Help me bail Hervis Rogers out of jail.

Discussion in 'The Mainboard' started by Gallant Knight, Jul 9, 2021.

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    so our boy Herv got a trust? that’s dope
  2. spagett

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    How's Hurley Jervis?
  3. Gallant Knight

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    No idea

    it was taken out of my hands a long time ago
  4. racer

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    Will this impact him?
  5. Gallant Knight

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    Maybe this isn’t appropriate to bump this thread for this but…

    In the next few weeks I’m going to figure out a “legal” way to get pregnant women from Texas to New Mexico and hopefully raise money to help this cause.

    I hope that everyone who donated to Hervis will also consider donating to help women who have been absolutely railroaded in the same way Hervis was

    Fuck these politicians who won’t do shit. I’m not going to sit here and just tweet through it and not do shit. I’m going to try to figure out a way where I won’t be arrested but if it happens I guess I will spend some time in jail. I am fed up.
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  6. Lyrtch

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    you mean i get to do a good thing and maybe you go to jail?

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  7. Gallant Knight

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    I hear the meals are free in jail. So I’ll save $15 on chipotle
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  8. wes tegg

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    When you get arrested, electronic an I will get you out.
  9. bertwing

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    You’ll be getting a different kind of protein
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  10. texasraider

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    I’m more than willing to help but would also like to avoid jail. Jail food is worse than chipotle
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  11. soulfly

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    Is electronic an attorney now?

  12. BayouMafia

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    No he specializes in underground tunnels
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  13. VaxRule

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    I’ll buy you cigarettes when you’re in prison.
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  14. Taffy

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  15. electronic

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    Just got sworn in 15 years ago. Ha.