Mexicans Using Catapults To Get Drugs Across U.S. Boarder

Discussion in 'The Mainboard' started by Stanley Ipkiss, Jan 28, 2011.

  1. Arkadin

    Arkadin inefficiently efficent and unclearly clear

    thats some real g shit right there

    "yo ese get the el catapulto, we gots some shipments to make"
  2. Lionel Hutz Esq.

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    how I'd like to send them back
  3. Jake Scott

    Jake Scott Fuck chicken
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    Mexicans going mid-evil... :oshit:
  4. Jack Parkman

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    Just want to know if a bunch of texans are on the other side trying to catch them like the little kids in the home run derby
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  5. Ball Gag Giorgio

    Ball Gag Giorgio do you like being chief of police?

    the what?
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  6. Joe_Pesci

    Joe_Pesci How can less be more? It's impossible

    looks more like a trebuchet to me
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  7. timo

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    I saw this tweet and thought it would be funny to search for 'catapult' on TMB... sure enough, there's a catapult thread. :themoreyouknow:
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  8. Talking Head

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    Trebuchet is a great name for a band.
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  9. Wu

    Wu LKY did nothing wrong
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    I sure do miss playing AoE II
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  10. TheFreak55

    TheFreak55 The giants milk we got drank pretty good don’t it
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  11. TC

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  12. TC

    TC Wake up, remember. We are born of one breath
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    Random plot twist: while pulling up fedora guy's pic ^ I learned that he may have been a character on Freaks and Geeks?