do you actually enjoy your job/career?

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  1. DuffandMuff

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    I'll probably retire when I'm old as hell.

    I've been using my good years on traveling. Not sure when my health will decline and the long hikes, late nights, bar hopping, bungee jumping, scuba diving abilities will fail.

    I see my parents who are nearing retirement age and have the means to do all the traveling, but a recent illness with my mom has jeopardized it all. They can travel to far off countries, but it'll be see a museum one day then a historical site the next. Spend a day sitting at the beach.

    I'll use my good years on travel and give my employer my shitty late years. Just hope I have the good memories while I'm sitting at my desk at 65.
  2. dukebuckeye

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    Another #LifeHack

    Marry a women whose Father is the King of Northeast Ohio Arby's Franchises.
  3. Lyrtch

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    if this is feasible for people it's very much the move
  4. Bo Pelinis

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    On the other hand I'm not trying to answer to anyone as a geriatric.
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  5. Pasta88

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    Like most things in life, the balance seems ideal (at least for me). Lots of travel while I’m young, including longer trips in between jobs, but still saving money, establishing a career, etc. so I can live comfortably enough.
  6. Vito Corleone

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    Federal Employee

    -The best benefits
    -If I work more than 80 hours in a pay period, I get Comp/Vacation Time
    -Only work 10 hour days. If more, yay Comp Time
    -I am considered the subject matter expert for a variety of policies/topics in my region. My opinion carries weight
    -Job security
    -Not micromanaged because....

    Cons management doesn't manage anything. They care about themselves and their higher ups instead of their offices
    -I'm extremely comfortable in my job and where I live. I am one of ~50 people in the country that do what I do and nothing compares in the private sector. Not a lot of options for progression or relocation. Where I could relocate is pretty awful.
    -No financial incentive to go above and beyond. My pay is my pay. You do go above and beyond because citizens need you to
    -Most of my job is about helping upper middleclass to rich white guys become more financially stable
    -Lobbyists/interest groups constantly complaining
  7. mizz1439

    mizz1439 Well-Known Member

    I’m biting. Are you able to share more about the side business? Curious how much of your time that consumes.
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  8. kinghill

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    wonder what Chris is saying today about this broker job

  9. leroi

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    10 hour days sound more like a 'Con' to me
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  10. blotter

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  11. blotter

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    have been browsing the antiwork subreddit.. it's mostly memes like the above and bitching about the state of things. I thought 'success stories' and paths to joblessness would be more prevalent, but I guess that's kind of the point of it all.. shit is hard/impossible for most. I've never actively contextualized how I live outside of the thought of not seeing a doctor since W's first term. I'd like to think there are more like me out there though
  12. DuffandMuff

    DuffandMuff Well-Known Member
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    I’d say in somewhat similar vein, the best feelings/days in the world are when you quit and when you sign an offer letter.

    Since college I’ve quit two jobs where I’ve had nothing lined up. Thrilling. Those first few weeks of freedom are intoxicating.
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