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    I’ve never had that problem until this week, I got the Trader Joe’s brand and it is really carbonated. So I guess it can depend on the bottler.

    Sams club sells the synergy brand 6 packs for $15.
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    Listen to this man Wu. Brand I started out on before brewing at home. Still buy it when I don’t have a batch ready. Hit up Thoms market they carry them. They have seasonals that come in mason jars (the normal rotation in standard bottles). The Ruby Red Grapefruit and Spicy Mango seasonals are delicious.

    Been loving the booch for a couple years. I mostly make pineapple and watermelon with a 50/50 gunpowder green + english breakfast base. Pretty good alternative for AM caffeine since coffee makes me a gassy MFer. Davidson’s has good prices on bulk loose leaf tea. Brew it and keep in a large jar with a nozzle in the fridge. Probably costs ~$4 for a weekly supply, maybe less.

    Lost my goddamn SCOBY hotel to mold while I was out of town for a few weeks. At least 9 full ones in there. Had to start from scratch last week with a starter scoby/tea.
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    GF went to a bar last night that has kombucha cocktails. She hates the actual drink but said a tequila+kombucha cocktail she had last night was the best mixed drink she’s had in a while.
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    I’m boochin rn.

    How much booch do y’all drink per day? I’m up to 30oz/day sometimes more on the weekends.
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    2-3 14oz bottles a week probably
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    I put kefir and two scoops of metamucil in my breakfast shake

    my asshole is squeaky clean
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    Do that with some psyilium husk tablets and your asshole is impeccable
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    had this yesterday and it was delicious