I just looked at the donations for this board

Discussion in 'The Mainboard' started by Gallant Knight, Dec 15, 2021.

  1. WC

    WC Bad Company, ‘til the day I die.
    Donor TMB OG
    North Carolina State WolfpackAtlanta BravesCarolina PanthersCarolina HurricanesUnited States Men's National Soccer Team

    did he tell you he’d send you $100,000 but he needed your $1000 to get it free from dirty joe Biden’s government?
  2. pnk$krtcrÿnästÿ

    Rutgers Scarlet KnightsArizona WildcatsTexas AandM Aggies altTennessee Volunteers

    I've been a monthly sustaining donor for years now and have yet to receive my complimentary TMB tote
  3. pnk$krtcrÿnästÿ

    Rutgers Scarlet KnightsArizona WildcatsTexas AandM Aggies altTennessee Volunteers

    Nandor the Relentless please submit your proofs for a classy/chic tote for monthly bronze-tier donors to the tmb board dot com
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  4. Snakes

    Snakes stubbornly litigious
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    Alabama Crimson Tide

    just dropped $100 for TMB. can't wait to explain that one to the ole lady
  5. BayouMafia

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    does not compute
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  6. Homo Erectus

    Homo Erectus Upstanding Citizen

    I just set it up to a monthly donation. Not that hard
  7. TYdeFan05

    TYdeFan05 gOATS ™
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    I donated my entire estate to champzy
  8. BuckeyeRiot

    BuckeyeRiot Team Nicki
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    Already donated recently because Taques is the best mod in the history of human existence.
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    ANTWONE Hello
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    Game of ThronesGrateful Dead

    I’ve had a $20 auto donation on for a long time and idk how to turn it off so you’re welcome TMB

    ANTWONE Hello
    Donor TMB OG
    Game of ThronesGrateful Dead

    But also I think my PayPal got shut down so I don’t know if those donations are still going through
  11. newengland

    newengland pahk the cah in hahvahd yahd

    I don’t like you but thanks for the reminder
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  12. Gallant Knight

    Arkansas RazorbacksHouston AstrosAston Villa

    not very nice
  13. Xander Crews

    Xander Crews Founding Member: Dangerous Nights Crew
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    Public shaming by Gallant Knight is a good motivator. 42 donations since this thread was created
  14. Gallant Knight

    Arkansas RazorbacksHouston AstrosAston Villa

    someone figure out how to embed that video

    there might be a couple of more coming for people who havent donated
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  15. ~ taylor ~

    ~ taylor ~ Boom... head shot.
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  16. $P1

    $P1 Ball State #1
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    I did not expect to see Dave 'stache commenting on TMB today
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  17. Hatfield

    Hatfield Charlie don’t surf
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    I have donated on behalf of the UofSC Fighting Gamecocks. Plz save the pending Lloyd Carr cameo curse for someone else.
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  18. Duck70

    Duck70 Let's just do it and be legends, man
    Oregon Ducks

    Just set up a monthly donations you poors
  19. momux

    momux AFAM Scholar
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    Where do these donations go and who pays for the site? #accountability #governance
  20. Goose

    Goose Hi
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    I was not expecting to see Dave Wandstadt itt
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  21. Jake Barnes

    Jake Barnes Team Mac OG
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    1. GFA’s powder fund
    2. Nobody, we’re running a pretty slick Dark Web op here
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  22. Duck70

    Duck70 Let's just do it and be legends, man
    Oregon Ducks

    Redav you have been owned

  23. Jake Barnes

    Jake Barnes Team Mac OG
    Alabama Crimson TideAtlanta BravesAtlanta Falcons

    God, that’s amazing :laugh:

    Imagine whoring yourself out for internet friends fucking with each other.
  24. Saul Shabazz

    Saul Shabazz The Real Big Whoop
    TMB OG

    Hunter flipped brody

    gotta be a grace period of like a day at least
  25. Nizz

    Nizz /nizzbrag

    edit: joke has been done
    damn it
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  26. Tommy Callahan

    Tommy Callahan Well-Known Member
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    Alabama Crimson TideAtlanta Braves

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  27. Charles DeMar

    Charles DeMar Smug Outlaw
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    I actually donate the final score of the OSU v UM game to 3 different DIPG organizations on Giving Tuesday each year (Chad Tough, Avery Strong, and Connor Man) in honor of our 3 goddaughters, and this year was the smallest donation amount in a while ;)


    And will donate to TMB today, as well, just waiting for some NIL payments to clear first ;)
  28. TAS

    TAS 20_ _ TMB Poster of the Year

    Holy shit at that Stache video :laugh:
  29. mal630

    mal630 Well-Known Member
    Ohio State BuckeyesTiger Woods

    Can TMB sponsor a low end 3 star to go to Nebraska?
  30. DuffandMuff

    DuffandMuff Well-Known Member
    Tampa Bay Lightning

    Donated $10 for the first time. Should’ve been sooner. My apologies.
  31. shaolin5

    shaolin5 Well-Known Member
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    My PayPal account was "compromised", what do I do, open another one? An old man needs help here, guys
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  32. Jimmy the Saint

    Jimmy the Saint The future is a benevolent black hole
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    With a successful drive is it too late to sponsor The Mainboard Dot Com Frisco Football Classic?
  33. Hoss Bonaventure

    Hoss Bonaventure I can’t pee with clothes touching my butt
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    Just post your credit card info here and we can take care of it for you
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  34. bertwing

    bertwing check out the nametag grandma
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    I will not donate at this time because I want a video about me
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  35. Dump

    Dump The Forever Chaos Agent of TMB
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    Gallant Knight been cursing Arkansas for years now
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  36. Prospector

    Prospector I am not a new member
    Utah UtesArkansas Razorbacks

    We broke? Why you sticking your nose in it? None of your damn business!
    Some are still trying to get back above water from the ORIG snuff film
    I'll donate later this evening
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  37. Gallant Knight

    Arkansas RazorbacksHouston AstrosAston Villa

  38. 20/20/20/20

    20/20/20/20 running thru the house with a pickle in my mouth
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  39. gus_chiggins

    gus_chiggins This carpet is overdue for a good moppin
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    Just donated $50. Pls don’t make a low level coach talk shit about me online. Thanks, Wayne
  40. Chipper>Jeter

    Chipper>Jeter Defund the NCAA
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    Tell her its the glue that holds your marriage together.
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  41. bigred77

    bigred77 Well-Known Member
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    Someone please teach user Gallant Knight how to embed these
    I can't view the links for some reason
  42. repoocs

    repoocs Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet
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    Damnit IHHH if anything bad happens to CMF....

    Does The Mainboard dot com even take Canadian money?
  43. Craig Pettis

    Craig Pettis Que será será motherfucker
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    Hahahahahahahaha. Lost it at “do it out of respect for my fawtha”

    Ok GK you’ve convinced me, I’ll donate shortly
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  44. Gallant Knight

    Arkansas RazorbacksHouston AstrosAston Villa

    Wish I had thought of this earlier. See if you can get a refund.

    Tennessee is on my list.
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