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    Texas Mom Allegedly Ropes Son's Genitals And Waterboards Him
    The torture lasted for several minutes, the boy says.
    02/19/2016 12:10 pm ET | Updated 1 hour ago
      • Ron Dicker General Assignment Reporter, The Huffington Post
    A Texas woman is accused of waterboarding her 13-year-old son and tying a rope around his genitals as punishment.

    Christi Howell, 40, and her boyfriend, Casey Shackleford, 45, were charged with injury to a child, the Kaufman County Sheriff's Office told The Huffington Post.

    Both remained in custody as of Friday afternoon, with Shackleford facing an additional charge of violating parole that stemmed from an assault on a family member, the spokesman said.

    [​IMG] Kaufman County Sheriff's Office
    In an affidavit obtained by ABC affiliate WFAA in Dallas, the boy said the torture began after he admitted to inappropriately touching the family dog. Shackleford then told the mother to pour water over the boy's face while he held a towel over it, the boy said. Shackleford then asked the mother to tie up the teen's genitals with a rope and she complied. Then Shackleford pushed the boy onto a couch, causing the rope to tighten, the boy said, per the affidavit. He said he remained tied up for several minutes.

    Photos of the teen's injuries are consistent with his claims, Kaufman County Sheriff's Office Sgt. Jimmy Weisbruch told the station.

    According to CBS in Dallas-Forth Worth, authorities first learned of the alleged incident from school officials. The boy, who has special needs, had apparently touched the dog on the behind, the station noted.

    The mother's bond was set at $250,000 and her son is now in foster care, the New York Post reported.

    Here's an earlier TV report before the boyfriend was arrested:

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    Sounds like a Wednesday night in the Dayneface household.
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    It amazes me that people charged with crazy shit like this smile in their mugshot like it's their yearbook picture
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    It's only February. I highly doubt they'd be announcing the nominees for Mother of the Year this early.
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    Mrs. Dantes has some stiff competition this year. My hunch is that she'll rise to the occasion. Something something additional dick joke.
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    In the kids defense, this is the dog:

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    That's a great digital camera they have at that police station. Probably no need to splurge on a camera that's used for mug shots.
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    saw another write up of this story that mentioned that they beat the kid for improper push-up form

    not even kidding
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    I mean, if you cheat on the exercise, you're only cheating yourself. They were teaching him a valuable life lesson.

    Lassoing his ding dong, though? There's no excuse for that.
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    Lol at the authors name
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    Hardest job in the world imo
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    Casey, eh?

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    I might have put, "the boy, who has special needs," in the first sentence, if not the headline.
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    You're such an idiot. Wednesday is karaoke night. This is Friday night :gfa:
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    This got me good :golfclap:
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    I have no sympathy for dog molesters.
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    Terrible mention of the breed of the dog? Male dog or female dog?
    Might seem like minor details but these things could change people's opinions :cmonson:
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    Hey I had nothing to do with this. Fuck you.
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    MS cop left her daughter in a hot car--TWICE!

    Last week, in the wake of a Florida cop being busted for using a law enforcement database for hookups, I wondered—is it long past time for us to take a long, hard look at how we vet our cops? After all, in far too many cases in recent years where cops behave badly, it turns out that they have no business on the force in the first place.

    Those questions ought to grow even louder in light of a disturbing case in Long Beach, Mississippi—on the Gulf Coast, between Pass Christian and Gulfport. Back in 2016, Long Beach police officer Cassie Barker drove to the home of her then-supervisor, Clark Ladner, in Bay St. Louis. She rolled up in her patrol car with her daughter, three-year-old Cheyenne Heyer, in the passenger seat.

    Barker walked into Ladner’s house, and the two had sex for four hours—with Cheyenne still in the car in 100-degree heat. When Baker came back, Cheyenne was unresponsive. She died at the hospital; by the time she arrived, her temperature was 107 degrees.

    Barker and Ladner were both fired—deservedly so—soon afterward. On Monday—as if she had a choice—Baker pleaded guilty to causing her daughter’s death.

    Originally indicted on a charge of second-degree murder, the 29-year-old pleaded guilty Monday to a reduced charge of manslaughter in a plea deal with the state.

    The state recommended a 20-year sentence, but Circuit Judge Larry Bourgeois said he wants more time to consider it. He set sentencing for April 1 in Bay St. Louis.

    “I don’t know what I could ever do to you that could be worse than what you’ve already experienced ... You will forever be entombed in a prison of your own mind,” he said to Barker.

    What’s there for Bourgeois to consider? Leaving a child in a hot car, in freaking south Mississippi? According to WLOX in Biloxi, 20 years is the maximum permitted under state law. By all rights, Barker should serve every minute of it.

    Now here’s where this story gets hideous. It’s not the first time that Barker left Cheyenne in a hot car. Back in 2015, not long after she’d been hired, Barker left Cheyenne in her car while shopping in Gulfport. A good Samaritan saw Cheyenne in the car and called police.

    You would have thought that Barker would have been fired on the spot—especially since, according to the (Biloxi) Sun Herald, she was still on her one-year probationary period at the time. Ultimately, she was only suspended for one week, and placed on an additional 90 days probation. According to CBS News, Mississippi child welfare authorities placed Cheyenne in temporary custody for a time.

    In what world is leaving a child in a hot car anywhere—especially in the Deep South—not a firing offense? Any police department that doesn’t have its head up its rear end would consider this a “one strike, you’re out” situation. Even worse, Cheyenne’s dad, Ryan Hyer, says he was never told of the 2015 incident. Had he known about it, he would have likely been pounding at the door of the courthouse demanding that he get custody of Cheyenne.

    Hyer is suing the Long Branch police and the Mississippi Department of Child Welfare Services for not dropping the hammer sooner. And with good reason. There’s no question about it—had Barker been fired and Hyer been able to get custody of Cheyenne after the first incident, Cheyenne is still alive. Frankly, you have to wonder why the police department and the state haven’t settled sooner. They’d be suicidal to let this go to trial.

    Simply put, there is something fundamentally wrong when a cop who leaves his or her daughter in a hot car can still keep his or her job. This is the very thing that undermines public trust in the police.
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    BlazingRebel still going strong
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    Morning Mix
    Millions watched her kids on YouTube. Off-screen, she was beating and starving them, police say.

    Police in Maricopa, Ariz., say Machelle Hackney, 48, was abusing her adopted children and forcing them to perform for her YouTube channel. (Pinal County Sheriff)
    By Isaac Stanley-Becker
    March 20 at 5:43 AM

    They cast spells and engage in Nerf wars. They go on a “cookie capture mission,” suspending themselves over a granite countertop in a handsome suburban kitchen to swipe their sister’s baked goods.

    The siblings who appear in the blithe family comedy series “Fantastic Adventures,” which has garnered nearly 800,000 subscribers and hundreds of millions of views on YouTube, exude wonderment and youthful joie de vivre.

    Police say that when the camera wasn’t rolling, however, the seven adopted children were being starved and sequestered for days in a closet with a bare tile floor. Its color evoked a green room, almost like a staging area for their performances. They were being pepper-sprayed and beaten with belts, brushes and hangers. They were forced to take ice baths. They were required to stand with their arms raised above their heads from dawn until midnight. On more than one occasion, at least one of the boys bled when the tip of his penis was pinched.

    The perpetrator of this catalogue of abuse, according to a statement of probable cause prepared last week, was their adoptive mother, Machelle Hackney, 48, who goes by her maiden name, Hobson, and runs the “Fantastic Adventures” channel, which has had more than 250 million views. The channel started in 2012 and features 10- to 15-minute videos of the children engaging in various make-believe scenarios, involving everything from zombies to spiders to s’mores. Several new videos appear each month. At the end of the segments, the children face the camera and ask viewers to like the videos and subscribe.

    Hackney was arrested Friday at her home in Maricopa, Ariz., along with her two biological sons. She was charged with molestation of a child, child abuse, unlawful imprisonment and child neglect. Her adult sons, Logan and Ryan Hackney, face charges of not reporting abuse. Machelle Hackney’s biological daughter was the one who contacted authorities on March 13, prompting a welfare check at the home 30 miles outside of Phoenix, according to court records.

    “Fantastic Adventures” remained available as of early Wednesday, although YouTube said it had demonetized the channel when the company became aware of its creator’s arrest. The video-sharing website, which is owned by Google, declined to specify how much money Hackney has made on the platform.

    A popular YouTube presence can be highly lucrative, with a channel netting almost $10 per 1,000 views, according to the business solutions company G2 Crowd. That suggests that Hackney could have grossed as much as $2.5 million from her exploits on the site.

    “We take safety on YouTube very seriously,” a company spokesperson said in a statement to The Washington Post. “We work closely with leading child safety organizations and others in our industry to protect young people. When we’re made aware of serious allegations of this nature we take action, which may include suspending monetization, or, upon conclusion of an investigation, terminating channels.”

    Hackney’s arrest adds to questions about how the world’s biggest video site polices its platform in a moment of intense scrutiny about the spread of misleading and hateful content. Last week, technology companies became unwitting accessories in the quest for publicity undertaken by the man accused of opening fire on two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, killing 50 people. YouTube struggled to keep up with users uploading new versions of the gruesome footage, which also spread on Facebook, Twitter and Reddit.

    YouTube debuted in 2005 as a do-it-yourself platform with the slogan “Broadcast Yourself.” Recently, the video-sharing behemoth has had to answer for its role in disseminating poisonous online conspiracy theories, terrorist recruitment videos and other content deemed harmful to children, such as suicide instructions interspersed with footage from a popular Nintendo game.

    Kids are finding more and more troubling material on YouTube and YouTube Kids. (Elyse Samuels, William Neff/The Washington Post)

    The company has aimed to crack down in particular on pedophilic content, erasing tens of millions of comments from its site that a video blogger said amounted to a “soft-core pedophile ring" driving traffic — and revenue — to the platform. Sometimes, it has misfired. YouTube corrected itself last month after mistakenly deleting the accounts of several high-profile users who said they had been unfairly caught in the dragnet.

    But the prospect that a commercial endeavor on YouTube could be facilitating child abuse off-screen appears to present a relatively new challenge for the company.

    In responding to a query about Hackney’s channel, YouTube emphasized its feature allowing users to flag inappropriate content but didn’t explain how its drop-down option for reporting offensive material would have applied in this case, when no abuse was featured on-screen.

    For accusations of abuse happening offline, the company suggests that users notify the police. A spokesperson didn’t return a query about whether the company saw fit to screen popular content creators who have vast platforms on its service.

    According to authorities in Arizona, Hackney’s YouTube channel was the reason for her alleged mistreatment of her adopted children. She meted out punishment, they said, when the young actors didn’t remember their lines or otherwise didn’t perform as directed.

    Ricardo Alvarado, a Maricopa police spokesman, said the seven adopted children range in age from about 6 to 15. After the welfare check Wednesday, they were removed from their mother’s custody by the state’s Department of Child Safety.

    Hackney denied using pepper spray and ice baths to punish the children, according to the statement of probable cause. (Two cans of pepper spray were discovered in her bedroom.) She told police that she instead resorted to spanking and grounding them, as well as forcing them to stand in a corner.

    But the court filing paints a macabre picture of all-encompassing abuse, which flourished beneath the veil of “Fantastic Adventures.”

    The children reported being removed from school several years ago to focus on the videos. When police interviewed them, they appeared malnourished, underweight, and had pale complexions and dark rings under their eyes. One of the children, when offered the chance to drink, guzzled three 16-ounce bottles of water in 20 minutes. Another child, provided a bag of chips, was reluctant to eat, fearful that her mother would smell the food on her breath. A third said she had not been allowed to eat in two days.

    In interviews with child safety officials, the children described being pepper-sprayed all over their faces and bodies, including their genitals, causing pain for four to five days. When they resisted ice baths, they said, their mother would force their heads underwater. They were frequently locked in the closet off their mother’s master bedroom, sometimes for as long as a week.

    Hackney and her two biological sons were arrested at their home shortly before noon on Friday. Ryan Hackney invoked his Miranda rights, declining to speak with police. Logan Hackney admitted knowledge of the abuse, according to the filing, and said he and his brother had discussed reporting their mother. The adopted children said Ryan would sometimes sneak them food when they were locked in the closet.

    The videos in which the children appear have diverse themes, but a number revolve around “escape game” situations, where players have to solve puzzles to free themselves. They vanquish aliens and gingerbread men to find their way out. According to police, their real-life captor proved more difficult to elude.
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    Shawn Hunter this is why you take appearances you get from online posts with a grain of salt
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    I hate humanity
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    i hope this cunt kills herself tonight.
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    #28 Nole96SC, Mar 20, 2019
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    Bitch got that Golem hair line
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    In random thoughts thread you were commenting on people's appearances from their social media, they've got it all figured out with job and kid etc. I was using this as an extreme example of things online may not be what they seem. This woman had 800k subscribers that presumably thought they were an ideal family
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    The Maricopa citizenry doing Sheriff Joe proud
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    5 children removed from home after allegedly being locked in cages
    Posted: 8:31 AM, Jan 16, 2020
    Updated: 9:31 AM, Jan 16, 2020
    By: Jon Haworth, ABC News
    Photo by: Lee County Sheriff's Office
    Five children have been removed from their home after it was discovered that their mother and grandparents had allegedly kept them locked in cages for an undetermined amount of time.

    Alabama authorities were first alerted to a possible child abuse situation on Jan. 13 in Smiths Station, a city of about 20,000 people located in eastern Alabama's Lee County.

    According to the Lee County Sheriff’s Office, investigators conducted a welfare check at the home and made contact with four children aged 3, 4, 10, and 11 years old. Investigators also discovered two cages made of wood with hasps and locks on them.

    “[The] investigation revealed evidence that the children had been locked in the cages on multiple occasions,” said the Lee County Sheriff’s Office in a statement on social media.

    A fifth child who is 8 months old was also discovered to live at the home but was not present at the time of the police investigation.

    As a result of the investigation, all five of the children were removed from the home and the mother along with two of the children’s grandparents were arrested.

    Kylla Michelle Mann, 30, was charged with two counts of aggravated child abuse of a child less than 6 years of age and two counts of reckless endangerment. She is being held on a $122,000 bond.

    Pamela Deloris Bond, 66, was charged with two counts of aggravated child abuse of a child less than 6 years of age and two counts of reckless endangerment, and one count of tampering with evidence. She is being held on a $123,000 bond.

    James H. Bond, 69, was charged with two counts of aggravated child abuse of a child less than 6 years of age and two counts of reckless endangerment. He is being held on a $122,000 bond.

    Anybody with any further information or evidence is being asked to contact the Lee County Sheriff’s Office.
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    James H. Bond, 69

    wonder if the children were shaken, not stirred?
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    I'm at a deposition in Lee County (Florida, that is) right now. AMA
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    and I thought it would be a "nice" comment
    well played sir
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