Good Lord Iverson

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    he'll fit in nicely with a 300lb Antoine Walker
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    JR Smith got ~$3M
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    Perhaps the telltale indicator of Iverson’s divorce from financial reality, however, was an anecdote I received via a former teammate of Iverson’s from his days with the Philadelphia 76ers. This player, raised on a far higher standard of fiduciary responsibility, was amused and stunned by “A.I.’s” money habits. He related how on many road trips Iverson refused to carry baggage, evidently seeking to remain as unencumbered from physical things as he was of basketball defenders. Because of this habit, Iverson would buy a full selection of new clothes, shoes, and other expensive items at each new destination with rolls of cash he carried on his person. Moreover, upon departure, he would leave all those goodies behind in his hotel room or just give them away.
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    Shame...just another black man oppressed by white man.
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    Charlie Sadler one of the best living coaches in football history

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    lol yeah this is the kind of work ethic you like to see in your coach or trainer

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    I guess what I am saying is.... Iverson will get paid somewhere just for being the Answer... so he should do w/e it takes to make $$$. Playing pro basketball has passed him.
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    Rochester Lancers offer ex-NBA All-star Allen Iverson a contract to play pro indoor soccer | $20k/game + $5k/goal

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    The Rochester Lancers, of the MISL’s top level of pro indoor soccer, today announced a contract offer to former NBA star, Allen Iverson. The Rochester Lancers host two remaining regular season home games to conclude their season. The offer stands at $20,000 per game, with a bonus of $5,000 per goal scored, win bonuses, and merchandise bonuses. There are over 12 goals scored on average per game.
    “Allen Iverson is one of the premier athletes of our time,” said Rich Randall, Vice President of the Rochester Lancers. “With his athleticism and competitive hunger, I think he can be a great fit with our team and fans as we make an important playoff push, while also driving interest to an exciting, growing sport.”
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    He'd be stupid not to do it.
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    Turns out he had some :jew: looking after him so he's not broke at all.

    Edit: Old as shit. Someone just posted this on facebook and I didn't read the date.
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    Good, I will always love and root for AI.
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