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Discussion in 'The Mainboard' started by Truman, May 17, 2019.

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    How nice is this gym that you’re going back?
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    My favorite part of this thread.. Librarian chiming in about all the self love he's seen in his time. :golfclap:
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    Not at fitness. It's just the only place I can get to on my lunch break. My goof to be carrying cash, but holy shit I didn't know master combination locks were like toys
  4. Truman

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    Was yours the only one broken into?

    also super easy-
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  5. ned's head

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    No. The cop spent some time with the store's loss prevention person and said he used a couple of different cards. Any recs on locks? I was thinking a keyed with 5 or 6 pins.
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    Did they cut it, pick it, or brute force? Abloy locks are insanely expensive but even their $400 locks have been picked and defeated by brute force at this point. It’s a hobby (and a profession) to some guys. My ultimate solution was locking my valuables except for my drivers license in my desk at work or in a locking console box in my truck. I’m still depending on a locking mechanism or two, but it’s gonna be in a higher traffic area with hopefully some camera coverage.
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    After watching the video truman posted, I'd guess brute force. It still locks, but it had some dents and the paint was scratched in the same spot on both sides of the latch.

    That's probably the best idea. The gym is really my only exposed time, so maybe I'll just throw an old ID in my bag and leave the wallet at home
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    I ran a gym a long enough time to know changing rooms with lockers located in the open worked better than lockers in the locker room with time and opportunity for people to prowl. It’s less convenient but so is having your financial situation ruined for several months.
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    I guess this is the gym thread now. Wife was talking about joining an equinox that is about to open. I Yao'd at the price for myself, but does anyone know if they do family memberships and what that runs? It isn't on the website.
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    I think there's a weight lifting thread that runs many hundreds of pages
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    This could be like the Planet Fitness version of the the gym thread on TMB where lunks are not allowed

    And it's also rarely used and mostly in January