five most annoying espn personalities from least to most...

Discussion in 'The Mainboard' started by JBF76, Dec 23, 2011.

  1. JBF76

    JBF76 Buckeye football, Redskins, Redsox, Celtics.

    No Stuart Scott?
  2. skeezy

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    topsweat, ross, gubbs, farva, any TAMU fag

    in no particular order
  3. Principal McVicker

    Principal McVicker Not so New Member

    Chris Berman, Boomer, that guy from NFL Live, the guy who does the HR Derby, the guy whos been there forever
  4. Pelican Grove

    Pelican Grove Saints, Ole Miss, Hornets

    Rachel Nichols is awful.
  5. skeezy

    skeezy Fan of: truck pulling ducks
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    rachel nichols is mildly attractive. id fuck her
  6. Heavy Mental

    Heavy Mental how far to Asgaard?

    Fuck this guy, who wears this type of shit on national television?

  7. ths

    ths here we are, here and now
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    i havent watched espn in several years, so this is a list of people that were bad when i still did watch it:

    5. linda cohn. please put on sleeves bitch, your arms are taking up the entire set and im trying to eat.
    4. john buccigross. stop saying winner winner chicken dinner. you were the first sportscenter anchor i hated. you are not funny or clever. just read the goddamn highlights
    3. mark may / lou holtz. i list both of these because they can not act without each other. both are absolutely terrible and neither should be on any television, anywhere.
    2. skip bayless. its so blatantly obvious what youre trying to do. take extreme positions and speak out of both sides of your mouth the entire time you are on tv. it makes me legitimately sad to know youve amassed large sums of money acting the way you do because people are stupid enough to watch. you make me sick, and i want your entire family dead.
    1. chris berman. you are old. we all know youre an asshole. stop pretending at this point. stop talking in that voice. just say, "the oakland raiders." or "the new york giants." thats it. thats all we need. we are all adults here, is it so much that i ask to be treated as such?
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  9. Tardassio

    Tardassio Member

    Cowherd. The guy is fairly solid, but the high pitched falsetto laugh makes me want to pay for his gender reassignment.
  10. Celemo

    Celemo A Motherfucking Starboy

    Cowherd was actually really good back when he was doing his local show in PDX. He was the only host on that station willing to talk about CFB teams not named Oregon and Oregon State. Since he moved to Bristol, like all ESPN personalities, he became a caricature of himself.
  11. JBF76

    JBF76 Buckeye football, Redskins, Redsox, Celtics.

    Which makes him a fraud, just like that fat fucking clown Berman..
  12. Tardassio

    Tardassio Member

    Cowherd is knowledgeable, I am simply tired of his shtick. The higher you climb the ladder, the more generic you become.
  13. Celemo

    Celemo A Motherfucking Starboy

    Bought the ESPN tell-all book but can't seem to bring myself to read it. I've been reading ASOIAF instead...maybe I'll take another crack at it when I finish book 5
  14. JeremyLambsFace

    JeremyLambsFace Fan of: Coach Muschamp

    Will always love coach from his wwe days. Todd Grisham is a fag though.
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  15. Dirt Dirt McGirt

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    Stuart Scott just said "spinnin, mixin, scratchin, ballin"

    what the fuck
  16. Dirt Dirt McGirt

    Dirt Dirt McGirt Dirtin for Certain
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    Just dropped a "nuff said"
  17. CRoyal8

    CRoyal8 Looking for Banner #6

    Stu Scott is just fucking unbearable, I wish someone, anyone, would come up with an alternative to ESPN/Sportscenter.
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  18. Dirt Dirt McGirt

    Dirt Dirt McGirt Dirtin for Certain
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    NBC Sportsnetwork has NBC Sportstalk. Their NFL coverage is better IMO with Florio and Peter King.
  19. CRoyal8

    CRoyal8 Looking for Banner #6

    I've almost completely cut ESPN off with MLB Network, NBCSN, NFL Network, MLB.TV, Fox Soccer, etc. I just want one good replacement for Sportscenter and the transformation will almost be complete.
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  20. Arkie Proud

    Arkie Proud The Dungeon Master
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    I remember when it was normal for guys to watch Sportscenter and tell other guys, "I was watching Sportscenter last night and ...". Now it sucks and I don't know anyone that watches it anymore on a regular basis.

    Whatever NBC Sportstalk does I will back if only to put a dagger into the heart of ESPN.
  21. JBF76

    JBF76 Buckeye football, Redskins, Redsox, Celtics.

    I turned espn on the other morning to catch the redsox highlights and waited like ten minutes because I saw they were coming up in like ten minutes and as soon as they were over I turned it off.. Unless a game is on espn i'm not watching, However ESPNews isn't bad at all... The personalities on sportscenter just fucking blow.. I guess ill repeat that Berman needs to just fall off a bridge, and stuart scott needs to be set on fire. Mike (I hate white people) Wilbon can suck a dick as well.. I love how wilbon plays it off like he doesn't mind white people but by his words its obvious he is racist as fuck, but its ok vuz hes a:w2d:
  22. Celemo

    Celemo A Motherfucking Starboy

    This is what I watch on ESPN; actual games, NFL draft, and during CFB season..College Football Final (necessary evil)...The End.
  23. TheChatch

    TheChatch Big Paws On A Puppy.

    Miss the days of olberman, Patrick, kilborn....
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  24. Clubber Lang

    Clubber Lang High Potentate

    hey, her "this detroit lions team could be special" articles from the past few seasons were excellent. I look forward to this year's version.
  25. Arkie Proud

    Arkie Proud The Dungeon Master
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    In no world, universe, time-frame or reality of existence will I ever miss Keith Olberman in any way.
  26. Rick"Doc"Walker

    Rick"Doc"Walker "50% beast, 35% cyborg, 15% werewolf"

    This guy on svp show looks like an Indian "Ryan" from the Office...
  27. BayouMafia

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    can't remember his name but everytime I hear that guy say "She's a beauty that number 9" I want to claw his eyes out
  28. William

    William Please clap.
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    Cowherd does not deserve to be in this list. He is awesome.
  29. marcus

    marcus Sex with old ladies for money, and bear traps.

    Weirdly, Linda actually looks better now than she did back in 93'.
  30. Celemo

    Celemo A Motherfucking Starboy

    she'd get it
  31. Wu

    Wu Suckle fucking bullshit
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    draft last night reminded me of why I never watch ESPN unless one of my teams is playing
  32. IV

    IV I'm often wrong, but occasionally correct
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    I just wanna hook up with Sage Steele
  33. Maxblack

    Maxblack Active Member

    Trent Dilfer
    Stephen A. Smith

    It seems like Stephen A and Skip have turned into jackoff buddies on their show. It's pretty damn sickening to watch them blow each other.
  34. colonel_forbin

    colonel_forbin Well-Known Member

    pretty sad the liked people would be a smaller amount than the hated.

    like: scott van pelt, herbstriet, bilas, marcellus wiley, jalen rose, mike and mike, john anderson. my favorite is probably chris broussard.
    hate: everyone else.
  35. Buffs78

    Buffs78 Gone Missing
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    Does that shitstain Buccigross still do singer/band analogies with players/teams? I think that started my hatred.
  36. Houndster

    Houndster Ball don't lie
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    :cmonson: greenberg knows absolutely nothing about anything that isn't baseball and golic took too many shots to the head to come up with anything remotely insightful.
  37. Arrec Bardwin

    Arrec Bardwin The purest of hebrews

    The more and more I see John Buccigross, the worse he gets.
  38. stangd

    stangd I love scotch. Scotchy, scotch, scotch

    Cowherd is awesome!

    On the other hand Mark May sucks big sweaty balls!