize you're empty inside.
  38. The Hebrew Husker

    Nebraska CornhuskersSeattle MarinersColorado AvalanceWWENebraska Cornhuskers alt

    I’ll preface this by saying I guess I’ve always just accepted the fact I’ll more than likely not have a job I’m “passionate” about, and hopefully I’ll be able to do a couple cool things throughout the year to make it worth it.

    My boss is cool, super relaxed and let’s me do my own thing since he trusts I’ll get work done one way or another. Coworkers are cool too.

    That said the past 6-7 months I can tolerate my job less and less, and it seems like most of my coworkers agree. I’ve heard other companies will pay quite a bit more for the same job I do, so for the first time in like 7-8 years I’m considering looking elsewhere or at least creating a LinkedIn.

    As I said above, I accept that working is just part of life so try not to complain about it too much. One realistic thing I know would improve my personal morale would be allowing me to work four 10 hour days, or hell even 4x9 then a half day Fridays. It really sucks to feel like every weekend is wasted either running errands or sitting at home trying to “recharge”.
  39. Bruce Bowen

    Bruce Bowen Well-Known Member

    Mostly hate company. Work is ok, far from love it. IT is tough and I think I’m just burned out of my job being resolving issues all day. One goal of paternity leave is to update resume and start looking.
  40. fucktx

    fucktx ruthkanda forever
    Texas RangersLos Angeles ClippersDallas Stars

    I work in logistics and it’s legitimately the worst time in history to work in my industry. I’m sure all of my logistics bros can back me up on that.

    Not only that but my job is a sales job with a 95% turnover rate. I’ve watched hundreds, if not thousands of people, come in and get their hopes crushed. My job is also commission based so if I miss a day or take vacation I still have to check my emails and reply or I’m losing money. Pays well but fuck everything about it.

    Had different finance jobs before this one and hated those too. Just waiting around searching job boards on company time every single day looking for a cool ass job. Don’t even care about pay anymore.

    Eat Arby’s
  41. PAHokie

    PAHokie Can't a bitch living say I bought her Michael Kors
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    Yes. I’ve been my own boss at my company for almost 7 years which is super nice. I’ve largely been able to do what I want with what work we have. Our work is very diverse which can be a pain since everything requires more thought a effort. Also having an employee in my dept is a little more work and pain in the ass, but that should lead to more pay. While I would love an easier job I don’t have much to complain about and I make pretty good money.
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  42. Constant

    Constant Meh
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    I enjoy what I do but I still look forward to not doing it.
  43. Hoss Bonaventure

    Arkansas RazorbacksSt. Louis CardinalsHouston RocketsDallas CowboysSneakers

    9/80’s are the shit. You don’t have to take off to go to the dentist and whatnot since you can just load up all your errands on your Friday off and like you said enjoy Saturday and Sunday. My wife works it now and loves it. I got to do it for awhile at a previous job but Asshat ruined it for everyone.
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  44. fucktx

    fucktx ruthkanda forever
    Texas RangersLos Angeles ClippersDallas Stars

    Oh and my boss is a shit bag

    dude fires like people at a time and he’s like “oh well let’s have a great day and make that money!!!”
  45. MtOread

    MtOread chopped and scrooged
    Kansas JayhawksKansas City RoyalsKansas City ChiefsBig 8 Conference

    I also left a large corporation last year for a smaller company in my industry, and it's been a much more rewarding experience in terms of the person I work for/people I work with.
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  46. Saul Shabazz

    Saul Shabazz season terminated
    TMB OG

    fuck work 4eva
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  47. Saul Shabazz

    Saul Shabazz season terminated
    TMB OG

    I loved my job
  48. wes tegg

    wes tegg I'm a Guy's guy, guys.
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    Need options for "I enjoy my career, but not my job" and "I enjoy my job, but not my career."
  49. Bo Pelinis

    Bo Pelinis Not really into dinosaurs right now
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    Nebraska CornhuskersBig 8 Conference

    All of this.
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  50. skiedfrillet

    skiedfrillet It's not a lie if you believe it.
    Clemson Tigers

    yeah i can't recommend it enough if you have the opportunity. i worked at diff fortune 500 companies for a decade after finishing up in school and it was miserable - especially in a sales capacity. went to work for a company that had 2 employees, i was the 3rd, and after 3 years we've got about 7 full time employees now and it's a great time.

    i still talk with the people at the immediately previous job and it's still a nightmare - their new sales manager is making them log 300 calls a week, 45 meetings a week, and something like 20 full proposals per week.
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