How many times have you been pulled over by police?

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How many times have you been pulled over by police?

  1. 0 - Perfect driver and/or lucky as hell

  2. 1-2 - Quite rare

  3. 3-4 - Not sure what to write here

  4. 5 or more - I'm a normal human

  5. I'm no longer allowed to drive

  1. Hoss Bonaventure

    Arkansas RazorbacksSt. Louis CardinalsHouston RocketsDallas CowboysSneakers

    Absolute most fucked up with shitty cops was I was a passenger in a truck with a sober driver and got arrested and my money stolen by a cop.
    -My brother comes and picks up myself and friend. We had no alcohol or drugs or anything on us. He just came and got us from the bars and was taking us back to our parents house.
    -My brother decides to gun it on an access road just to be a hs kid and there’s a cop waiting.
    -Get pulled over a street from my parents. Cop is cool and we are free to go until cop number 2 ( who later married my cousin and my dad threatened to kill at thanksgiving) shows up and demands we all take sobriety tests.
    -Brother gets out and aces it as he’s stone sober but I tell them no, I’m not getting out of the vehicle as there isn’t a reason. Fast forward a few minutes and I’ve got a busted lip and being pulled out of the passenger window.
    -Get taken to jail and when turning over my belongings the cop takes the cash (not a lot at all) out of my wallet and places it into his pocket for “a booking fee”.
    -Luckily our lawyer lived across the street from my parents so my brother goes home and tells them what’s going on and they go get lawyer.
    -They never charged us or had us in the system and apparently refused to acknowledge we were there. Lawyer and my parents come to police station and get us out by threatening all cops present with all kinds of lawsuits.
  2. mc415

    mc415 Well-Known Member
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    Only pulled over 6 times in my life but dragged out at gunpoint twice and physically thrown to the ground once while a pig kneeling on my back ......both times in rich White neighborhoods in the 90s when I was driving my beater ass Hyundai Excel and had the unfortunate issue of being a young man with brown skin........both incidents i fit the “descriptions” of suspicious subjects in the area........knew at 16 years of age that ACAB
  3. Jc6

    Jc6 Space for Rent
    Penn State Nittany LionsPhiladelphia Eagles

    If I was a minority, I would likely be dead. I flipped out on a PA state trooper that was so offended that I passed him that he pulled me over.

    Bullies don’t like to be stood up to.
  4. wes tegg

    wes tegg I'm a Guy's guy, guys.
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    Need a pic of this ride, stat.
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  5. Hoss Bonaventure

    Arkansas RazorbacksSt. Louis CardinalsHouston RocketsDallas CowboysSneakers

    I punched a cop and have been on a high speed chase. I’d absolutely be dead if I wasn’t white.
  6. Tiffin

    Tiffin GOATs
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    Are we counting roadblocks? Because I got 2 insurance tickets at DUI checkpoints, but was able to get out of both tickets because I did have insurance, I just didn't have the newest insurance card in my car at the time.

    Speeding 4 times, 1 ticket, 1 driving school.

    2 seat belt tickets in Tuscaloosa driving around campus.
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  7. blind dog

    blind dog wps
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  8. HowdyHorns

    HowdyHorns Well-Known Member

    Do not have a pic anymore but this looks exactly like it with the exception of it being a Mazda. Ratical Tops for the win.

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  9. bigred77

    bigred77 Well-Known Member
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    One time I was pulled over for flashing my lights at oncoming traffic warning about another cop I had just seen parked over the next hill
    Let me tell you that fucking guy was pissed.
    Told me to get of of the car
    Threatened me all kinds of shit of obstructing police and shit.
    Made me stand there while he ran my license and stuff, I was watching him and he was pounding at that keyboard all mad.
    I was all clear and since he couldn't really write me a ticket for anything he gave me a written warning about flashing lights or some stupid thing

    I was honestly amazed at his behavior.
    I actually apologized and told him I never ment to make an officer so mad, and extended my hand to try and shake his in an apology.
    He said "I don't have to shake your hand" and stomped off to his car. :lol
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  10. Jake Scott

    Jake Scott Well-Known Member
    Staff Donor

    Counted what I can remember and its roughly 7 times plus the time a cop randomly walked through my parents house while I was in my room getting clothes to leave. Had his gun in hand and everything. It ended up happening again years later too.

    I've always maintained a healthy fear of the police.
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  11. The Milkman

    The Milkman Send lawyers, guns and money, shit has hit the fan

    way too many times. I go the speed limit these days
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  12. Truman

    Truman Well-Known Member
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    Just once because my idiot friend shook up a 2 Liter and threw it out the window and a cop saw it
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  13. laxjoe

    laxjoe Well-Known Member
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    Cops and big auto conspiring against you
  14. wes tegg

    wes tegg I'm a Guy's guy, guys.
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    I think it was more just cops seeing my car not "belonging."
  15. Hoss Bonaventure

    Arkansas RazorbacksSt. Louis CardinalsHouston RocketsDallas CowboysSneakers

    I’ve tried to explain Arkansas with all my experiences with River Valley and NWA cops to people who have no clue what shit terrible small town cops can be. The River Valley cops don’t give a fuck and will pull a gun on a mom in a minivan for not using a turn signal. I couldn’t imagine being a minority there.
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  16. Hoss Bonaventure

    Arkansas RazorbacksSt. Louis CardinalsHouston RocketsDallas CowboysSneakers

    Pulled over once while in Houston for going 2 over the speed limit by the river oaks constable. I had Arkansas tags on the car still and didn’t lie to him like I should have and said I had lived here for a few months so he wrote me up for not getting my Texas tags and ID for $400. Note to self: ALWAYS lie to cops, even if they seem nice. Since moving back I still have Arkansas tags and an ID and will never be a Texan and always just a tourist “visiting” if I do get pulled over.
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  17. Daniel Ocean

    Daniel Ocean I only lied about being a thief
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    Too many to keep up with. For legit reasons and for made up reasons.
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  18. blind dog

    blind dog wps
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    My first run in with the law when I was 16/17 in Nowhere, Arkansas. Got pulled over for no reason, cop claimed he ran my tags and it came back stolen. He asked me if we had been smoking pot (we had) and I said no sir. He asked me to get out of the car and he searched me and found about $5 worth of weed on me. He asked me why I lied to him and I replied, "Bc you are a cop" and next thing I know my face is being slammed into side of vehicle. I didn't even say it rudely but wtf would I tell him the truth? They impounded my car and stole about $20 in quarters

    What is that piece of shit cop up to these days?

  19. Hank Scorpio

    Hank Scorpio Globex Corporation, Philanthropist, Supervillain
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    Been pulled over 4 or 5 times.

    Most memorable experience was getting pulled over on Christmas Eve when I was 18 for an expired tag. I got a ticket, but the most surprising part of the ordeal was the officer completely no selling the sex doll that was buckled in the passenger seat.
  20. Handcuffed

    Handcuffed TMB OG
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    1 - expired tags, college. ticketed.
    2 - speeding ticket in rural-ish WA on the way to pick up my puppy... i was distracted for a couple of minutes and was definitely speeding but i thought i was in traffic and the ticket was BS. this was 8 years ago.

    nothing since then.
  21. Daniel Ocean

    Daniel Ocean I only lied about being a thief
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    UCLA BruinsDenver BroncosLos Angeles KingsSneakers

    just had this conversation with my wife. My friends growing up told me to make no sudden moves in front of a cop and answer everything “yes sir” or “no sir” and not because cops deserve respect. But, because they can beat the shit out of you or even kill you and get away with it. For a lot of reasons one you know of I know (not believe) my life is worth less to a cop than other lives.
  22. Hoss Bonaventure

    Arkansas RazorbacksSt. Louis CardinalsHouston RocketsDallas CowboysSneakers

    Yeah the pos cop that married my cousin got kicked off the force. They got divorced and last I heard is he went down to New Orleans during Katrina with a vigilante group to stop the riots in the Superdome. He was also hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt (he owned a yellow H2)and being hounded by collectors as well.
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  23. afb

    afb Spoiler Alert: Pawnee, IN may not be on a map.
    Florida State SeminolesNew York MetsOrlando MagicBuffalo Bills

    4 speeding tickets (3 when I was in high school/freshman in college)
    1 because of muffler sound
    1 because my headlights weren't on
    1 because my car had a rear fog light so the cop thought I had a brake light out but was clearly trying to see if I was drunk
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  24. Autobahn

    Autobahn Well-Known Member
    Auburn TigersMontreal Impact

    Stopped counting around 50 and that was many years ago. The joys of growing up in a small town with a dark SUV and a dark tag cover. Been stopped for every possible reason would make a person suspect they were being profiled. However, being a white male, I usually had no issues. Had a suspended license once that I absolutely earned. Otherwise, never had any issues with tickets and losing my driving privileges. Like I said, small town with bored cops means you can get stopped for "suspicion of a stolen vehicle, excessive horn blowing, dark tag covers, etc."
  25. Redav

    Redav My favorite meat is hotdog

    I've lost count.

    1 for a seat belt
    1 for rolling through a stop sign
    Prob 8-9 for speeding?
  26. w2b

    w2b two weeks from everywhere
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    Houston Oilers

    5 speeding (twice given only warning)
    1 illegal u-turn
    1 headlight out (pulled over at around midnight by a female cop who asked if she could frisk me and search my car) :out:
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  27. petey23

    petey23 Well-Known Member
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    5-6 speeding tickets and a couple of other additional meetings.

    Met a friend for a couple three pitchers.
    Was driving home on a Sunday night on streets with a fresh cover of snow and noticed I had a headlight out(I had driven on the highway the night before so I know it was working on Saturday). No traffic and I see a vehicle coming in my direction about 2 blocks away, gets closer and I see it is a city cop, check the rear view mirror after we pass each other and he flips a U-turn and hits the lights and I pull into a grocery store parking lot. The usual "you have a head light out" "license, registration, and proof of insurance". He says I could write you a fix-it ticket but I won't, just make sure you get that taken care of and we are are done.

    I keep heading home and turn left to a main road that runs east/west off of the main road I am on that runs north/south and and see another vehicle heading towards me about 2 blocks away. I am turning south again onto the street I lived on(2 blocks from home at this point) as we pass each other and I see it is a Sheriff's vehicle, I am about 3 houses away from my house when I see his headlights and then he hits the cherries and I pull over to the curb right across from my driveway. He asks if I realize I have a headlight out and I tell him that I was aware and was just pulled over about 5 minutes ago. He asks if I was given a fix it ticket and I said no.(wish I had received one as I think our encounter would have ended then and there). He asks me for "license, registration, and proof of insurance". I had put all three in my coat pocket after the first stop but that didn't stop me from digging through the glove compartment for my registration and insurance card and pulling out my wallet and not having my license and then I remembered and handed him all 3 from my coat pocket. The extra time he spent waiting at my car window probably gave him a whiff of alcohol. He grabs them and goes back to his vehicle and comes back a short time later and says he checked the logs and didn't see that the cop had filed anything when he stopped me as of yet and he asked if I had been drinking at all. I told him I had a couple and he asked a couple more questions and asked me to get out of the vehicle. It was cold and windy so he had me sit in the back of his vehicle with my feet on the ground and did the alphabet from a certain letter to another letter and count backwards from like 94-81. Ran the pen light test on my eyes(my friends who are cops told me this is an automatic fail for any cop who wants it to be). Says he isn't sure but happens to have a breathalyzer on board and pulls it out and has me blow. As I am doing this another Sheriff's vehicle pulls up and I am thinking I am screwed....blew .02...still scared the shit out of me...haven't driven with more than 2 beers in me since.
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  28. bigred77

    bigred77 Well-Known Member
    Texas Tech Red RaidersTexas RangersSan Antonio SpursDallas CowboysKansas City ChiefsTexas Tech Red Raiders alt

    My favorite small town I grew up in ticket I got was "excessive exhibition of acceleration "
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  29. Big Meech

    Big Meech I like turtles
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    Some of you are really shitty drivers.
  30. Toast

    Toast Capo di tutti i capi
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    Around 5 times maybe.
  31. Nandor the Relentless

    Kentucky WildcatsBoston CelticsNew England PatriotsUniversity of LynchburgSeattle Kraken

    I got pulled over once for speeding and once for failing to yield the right away on a left turn yield on green, but that second one was bullshit. The cop, in an unmarked car, was the only one waiting on the opposite side of the intersection and I gave them several seconds to go once the light changed and they just sat. They just sat there and never attempted to pull out, so I went ahead and turned left then they pulled me over.
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  32. Daniel Ocean

    Daniel Ocean I only lied about being a thief
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    I’ve seen enough porn to know you fucked up.
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  33. Odin

    Odin social distancing since 1990
    Alabama Crimson TideAtlanta BravesChelseaMetal

    1 for speeding at 16 or so
    2 more for speeding on the same night in the same spot by the same cop
    3 for headlights
    1 for speeding last summer

    1 while a passenger in a car with multiple felonies worth of weed and guns
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  34. Nandor the Relentless

    Kentucky WildcatsBoston CelticsNew England PatriotsUniversity of LynchburgSeattle Kraken

  35. SugarShaun

    SugarShaun A man of many hobbies
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    4 times all for speeding. The first 3 got tickets. Then I got pulled over for speeding at 2AM on the highway when I was 22-23 and got a warning.
  36. TrustyPatches

    TrustyPatches Esteemed Internet friend
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    Bruh I don’t even know. 20 plus
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  37. Gunners

    Gunners Nicking a living
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    8-10. Have a DUI but haven’t driven drunk in probably 15 years. Something I’m very against

    Haven’t had a ticket in nearly a decade but pushing it. Haven’t seen a speed trap in ages, wonder if defunding the police was a real thing
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  38. herb.burdette

    herb.burdette Meet me at the corner of 8th and Worthington
    Ohio State Buckeyes

    I get caught speeding about once every 18 months.

    There is a stretch of I-71 between Columbus and Cleveland that should have an Adopt-A-Highway sign with my name on it because I’ve been nailed so many times there.
  39. bwi2

    bwi2 Not affiliated with BWI
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    Feel like clicking zero makes me an absolute lock to get hit within a week by the speed trap near my house
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  40. War Grundle

    War Grundle Nole Mercy
    Florida State SeminolesTampa Bay Rays

    Kind of the same but just stay five above of the speed limit and you’ll be fine.
  41. Jimmy the Saint

    Jimmy the Saint It's like the Weimar Republic in that place
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    Never been pulled over as the driver. A few times as a passenger, including 3 in a span of like 6 weeks in college with my buddy's ex driving in 3 different states.

    Have gotten one ticket as the result of an accident.
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  42. Bruce Bowen

    Bruce Bowen Well-Known Member

    I think 5 times. 4 speeding. 1 headlights. The biggest dickhead was the headlights one.
  43. Saul Shabazz

    Saul Shabazz armed with 7 rounds of space doo doo pistols
    TMB OG

    a lot

    *always over some bullshit
  44. Bruce Bowen

    Bruce Bowen Well-Known Member

    One of the speeding ones was a spot once deemed America's #1 speed trap. Somewhere between Dallas and Amarillo tiny ass town. 1 cop. Something like 99% of the revenue comes from speeding tickets. Speed drops from like 75 to 45 or 50 and this mother fucker was sitting right over the hill where it changes. I wasn't intentionally speeding just took my foot off the gas and was coasting. One thing I did appreciate was how quick it was. Dude clearly gives em out like candy.
    "You know how fast you were going?"
    I don't know not that fast
    "License and registration"

    Back in 3 minutes with a ticket "have a good night"
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  45. Waters  Muddy

    Waters Muddy Reading's for rich people.
    Florida State SeminolesTampa Bay Buccaneers

    Add 1 to my answer
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  46. Barves2125

    Barves2125 "Ready to drive the Ferarri" - Reuben Foster
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  47. Popovio

    Popovio The poster formerly known as "MouseCop"
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    I've been pulled over 2 times, just got warnings for speeding. One time I was driving back to work from getting some Tacos at lunch. I parked my car, started looking at stuff on my phone, when I heard someone shout "LET ME SEE YOUR HANDS!" I looked behind my right shoulder, and there was a cop at my back passenger window with his gun drawn. I told him I was just on my lunch break, and he told me to slowly grab my ID and give it to him. He took it, got on the radio and said "it's not the guy". He handed it back, and tore off down the street. I just sat there for a minute like "what the fuck just happened?"
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  48. Phil Connors

    Donor TMB OG
    Alabama Crimson Tide

    His dad’s got money so I guess that helped out. colonel_forbin probably knows him.
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  49. Fusiontegra

    Fusiontegra My life is dope and I do dope shit.#SparedByThanos
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    It's double digits, easily. Most of them for speeding as a teen/early 20s.