Fedex Ticket Delivery Problem

Discussion in 'The Mainboard' started by Hiphopopotamus, Nov 25, 2010.

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    Trying to figure out how to deal with Fedex not delivering a pair of tickets on time.

    Stated in the auction that I would ship the tickets overnight Tuesday for Wednesday delivery. Tickets sold, shipped them out Tuesday as promised, but on the tracking Fedex notes a "Delivery Exception" stating "Local delivery restriction, delivery not attempted." So the tickets don't get delivered Wednesday and Fedex didn't run today.

    I'm assuming they'll arrive early tomorrow, but the games at 1:30 and the guy lives about 4 hours away in GA. Obviously that kind of messes stuff up.

    Does Fedex have some type of claims for this situation? I would have called today but their closed and haven't seen anything from the brief skimming of their website.

    I feel obligated to refund the guy, despite the fact that a shipping exception is a risk you run when ordering tickets two business days before the game.

    Should I refund the guy right now or wait and see how Fedex responds first?
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    his fault
  3. Harambe Championship

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    Call fedex customer service and explain your issue. You'd be amazed at what they can do.
    They are really a great company. Probably because they are non-union.
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    that sucks
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    If there person calls Fedex he can have them hold it at the Fedex service center to be picked up first thing tomorrow morning when they open at 7 or 8. That's probably the best bet.
  6. Harambe Championship

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    I'd imagine this is all your fault somehow. You don't seem very bright.
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    i was thinking the same thing.

    you can hear it when he talks.
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    Having a hard time believing one of their drivers left a box from apple in a neighbors truck.
  9. cmweber78

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    His response was a direct response to FedEx employees being good b/c they are not unionized.