Have you or anyone you know ever won a prize playing McDonalds Monopoly?

Discussion in 'The Mainboard' started by goose, Oct 5, 2012.

  1. goose

    goose Hi

    Not talking the instant wins where you get a free chicken biscuit or whatever
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  2. TheSkeeter

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    You mean other than "insta-win"? No :feelsbadman:

    POWESHOW Social Critic

    I one mane times
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    ANTWONE Hello
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    I won a medium fry yesterday and now I can't find the piece
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  5. TLAU

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    I one wonse
  6. goose

    goose Hi

    I always get Park Place or Boardwalk really early into the contest, but never end up winning :(
  7. skiedfrillet

    skiedfrillet It's not a lie if you believe it.

    i won diabetes
  8. OopsPowSurprise

    OopsPowSurprise watson thinks i'm a bad poster :'(

    there's like 2 boardwalks in the whole set of game pieces every year, so if that's true you're probably a millionaire
  9. goose

    goose Hi

    Maybe it's Park Place I forget.

    I just always get a blue one every year. One year I had two of the same blue pieces
  10. OopsPowSurprise

    OopsPowSurprise watson thinks i'm a bad poster :'(


    because there's like millions of the pieces and you stay on a wild goose chase for the others. you'll get like 2/3 or 1/2 but never get the other, so you stay playing. the odds of getting a boardwalk or a piece to complete your set are really small
  11. Arkadin

    Arkadin Doctors orders, go fuck yourself

    Here is the list of rare McDonald's Monopoly game pieces for 2012, along with the prizes you could win:
    • Mediterranean Avenue (#925) and Baltic Avenue (#926) (8,500 Prizes): $50 cash. Mediterranean Avenue is the rare Monopoly game piece. The odds of finding the winning combination is 1 in 402,602.
    • Oriental Avenue (#927), Vermont Avenue (#928), Connecticut Avenue (#929) (20 Prizes): $5,000 cash. Vermont Avenue is the rare piece. The odds of finding the rare piece and finishing the winning combination are 1 in 578,695,060.
    • St. Charles Place (#930), States Avenue (#931), Virginia Avenue (#932) (250 Prizes): A Beaches Luxury-Included family vacation worth $7,500. Virginia Avenue is rare. The odds of finding rare Virginia Ave are 1 in 12,953,122.
    • St. James Place (#9339), Tennessee Avenue (#934), New York Avenue (#935) (20 Prizes):$10,000 cash. Tennessee Avenue is rare. The odds of finding the rare game piece for this property are 1 in 518,330,833.
    • Kentucky Avenue (#936), Indiana Avenue (#937), Illinois Avenue (#938) (20 Prizes): A trip to Any Delta Vacations Destination worth $10,000. Kentucky Avenue is rare. The odds of finding rare Kentucky Ave are 1 in 161,914,024.
    • Atlantic Avenue (#939), Ventnor Avenue (#940), Marvin Gardens (#941) (20 Prizes): $20,000 cash. Ventnor Avenue is rare. Finding rare Ventnor Ave has odds of 1 in 499,516,192.
    • Pacific Avenue (#942), N. Carolina Avenue (#943), Pennsylvania Avenue (#944) (20 Prizes): A 2013 Fiat 500 Sport Hatchback worth $18,500. Pennsylvania Avenue is the rare Monopoly piece. Odds of finding Pennsylvania Ave and winning the car are 1 in 158,948,243.
    • Park Place (#945), Boardwalk (#946) (2 Prizes): $1,000,000 payable as an annuity. Boardwalk is the rare game piece. Winning the million-dollar prize by finding the rare Boardwalk place are 1 in 306,939,484.
    • Reading Railroad (#947), Pennsylvania Railroad (#948), B&O Railroad (#949), Short Line (#950) (20 Prizes): An EA Sports fan trip worth $7,000. Short Line is rare. The odds of finding the rare Short Line piece and completing the set are 1 in 539,566,072.
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  12. DaveGrohl

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  13. StinkusP1nkus

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    Girl I went to high school with won a trip to Hawaii 5-6 years ago
  14. OopsPowSurprise

    OopsPowSurprise watson thinks i'm a bad poster :'(

    now i gotta go get mcdonalds and shit

    this is entrapment
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  15. Houndster

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    I don't want to be friends with anyone that eats at McDonalds enough to win monopoly.
  16. KJROD20

    KJROD20 the ends will justify the means.

    Like x1000000000000.
  17. BayouMafia

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    I think last time we had this thread a guy posted that his buddy who worked at McDonalds stole several cases of cups and brought them home, but after peeling all the pieces was able to make no matches due to the odds being:
  18. OZ

    OZ Old balls

    You have a much better chance of winning the lottery and not becoming fat.
  19. goose

    goose Hi

    From what I've heard they place different pieces in different parts of the country also.
  20. OZ

    OZ Old balls

    Thia sounds like the type of guy that would somehow win and not realize as an employee he wouldn't be eligible to win. This would lead them to become :skepticalhippo: and find out he stole the cups, lose his job and be prosecuted.
  21. Dirt Dirt McGirt

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    My brother won 40 MyCokeRewards points yesterday. Pretty exhilarating.
  22. wtx

    wtx everything is fine

    I won an iced coffee once. I fucking hate McDonald's though
  23. BayouMafia

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    here's that post:
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  24. Connor Norman

    Connor Norman Cool ass dog

    Guy I worked with last year won $50 instantly
  25. I'll Give You Asthma

    I'll Give You Asthma Hittin trees harder than Sonny Bono

    I remember seeing something on facebook about a kid I knew in high school winning 5k or 10k...can't remember which. Never confirmed that, and can't remember who it was :idk:
  26. Darko the Snowman

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    Well he did work at McDonalds....
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  27. OZ

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    I thought about saying that, but I have more respect for those in college/high-school/just needing a job that work at McDonald's instead of doing nothing.
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  28. Gaknight

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    that's pretty much the point of it
  29. NoleNBlue

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    I'm watching this show about the FBI catching child predators. Every one of them has a McDonalds monopoly board. Just saying.

    your friends that play this crap are probably pamper-sniffers
  30. Arrec Bardwin

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    Not really how it works.

    For the ones you need 3 pieces to match for instance, they have a fucking shitload of two of the pieces, then like 80 of the third one. They hope you get those first two, then buy Mcdonalds a fuckton trying to get the third. Its actually one of the most successful promotions that any company runs.
  31. blind dog

    blind dog Razorbacks

    the mom of one of my buddies in high school swore she had boardwalk, then lost it. she spent a solid week (at least) tearing her house apart and crawling around her yard on her hands & knees looking for it. she also had a drinking problem

    SWIMFAN Waiting for 2016: New President, New Coach

    In 1995, St. Jude Children's Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee received an anonymous letter postmarked Dallas, Texas, containing a $1 million winning game piece. Although game rules prohibited the transfer of prizes, McDonald's waived the rule and is making the $50,000 annual payments.[5] Investigations later indicated, and he, himself, admitted, that Jacobson had sent the winning piece to the hospital.[6]
  33. HuskerTimOmaha

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    NVM, realized it was the guy that scammed the money who gave it away.
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  34. Gaknight

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    not really since he took the most expensive pieces and gave them to associates stealing about $24million
  35. Tiffin

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  36. watson

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    Can we start a class action lawsuit for all those years we played and that guy was cheating.
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  37. Seavie

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  38. shawnoc

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    The Monopoly game is not close to being as awesome as the Disney trivia game they used to have.
    I used to eat breakfast for free there every morning.
  39. bigpig

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    the thread title sounds like the start of a commercial about just that
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  40. HotMic

    HotMic Mr. So-and-So

    I won a Whopper.