Just got caught up on book five, bone to pick...

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    I'll be nice and say spoilers involved for no reason other than there's always some idiot that steps into threads like this anyways.

    How the fuck are you going to stab the shit out of Jon Snow. Wasn't it enough that you killed his dad, then his brother, then him which have all been progressively been the best characters not named Tyrion.

    I realize he may not be dead but it's going to feel cheap as fuck if he's reborn as AA, while also being somewhat badass at the same time.

    It just feels fucking repetitive and annoying to kill all the likable characters from the same family to me.

    I realize there aren't a ton of likeable characters, outside Tyrion who is almost unkillable, but with the addition of Aegon why not take out somebody like Daenarys or maybe Jaime after his turn back to good.

    At least then it wouldn't feel so contrived and then annoying. I know Martin has been ambiguous over whether he's really dead or not but if he is then I'll be pissed because it was (besides Tyrion) one of the most enjoyable storylines and also carried almost no emotional surprise like their was with Ned or Bran so if it was for shock value it was wasted.

    All I can hope is it was either some kind of dream, Melisandre seeing the event before it happened, or him about to be reborn in some kind of badass way.

    If not I have no fucking clue why Martin did it.
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  3. The Best Alive

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    Fuck yeah I am. Possibly my second favorite character left. Who else am I supposed to root for besides Tyrion.

    All the character ignored in book 5 suck except for Jaime kind of but his death would have been way more powerful right after his turn to good
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    FWIW, I'd bet a lot of money that Jon isn't gone from the series. Too much build up just to kill him in Act 3.
  5. Jaqen H'ghar

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    I've never seen the allure of Jon Snow. I think the storyline is interesting, but the character himself has mostly been a bit of a bitch. He did get better in book 5 though before he got valar morghulis'ed
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    How is he supposed to turn into Azor Ahai if he's not reborn at some point?
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  7. Jesse Palmer

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    I thought the same thing. It was a little too much for me bc everyone knows there is no way he's dead.

    Went a little too far with too much cheese.
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    Wouldn't have been as bad if Martin included the rebirth in the same book. Using it as some big cliffhanger doesn't work since everyone assumes he will be back. It's just too obvious.
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    Plus this way his commitment to the Nights Watch is complete and he wouldn't be an oath breaker for leaving.

    But I agree. I wasn't even shocked when it happened. If he stays dead it would be stupid, but I could see GRRM trolling.
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    I think he's gonna hang out in Ghost's body until Mel gives him the kiss of life. The question is how long will that be and how wolfish that'll make Jon.
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    Isn't it said that Azor Azhai will be born out of salt and smoke? "From smoke and salt was she born to make the world anew"
    I'm 99% sure he will be revived in the meat cellar. (Salted and Smoked meat)
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  12. jltperson

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    Why would anyone want jamie to die over jon snow?

    Jamie is the goat. Followed closely by stannis
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    Just for clarity, Azor Ahai reborn does not mean the person needs to be reborn. They could just be Azor Ahai reborn from birth.
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  14. miles

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    Man, talk about characters we don't get the love for. Stannis.
  15. jltperson

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    "Her own father got this child on her? We are well rid of her, then. I will not suffer such abominations here. This is not King's Landing."

    "Robert could piss in a cup and men would call it wine, but I offer them cold clear water and they squint in suspicion and mutter to each other about how queer it tastes."

    "Stannis ground his teeth. 'It is not my wish to tamper with your rights and traditions. As to royal guidance,Janos, if you mean that I ought to tell your brothers to choose you, have the courage to say so.'
    That took Lord Janos aback. He smiled uncertainly and began to sweat, but Bowen Marsh beside him said, 'Who better to command the black cloaks than a man who once commanded the gold, sire?'
    'Any of you, I would think. Even the cook.'"

    from sample chapter (actually i think this is from ADWD, whoops)

    “A sacrifice will prove our faith still burns true, Sire,” Clayton Suggs had told the king. And Godry the Giantslayer said, “The old gods of the north have sent this storm upon us. Only R’hllor can end it. We must give him an unbeliever.”

    “Half my army is made up of unbelievers,” Stannis had replied. “I will have no burnings. Pray harder.

    he is hilarious
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    Stannis. The. Mannis.
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    Two more stannis quotes just because he is the mannis

    these are actually from TWOW so I'll spoiler them just in case

    "Lord Ramsay," Theon hissed. "The son, not the father. You must not let him take him. Roose... Roose is safe within the walls of Winterfell with his fat new wife. Ramsay is coming."
    "Ramsay Snow, you mean. The Bastard."

    "Never call him that!" Spittle sprayed from Theon's lips. "Ramsay Bolton, not Ramsay Snow, never Snow, never, you have to remember his name, or he will hurt you."
    "He is welcome to try. Whatever name he goes by."

    "Your Grace." Arnolf Karstark bowed his head. "An honor." He looked for a seat. Instead his eyes found Theon. "And who is this?" Recognition came a heartbeat later. Lord Arnolf paled.
    His stupid son remained oblivious. "There are no chairs," the oaf observed. One of the ravens screamed inside its cage.
    "Only mine." King Stannis sat in it. "It is no Iron Throne, but here and now it suits." A dozen men had filed through the tower door, led by the knight of the moths and the big man in the silvered breastplate. "You are dead men, understand that," the king went on. "Only the manner of your dying remains to be determined. You would be well advised not to waste my time with denials. Confess, and you shall have the same swift end that the Young Wolf gave Lord Rickard. Lie, and you will burn. Choose."

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    Love me some Stannis the Mannis aka the one true king quotes.
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  19. jltperson

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    Just for clarity

    We all agree Jon snow is the prince who was promised/azor ahai, right?

    I can see the Dany argument but the seems like the intentional red herring to me
  20. jorge

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    While it seems likely, I still don't know. AA and TPTWP aren't necessarily the same person so potentially one could fulfill each prophecy. I don't know if he was throwing us off or what but Martin did say the ending would be "bitter sweet" so i feel like some of the theories we want to be true won't work out or will work out tragically