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  1. Boo MFer!

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    Fuck. I’m so, so, sorry.
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  2. -Asshole-

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    Very sorry to hear this.
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  3. Greybeard

    Greybeard Some of y'all need Jesus...

    Jesus Christ... So sorry. Thoughts and prayers...
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    MODEVIL Well-Known Member
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    Wow, I'm sorry to read/hear this. My thoughts are with you in this difficult time.
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  5. H/T

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    Im so sorry to see this. I truly couldn't imagine what you're going through and while you are asking for positivity please take the time to grieve, and try and celebrate her life when you are ready. Seriously though dont be afraid to be hurt and sad, and lost and hurt. That is all normal.

    While Im not in your area, PM me and i'll give you my phone number or snapchat or facebook messenger or whatever and if you ever want to just talk/text let me know.
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  6. Fran Tarkenton

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    Sending my thoughts to you Sterling.
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  7. Wallcoq

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    Man I am sorry for you and your family, extended family and friends.
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  8. AIP

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    So sorry
    I know I have found strength in this verse from John

    In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have the world.
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  9. DelapThrows

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    Sorry man, prayers for you and all of your extended loved ones.
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  10. Can I Spliff it

    Can I Spliff it Is Butterbean okay?

    Feels weird to attach words to feelings in such a gut wrenching situation but i hope you can find comfort when you feel able
  11. Taffy

    Taffy Token Brit poster

    Just now seeing this, really sorry to read about it.
    I'm sorry I dont know what to say, but will be thinking of you :( x
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  12. * J Y *

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    Damn, terrible. Really sorry man.
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  13. GeneralPaton

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    Fuck, I can’t imagine what you’re going through. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. As many others have said, try to stay positive and do not be afraid to seek help.
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  14. ohhaithur

    ohhaithur e-Batman

    Awful news. Sorry to hear that, Sterling. Hope you can find comfort in the good times you two have shared
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  15. spagett

    spagett Got ya, spooked ya

    Feel gutted for you and the family. I'm so sorry.
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  16. JohnLocke

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    I'm so sorry to hear this Sterling. I couldnt even imagine. Stay strong brother
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  17. a.tramp

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    I can not even fathom. So sorry man.
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  18. Buzz

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    I am so sorry you are going through this Sterling. I absolutely will pray for y'all during this incredibly difficult time.
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  19. NilesIrish

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    I know it means nothing in this situation, but maybe this can make you smile for even a half of a second.

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  20. C A N E

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  21. Vinegar Strokes

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    I’m sorry to hear. Sending prayers your way.
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  22. One Two

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    I'll allow it
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  23. DetroitNole

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    So sorry to hear that man. My best friend died before our senior year of HS due to complications from a transplant surgery. Let us know if we can do anything to help
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  24. Hijack whatever thread you want ffs. There are just no words.
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  25. CUAngler

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    Very saddened to read this Sterling. Stay strong brother. Prayers sent for the two of you.
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  26. bstaple12

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    Somehow missed this thread. Sterling A Hard to get across what I want to say but I'm just so sorry and I know the pain has to be unbearbale right now. Just remember you have alot of people here that you can come to and don't be afraid to lean on other people for support . Wishing you and her family the best
  27. Gunners

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    Don’t even know what to say, just try to live your life how she’d want you to I guess. Can’t imagine going through shit like this
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  28. TDCD

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    Sorry sterling. Thinkin of you
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  29. fsudan

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    Wow, wish I could offer more than just thoughts and prayers Sterling A. You'll get through this buddy
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  30. NineteenNine

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    Nothing I can add that hasn't already been said. So sorry you're going through this. Life isn't fair.
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  31. DCBUCK

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    That’s terrible. Thoughts and prayers Sterling.
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  32. steamengine

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    Sorry to hear this. Thoughts with you and yours.
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  33. Clown Baby

    Clown Baby I don’t cry. I Saab.

    This is heartbreaking and I hope you’re holding up, Sterling. Just know that you’ve got a community of dudes here for you whenever you need us.
  34. Detlef Schrempf

    Detlef Schrempf Well-Known Member

    This sucks man, so sorry to hear this. Wish there was something I could say that would make any of it better.
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  35. BP

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  36. Talking Head

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    Damn Sterling A I can’t even imagine going through something like that. Be thankful you got to know her while she was here and try to be there for her parents since you’re a part of their family. Sending thoughts and prayers man
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  37. El Tiburon

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    Oh man, I didn't see this yesterday. My deepest condolences to you and her family.
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  38. YNWA

    YNWA :feelsgoodman:
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    Jesus man, just saw this. I know everyone has already offered help but I’ll throw my hat in. Keep your head up.
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  39. i am a bammer

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    Just saw this, if I can ever help you out let me know. Love you tmb brother
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  40. kinghill

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    shit man
    I'm sorry
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  41. The Real Roy Williams

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    Holy fuck man. Life can be such a test sometimes. Please stay strong. I’m so so sorry. I’m probably gonna cry now.
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  42. broXcore

    broXcore cat
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    man, you're in my thoughts. i'm really sorry.
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  43. Jack Parkman

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    Thoughts and prayers to my friend sterling on this terrible situation
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  44. Sweet Dick Willie

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    Man, I know I offered on the mythical private board but if you need anything let me know. Food for family, someone to take the dogs out or just someone to get a beer with let me know.
  45. Killy Me Please

    Killy Me Please I lift things up and put people down.

    No words can describe how sorry I am to hear that. That's terrible
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  46. Sterling A

    Sterling A Uh, apology accepted, ass-douche
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    guys I appreciate all your kind words at a time like this, despair is setting in. I just can't believe this is happening. She got moved to comfort care yesterday and she opened one of her eyes for about 3 minutes and I held her hand and for a brief moment I had some hope. About 5 nurses came rushing in immediately, and told us that this is her still fighting, but at some point Darian’s eyes will be open and there will be times when they seem to be ‘awake’. They may move parts of their body, but this movement is not voluntary.

    THANK YOU for all the very kind posts itt and to everyone DM'ing me, I have read everyone of them. I understand I am not alone and I will be talking to a lot of you a lot I'm sure over the next few weeks/months. TMB is a bunch of assholes (me included) but when tragedy happens to rally around that person is a comfort. Right now its very hard to put into words
  47. TC

    TC Parody account
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    Fucking a Sterling. Thinking about you this morning man :ohdear:
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  48. oknole

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    Damn Sterling A sorry to hear man. Can't imagine being in your shoes.
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  49. MA

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    Thinking of you Sterling. I'm so sorry.
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  50. Sterling A

    Sterling A Uh, apology accepted, ass-douche
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    This is one of the only things keeping me from going crazy atm. Thank you Talking Head