Nadal faints during press conference

Discussion in 'The Mainboard' started by UFGatorBuc, Sep 4, 2011.

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  2. IT

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    appears like he is possessed by the devil
  3. Saul Shabazz

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    it's probably a tumor
  4. BayouMafia

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    looks like he's getting a killer blowjob from under the table
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  5. Poe Dameron

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    looks like Rafa was rubbing one out.
  6. jwpearl

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    no es bueno
  7. kslim

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    he will never be the he....fuck it
  8. Pelican Grove

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    He had a leg cramp you dumb fucks.
  9. people who faint should be considered weak imo.
  10. CaneKnight

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    Love how no one even bothers to attempt to help him lol
  11. BayouMafia

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  12. MANPOW

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  13. righty

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    and then fainted because of the pain
  14. kslim

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    you sound really angry about a guy being in pain, i hope you get over this pelican
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  15. Franktus and 96 others

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  17. Iron Mickey

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    I always suspected the wily bastard had AIDS and/or a deal with the devil.
  18. Jpripper88

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    I don't think he did. Looks pretty clear that he just lied down to be in a better position to relieve the cramp.