Dumb Twitter Viral Questions during the Quarantine

Discussion in 'The Mainboard' started by bro, Apr 6, 2020.

  1. duc15

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    Milky Way
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  2. Handcuffed

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    as a kid, reese's pb cups were my favorite halloween candy

    but i think they changed the formula or something because i don't like them much anymore
  3. dblplay1212

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    Na they haven't changed.
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  4. snowfx2

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    Milky Way easily
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  5. $P1

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    Milky Way is a hot circle of garbage
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  6. TC

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    Keep Twix and Reese’s and can’t really go wrong
  7. Tiffin

    Tiffin “Only time can give you mayonnaise.”
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    Get rid of snickers ion even care
  8. nexus

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    As a Milky Way lover I feel attacked.

    We can all agree though that Snickers remains the champagne of Halloween candy
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  9. RSK

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    This is my list but in reverse

    Also milkyway one is the easiest one posted in this whole thread
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