Ligue 1

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    So I'm headed to Paris is May and want to scoop some PSG tickets to the Nice game.

    On their official website they only have nosebleeds.

    There are tons of seats available on StubHub, anyone have experience using StubHub (or anything) for a PSG/France game?

    Also, has anyone been to a game there? I've been told that the seats behind the goal are super far from the field and not to get general admission.
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    quite the melty by psg today
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    Ligue 1 is over. Kind of a boring season tbh.

    PSG, Lille, and Lyon in Champions League. Caen and Guingamp relegated. Metz and Brest promoted. Dijon vs. Lens in the promotion playoff. Monaco barely avoided relegation.
  4. Bad season for PSG and Worst for Neymar...