**Kenny Bell is just the beginning...All of your SEC title game ACL's will be belonging to Killy**

Discussion in 'The Mainboard' started by Aeroforz1, Jan 6, 2010.

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  1. Druce

    Druce Fuck football.

    For the number of under center snaps in our offense, i'm not worried.
  2. NDfanPSUgrad

    NDfanPSUgrad Well-Known Member

    Second video best line.

    Coach Martin: We are going to lead the nation in pretty balls incomplete.
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  3. SD_Irish

    SD_Irish Stay gold, Ponyboy

    Jokes aside, that is a great point. The under center snap mysteriously disappeared after the raping it gave Michigan. I never understood why, it was quite effective.
  4. Juke Coolengody

    Juke Coolengody One name. Two men?

    Probably the best evidence yet that Rees won't be starting
  5. Robdog_5

    Robdog_5 Well-Known Member

    Watching the videos from today, some guys that impressed me. KLM, Schwenke, Nix, Ishaq was at least flying around, Grace, Reddick and Wood are both good. Sheldon Day is not the same stature of those guys but he has food hands and is quick, like him.
  6. IanC

    IanC I'm sorry, the card says Moops
    Donor TMB OG

  7. IHHH

    IHHH Well-Known Member

    Yeah, i like tps, was just trying to stir the pot a little.
  8. Rise

    Rise Well-Known Member

    Must. Stop. Watching. Practice. Videos. Damn, those last two got me excited for the season. I think we will see a run run run offense with a bunch of quick routes.
  9. Red Rover

    Red Rover Play me some pimpin' mane
    Donor TMB OG

    posted something interesting on the private board
  10. IHHH

    IHHH Well-Known Member

    outside the box thinking from isd poster.

    How would you feel about Notre Dame moving/

    Big companies relocate all the time - no big deal! Why can't ND move from South Bend, indiana to Florida, or Texas or Southern California?​
  11. gritzy

    gritzy I am a hurricane on the golf course


    Damn mouth breathers
  12. Beeds07

    Beeds07 Youre a pro. Look at me...Pro

    Rams just signed Trevor Laws. Figures to be the 3rd/Nickle DT in this scheme. I think he can do well in St. Louis.
  13. Juke Coolengody

    Juke Coolengody One name. Two men?

    Nix has either brought his trolling game to the next level or we might have a mass exodus on our hands.
  14. Don't Hate Me Bro!

    Don't Hate Me Bro! Wigglin my toes on a mink rug...

  15. Red Rover

    Red Rover Play me some pimpin' mane
    Donor TMB OG

    maybe its just me but i thought the blacks would love free fried chicken

    they must be misinterpreting the message there
  16. SD_Irish

    SD_Irish Stay gold, Ponyboy

    Care to elaborate. I couldn't find his twitter feed online for some reason?
  17. mccar2cm

    mccar2cm Well-Known Member
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  18. SD_Irish

    SD_Irish Stay gold, Ponyboy

    Well that's not encouraging.
  19. Rise

    Rise Well-Known Member

    lol this is really turning into a dumpster fire if true...
  20. Juke Coolengody

    Juke Coolengody One name. Two men?

    Imagine if Manti and Eifert would have gone pro too. Team would have been comical next year considering the talent we've lost the past few months.
  21. SD_Irish

    SD_Irish Stay gold, Ponyboy

    Hopefully Nix gets his head straight.
  22. Druce

    Druce Fuck football.

    he deleted his twitter
  23. Juke Coolengody

    Juke Coolengody One name. Two men?

    Wow guys, he's taking this troll pretty seriously hehe :killme:
  24. Robdog_5

    Robdog_5 Well-Known Member

    He's likely gone. I'm over this team. I'll watch because I do but this team is hard to like. Coaches seem to have lost the team in freaking springball. I don't even care who is to blame players or coaches it's sickening, a bunch of mental midgets, and a program that can't seem to right itself.
  25. Don't Hate Me Bro!

    Don't Hate Me Bro! Wigglin my toes on a mink rug...

  26. SD_Irish

    SD_Irish Stay gold, Ponyboy

    This would be an odd move. Hopefully he doesn't quit on his teammates too.
  27. Juke Coolengody

    Juke Coolengody One name. Two men?

    My buddy just told me that his current GF is a student at ND. Girl needs to claim she's pregnant or something.
  28. SD_Irish

    SD_Irish Stay gold, Ponyboy

    Like I said, this would be an odd move on his behalf. To cut and run in the middle of the night? He's being very undude.
  29. RMIrish

    RMIrish Well-Known Member
    TMB OG

    Yeah she's a tiny :ghost: too. It's funny to see them side by side.
  30. NilesIrish

    NilesIrish Come to Notre Dame, you can ride a horse.
    Donor TMB OG

    Next thing we know Tuitt and Ishaq will bail out and we'll be back to starting DL who look and play like John Ryan :killme:
  31. Red Rover

    Red Rover Play me some pimpin' mane
    Donor TMB OG

    lol should be a fun season
  32. AHebrewToo

    AHebrewToo Albino Hebrew Extraordinaire

    We've still got a third year starter at QB. It'll be ok.
  33. laxjoe

    laxjoe Well-Known Member

    well nix was apparently at practice today so...:idk:
  34. NilesIrish

    NilesIrish Come to Notre Dame, you can ride a horse.
    Donor TMB OG

    Nix was at practice this AM according to ND.
  35. Whammy Business

    Whammy Business Well-Known Member

    Lynch made a victory lap too.
  36. Don't Hate Me Bro!

    Don't Hate Me Bro! Wigglin my toes on a mink rug...

    Trolled so hard Kelly told him to gtfo twitter?

    Thin line between troll and attention whore.
  37. Wicket

    Wicket Fan: ND, PSV, Pool FC, Cricket, Urquel, Dog Crew

  38. SD_Irish

    SD_Irish Stay gold, Ponyboy

    Well hopefully he gets through this and whatever unhappiness he is dealing with (assuming he is unhappy). Not sure what to make of some of these guys. Also not sure what Kelly can do here. Kona is pushing him on the field it would appear.
  39. a1ND

    a1ND Bold & Spicy

    what's happening w/ heuerman according to ISD? he trying to make the ND spring game?

    edit: looks like he's already on campus for another multiday visit...this makes me VERY VERY happy
  40. laxjoe

    laxjoe Well-Known Member

    hes on campus today
  41. charliesfupa

    charliesfupa Well-Known Member

    This gem from the unreadable ndnation just made me lose it.

    "I'm very confident I can take this team to a BCS bowl this season. My confidence comes from the talent I see I have and my confidence to coach this talent to play consistently at the level it's capable.

    First let's look at what I'm sure about:

    1) Chris Watt is an All-American caliber LG. He played very well last year and should be better.
    2) Zach Martin and Braxton Cave have proven they are very good linemen
    3) Cierre Wood is a proven big time RB with multiple skills
    4) Tyler Eifert is probably the best TE in the country
    5) John Goodman appears to be ready to utilize the potential to be more than just a serviceable WR
    6) Troy Niklas has tremendous talent and should be a force this season
    7) Robby Toma and TJ Jones are very good role players and will make plays
    8) George the 3rd is a dynamic talent
    9) Theo Riddick has explosive quickness for a RB
    10) Daniel Smith is a playmaker (hear Martin telling the QBs-"he's always open, just throw it away from the defense")
    11) I have one of the best DLs in the country. Louis Nix and Stephon Tuitt are beasts and KLM has talent and a ton of experience
    12) My defensive captain is a 4 year starter with enormous talent and played at a top level last year despite a bad ankle most of the season
    13) Slaughter is a bona fide playmaker
    14) Collinsworth and Motta are experienced safeties
    15) Bennett Jackson has all the tools to be a top notch CB"

    Edit: no link necessary
  42. NilesIrish

    NilesIrish Come to Notre Dame, you can ride a horse.
    Donor TMB OG

    Might kill the link, that shithole doesn't need more traffic.
  43. VoodooChild5

    VoodooChild5 Fan of: Notre Dame

    Whoa guys. Cierre has multiple skills.
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  44. IrishLAX2

    IrishLAX2 Dude's car got a little dinged up
    Donor TMB OG

    I couldn't get past #1

    Why is our fanbase so quick to claim our pretty good players should be All Americans? Just because a kid is good and goes to ND doesn't mean he's the best in the country (or even top 3) at his position.

    Cierre Wood runs for 1000 yards and someone on the 4HL said he should be a Heisman favorite next year. Blanton plays well for 2 games and he should be on AA lists.

    Love it.
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  45. NilesIrish

    NilesIrish Come to Notre Dame, you can ride a horse.
    Donor TMB OG

    coming from NdNation I am sure this is more of a "look at all this talent, even I could coach this team to 10 wins yet Kelly will fuck it up" post, that is the narrative over there.
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  46. Red Rover

    Red Rover Play me some pimpin' mane
    Donor TMB OG

    this has frustrated me for the longest time

    even worse are the people that ask for practice updates on a kid redshirting their first year. when whatever mod reports back that he has been getting positive reviews then posters start claiming "he will be a multiple AA before he's done here"
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  47. a1ND

    a1ND Bold & Spicy

    i know this is pretty generic but i saw it elsewhere...keep in mind, the guy who posted it watched Friday and Saturday's practice:

    Hey All,

    I'm back from the coaches clinic, pretty uneventful weekend if you ask me![​IMG]

    anyways it sucks that we lost a great player in lynch but i'm pretty confident that the program is still in awesome shape, and after hearing the coaches, the program is definitely in the right hands.

    Some of my observations,

    Ishaq was taking some reps with his hand in the dirt, he's got a similar body type to lynch, i think diaco was trying some different things out to see if we can fill the void left by lynch.

    this isn't news but Teo is an absolute beast/stud/thoroughbred whatever you want to call it, saw him in orlando at the bowl close up, and on saturday right before my eyes, the kid is the best linebacker in the country, he is just different than the other backers, really no comparison.

    Chuck martin is hilarious and has a really neat perspective on how he plans to run the offense, more based on creating mismatches and throwing motions and misdirections into the mix to really confuse a defense. He has the unique perspective of having coached defense and can really read them well. had some awesome ideas, the offense is in good hands.

    As far as the qb's go, imho its between hendrix and golson. Gunner isn't far behind but i believe they save a year for him. hendrix and golson were both very accurate in practice and seem to have a good grasp of the offense. hendrix will make a boneheaded throw every once in a while and golson will try to run his way out of trouble(unsuccessfully) when things are breaking down. but one of those guys i think will be the starter. Now the feeling i get from the coaches is that tommy is in the thick of it, coach martin said although it doesn't show sometimes, tommy has the arm strength to make every throw in the book, and he took a majority of the reps with the 1's from what i saw, so don't be surprised if that is our starter in 2012.

    Our defense is really really really strong, even without lynch, i am confident we will have a very strong bordering on dominant defense, our weakest point is at the cb spot, but lo wood and bennet jackson are more than serviceable, Motta still takes some incorrect lanes but i hope to see some big improvement from him and Jmo is a great safety. kona was making great plays, and Tuitt is going to be an all star! the coaches touted nix's play in both practices, and klm will be taking the starting spot that lynch left, a 3 year starter is not a bad 2nd option! Look to see a lot more spond this year, diaco loves that kid. councell is another up and comer. and utupo and moore are ridiculous hitters!

    My concerns are our boundary passing attack, outside of eifert, nobody has really stood out to me as a gamechanger in the pass game, daniels is impressive looking but wasn't 100% on every rep, daniel smith is a big guy and looks like a good option but time will tell. Toma, goodman and tj look like our best receivers right now. The run game looks pretty strong but thin, hopefully carlisle can get healthy and add another weapon for us back there.

    i am also concerned that the qb of the future still won't be decided this offseason, but i hope i am wrong.

    all in all, i know this is pretty much all positive, but i really think we are in the moving year, and are going to be a very strong team. limiting turnovers will be key, and with the passing options being limited i think the coaches will need a qb with that running ability to keep d's honest.
  48. a1ND

    a1ND Bold & Spicy

    another review from the coaches clinic:

    Couple of things (spring)

    Had the pleasure of going up to the coaches clinic and gathering some good stuff from practice and the team

    1. I got to meet THE BEAUBENKEN so that was the headliner of my trip, so everything else was just icing on the cake.

    2. Talked to some of the guys about the QB competition. The consensus was the Golson is the best qb in terms of talent and potential, and Rees is there mentally and scheme wise. Golson needs to do a few things to show the coaching staff he is ready to embrace the role of being the QB at Notre Dame. Off-season will be very important for Golson along with Hendrix.

    A. From practice Rees did look good on Friday, can't even lie about that. Golson looked a decent, but he really showed his potential on Saturday. Hendrix had a good day on both days, nothing that will make you jump out of your seat but enough to give you comfort if he was the starter.

    B. Kiel looks the part but is def a little lost out there. Kid throws a good ball and shows that "athletic" ability that Rees lacks, but not to the point of a Golson/Hendrix.

    C. All 4 qbs can run this offense is the key. Last year it was more a prototypical spread. This year like it has been mentioned the depth at TE gives the offense a lot of flexibility as far as packages and formations.

    3. The Oline looks 200% better. Talked a few Oline guys and they are saying the samething. The schemes fit their style of play and the concepts are easier. They are in great shape and were making very nice holes. Its not going to take much for Cwood, Theo, and GA3 to get loose and they are making the holes consistently. There is a sense of confidence around the Oline too. I think this will be the best Oline in a long long time.

    4. RBs. I will be sitting very very relaxed come fall knowing that we have 2 capable RBs again this year, and if GA3 can get consistent we will have 3 guys that can make a play at any point. Cwood was getting the corner with easy on Friday, and you can def tell he has put in a lot of a time with his hands. Kid made a couple of excellent catches. Theo just looks comfortable and more importantly EXPLOSIVE in the formations and I feel he is going to finally have that year we all know he is capable of.

    5. WR/TEs- Daniel Smith looked very good. Ran solid routes and made some fantastic catches over the two days of practice. Only knock on him is a few times he could have probably gotten to a ball but got lazy on the end of the route. Goody looked like a different player on Friday. Looked aggressive and def showed a leadership role. The most exciting thing for me personally was the staff finally realized what they have in Toma. I fully expect the packages and plays with him will be used for Davonte Neal and that will be very exciting, but Toma is more than holding his own and is def the most consistent WR out there other than Eifert. Toma finishes his routes and you could really see he knows how to use his size and speed to his advantage. Eifert was outstanding, and Koyack/Welch looked good the line. Koyack has a excellent set of hands.

    6. Defense. Talked to a prominent starter for a very extended period of time, and he is very confident in the defense. The front 7 will be outstanding. Tuitt is just a specimen that is only going to get more unstoppable as he matures. Grace, Bennett, Ishaq were probably the 3 that stuck out the most in practice. Ishaq def looks comfortable and just is flowing a lot better. He is getting to the ball, and zones with ease. You can def tell he isn’t 100% comfortable, but he is at the point where he is doing more reacting than thinking, and when he does get lost he is just using his aggressiveness to get the ball. Grace looked like he is going to be more than capable of filling in for #5 when he leaves after this year. Bennett might be special in his last 2 years. Hips and vision are outstanding and he isn’t afraid to stick his head in there. Dline is just the Dline. Oline is improving by going against that Dline everyday and its showing. Farley looks the part of a safety, and did pretty well in what I saw. Eilar is getting his legs back and did some good things. Once he gets his legs and knowledge….skys the limit.

    7. Cause for concern…Jalen Brown looks the part, but needs to hit the weight room seriously to get stronger and is quite a ways from being ready to play. Atkinson was probably the best cb out there other than Bennett in the 2 practices I saw. Lo did some good things as well, but just the shear being able to jump routes and be in position to make plays he wasn’t there but looked a lot better than expected.

    8. Jarron Jones can easily pack on 30lbs and be an athlete. I don’t think he plays at all this year unless we have injuries. It was good to meet him and he is a great kid. Type of kid you want at ND. Def can tell he is hungry.

    9. From those I spoke to…there is a confidence that this year will be good. They are def a team, and they care about each other. They are all in shape, and very motivated. I think that with a lot of the fanbase doubting them they will surprise some people this year.

    Utopo absolutely destroyed that kid on the kickoff drill lol
  49. Juke Coolengody

    Juke Coolengody One name. Two men?

    One thing I'm very confident about this year is the O-line being a big strength. We should run the ball somewhere around 60% of the time this year IYAM.
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