Florida Man Thread - Florida woman says Jags are no longer playing by the Rules

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    Bump. Also, :roll::roll:


    Shoplifting suspect leaves cell phone, puddle of urine at crime scene

    Brooke Amber Sutton

    MIRAMAR BEACH — A shoplifter with expensive tastes tried to make off with more than $2,100 in designer clothes on Friday.

    Along the way, police say Brooke Amber Sutton left behind some unusual evidence.

    According to press release from the Walton County Sheriff’s Office, an employee at the Ann Taylor store at Silver Sands Premium Outlets called authorities after discovering several security tags that had been removed from merchandise. Along with the tags was a cell phone.

    The deputy discovered the phone number for the cell phone owner’s husband, and was able to contact him, the press release stated. The husband reportedly gave the deputy a description of the suspect’s car, which the deputy later spotted near the store. Sutton, 27, was driving the vehicle.

    According to Sutton’s arrest report, she reportedly admitted during a post-Miranda warning interview that she entered the Ann Taylor store and brought numerous items into the fitting room. While inside, she reportedly confessed to removing the price tags and security devices from the items, leaving the store with 18 items she didn’t pay for.

    Sutton also urinated on the floor and on several items of merchandise, according to her arrest report.

    After slipping out of the Ann Taylor store undetected, Sutton entered Saks Off Fifth, the arrest report said. There she entered a fitting room with between 15 and 20 pairs of jeans, the report said.

    Sutton later exited the fitting room with six pairs of jeans, valued at more than $1,000, draped over her arm, according to the arrest report. She reportedly concealed the jeans under a men’s suit jacket.

    Sutton left the store, the report said, setting off a security alarm.

    When the deputy made contact with Sutton, he discovered the jeans in her vehicle, the Sheriff’s Office press release stated.

    Sutton was arrested on two counts of felony retail theft and was booked into the Walton County Jail, the Sheriff’s Office reported. She was released on bond the next day.
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    Body of woman, 2 live monkeys found in Florida hotel room
    Monkeys were found in carriers, city spokesman says


    NORTH PORT, Fla. - Authorities say the body of a woman was found along with two live monkeys in a hotel room in southwest Florida.

    North Port city spokesman Josh Taylor says 59-year-old Linda Marie Smith of Arcadia was found dead Friday at the Budget Inn.

    Taylor tells the Herald Tribune that two capuchin monkeys were found in carriers in Smith's room.

    Taylor says police plan to interview a man who also had been found incoherent in the room. The man hasn't been identified.

    An autopsy is pending. Taylor says there were no signs of trauma to Smith's body.

    The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission took custody of the monkeys.
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    Caryville woman believes her goats are being sexually assaulted


    Sharon Cruz-Pecina said she bought goats for milk five years ago, because her husband is lactose intolerant and is not affected by goat milk.

    She never thought she'd have to deal with what she's faced recently.

    "Please leave my goats alone, please repent, please turn yourself in," a desperate plea from Sharon Cruz-Pecina, a Caryville resident who said since last summer, a man has been sexually assaulting three of her goats.

    "He's been attacking them and raping them," she said. " I'm not jumping to conclusions."

    Last April, Cruz-Pecina was housing her goats about a mile away from her home when a neighbor spotted and identified a man lingering in the area.

    Cruz-Pecina said that same man was charged in 2014 with engaging in sexual activity with an animal.

    "There is numerous people within the mile, two miles of this guy's home who've had problems of him attacking their goats," she said.

    Cruz-Pecina said she has evidence the goats have been assaulted in the form of photographs and barbed wire in their pens.

    "I have had the officers out here a few times, I just didn't call [again] because I didn't think like they were taking me serious," she explained.

    When NewsChannel 7 reached out to the Washington County Sheriff's Office, they confirmed the investigation with this statement:

    "Washington County Sheriff's office has received a complaint from Ms. Sharon Anne Cruz-Pecina. This is an open case at this time. We are investigating this case as diligently and as thoroughly as we would any criminal investigation."

    Cruz-Pecina said she's trying to catch the suspect.

    "We have been trying to catch him on video but he seems very elusive," she explained.

    In September, Sharon Cruz-Pecina had a rape kit done for one of the goats. She's currently waiting on the DNA results.

    Cruz-Pecina hopes the sheriff's office catches the suspect before he does more damage.

    "He's not normal. He needs help and the law needs to arrest him," she said. "And get him the help he needs."

    In Florida, a bill making sex with an animal a felony failed in 2008.

    Lawmakers finally passed a bill making it a misdemeanor in 2011, but it took them at least three tries to make it law.
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    Florida woman accused of exposing breasts, throwing pork chops in altercation


    A Jensen Beach woman was arrested on a disorderly conduct charge after allegedly exposing herself and throwing grilled meat during an altercation, TCPalm.com reports.

    Martin County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to the 2500 block of Northeast Indian River Drive in Jensen Beach Jan. 2 after a male victim reported Christine Taylor, 31, was causing a disturbance.

    Taylor had reportedly been drinking and was trying to start a fight with residents in the mobile home park.

    Taylor allegedly exposed her breast to the victim and his three children before toppling a barbecue grill and throwing pork chops.
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    Is this poor journalism or did the dude really assault the goats with photographs?

    It's Florida, so I can't rule out either option.
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    Heading to Orlando. :ohnoes::ohnoes::ohnoes::ohnoes::ohnoes:
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    image.png http://www.wtsp.com/story/news/weir...gator-into-wendys-drive-thru-window/80033890/

    Have you ever seen a flying alligator? A worker at a Wendy's drive-thru did when a customer threw a 3 1/2 foot gator into the window of the restaurant east of Loxahatchee, according to a report from WPTV.

    Joshua James, 23, of Jupiter is charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, illegally killing, possessing or capturing an alligator, and second-degree larceny petit theft, according to the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office. The incident happened in October.

    He was arrested recently by U.S. Marshals.

    James pulled up to the drive-thru window for his order, got a drink from the employee, and then he threw the gator into the restaurant, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission told the station.
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    Might walk down to OBT today to see what I will get into.
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    Craig Pittman ‏@craigtimes St Petersburg, FL
    Oh #Florida! Married cop lets woman he met on Craigslist snap pix of him masturbating. In uniform. In a patrol car

    Lady Lake cop resigns after exposing himself for woman he met on Craigslist


    Lady Lake's police chief vowed to work to regain public trust after one of his officers was caught with his pants down — literally — in an attempt to woo a woman he met on Craigslist.

    Officer Kevin Thompson resigned after allegations and photos surfaced of him masturbating in his patrol car in uniform for the Leesburg woman. The State Attorney's Office declined last week to file charges against Thompson, but police Chief Chris McKinstry said the department's reputation has been tarnished.

    "The type of behavior he displayed just infuriates me. I mean, the level of disrespect for our department and our taxpayers. There's no excuse. It's just disgusting," McKinstry said. "I'm not the moral police. You can do whatever you want in your spare time, but we're always up against false allegations, so to do something like this, well I'm just at a loss for words."

    Thompson, who is married, responded to the 38-year-old woman's Craigslist ad about four months ago and the pair started meeting while he was on duty. He told deputies his marriage was in disarray and decided to look for companionship on the website. He told them he'd looked through ads of people looking for romantic encounters.

    "It's embarrassing. I'm not proud of what I did. I disgraced my department…," Thompson said in an interview with the Lake County Sheriff's Office. "It was something very stupid to do."

    Thompson allegedly would put out fake patrol alerts so he could go to hang out outside the woman’s workplace while he was on duty, McKinstry said. During one of the visits, the woman walked up to his patrol car and saw he had his pants down and was masturbating with a pair of her underwear. She told deputies he let her snap about 15 photos.

    The woman told deputies she didn’t know Thompson was married when the affair started. She said he promised to leave his wife and move in with her, records said.

    That didn’t happen.

    After he tried to break it off, the woman told deputies she threatened to tell Thompson’s wife about the affair and show her the photos.

    She said Thompson sent texts threatening to have her daughters taken from her and have her arrested for threatening a law-enforcement officer, an incident report said.

    She reported Thompson to Lady Lake police on Dec. 30 because of the threats and told McKinstry she didn’t feel safe. The Lake Sheriff’s Office along with the State Attorney’s Office reviewed the case.

    During questioning with the sheriff’s officials, Thompson had to be reminded at least four times to stop lying to them. Thompson ended up admitting to texting the woman out of anger and didn’t mean anything by it. He and the woman both told officials they never had sex while he was on duty but would fool around.

    The State Attorney’s Office found no basis for charges in the case.

    Thompson resigned the day after the allegations surfaced, but McKinstry said the damage is done.

    “We won’t tolerate this type of behavior. We have such great support from our residents and our [town] commission. I don’t know why this individual would do this to damage that. We have to earn the respect from our citizens every day because they pay our salaries and they want to know we’re doing the right thing and not off gallivanting,” he said. “I want the community to know this officer would have been fired if he hadn’t resigned immediately. That’s the type of agency we have here. We run a tight ship.”
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    Teen on Hoverboard With Gun Loses Balance, Accidentally Kills Cousin in Orlando

    According to an arrest affidavit filed in Orange County, police were called to a home in Orlando on Sunday after a report that a boy was shot in the back of the head.

    The report says Lovardo Fisher, 13, Brandon Louis and Widmar Morame, both 18, were in a bedroom playing video games. Louis told police that he found a gun under a bed and while riding a hoverboard, lost his balance. The gun “went off,” the bullet hitting Fisher in the back of the head.

    The teen was transported to a local hospital in critical condition. He died Monday from his injury.

    The Orlando Sentinel reports that Louis and Morame are Lovardo’s cousins.

    Police say the gun belonged to Walter Morame, a convicted felon who was not home at the time of the shooting.

    Walter Morame, 35, has since been arrested and charged with possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

    Other charges are pending, while the Orange County Sheriff’s Office investigates the case.
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    Teen accused of running fake medical practice posed as gynecologist a year ago, officials say
    18-year-old arrested for allegedly posing as a doctor, gave exams
    Kate JacobsonContact ReporterSun Sentinel
    Privacy Policy
    A South Florida teenager is in jail after he played doctor with real patients for the second time in just over a year, authorities say.

    Malachi Love-Robinson, 18, known as "Dr. Robinson" to his patients, was arrested after he allegedly gave physical exams and medical advice to people — including an undercover officer — at a "holistic medical clinic" he founded in West Palm Beach.

    Sources say Love-Robinson is the same teen caught in January 2015 masquerading as a doctor at St. Mary's Medical Center, peeking in on gynecology exams and keeping a wardrobe of lab coats inside his car.

    Dr. Sebastian Kent, an OB/GYN whose office is on the St. Mary's Medical Center grounds, said he was amazed to hear that the same teen who had introduced himself as a doctor a year ago had been accused of impersonating a doctor a second time.

    Palm Beach County Jail on $6,000 bail.

    Accused fake teen doctor: Latest coverage of the case

    According to the Florida Department of Health, Love-Robinson came onto the agency's radar after receiving a tip in October that he had been practicing medicine without a license.

    Authorities sent a cease-and-desist letter, said department spokesman Brad Dalton, but Love-Robinson continued to practice.

    He opened the New Birth New Life Holistic and Alternative Medical Center and Urgent Care at 4700 N. Congress Ave. in West Palm Beach. In paperwork for the business, he is listed as the CEO. His title: Dr. Malachi Love-Robinson.

    His website boasts that he holds a Ph.D., an "HHP-C" and an "AMP-C," though it is unclear what the latter two designations stand for.

    Police: Juvenile posed as doctor at St. Mary's hospital

    After the tip rolled in, Dalton said the health department reopened its investigation into Love-Robinson. Officials quickly realized he had already been told once to stop what he was doing.

    "He has a name that stands out," Dalton said.

    The health department called the Sheriff's Office and members of the Palm Beach Narcotics Task Force to investigate. They sent in an undercover officer. After that officer received a medical exam and advice from the young doctor, they arrested him.

    FULL COVERAGE: Read the latest in the case of accused fake teen doctor

    Last year, Love-Robinson was briefly detained by West Palm Beach police after he was found wandering around St. Mary's Medical Center wearing a doctor's coat and interacting with patients. Kent said Love-Robinson, then 17, was in his office and introduced himself as an anesthesiologist, but Kent became suspicious because of Love-Robinson's youthful looks.

    "This guy can schmooze his way around, he can tell any story you want to hear," Kent said. "That's what he tried to do with me — he tried to ingratiate himself with me so I would take him around, and after a while it started to not make sense to me. I thought something was wrong."

    Love-Robinson was questioned, but ultimately not charged.

    According to Healthgrades.com, a website that ranks doctors, Love-Robinson has a five-star rating, based on two reviews. The website gives Love-Robinson's age as 25, says he can speak French and lists his specialties as naturopathy, psychology and mental health.

    According to his grandfather, William Robinson, it's all a big misunderstanding. He said his grandson never claimed to be a medical doctor, only a holistic doctor, and that he had received proper certification to practice.

    Those certificates are from online schools, Robinson said, though he wasn't sure which ones. He said his grandson's certificates were hung on the walls of his office.

    "He was pursuing things, but I don't really know what it came to," Robinson said. "He was pursuing the field that he wanted to get into."

    Robinson denied that his grandson had ever seen patients at the clinic. The idea was to open the practice with Love-Robinson at the helm, then attract other doctors to come work for him.

    He described his grandson as a passionate person who is smart and driven. Among his accomplishments, Robinson said, was his position as an "up-and-coming minister" at New Birth Outreach Ministries, the church where William Robinson is pastor.

    On a website offering free ordained ministry certificates, Love-Robinson is listed as a reverend who specializes in "philosophical theology, religious epistemology and Christian apologetics." His biography states he is working on a doctoral thesis and lists him as a naturopathic physician.

    "He's not out doing drugs, he's not out trying to rob nobody," Robinson said. "He's trying to do something constructive, and if he did do something and the paperwork wasn't right — he can get ahead of himself sometimes and he may have been trying too hard, but he had good intentions."

    Upon hearing of Love-Robinson's arrest, Kent said he was shocked, but ultimately unsurprised.

    "I just met him that one time, and I heard a lot about what he had done afterward and various encounters people had with him," Kent said. "But yeah, it doesn't surprise me he did this. I knew he would strike again."
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    Cops: Customers trashed pizzeria after argument over garlic knots
    Jessica InmanContact ReporterOrlando Sentinel
    Privacy Policy
    It all started with cheese.

    Jessica Conti didn't want any on her order of garlic knots at Palm Coast Pizza Friday, deputies say. So the 25-year-old woman "became verbally argumentative," and asked for a refund on the unwanted bread, deputies say they were told.

    But when the money was placed on the counter, Conti felt disrespected and got more angry, according to a Flagler County Sheriff's Office arrest report.

    Three men came inside and pushed the eatery's register and fax machine to the ground, deputies say. Then Conti and the group began to wreak havoc in the kitchen, according to the report.

    The Flagler Sheriff's Office estimate that the group rang up less than $1,000 in damage after hurtling boxes and food throughout the kitchen.

    Conti and the others were later arrested at 56 Leidel Drive, which is northwest of the pizza shop at 1755 Palm Harbor Parkway.

    Shawn Cody and Hareem Jones

    (Flagler County Sheriff's Office)
    Jessica Conti, 23-year-old Vincent Conti, and 32-year-old Shawn Cody were arrested on burglary and criminal mischief charges. Hareem Jones, 26, faces those as well as a charge of possession of marijuana less than 20 grams.

    All four are in Flagler County jail. Employees at the restaurant will supply video surveillance to the sheriff's office.
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    Feel lucky this hasn't happened to you Bankz

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    Dude the people love us. This would never happen. Also our Knots are kick ass no one would ever return them.
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    Florida man shot during argument about strip clubs

    An Orlando man was shot in the thigh early Saturday morning after he and another man started arguing about the differences between Florida and Ohio strip clubs, according to WKYC.

    Antonio Cummings, 24, of Orlando was at Lido Lounge strip club in Cleveland for a friend's birthday party when he and a man known only as "Mike" started arguing about each state's strip clubs.

    Police say the debate turned violent and ended with Mike shooting Cummings in the thigh, the TV station reports. Mike fled the scene while Cummings' friends took him to a local hospital.

    The Cleveland Division of Police is currently looking for the shooter.

    here to read more on this story at WKYC.com.
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    :facepalm: heard about this guy that took the money box from a Girl Scout in front of a Walmart in Deltona, Florida

    DELTONA, Fla. (AP) – Authorities are searching for a man they say grabbed a box of money from a table where a 12-year-old girl was selling Girl Scout cookies outside a central Florida Wal-Mart.

    Volusia County Sheriff’s spokesman Andrew Gant says the man ran to the parking lot Sunday afternoon and got into the passenger seat of a waiting car.

    The Daytona Beach News-Journal reports surveillance video from the store showed the man approaching the store with a woman and small child before the theft.

    Gant says the group walked back to the car and waited a few minutes before the man returned and took the money.

    The sheriff’s office didn’t say how much money was stolen. An investigation continues.
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    Pep rally fire causes injuries at Atlantic High School in Delray Beach, Fire Rescue says

    DELRAY BEACH, Fla. - At least 20 people were injured during a pep rally Thursday morning at Atlantic Community High School, according to Delray Beach Fire Rescue.

    The school district said the pep rally was organized to get students excited for tests called the Florida Standards Assessments. The district says a seasoned performer intended to blow fire and an accident occurred.

    The performer, Ricky Charles, suffered burns and was transported as a trauma alert to Delray Medical Center, fire rescue said.

    Charles, the owner of the Broward County-based Inferno's Challenge, was in the middle of his fire-breathing act, which he's done dozens of times before, but this time he accidentally set himself on fire.

    He told NewsChannel 5’s Katie Johnson by phone that he tried a new type of lamp oil today-- which he uses to fuel the flames-- and that's why he says things went wrong.

    "So when I did my blast with this new oil, the flame trickled right back down to my face. It caught my face on fire, which is a new thing to me. And that's when everything just went crazy," Charles said.

    He suffered first degree burns to his face with most of the damage to his nose. He said he is expected to be released from the hospital Friday.

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    Police: Taco Bell burrito, fork used as weapons in fight
    WCMHPublished: March 22, 2016, 7:57 pm

    Suzanne Hurlvert (left) Carl Owen Smith (right) (Courtesy Okaloosa County Sheriff's Office)
    CRESTVIEW, FL (WCMH) — A Florida couple was arrested Wednesday morning after police say the wife hit her husband with a burrito and the husband responded by stabbing his wife with a fork.

    It happened Tuesday morning in Crestview, Florida, according to the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office.

    Deputies say the 51-year-old Suzanne Hurlvert hit 66-year-old Carl Owen Smith in the back of the head with a half-eaten Burrito Supreme during an argument over his alcohol consumption.

    Smith then responded by stabbing Hurlvert in the hand with a fork he was using to eat a Taco Bell pizza and left the home. The fork was so deeply embedded, they had to be removed by doctors at a nearby hospital.

    When deputies arrived, Hurlvert was still there, relatively calm, but with a fork sticking out of her hand. Deputies noted portions of the burrito were found scattered around the room.

    Deputies later found Smith at an area bar. When deputies showed him a picture of his wife’s hand, he reportedly started laughing and said they have a lengthy history of domestic violence.

    Both were arrested and will face felony charges.
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    What was she arrested for? Assault with a silent but deadly weapon?
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    I read that as Greatest of all time Rapist
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    Starbucks Issues Apology For Insulting Message On Cup

    Update, April 10 5:00 p.m. EDT: Starbucks has officially apologized to a Florida man who received a coffee at one of their establishments that had the words "Diabetes here I come" written on it, instead of his name.

    In an email to Florida's Action News Jax, Starbucks corporate headquarters wrote,“We strive to provide an inclusive and positive experience for our customers, and we're disappointed to learn of this incident."

    Starbucks added, "We are working directly with the customer to apologize for his experience, and with our partners (employees) to ensure this does not happen again.”

    The customer originally told Action News Jax that he didn't want an apology, he just wanted to know it wouldn't happen to anyone else.

    This story was originally published on April 9.
    Florida's Action News Jax reports a Starbucks customer claims that a barista labeled his grande white mocha with the words, "Diabetes here I come."
    The customer, who wishes to remain anonymous, got the drink from a coworker who made a coffee run. Upon its delivery, he found the rude message, drink-shaming him in the spot normally reserved for a coffee drinker's name. The label was printed from the computer, rather than written by hand.
    Making this whole situation worse is the fact that the man has two sisters with Type 1 diabetes (sometimes called juvenile diabetes), who have struggled with the frequent doctors appointments and daily insulin injections since elementary school.

    A reporter from Action News Jax visited the Starbucks and showed photos of the cup to the manager, who looked seriously upset. The manager vehemently replied, "No!" when asked if this was the image Starbucks wanted to portray.
    The customer says he doesn't want an apology. He just wants to make sure this doesn't happen to anyone else.

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    No that barista was right for writing Diabetes in a cup. White mocha AND classic syrup is stupid
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    I just wish people would specify which type of diabetes so us juvenile diabetics aren't lumped into the same category as those other non-autoimmune posers.
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    It sounds like the barista was on the right track
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    Florida Man To Cops: Masturbating Makes Me Feel Like ‘Destroying Stuff’
    • Updated: April 13, 2016
    Man Told Florida Police that He Likes to Destroy Stuff when Masturbating

    A man in Largo, Florida accused of causing significant property damage on Friday admitted that too much masturbation and listening to loud music urged him to destroy things. According to his statement to the local police, he was masturbating to loud music when he felt like “going out and destroying stuff.”

    The local officers responded to a call about property damage at N. Belcher Road. Someone reported that their home mailbox was smashed by a man. Later on, the police found the man who was identified as William Timothy Anderson Thomas. He was covered in dirt and wasn’t wearing a shirt.

    The man had allegedly destroyed the mailbox and a garden angel, broke a window, flattened a trailer tire and demolished a real estate sign. He also caused boat damage on the property.

    Thomas didn’t deny the accusations. According to the officers, Thomas said that “he had listened to too much music and masturbated too much and he felt like going out and destroying stuff.”

    25-year-old Thomas was transferred to the Pinellas County Jail as he was charged with criminal mischief and burglary. He is still behind bars on $7,000 bond and expects the assistance of a lawyer that could set him free.
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    (Video in link)

    WEST PALM BEACH (CBS12) — A reported heroin overdose victim escaped from medics while being put inside of an ambulance.

    The bizarre incident happened at the Walmart store located on 45th Street Wednesday afternoon.

    A CBS12 photojournalist was shooting video for an unrelated story when the bizarre incident unfolded in front of the camera.

    In the video, you see medics wheeling out the suspected drug overdose victim out of the Walmart on a stretcher.

    But before they could load him into the ambulance, he unbuckles himself, jumps off the stretcher and runs away, nearly knocking over the photojournalist.

    Police say moments before, the man was found unconscious inside the store's bathroom suffering from a drug overdose.

    The man came to after being administered 'narcan' which reverses the effects of Opioids like heroin and pain pills.

    Police searched the surrounding area but did not locate the man.
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    Florida man changes name to Bruce Jenner to preserve name's 'heterosexual roots'


    Bruce Jenner is back in the public eye.

    Before your jaw drops at the possibility that the Olympic gold medalist may have backtracked, be forewarned: This Bruce Jenner is not the transgender athlete who is now known as Caitlyn. Caitlyn Jenner is still very much around.

    This Bruce Jenner was formerly Mark Behar, an actor and bodyguard who legally had his name changed in order to preserve the “heterosexual roots” of Jenner’s original name, according to a statement from his publicist, Tom Madden.

    "We're representing Mark who is now legally Bruce so the famous Bruce Jenner name will return to its heterosexual roots where our client believes it belongs instead of hanging around out with the likes of the Kardashians and getting into car accidents as Caitlyn," Madden was quoted saying in a press release from TransMedia Group, the PR firm representing the former Behar.

    The new Jenner said he thinks “keeping the name Bruce Jenner alive and well is a big story,” according to the firm.

    The Delray Beach security specialist once hit the ring with the original Bruce Jenner in a boxing match. He changed his name at the Palm Beach County Circuit Court in January, according to a recent report.
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    FHP: Driver arrested on DUI charges after crash with helicopter
    A suspected drunk driver crashed into a medical helicopter this morning that was getting ready to take a pedestrian – who had also been hit by a car – to a hospital, troopers say.

    The helicopter was stopped in the middle of westbound U.S. Highway 192 at State Road 429 shortly before 2 a.m. to pick up the pedestrian, according to the Florida Highway Patrol.

    Emergency vehicles were blocking the lanes, but troopers say a car managed to get around them.

    It then crashed into the rear rotor of the helicopter, damaging the craft and forcing crews to have it towed away, FHP said.

    Cameron Sunderly, 20, and a passenger were in the car at the time and told troopers they were headed home from an Applebee's restaurant, an arrest report states.

    Neither was injured.

    Troopers first spoke with the passenger, who "seemed so confused as to which direction he was coming from" and "like he was going to cry," according to the report.

    They then talked with Sunderly, who was driving, and said they "could immediately detect the obvious odor of an alcoholic beverage," the report states.

    Sunderly refused to answer any questions from troopers, but agreed to take a field sobriety test at the scene, according to the report.

    Troopers said he was swaying while standing and at one point, apologized for "all this."

    He later told them, "I really appreciate you for keeping people like me off the street," troopers said.

    Sunderly was arrested about two hours after the crash and eventually taken to a holding area at the Orange County Jail, where he was agreed to a breath-alcohol test, according to the report.

    Troopers said he blew a .18 – more than two times the legal limit for Florida drivers. The test was taken nearly five hours after the crash, according to FHP.

    Details about the pedestrian crash haven't been released.

    Authorities shut down the intersection, which is west of Celebration in the Four Corners area, near Disney World.
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    This is the best thing you will see today.

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    this was so amazing
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    There's a whole lot going on there between that lady's ears. :roll:
  33. Duval

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    Man caught trying to smuggle python out of pet store in pants

    A Florida man is facing theft charges after he was caught trying to smuggle a python out of a pet store in his pants.

    According to WFLA, Travis Treder of Pasco County, Florida, entered Animal House Pet Center in St. Petersburg on Monday and asked to see the reptiles. What happened next did not surprise store owner Steve Silk, the name of a snake salesman if ever I did hear one, as he is used to this sort of thing from people who want snakes but cannot afford to buy them, generally, as well as Treder, specifically.

    “We waited on him for probably about 15 minutes and then we went into the office to see what he was gonna do, and sure enough, he targeted our higher end snakes again,” he sighed to WFLA.

    But Silk and company were ready this time. No sooner had they seen Treder “allegedly” — which I have to say, but come on, look at the video — stuff a baby python into the front pocket of his pants than the store’s employees sprang into action, enlisting the help of a customer who just happened to be a security guard to restrain the would-be snake-napper with plastic zip ties until the cops arrived. Not today, Treder. Not to-fucking-day.

    Silk says they’ve had problems with Treder stealing snakes and lizards twice in the past, to the point where they printed out his picture and put it by the register in an effort to apprehend him. He thinks Treder is selling the critters on Craigslist, but I prefer to think of him as a reptile-specific Robin Hood, stealing snakes from the rich and providing them to Floridians whom high price tags and oppressive government policies have deprived of this basic human right.

    I submit that if a man wants a snake badly enough to put it that close to his family jewels, he should be allowed to keep it.


  34. daddy fat sacks

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    Florida woman accused of having sex with her own dogs
    Miranda Johns. (Collier County Sheriff's Office)
    tweet now!
    NAPLES, Fla. (WPEC) - A woman from Naples is accused of having sex with her own dogs.

    Miranda Johns, 21, is facing three charges related to sex conduct and contact with an animal, all misdemeanors.

    The case began when officers went to interview a man as a possible suspect in a sex battery case against Johns on Monday afternoon.

    The man showed detectives a series of disturbing images on his phone that he claimed Johns had sent to him.

    The detective said the videos showed Johns having sex with her dogs, according to the police report.

    Johns told investigators the man was interested in her having sex with animals and asked for photos of her engaged in sex acts. She told investigators, according to the interview with the detective, he had also shown interest in her having sex with a bigger dog.

    Authorities booked Johns into the Naples Jail Center.
  35. Nick Rivers

    Nick Rivers Well-Known Member

    Deputies: Deltona man finds bullet hole 3 days after shooting himself

    By Patricio G. Balona
    [email protected]
    Published: Tuesday, May 10, 2016 at 5:30 a.m.
    Last Modified: Tuesday, May 10, 2016 at 9:36 a.m.

    A Deltona man shot himself while cleaning a handgun but did not discover the bullet hole in his arm until three days later when he changed shirts, Volusia County sheriff's deputies said.

    Deputies were called to Florida Hospital Fish Memorial in Orange City on Saturday where Michael Blevins, 37, had checked himself after discovering the bullet wound, investigators said.

    Blevins told deputies that on Thursday he was cleaning a .22 caliber pistol in the living room of his Whitewood Drive home, a report stated.

    Blevins could not be reached Monday as his voicemail was full.

    The Deltona resident told deputies he held the gun against his chest so his dog wouldn’t jump up near it. But as Blevins stood up he felt a sharp pain, causing his back to give out, and he fell face down. Blevins said he heard a loud gunshot and then he hit his face against the edge of a glass coffee table, the report said.

    Blevins said he did not feel any pain from the gunshot, possibly because of the medicine he takes for an old back injury, and only felt pain above his left eyebrow that got cut when he hit the table, deputies said.

    Blevins said he was wearing a black, long-sleeve shirt and did not notice the injury on his left arm as he went about his normal routine for the next two days.

    It was not until the third day on Saturday when Blevins changed into a light brown shirt, which revealed the blood stains, deputies said.

    Blevins removed the shirt and noticed an entrance and exit wound on his arm that was barely bleeding at the time because the wound had cauterized, deputies said.

    Deputies accompanied Blevins to his home after he was discharged and, after examining the scene, determined Blevins accidentally shot himself, the report concluded.
  36. Nick Rivers

    Nick Rivers Well-Known Member

    Worker buried boss with dirt using front-end loader, report says
    A 32-year-old Sanford man was arrested Wednesday after allegedly burying his boss in dirt with a front-end loader and beating him unconscious, according to an arrest report.

    Erick A. Cox was arguing with his boss at the construction site of the new Wal-Mart on U.S. Highway 17-92 in DeBary about 7:20 a.m. Wednesday when a witness said Cox dumped a load of dirt onto the site superintendent's head, according to a report.

    The witness told Volusia County deputies that the dirt pinned the JEL Site Development, Inc. boss to the ground, so when Cox went to dig up another load, the victim could not move. Cox then allegedly unloaded another pile of dirt onto his boss, covering almost half of his body, according to a report.

    "Please hurry, somebody come out here. He just hit him with a loader and is about to kill him," a witness told dispatchers in a 911 call. "The guy is trying to kill him on my job, please come out."

    That's when Cox allegedly hopped out of the front-end loader, picked up a 6-foot aluminum level and started whacking his pinned boss in the head with it, according to a report.

    The victim was eventually knocked unconscious and the witness allegedly saw Cox "standing over [him] cussing and laughing about the situation," according to the report. The boss suffered a "large" cut to the back of his head that required stitches.

    The witness then hollered for his other coworkers to come help dig their boss out of the dirt, according to the report.

    Cox told investigators a different story – one of verbal assaults and Cox as the victim.

    Cox said when he got to work that morning at 6:30, he and Byrd began cussing at each other, according to the report.

    When Cox climbed into the front-end loader and began moving dirt, he said Byrd continually yelled profanities at him, then threatened to beat him up, according to the report.

    Cox said after Byrd allegedly swung a fist at him and spit in his face, Cox tried to leave. That's when Cox claimed Byrd threatened to "cut" his "head off" and reached into his pocket, according to the report.

    Allegedly Byrd later ended up on the ground, where Cox claimed he accidentally buried Byrd's leg in dirt when he "bumped the bucket control-lever as he was reaching for the keys," according to the report.

    Cox was booked into the Volusia County jail on a charge of aggravated battery, according to the report. He was released shortly after on a $5,000 bond.

    JEL Site Development did not immediately have comment on the matter.

    Cox, whose alias is "Pork Chop" has a criminal history dotted with aggravated battery, domestic violence and battery convictions stemming back to 2003, according to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

    [email protected] or 407-650-6931

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    Haha. That site contractor is one of my better clients.
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    Man punched swan in front of off-duty OPD officers, officials say

    Spike Hopkins, who is running for Orange County Sheriff,posted this photo on Facebook along with a story about a man he claims punched a swan at Lake Eola on Sunday.

    Two off-duty Orlando police officers chased down a man they say punched a mama swan protecting her babies Sunday evening at Lake Eola.

    Sor Angel Velez, 59, ran off after punching the swan, which reached out toward him after he stepped close to her and several babies, according to an arrest report.

    Officer Forrest Price, Cpl. Shelby Riggs-Hopkins and her husband, and former Orange County Sheriff's Deputy Spike Hopkins witnessed the incident about 6:40 p.m. on the northwest side of Lake Eola.

    Spike Hopkins, who is running for Orange County sheriff, posted on Facebook that they were walking around the lake in downtown Orlando when Velez cut between them and the swans.

    The mother swan reached toward Velez, but didn't touch him, Hopkins wrote on Facebook.

    Velez kept walking for about 10 feet and then turned around, and punched the swan with his left hand, the arrest report states.

    The Orlando police officers followed as Velez took off toward Washington Street and Rosalind Avenue. They eventually caught him and Price called OPD to report the incident.

    Velez was booked into the Orange County Jail on a charge of injuring wildlife on public property, records show.

    He has been arrested more than a dozen times in Orange County and was sent to prison at least three times on burglary charges, according to court records.

    Orlando police said they don't necessarily have a problem (WTF) with park-goers abusing animals, but this isn't the first incident this year.

    In April, six newly hatched cygnets disappeared from a nest, leaving the mother swan screaming in distress. Officials said it was unlikely the babies were taken by another animal, but rather it appeared a person swiped them.

    Police said today that investigators never found the babies.
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    Bank robbery suspect throws feces at deputies


    FORT MYERS, Fla. - A man accused of robbing a bank in southwest Florida covered himself in feces and threw it at deputies, according to the Lee County Sheriff's Office.

    Dravion Hampleton, 25, was arrested Tuesday after deputies said he robbed a bank.

    While at the Lee County Sheriff's Office, Hampleton asked to use the restroom, according to an arrest report.

    Deputies said he later emerged from the restroom covered in his own feces and threw it at them.

    According to the report, Hampleton tried to kick and pull away from deputies while he was being escorted into the back of a patrol car.

    Deputies said Hampleton also refused to identify himself, only giving a last name of Wells and no date of birth.

    Hampleton was arrested on charges of armed robbery, battery on a law enforcement officer and resisting arrest with violence.

    tandin DrTomOsbourne
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    *North* Fort Myers
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    Close enough.

    HOOSINSC You're with me leather

    i'd have punched that swan too. fuck a swan yo
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    Florida Man Apparently Painting Anti-Hillary Messages on Tampa Bay Crabs:


    HOOSINSC You're with me leather

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    If you knew even the first thing about animal law, you would know that goats are always in fear when their picture is taken.
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    Donald Lee Hicks, 38, faces two counts of felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.
    A white Florida man displaying a Confederate flag on his van yelled a racial slur and slammed into a black couple because of a beach parking spot, police said.

    Donald Lee Hicks, 38, demanded the couple move from the parking spot they were standing in to save for a family member in Dania Beach on Saturday, according to the Broward County Sheriff’s Office. He drew the couple’s attention to the Confederate stars and bars on his 1997 Dodge van when they refused to move, deputies said.

    “F--- you n-----s, don’t you see what’s on the front of my truck?” Hicks yelled, according to county arresting documents.

    Deputies said he then drove the van into the 40-year-old man and 57-year-old woman, striking them both in the knees.

    One of the victims called deputies to the parking lot at 65 N. Beach Rd. just before noon, where the sheriff’s office arrested Hicks. An emergency crew treated the couple’s knee injuries.

    Hicks now faces two counts of felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, county records show. A judge set his bond at $40,000 and ordered him not to have any contact with the victims.

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    Donald Lee Hicks.

    Yep, sounds about right for a racist af cac.
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    To be fair, people that hold spots like that are the fucking worst.
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